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HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS- Eileen Zizecli Coleman

16th February 2016

It seems such a long time since I received any words from my Star friends, each time I sat in meditation I fell asleep but today is different. I can see golden pools of rippling energy reaching out into the wider world. There is a sense of sharing this energy with one another and I get the feeling we will be sharing homes as well.

I am seeing a man with long white hair down to his hips, he is wearing a shift of pale blue stripes and is holding a staff.

Is there a need then to create communities where people can live together instead of living in their own homes separate from one another?

We share this knowledge that you may come in all honesty to reap what we have sown. We have come for the renaissance of a new age that is upon us in growing splendour. We welcome you with open arms to a new scenario that will have you beckoning us to join you in due course. We reach out to you in all sincerity asking you to bridge that gap between us.

We are your brothers and sisters from long ago, brought here now to express ourselves with great dignity and aplomb. We have been beckoned to bring in a new energy, a new reason for living. We bring you strength and grace to carry this through . . .  to melt down your armour and put aside what is no longer needed.

There is every need to strive for perfection and this shall be seen to be done in all avenues in all areas of your world. We come to bring grace and enchantment, we are but a speck on the horizon but we are coming nearer into your arena.

Are we coming to you or are you coming to us – have I got that right?

We approach with stealth and grace of foot, we are not idle or cumbersome . . . we come in grace and all magnanimity.

We believe you have a question you would like to ask us and we supply the measures necessary to entail a toing and froing of energies to supplement this request for Peace on a grand scale around your world.

We offer you our condolences for what has been an irksome journey of late, we have had to keep you under wraps so to speak to enable a reconditioning of energies and this we are achieving on a grand scale right around your world. Have no fear for this quest is one of grace and gentility and cannot be put on hold much longer. We need to be seen coming forward into open arena.

I’m seeing flashes of gold lattice work against a purple background.

We pulsate and grow at an alarming rate sanctioning the needs of those who wish to join us on this quest for perpetual Peace. We welcome you to these shores dear friend and we are required to alternate between this world and the next, resuscitating certain values and initiatives that need grooming and putting in place by early spring. We shall have the reserves to do this to fulfill our destiny and we are beholden to you for trying to amalgamate these values in a broader frequency and one that we have registered as being in good taste.

We shall stand brave and true . . . an Army of Light!

I drifted off and am now getting the sense of huge ancient trees with roots entwined around one another and a beautiful young maiden in a long green dress.

We are maid Marion from Sherwood Forest and we bring you salutations!

We have sacrificed our wants and desires for the needs of others but it is now our turn to look within and decide what is best for us. We enter the cavern.

I’m going into a dark tunnel underground . . . to be continued.

1st March 2016 – Today is officially the first day of spring and as I sat in meditation I felt a laser type energy burning into the right side of my forehead, it took great willpower not to brush it aside but I knew they were working to help me.  I fell into a deep sleep and resolved to sit again tomorrow as they had promised contact in early spring.

2nd March

Help us Great Spirit to peel back the layers of doubt and uncertainty so that we may ride the crest of a wave. I come as your servant ready to do your bidding, to shelter in the warmth of your Love as I sit and prepare for communication of the highest level. Grant me peace and tranquillity and let me feel the energy of your loving embrace. I send my Love to you and to all my Star friends and pray they will draw close to me this morning.

I can see the clouds of energy sweeping around me, drawing me deeper into that sweet energy, soft lilac clouds buffering my energy field ready for contact.

We come in all honesty to do ‘your’ bidding.

Oh dear friends I’ve missed you so much, I feel now is the time for us to blend together in perfect peace and Love sublime. A golden network of patterns has come into view.

And it is this we have been waiting to achieve, to come when the time was right for all of us. We have prepared for a gathering very soon that will amalgamate our energies and bring us in closer contact, this we promise you as sure as the stars that shine in the heavens. We shall be there to adjust our frequencies tuning and honing the capabilities of this energy field. We have awakened in you that need to scry, that need to look within and adjust those settings that we have treasured for so long. We come now on a broader frequency enabling us to grow in all directions and we honour this connection with you dear sister of Light, we honour this connection with you and many others right across the globe that you call home.

Home is where the heart is we have often heard said and this is very true, wherever you wish to be at any given moment is where you can be if you wish hard enough. Pull upon those reserves of energy that are within you all and we shall come bearing gifts, opening the causeway that will have you coming in all directions from all around your world.

It beggars belief that some of you would not hasten your footsteps unless we give you a ‘shove’ but it is there, all that you seek ready for your volition, championing the cause of mankind’s enlightenment; a new time frame of considerable worth that will open your vision to accept the impossible, to accept that where there is a will there is a way! And we open your vision, we open those boundaries that have held you back from discovering your true worth.

We have been admitted into a select circle of friends who allow you to prod and poke, to ask those questions niggling at the back of your mind. Bring these now forward and let us examine them one by one! We think you will be pleased with the outcome of this meeting of minds that has given us the greatest pleasure. We know there are a great many adjustments to make even still, we are assured that all will come to fruition in the fullness of your heart.

We take the time and trouble to underpin those reserves of energy that are depleted at a vast rate. The energies that zap your energy field shall be brought about and sent on their way; they have no dealings here for we are with you and watch over you so that you may keep that high level of concentration needed.

I drifted into a deep sleep at this point and felt refreshed when I woke. I was so pleased to make contact again after my enforced rest.


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