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I don't do many readings or much dedicated channeling, but I will likely do more of it for family and friends, as much for myself as to help them. I'm not signing up for daily or even regular readings and likely won't do them for most people, even if they ask nicely, but here is one I did recently.

I have found time and time again, that sharing info that comes through can be helpful for many, so after doing this for a friend, I changed the person's name and a removed a section of the reading that included location references to maintain her privacy.

(PL) Archangel Michael, will you help me answer some questions for Aeris?

(AAM) Of course, we will do this together.

(PL) Does it bother you when I abbreviate your name like this? It is much faster to type...

(AAM) I am not so vain to find concern in how you type my name. It is important to respect each other of course, but I know you do respect all of us, and are learning to do so for yourself.

(PL) Thank you for understanding. You are, like all of the angels, very understanding and compassionate. Let's start with a light-hearted question, which is if cussing is a bad thing.

(AAM) Do you think that when our brother Sananda, when he was living as Jesus, didn't cuss? Did he have a few choice words for the tax collectors when he was flipping tables? He certainly did, and it was glorious! It's all about intent and energy. If you are disparaging others with language and tone of voice, then of course it will cause negative effects on yourself and the person it is directed to. Is that bad? No, it's just a choice and an opportunity to learn. So, go ahead and cuss all you want in the fun and passion for it. If someone is offended, then consider your impact on them and be compassionate and gentle, which probably means different choices of language.

(PL) Of greater interest to her is health and wellbeing. Why would she be guided to buy and be in a house if it is unhealthy to live there?

(AAM) Why does anything happen that results in unhealthy situations? Because it is activating parts of her that is causing her to ask these questions, so she can reach deeper into who she is, and what to do to improve herself. It may just be that she would not have decided to find that stash of crystals if she were perfectly healthy. It may just be that she wouldn't have gone to the practitioners she has sought if she were perfectly healthy. You see, we, all of us, have done a masterful job of weaving the events of our lives to bring us to where we need to be. When Aeris can follow her intuition and guidance directly, these extra nudges will not be necessary, unless of course, it is the only way to get two people together. Then we will find creative ways to do so. Also remember that it isn't just for her benefit, it is also for the benefit of others, such as the practitioner, the person waiting in the waiting area, the receptionist, etc. We all touch each other's lives every day and miraculous things happen even though they don't seem so at the time.

(PL) What can you tell us about roles in Atlantis and her recurring dreams of being led to a place by two beings that want her to find out something?

(AAM) Atlantis was/is an amazing and wonderful garden of Eden (so to speak). It was also ripe to fall, and was an obvious target for darkness to take advantage of. Both of you were tricked, as she well knows. However, the fall of Atlantis would never have happened if the collective will of humanity didn't agree to it happening. You were pawns in the game of collective will and if you hadn't been the one's tricked, someone else would have been. Also know that many others were also fooled into thinking the invading darkness was actually worthy of accolades and fellowship.

It is VERY important that you know you are NOT at fault in any way for what happened. It was one way to throw a dark cover over your light so that ALL had the opportunity to learn lessons that would be difficult to do any other way. Stop beating yourself up about it and get over it already... ;)

Regarding the unspoken question of what each of you were doing at Atlantis, Aeris is right that she was/is an expert at manipulating DNA. She was working on how to improve life and people, but that knowledge could easily, and was easily, utilized for the enslavement of humanity. Again, not her fault, for many wonderful technologies can be used in negative ways in the world of duality. Thankfully, Gaia and humanity are moving out of duality with the ascension to the fifth dimension, so you do not need to "worry" about that any longer. You (Paul) were part of the team working with sacred geometry and crystal consciousness and energy. It is this technology that was manipulated into being weaponized and did the most direct damage to Gaia in that instant that it was used. It did nearly destroy Gaia, and did destroy Maldec, which was the physical being for your godhead Arak. This has been difficult for you to forgive yourself for as it destroyed part of yourself. Be easier on yourself for Maldec still exists in higher dimensions, as Arak has told you, and will be reborn in your perception. As part of ascension, all will be healed. Do not fear what has already happened.

Lastly, regarding the dream sequence. There are two aspects to this. One is Aeris running the film of the past over and over again in her mind. It is the regret and pain associated with her not forgiving herself. It kept coming up again and again to force her to face this fear. There is a real aspect to this as well. There are some not-so-nice energies that wanted information from her. She was right in her gut to question their motivations. They used her own "film" to try and trick her into giving up her secrets by making it seem like it was just the same dream over again. Congratulations to her for realizing this was a trick, and not falling for it again. Simply realizing this, has stopped this from happening. If it happens again it is fear, not reality playing the film. The darkness that would like access to the information is collapsing and being removed, so there is nothing to be feared. If she has a next time, or some other moment of fear, she should call on me, Archangel Michael and I will be there instantly, my blue flames at the ready. As she has already said, I am her "buddy" and she will be protected no matter what. She is also quite able to protect herself and I am ready to teach her how to be herself when she is ready to listen and take some reality lessons from me. I am standing right next to her as she reads this. That's right Aeris, feel my energy right NOW, it isn't your imagination. I am always here, ready, but you MUST ask for my help for even I cannot mess with free will. You could not have been tricked again, for I would have jumped in, and in reality I did, for you were guided not to fall for any tricks. Do you see that I love you? Do you see that there are many "on this side" that are ready to help you? All you need to is ask, then listen, or at least follow the guidance or your own intuition, which we can easily interface with.

(PL) Thank you so much for all of this information, not only for her, but for me as well. I'm glad I was able to put Atlantis behind me and forgive myself. It seems many are going through this right now.

Can you tell me where Aeris is from?

(AAM) She, like you is angelic. She, like you has had many experiences and is a multidimensional being. Saying she is from one place or another is too limiting for an unlimited soul. The same is true for you, even though it is romantic to think of yourself as Pleiadian, it is just one of many aspects of yourself that you have an affinity for. Aeris is discovering aspects of herself and will continue to do so. She certainly has galactic aspects, and as she processes her fears associated with some galactic species, she will become open to who she really is in this regard. It won't be long and she will find answers in many places. You two have crossed paths many times and some of these were as galactic citizens so to speak.

(PL) Thank you so much Archangel Michael, I think that is enough for now. It is wonderful to practice with you.

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Comment by Paul Lange on October 25, 2014 at 6:18pm

It seems there are many of us that experienced Atlantis, regardless of whether it was during the golden years or during the "fall." I look forward to experiencing Atlantis reborn.

Comment by Sylvia Liney on October 29, 2014 at 8:18am

Wonderful thank you  xx


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