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Emotional Universal Wound, Betrayal

These past few days were very intense with a deeply felt energy coming to the surface. Even though it has been addressed and partly healed, it still will be triggered by injustice and lack of respect and love. Images from all over the world about refugees, fleeing from their own country. Families falling apart caused by the turmoil that exists during the exodus it seems. It is not just Nature that is devastating, ripping families apart. It is some kind of Universal wound we are carrying through the lifetimes we share. Going back through history, we always come across this one universal wound, betrayal.

Micro and Macro cosmos, it is a deeply felt emotional wound. Surfacing in so many ways, so many different faces. Sometimes hard to discover, other times it is so obvious. What does it tell us? How come history seems to keep on repeating itself? What is the root cause in this story and how can we heal this universal wound? Many questions popping up these past few days. Seeing the similarities from within as well outward, conflicting others when it is about the way people want to manifest themselves.

Every once and a while, it touches the humanity in a big way so people get together to come to assistance and possibly rescue. Watching all those families, fathers and mothers with babies and young children on the run, hoping to get refuge in a neighbor country. Cause and effect. Being betrayed by their government, through dictatorial establishment searching for fake power. Empowerment is something that is coming from the inside. Searching and looking for power by force, threat and cruelty only cause more fear and despair. We all know this. So how can we change this around?

How can we create a world where people don’t have to flee from their home ground, instead of running and fearing for their lives? It is this enormous devastation on such a big scale that makes us aware of what is happening. The choice is ours to make. Are we bystanders or willing to land a hand? Do we want to assist or look another way, in order to pretend it isn’t there? Going back through history we have so many examples of the major effect betrayal has on each and every one of us. It is not something that happens to someone else. It affects us all in our emotional, physical and mental bodies. Every choice we make as an individual makes a difference. Even if you think you can’t make a difference on your own, every act and choice counts.

Looking at it from a micro cosmos point of view, how many times have you felt betrayed? By friends, by a lover or family members, by a government, or by yourself even? When we want to deal with this universal wound, we need to address our own inner wounds as well. Every time you have felt the hurt that came with it, the pain it caused, it left a mark on your soul. It feels like scratches on your soul if a loved one is leaving you behind and doesn’t want to care about the consequences. This is in the Micro Cosmos reflected in the macro cosmos as well.

It may happen at work, betrayed by the way banks are dealing with your money. The way a business partner is walking away with a lot of what should be part of yours as well. The process of dealing with betrayals has deep roots. We can find it within our communities, our countries, small or large. At schools, in families, the smaller the inner circle the more personal it becomes and hits home in a devastating way. Now you will say, you don’t tell me anything new. I don’t, it is the one thing that binds and connects us all, each and every one. Because this is so deeply rooted.

Healing of emotional wounds, or physical and mental for that matter, it all starts within. All you can do is take a look at what you have endured and lived through this lifetime, to establish in what way you felt this betrayal. One way or another, it might have been disguised through anger, sorrow and pain inflicted. The root cause is found within or beneath all these emotions and feelings. One common factor is the way you trusted, your loved one, your system, your establishment, or religion. Like Jesus was betrayed by Judas and Petrus for those who are familiar with the Bible. Through every history line, we come across this pain point. So many people are still connected with this emotional ancestor wound.

All I can say is, in order to start healing, the way to start the process comes from within ourselves. The opposite of betrayal even to your self is love, not fear or greed for power and material stuff. The need to be a better self to receive and give love is ingrained in each and every one of us. Even if it is blocked off by all kind of experiences. We all need to be taken care of, care for each other, love our partners, family, children, and grandchildren. So looking at the Micro Cosmos world you can see how this reflects it back to you. The most important thing is, how are you going to handle it. Will you be able to look at it in a loving way towards yourself? Because that is the biggest trap, not blaming yourself, faulting it, not being worthy of it. That is the way we tend to look at it.

Start with love and compassion, empathy, towards your self first. That is the only way at times to feel worthy and know you can trust yourself again. Not for bad judgment, yet for the fact, you went through an experience that will lead you towards a loving and caring pattern. Then it will resonate in a different way. It will allow you to take a step back and see what has happened. It takes courage and strength as well to change the inner perception into one of loving care for yourself. The more you are able to give this presentation, the easier it will get to be honest and integer. Then that will create the turning point within and will be felt by those around you.

The pebble so to speak, or the little wave of energy, that will touch everyone around you. You can become a standard of love, trust, truth, and compassion. Each one of us has its own experiences with the way your trust has been violated. It is time now to create a different pattern. Releasing the blocked energies that are withholding you from a more empowered human being. Together we can create a society, a family, to shield and protect each other from harm in any way. It needs to be acknowledged and addressed before we can be able to say, every person has a birthright, for freedom, for love and for a safe place to be.

We all are connected with each other. What happens in another country affects us as well, as it does those who are on the run. Taking care of each other may start small, within ourselves, yet it grows into a worldwide commitment we make. Where Love rules, betrayal cannot exist. Love is always the only key to create a safe place to live, find comfort and support. Understanding and empowering each other to be the best version we can be.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
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Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 7, 2019 at 2:00pm

Dearest Rhea, may I ask what situation you are exactly referring to? The burning of the Amazon forest?

Love light blessings,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Rhea Dopmeijer on September 7, 2019 at 2:56pm

Dear Sonja, It is about Betrayal, the Universal wound humanity is dealing with, on so many levels. The burning of the forests, for example, when governments betray their own people. Or the way governments are betraying the people just for own benefit and coming from greed. What to say on a personal level about the betrayal between partners, business, personal, every area, our children who are being abused, the biggest betrayal of all, the woun of the innocent <3 we all can make a difference when it comes to healing this internal wound

in loving connection always 


Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 7, 2019 at 6:52pm

Oh yes, I know well about betrayal - I was only wondering what these words are referring to:

Images from all over the world about refugees, fleeing from their own country. Families falling apart caused by the turmoil that exists during the exodus it seems. It is not just Nature that is devastating, ripping families apart.

I am going to do a write up on the Amazon, soon, that's why I was asking if you were referring to it explicitly by this blog post, or if it was another scenario you had in mind.

Praying for RAIN and a BETTER FUTURE, especially for those who are less privileged, living under threatening circumstances, fighting for their lives, for PEACE and for the preservation of their natural environment and resources,

Sonja Myriel RAouine

Comment by Rhea Dopmeijer on September 7, 2019 at 8:28pm
Cant wait to read up your Post. For me it was something that works as red thread from past to present and future. We are creators, each and every one of us, so there is this possibility to change the way we want our future to be like <3
In loving connection


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