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FLAME OF TRANSMUTATION - Edileen Zizecli Coleman

Friday 31st March 2017 - Chatting with my Family of Light.

As I sat in prayer at the beginning of my meditation, I found myself reciting a hymn we used to sing at church at the beginning of my Spiritual journey in 1992.

Open my eyes that I may see, glimpses of truth thou hast for me, help me to set my higher self free, so I may serve and worship thee.

There are ceremonies that can be undertaken to set you free from the miseries of the Earth plane, and we allow you to come aboard so that we may partake of these ceremonies, adjudicating and monitoring your greatest needs.  There are many others who come to bear witness and we see you filing past us as you come aboard and ignite that flame of Love within your hearts.  I can see pulsating purple.

This is the purple flame, the flame of transmutation and we ask that this is expected of each and every one of you to hold this flame within your mind, within the very heart of your being.  This will cleanse and purify you, this will enable an opening of your third eye, and we register your just intent to enable this flow of energy between us.  It is much welcomed in our world as it is in yours.  (There was a click in room at this point).

We manufacture certain guidelines to enable a synthesis of energies to take place and this transmutation of energies shall be placed in our care.  We register the pattern of your thought forms and ask you to step back and allow us to come into your orbit.

The purple is wonderful friends, most wonderful. I can see what looks like a golden tunnel, it reminds me of the soft trumpet of a flower.  What is this, is it a portal?

It is the portal between our worlds and you have travelled this way many times before.  There is an opening up allowing deeper penetration, a deeper meaningful connection that will allow us to see in greater detail what is in store for the peoples of Earth.  We know this means a great deal to you and we challenge those circuits within you to understand the necessity of these functions.

Oh, wow the gold is so beautiful set against the soft lilac, thank you for showing me this.

You are making that journey back home to be with us for this short moment in time and we make it count, enveloping your soul with the greatest Love and energy unsurpassed.

I can feel a tingling in my solar plexus, why is that?

It is this connection with the Great Divine attached to your energy field that allows us to come closer into your orbit.  We respond to your needs and these shall be met in due course, opening up those horizons before you, entering into a contract that will allow greater bliss in your undertakings.  Don’t forget to adjust your settings, allow this manipulation of energies to take place and we will bring about an early reprise.  This is much needed in your world as well you know and we come to each and every one of you whenever the need arises to bring that comfort and upliftment to each soul.

We have alighted from this journey of great intent to be with you and yours and this shall be so.  We weave a web of enlightenment around those you have chosen for assistance and we give them the pleasure of our company.  Sometimes this can be in the dead of night, sometimes in those waking moments between sleep and wakefulness.  We enter your dreams, we enter your mind when you least expect it.

We are given to sudden outbursts of energy, manifesting greater control in a world that is out of order.  We know there is much to be done around your planet, we know there is outdated information being broadcast that allows misunderstanding, and we come to back up that energy with more information, to spill the beans in a society that has run roughshod over the thoughts and feelings of others.  We lay down an action plan that will enable you to see for yourselves our true worth, and we have spoken of this in the past, but to no avail.  We are open to many surprises coming your way and we ask for greater fulfillment in the hearts and minds of you all, so that you may transmute those negative energies to ones of a higher vibration.

It has come to our notice that many of you ransack the feelings and emotions of others with cutting words.  Anomalies can be faced head on with the power of Love, (click) and we ask you to transmute those negative energies by pouring Love on that gaping wound.  Do not be put out but remain strong and firm in your undertakings.  There has been a certain subterfuge that can be overcome and we depend on those nearest and dearest to join us, to smooth the way for you to follow, to continue on this pathway which you have chosen, which you have begged to be on!  It is no surprise to us that you have accomplished a great deal and there are many more exploits on the horizon that will bring you the greatest joy.  We blend together with perfect ease, overcoming mountainous problems that stand in our way.  We shall not be disgruntled, we shall not be put out, we shall stand strong and true together as a team with the greatest respect and loving energy.

We make way for a private gathering where we can deliver all that is given.

Is this on a particular day, in a particular location?

We ask for the time being that you shelter in the warmth and safety of your sanctuary and leave the hall for greater occasions where we shall need larger seating areas for there are many who will come to hear our words.

Thank you, my friends.

We deliberately take you down this track of greater Love, rejoicing in the fact that you have come among us in a heightened state of awareness. (Click in room).  It has been a long time coming and we tread carefully and easily into our new role, overseeing developments.

I’ve just seen a bright white, but soft light joining another light.  Is this the light from our souls joining as one?

We amalgamate and bring our blessings to this ceremony, opening and enlightening your awareness to a greater state of clarity.  Feel the Love and energy we bring, bathe in the Love of the Great Divine as we welcome you home to these shores.

The lilac is becoming more intense and the golden circle of patterns more beautiful and stunning. Thank you, Great Spirit, it is much appreciated.  For the next ten minutes, I drifted off and saw a lady smiling at me that I don’t recognise, I’ll watch out for her in the future.

There is an overlapping of energies taking place that will allow for further revelations and we bear witness to further news coming your way soon.  Take these messages and store them in your heart!

I was then catapulted back to full consciousness, thank you friends, I love you!

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on April 12, 2017 at 4:16am

Thank you Eileen for sharing these inspiring experiences.

Blessings, Ishema

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on April 12, 2017 at 7:03am

Dear Eileen,

When we are in connection with Higher energies we can experience so many different Masters with different colors and thoughts which can help to nourish us and the Planet also..

We should think of our Planet every time we are with the higher levels of energies...

Our masters will help us and guide us..


Comment by Eileen Coleman on April 12, 2017 at 9:56am

Thank you, Ishema and SohinBen, healing thoughts for our planet and the universe are forever in my mind, and at these times of being with the higher energies we simply blend into that state of bliss.

Comment by Ron Radhoff on April 12, 2017 at 7:01pm

Every time I read an uplifting message like this I get a bit more optimistic about the wonderful future we will be  ascending to.


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