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Halloween has become gradually a gap between the parties of the year. On the night of Oct. 31, eve of All Saints, scary costumes, grave decorating, candy and, above all, the desire to have fun, have become an irresistible claim. But it can also pose a high environmental impact and extra spending on the wallet. In the U.S., the country has exported this event to the world, is estimated to spend around 6,000 million dollars. A few simple tips to keep Halloween can contribute to a more ecologically and economically.

Costumes without frightening the environment

- Image: Greg Jordan -

The three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) are also commonly used in basic ecological Halloween. The costumes and decorations, which are essential for this party, they can take advantage of other years. Another option is to combine different garments and home or to share with family and friends. Barter systems environmentally friendly and supportive, both home city, as Freecycle, or institutional source, as Biotrueke -a recent initiative of the City of Bilbao, the odds. That way, you get a suit "new" and not spend money each year.

You can combine different garments and home or to share with family and friends

The home handyman can even make their own costumes. Imagination is a powerful economic tool and the Internet also can help: You can search for images and web pages that explain how to make dresses for Halloween. The suprarreciclaje, ie transforming an object without use or intended to be a waste in another of equal or greater utility and value, you can implement with costumes and accessories. In any case, do not obsess about the end result: the idea is to have fun, do not go on the catwalk. Besides, what better Halloween party for "scary" with unlikely and even ugly clothes!

The materials can be found in the closet or the attic of the house or you can buy a canvas to design in a fabric store and accessories. Like if you choose to buy a new costume, you have to look at natural materials, preferably organically produced. The vast majority of industrial costumes are based on synthetic products made from petroleum. Also be careful with the makeup you use. It is preferable to use natural products, organic, and when using a conventional one, you have to look on the label and find that they have all health. Some may carry harmful chemicals to health, such as mercury and phthalates.

- Image: liz west -

And of course you have to escape all the costumes and accessories low price and poor quality, do not endure beyond the day of the party. Get what you pay, not only for the pocket but for the environment. The amount of waste produced with disposable products fill landfills and result in the use of more raw materials, increasing the already hefty carbon footprint.

Eco Halloween Decoration

If the party is being held at home, the decoration is another key element. The strategy is the same as with the costumes: using classic ornaments from previous years, and take good care to last for the next reuse old objects such as brooms, rags, frayed dark and gloomy aspect to give the necessary, go to the garden , the nearest park or forest to collect leaves and dead branches to decorate the party area with non-toxic paints, used to take cardboard and paper to draw decorative elements, etc.. The invitations can be made with reused materials or send them by email or through social networks.

The pumpkin filling can be used to prepare delicious and healthy dishes

Internet is a good source of ideas. You can learn how to turn cardboard egg boxes decorative bats. Halloween is a good time to think about them. Despite its benefits for human beings and nature, more than half of the 1,100 species of mammals is in danger. Thus, the UN has made 2011 the year of the bat.

The candle lighting is another classic Halloween. But be careful, because some contain paraffin and can emanate toxic chemicals such as toluene or benzene. Thus, it is always better to use natural candles, beeswax or soy. Candles can be accompanied by soft lighting, you can turn off some of the light bulbs that are taken at home. The LED lights can also create a festive touch and original. Or you can even take advantage of the Christmas tree lights. Another idea may be to transform suprarreciclaje cans used in lanterns, having cut with typical forms of Halloween.

As for the pumpkin, you can opt for an artificial, when stored for the following years, or natural. In the latter case, you can go to the nearest market or organic food producer. The pumpkin filling was used to prepare delicious and healthy dishes for dinner, as explained by Eroski CONSUMER in your recipe. When shopping, you have to carry a reusable bag to avoid the impact of plastic, and whenever you can go by foot or public transport.

A Halloween dinner snack eco

The board is to avoid the dishes and disposable cups, or products that come with excessive packaging or to interfere with recycling. As for food, are preferable time and local production, and whenever possible, organic. The bottled water can be replaced by a pitcher of tap water, a decision that will help the environment and the pocket.

After the party, like the rest of the year, the waste must be separated properly so they can take the appropriate recycling bins: green for glass, cardboard and paper blue and yellow for plastic and cans . The elements of the party that can be harnessed for next year will be stored in boxes and bags and labeled resistant to discover its contents.

And even if the U.S. does not take much, the children of the house can also make the famous "trick or treat" (joke or gift) in an ecological manner. The bag to store the achievements can be made also on a small scale and reuse it for more years. As for the goodies, avoid the industrially produced, or at least not abuse them. Instead, they can offer fruits, chocolates, organic and fair trade at home or take candy or cookies with Halloween style decorative forms,

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 30, 2010 at 8:54pm
Thank you, Maria :-)

Here's a link to a discussion on the Histroy of Halloween which you might find interesting. And maybe you could post this discussion in that group on the Circle of the Year as well?


Sonja Myriel
Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 30, 2010 at 8:54pm


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