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HEALING THE PAST - Eileen Coleman with Linda Griffiths

HEALING THE PAST - Eileen Zizecli-Coleman and Linda Griffiths

It’s been ages since out trance group sat together and although there are only two of us, we were both to experience a very eventful session.  I have decided to share this session as I feel it may help a great many people who have similar issues.

I opened in prayer and sat first, blending with the energies present while my friend Linda explained what she could see.

I can see energy drawing around Eileen and there have been a few changes, almost like a Japanese or Chinese wise man, and then a fat laughing Buddha; there is also a male Native American energy and the three of them seem to be moving in and out; a nun is occasionally appearing as well. There is also a woman, slightly stout with a wider fatter face than Eileen.

You’re doing very well spirit world, I’m able to see quite a lot today. The woman looks familiar to me but I can’t place her. I’ve also just had a whiff of perfume, like evening primrose. Hello! As I said hello the smell of evening primrose got stronger. Thank you for taking the time to come through.

Welcome! There seems to be quite a bit of energy around Eileen and her face is changing from what feels to be a male energy, possibly Native American energy, very strongly. Occasionally there is a gentleman with a white moustache and small beard and with this gentleman is a sort of vague germoline smell!

Greetings friend, have you anything to say? You’ve done very well coming through. Is there a message you would like to give . . . perhaps just say hello? Eileen is very happy for you to use her voice!

The gentleman with the beard has gone, faded now. There are some sparkles around Eileen’s face and it looks like someone is wanting to say something. The gentleman with the beard has showed himself again briefly. Eileen then spoke.

We activate a letting go!

Is that a form of healing? There was a long pause here.

There is no death . . .  we hold on to the sanctuary of life everlasting . . . bringing forward further recurrences of data stored within our memory banks. This will be seen and heard for quite some time, and in the future we will bring you up to date with all that is needed for your future progression from one state of existence to another. Be prepared for more examples of these manifestations that we bring into your jurisdiction, for it has given us the greatest pleasure to come among you, to be here with you on the Earth plane. We delve deeper and deeper into the absurdities of life and we know you take these to heart.

Thank you for taking the time to come through, imparting your words of wisdom.

Thank you for your help and assistance in this matter, it gives us great pleasure to be here with you.

And we enjoy your energies when you come, we enjoy the opportunity to see the difference in the energy field and feel them, it’s a wonderful experience thank you.

There is an amalgamation of souls waiting to bear witness and we ask you not to be discouraged for the work you do is very important to us. We shine a light on those issues that need looking at in greater detail for your own survival and for your continued happiness. We delight in the tasks given to us for it brings us closer to the heart of humanity. Remember us in your wanderings!

Thank you, I’m sure we’ll both try to do that.

We take heart in the great upkeep of mankind and we give you our blessings!

(Hands in prayer position which felt larger than normal).


My friend then sat to tune in for communication and we were both in for a big surprise!

I can sense a presence around Linda, and I can feel the energy being drawn from my stomach to help with the proceedings. I suddenly jumped out of my skin and checking the recording it was just before Linda spoke!

We are going to try an experiment . . . there is a spirit here who wishes to er talk to you! The energy is er somewhat in a disarray, so I have stepped in to try to hm hm hm, oh, laugh. I am trying to help and balance things a bit.

Oh thank you, its very kind of you.

Yes this spirit is, is, is, mmn . . . calm down dear . . .  there we are. The spirt is very eager to talk to you, the spirit is very eager to apologise to you and er to apparently make amends. And this emotion of seizing the opportunity to speak to you is, is  . . . is, is somewhat unsettling for the sitter, so I am intervening a little ha,ha,ha . . . to to try and balance things a little bit. There is a certain amount of excitement on the part of the sitter as well, to realise that the lady has come through, yes and and I believe is anxious not to lose the opportunity; em between us all we are assuring her that the opportunity is here for her to use and not to worry!

Oh bless you!

Mum, I think it’s you isn’t it?

I Love you!

I wanted to say I’m sorry, I wanted a chance to try and er . . . this is more difficult than I imagined, but also easier.

It’s very good for you to try and even make the connection.

I feel that on the human side the need for the word ‘sorry’ is there, but because I have had the spiritual experience again, I know that deep down you realise, I realise that a connection is always there, that the reality although hidden by er, a human life time experience, the reality of the spiritual is there.

I loved you . . . but I did not always know how to show it! I have felt your pain . . . I ‘felt’ your pain . . .  but I did not know how to acknowledge it. I know I blocked things at times, I know I blocked the chance to reach out but that was the human, I see now it was the human. I do not understand how the spirit cannot exist in the human so that the Love is always there, is always on show, is always available!

In some respects, I suppose, saying ‘sorry’ is unnecessary, but part of me wants to say that, wants to say er  I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know how to! But I realise now that in some respects this conversation is not necessary, but I want to reach out to my child and say I’m sorry!  I want to reach out so that my words may replace a hug that you never received when you were small, replaced a hug and a hand of support on your shoulder when you needed it!

This is very confusing for me, because I can feel the human negative if you call it that way that I experienced in my human form, but I experience the deep love and affection that exists on the spiritual plane. I am aware that my human form affected you and that is why I want to say sorry, but I am also aware that it is an experience, an experience we needed to have, so it is not your fault, it is not my fault it just is! And because the feeling of sorrow and regret of what I didn’t do has been so strong with me, I think this experience is a chance to help ‘me’ move on, and in my way try and help ‘you’ as well, because I hope by saying sorry, I can release you from any hurt that you have had, that you are carrying with you! I want to say sorry that it may open that little corner of your heart that is still hurt because it does not need to be hurt anymore!

Tears . . . Thank you mum.

I wish I had known more in human form but part of me realises it was an experience that had to be, but in some respects I wish it hadn’t had to be. But just know that you came through the experience . . . you survived it, if that’s a way of calling it, despite me you managed (laughter) and I’m proud of you, I am proud to see your spiritual journey that you are making!

Thank you mum.

And I am proud of all the happiness that you bring to other people.

Have you seen your sisters when you went to spirit, when you passed over? 

We are all working in our way to ‘heal’ I think is a word that the human would understand, now this is very strange; it is like making/mending a tapestry, each little part has to be sorted out and mended to allow a completeness of Love. It is so nice to be able to become whole again and that is what happens when you pass over, you have the opportunity to be part of the whole of Love again, and it is strange but sometimes human energies and emotions follow through and it is as if we have to work through them to release them . . .  to let them go! And it has taken me a long time to understand this, so I am hoping between us all we can release and allow the Love to continue and spread.

Thank you, thank you for making the effort to come because I know you didn’t believe in this sort of thing. Laughter on both sides!

From the position where I straddle spirit and memories of my human form I can see why I didn’t understand; I don’t know why I didn’t remember, I suspect it was the choice of human life that I chose, but you are wiser, you know!  (Laughter).

I am sad that I missed out on a valuable part of your life by not being brave enough to believe, by not realising ‘reality’, but you have a very sympathetic nature and you have the light shining deep within you, you have a certainty that I didn’t have and I am glad that I did not block that in you, I am glad you were strong enough to go ‘despite me’ . . . to go your own way!

Thank you.

I wish I could have said in human form that I was glad to have known you, but I believe that in the parent child . . . that kind of thing was never said and would not be said, it was reserved for friends and neighbours, ‘it has been nice to meet you’, but I am glad I met you in human form!

Perhaps we will meet again!

Undoubtedly, in spirit form it is inevitable that the energies will meet but I am proud of what you are achieving, if I had realised I was in the presence of such a sparkling spirit in human form then perhaps my life would have been a little easier.

Well we could have had so much to talk about but it wasn’t meant to be.

No indeed, it was our life choice as it were. It has given me an easement of the soul, a little peace to my soul, to realise that although I lived my life as I did, I didn’t completely damage you (laugh) and to know from the spiritual side of things that there is an understanding that you have of the order of things, even if it isn’t clear in your head yet, but you understand more than I ever did and that allows you to forgive more easily than I did.

Em, I do know one thing that I would like to ask you, and part of me thinks I shouldn’t ask you and I won’t get the answer I want! (Laugh). Em . . .  was my father who I think it was? That niggles at me and I do understand if you can’t answer that for me and it’s probably not important anyway in the grand scheme of things as it’s in the past

You were created in a moment of deep Love!

Well that’s the most important thing!

The impression that I remember is that it was a deep Love that could not be shown in the open.

Ok and I understand and I don’t feel any the worse of you for it, I understand that you probably couldn’t have spoken to me about it while you were on earth, for fear of upsetting other family members probably, but I don’t harbour any ill feelings for you and I send you my Love. I was looking at photographs of you last night . . . that’s a bit of a coincidence (laugh).

There is one that you looked at and I will say to you, look deeply at my left eye, in the picture you will see a light there that you may not have noticed so much before, that light is the Love that I had for you because you came from the deep Love I could not talk about. You are a correct that there was a certain amount of shame that was attached and unfortunately I allowed that to carry forward. It would have been so much easier if we could have been a family and worked through things. But we are where we are and I hope that knowing that you were born out of a deep Love, you can understand that in many respects that is a past that is a good one to have, rather than just an existence for show as it were.

I am glad you asked me that question because it has brought a relief to me that I didn’t realise that I needed, but to acknowledge at long last, acknowledge that you came from Love, somehow puts it into the proper perspective and allows a release. Because the Love, pure Love is the way things should be . . . things in Love vibrate at a level of peace and harmony and that is what I should have done.

I send you my love mum and don’t worry please, please go in peace and Love . . . all my Love.

Thank you, and I send my love to you . . . it seems strange to say that. Thank you for the chance to release, I feel almost selfish again saying that, that you are helping me yet again when I perhaps did not behave in a way as a mother should at the time. I am grateful for this opportunity and I am glad that between us we can perhaps raise the vibration of Love and send some healing between us, between the worlds.

Yes . . . thank you.

I won’t say goodbye . . . that is final, I will say Adieu until we meet again, until we see each other again!


(Linda’s guide came through here).  Oh that went rather well didn’t it?

Oh, thank you so much friend, thank you . . . you did do well!

Oh such fun  . . . (laugh). I’m off then . . . I’ll see you again!

Yes I’ll look forward to that!

Linda said as soon as she sat down she felt the energy and someone kept wanting to say ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’.  The energy felt in such disarray and Linda wasn’t sure about it, asking her guides to come in and help. Wylee, the professor and the geisha lady were having a three way conversation stabilising the energies and getting mum to calm down. Once she had calmed down and got into the energy to speak, she almost forget why she had to come, because she knew the spirt world was love, and as she straddled the dimensions she was trying to hold on to what she remembered and what she wanted to say sorry about! Linda said it was really interesting listening to them sorting it out.


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Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 6, 2015 at 11:21pm

THANK YOU so much for sharing, Eileen!

Comment by Terence Arthur Deighton on July 7, 2015 at 1:57am

Keep up the good work Eileen. Good to see you sharing here also x


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