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Healing The Rift
Deep down in each one of us there is a gaping Rift, an abysmal chasm that was
opened aeons ago in the very fabric of our soul when we turned away from the
Glory of our Origins to immerse ourselves in the fantasy world we were
cocreating all together, away, figuratively speaking, from the central core of
our Omniversal presence, barely a few notches down the dimensional scale, and
then lower and lower, as we dug our way into matter and its infinitely varied
possibilities of experiences.

There is no way to accurately describe What is it we are coming from, except to
say Perfect Love and Absolute Bliss reigned supreme. And yet how do you know
you are experiencing Love and Bliss if you have nothing in your memories
against which to compare what you feel? Hence the need and desire, a foolish
one some would say, to let go of that Omniperfection and delve deep down into
the darkest pits of imperfection and ultimate forgetfulness.

This is where we are slowly awakening into as we gradually recollect, bit by
bit, the long faded memories of our anteBigBang glory and dazzling perfection.
For infinitely brief moments, mere nanoseconds, we have fugitive glimpses of
what it meant to be One, to be Love, to be Perfection, all at the same time and
eternally. These tantalizing visions setting deep synchronous resonance in our
soul, as we sense the incredible Truth they represent, then become the prodding
nudges that keep us trying to come back to that inner crossroad where the
perfect conditions were initially met for that kind of sublime magic to arise
and shine...

And sometimes, we do succeed to reach that same state of blissful omniversal
Love, albeit a little bit higher on the resonance scale, as the pulse of our
radiating Love echoes back to us from the farthest reaches of the universe,
amplified x billionth times by the response from All That Is confirming to our
sentient awareness, still clinging deep down in the dark pit opened by the Rift
in our soul, a long, long time ago, that we are indeed recognized, loved and
cherished like we have never been before.

That confirmation is all we need to know there is a true Home somewhere in
there, where our True Family is waiting for our return, all hearts and souls
opened, ready to take us back in the blindingly prismatic goldness of
Omniversal Oneness. The goal is then set and the long arc of our journey away
from Home begins to slowly curve around until our soul’ eyes can see the road
that leads back where we left all these aeons ago.

But there is a problem. After we managed to catch a brief glimpse of the way
back Home, we usually tend to quickly forget we even saw that road and soon
enough, as the unrelenting demands of our earthly life tug at our attention to
keep us focused on the “List of urgent things to do”, we unconsciously let
that prime vision drift away in the background of our thoughts, as if we were
falling asleep once again into our somnolent stupor and deep torpor we call
human consciousness.

Yet, the seed of ever greater awakenings has been sown! Like the subterranean
forces that miraculously bring life back in all its summertime splendor after a
cold winter of despondent lifelessness, some profoundly mysterious and utterly
ancient process has been set in motion, and nothing can possibly stop this
slow-moving juggernaut once our soul has broken its mooring into the deepest
crevice of the Rift where it had been stuck for far too long.

The healing of the Rift can then begin...

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 1, 2009 at 7:22pm

Thank you for sharing, Theresa!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Divine Memory
I AM Eternally Grateful

My memories come back in bits and parts ... sometimes I'm not sure if I can trust them - or is it just fantasy ...?!? I KNOW it is not, but the question, I think, will remain until I found out ALL of the puzzle ;-). I'm working on it, though :-)))

Love and Healing and Complete Remembrance to ALL of us,

Sonja Myriel


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