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Message From Archangel Michael, June 2010
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
"Balance Your Subconscious, Conscious, And
Superconscious Minds"
Dear Ones,
When you are receiving information from the higher realms, you must use your discernment and your wisdom and you must go
within your Heart Center to determine if this information is true and
correct for you. There is much information that is not always correct
in the many messages you read. Each person who channels is channeling
through the filter of their subconscious mind, through the filters of
their accumulated wisdom of their spiritual growth in this life and
through past life experiences. There are many who believe that those
who channel are of great authority and knowledge and to be followed
blindly, through their channeling. All have spiritual gifts, and those
who channel have been given this spiritual gift and have agreed before
their incarnation in this lifetime, to bring forth these messages. It
does not mean that they have reached the pinnacle of spiritual
development, above all others. There is no such thing, as spiritual
growth is ongoing, continual and a sacred journey and path, all will
continue, long after they have completed planetary ascension.
We ask you to stand in your personal power and take the pearls of wisdom from these messages, which resonate with you. Use
your discernment, and your wisdom to determine if the message is your
truth. You may ask for validation three times, within your Heart
Center. This validation may come from within, it may come through
others, in the form of the spoken word, it may come through something
you read. We ask you to understand, and know that your own inner
wisdom, your God Self is your best and most accurate wisdom. Only you
know what is best for you and the path which you choose to follow.
Those who channel may bring forth to you messages and wisdom from the
higher realms, yet there may be inaccuracies within these messages,
depending upon the clarity of the channel, and plane which the channel
is accessing. Stand in your power, Beloved Ones, and integrate these
many blessed teachings, with discernment, love, wisdom and your own
inner guidance.
We ask you to become more aware of your three minds and to work within the process of integrating these minds to work in balance and harmony with each other. Your subconscious mind does
not differentiate from your inner and outer reality and produces that
which you feed to it, with your thoughts. Notice your thoughts, and
you will raise your consciousness, as you begin to feed your
subconscious mind empowering thoughts. When you feed your subconscious
mind disempowering thoughts such as "I am tired, I give up", the
subconscious mind knows only to produce that within your reality.
Spend time reprogramming your subconscious mind, with positive
affirmations, as your subconscious mind is already the product of much
programming you have received throughout this lifetime, and a product
of past life programming which you have brought into this lifetime, to
Your conscious mind is the expression of your personality, God's personality, as you lift yourself up into the expression of your God Self. As you balance your seven chakras and the
seven rays, in harmony with your four bodies, you will express within
the conscious mind, the personality of God, as the seven rays and the
five higher rays carry the aspects and attributes of God. They can be
called God's personality.
Not all are meant to channel beings of the higher realms, yet all are meant to be in communication with their higher Self and their superconscious minds. Your superconscious mind
is with you, in every Now moment, ready to guide you and direct you in
the higher wisdom of your God Self. It has been guiding you and
directing you, throughout your lifetime, although most of you have not
listened and connected with this wisdom. Spend time in meditation,
speak with your higher Self, your superconscious mind. Ask questions,
and then expect and know that you will receive the answers. It may not
come to you through a word dialog, but you must be open to receive this
communication in the form of a message through others you may have
communication with, through readings, though a coincidence or
synchronicity. Listen, pay attention, and your communication will come
to you.
Trust and know, Dear Ones, that you are Divinely guided, as you are God. As you allow your God Self to come forth, through your expressions, your daily activities, you will become
stronger and develop the strength and courage to stand in your power
and rely upon your own inner wisdom. You will understand that you too,
are channeling this inner wisdom from your superconscious mind, and if
you choose to formally channel your superconscious mind, this practice
is available to each and every one of you. Begin with the small steps
of asking questions and allowing the answers to come forth naturally.
You will gain confidence and be ready to move forth to the next step of
a deeper integration with your superconscious mind.
Ultimately, Dear Ones, your subconscious, conscious, and superconscious minds will blend, merge and become one beautiful God mind, in balance and harmony with your God Self. You
will be the personality of God, as you are God. You have only to
realize this knowing, and express this knowing. Live it in the Now, as
you create Heaven on Earth and return to beauty, balance and harmony,
as you express the love and joy, peace and wisdom of your God Self.
I am Archangel Michael, and I bring you this truth
You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Archangel Michael through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to:
Visit Michelle's website at:

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 31, 2010 at 8:22am
Thank you so much for this wonderful post, Viracocha!

There is a lot of material already available on the seven Rays and the twelve Rays here at lightgrid (tab/ sub tab - groups!). They are primary tools in the Planetary and Personal Ascension Process - please check out as needed!

We are truly Divine Beings - and if we do not realize this, yet, it's time to RE-CONNECT! We need not look for answers in the outside, though they may come from there, but if we are not ready to see them, if we are not focused on our inner truth and being, we will not SEE them ... Something very special has begun ... it's time to BE :-)

Love and Light and BLESSINGS,

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Ana Antaka on May 31, 2010 at 10:33pm
Thanks as always,
Ana Antaka


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