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Heaven Letter's-Smile and Say Thank You!

I found this to be sooooo awesome-nicely put and to the point!

HEAVEN #3495 Smile, and Say, Thank You, June 20, 2010

God said:

As a matter of fact, there are matters in life you do not have to concern yourself with and fuss about. Where do you put your attention? Irritations in life are not to be your focus. When you focus on what is annoying, you harvest it. Or you mine it. Better to mine for gold, beloveds.

Your garden may have weeds growing in it, yet let your focus be on the flowers and vegetables you grow. You can curse the weeds if you want, but wouldn't it make more sense to bless the flowers and vegetables?

Weed the garden, if you must, but be thinking of the garden and why you planted it. I don't think you planted your garden so that you would have an opportunity to be angry at the innocent weeds.

If a book you read is not what you want, you don't have to read it. You also don't have to pan it.

Everything does not have to be to your liking. Make yourself to your liking. How much do you value complaints? Anyone can be a complainer. It takes no special skill. Do not be victimized by annoyance. Let not annoyance and irritation be the mainstays of your life. I know for a fact that annoyance is not your mission in life. I AM.

Being irritated is the line of least resistance. Sometimes resistance can be a good thing. The point is that I want you to be a good sport in life and in the world. There are enough irritants. Do not make yourself another irritant. Sometimes it is wise to not express yourself. If you must let off steam, go to the gym, lift weights, or jog in the park.

This is not a question of whether you are justified to be irritated. It is a question of whether you are going to jump to the tune of every Tom, Dick, and Harry of irritation. What do you wish to make the theme of your life? Do you want to be in the Guiness Book of Records as The Most Prolific Fault-finder in the World? By your deeds and by your word are you known.

If seeing the downside is your hobby, find another hobby.

How much are irritants going to figure in your life? You were given life as a gift. It is a worthy idea to appreciate what you find under your tree.

If you find a can of worms, you don't have to open it. You don't have to tell the world about it.

It is not new advice that sometimes you don't have to open your mouth. Instead of taking back your words later, keep them to yourself now.

You don't have to gush positivity, and you don't have to gush negativity either.

Will you today not voice even one complaint? Remember the expression: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Can you do that, beloveds? I think you can. I know you can.

Start from a clean slate. Do not carry over old irritations. Do not make new ones. Be considerate. Someone went to trouble to please you. Can you not give her pleasure in return? You do not have to tell everything. You can smile and say thank you.

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Comment by Ana Antaka on June 21, 2010 at 2:30pm
Today is the beginning of a forty day fast from negative thoughts. I'm well prepared.


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