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DRAWING BACK THE VEIL - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

 7th April 2016 – Drawing Back the Veil

During meditation I went out of body and looking down saw my sanctuary, panning round I saw what should have been me sitting on my couch but instead I saw an extra-terrestrial with long neck. I was so elated then suddenly I was back on the sofa with ET’s face staring back at me up really close. I was not afraid and was so happy to think we have made some progress. The following day I sat again in the Peace of my Sanctuary.

Great Spirit I am so looking forward to my holiday where I can be lulled by the sound of the sea, sitting under the starlight and feeling the Peace. It would be so wonderful if you could come forward and speak to me then also but for now, before I leave is there anything you would like to pass on?

We are looking forward to your solitude also my child for it is in this we can make our presence felt.

I’m actually being shown a vision of Jesus now.

Hypocrisy and idolatry have been key words in your society but this shall be brought to an end, for we shall get to examine the hearts of each and every one of you and you all will be brought to fruition in a greater state of grace. We come prepared to offer you these services and to broadcast this message far and wide that Love is the key answer to all things.

I know, I know friends this to be true and I feel the Love as lilac clouds sweep around me. I thank you so much for drawing close this morning.

Be prepared to take an intake of breath for we come bearing gifts to all who listen and share our words! We bring you absolution, we bring you Peace from all that has held you back in the past and we bring great joy to the hearts of all mankind. We make it known now in this world and the next that WE HAVE NOT FORSAKEN YOU, we come to deliver you and offer you a way forward into the Light.

Be it known now in our two worlds that we bring in the greatest joy known to mankind for we shall step forward into the Light, so that you may see for yourselves what we are made of. We are your brothers and sisters of Light and we come bearing gifts given to those special few who associate themselves with us to help mankind, and we know this may seem insidious to some of you but we come from those replicas of yourselves!

Past grievances taken to heart shall be remedied and we bring in a token flavour of Love unsurpassed that will have you pay homage. We do not expect you to stay on your knees for long, for we lift you up to come and join us and we believe with your help we shall attain the highest levels of credibility for we face now the final curtain. We face what all of you have been waiting for . . . a drawing back of the veil so that we may see one another, face to face, opening up the boundaries that have held us back from achieving total bliss.

I’m seeing the gold and purple and know I am on the right frequency; tears are flowing down my cheeks at this point.

Oh Spirit my heart is overflowing with Love and joy for you, I thank you so much for the Love that you bring. I wish I could hug you, I wish I could embrace you physically and hold you!

And so you shall my dear, and so you shall!

These tears are tears of happiness not sadness, it has been such a long time coming and there will be so many people happy to make this breakthrough, to be reunited and to feel your loving embrace. People are changing gradually I’ve noticed they are becoming more aware of the things that will lead to a higher awareness and that makes me happy!

All of your families will transcend the greatest joy for they too shall be welcomed into the fold and we anoint those chosen to share this word that we are back, we are back from the grave so to speak and we shall become stronger with each passing day!

The vibrations of Love are lifting us up and we thank you for beaming these rays of energy to us to help with the evolvement of mankind.

You each do your bit in raising the frequencies and that is why we share with you, so that we may transcend your wildest expectations, opening up your courage and fortitude to accept the impossible and to work with us. We are born blind so to speak and gradually the Light shall filter through and you will become aware of what you have missed, what was there all the time, buried in the inferno of noise surrounding your world. Entering those inner worlds within you brings release from the day to day running’s of your world, release from those boundaries that hold you fast, stuck in the mud, unable to register those truths within you!

We say to you all now ‘listen and listen well’, we do not come to interfere with your world, we come to show you some home truths, to show you what is happening to your planet even as we speak that can be rectified with a little common sense and understanding of the consequences of your actions! These we see as necessary undertakings to show you the dismal reality of your world if left unchecked.

We resurrect the human race and allow you to share with us a new regime of amazing grace, and this shall be the greatest undertaking ever known for we have brought you a plan of Peace that can be put into action more quickly than you ever thought possible. We shall clean those oceans and clear the skies, we shall make Earth whole once more. We need to restore her to her former glory and we cannot underestimate the destruction caused by your lack of understanding!

We see this as a necessary excursion to challenge you to accept the information we bring, opening up new avenues of discourse that can set the world to rights, and we pamper you and bring you under our jurisdiction, managing this feat of excellence. This window of opportunity is imminent and we shall broadcast our messages around the world to all those chosen to carry these words and to champion the cause of everlasting life for mankind. Take heart for the future is bright and we memorise all that is necessary to set you down in a new world of astounding beauty.

Reach to that deepest part of yourself, reach deep into your heart and share with us, your guides and mentors, while we bring you reserves of energy that shall see you flowering and growing in our Love. We reconcile our differences and prepare you for greater undertakings.

Will you be with me on holiday friends?

We will visit you when least expected and we ask you to take solace and comfort at those times of your lowest ebb.

I asked about a member of my family who has just found out she is very ill.

Everything is ordained and shall be so, she will be in good hands have no fear, she is well loved and cherished in this dimension and we bring her to us in the greatest Love. We take her in our arms and rock her to sleep, opening up those palaces within her mind that will bring her Joy and Peace simultaneously. We offer this for all who are taken home for they shall be fortified and given every courtesy and respect. We honour those who have gone before to lead you to these green pastures and we say now friend and sister of the Light, that we are most honoured to make this acquaintance. We are most honoured to walk beside you on your journey and to grant you our blessings one by one. Do not be taken aback at what comes to pass for it shall be so, and we give a broader perspective of this in the times to come, where we shall bear witness to all that we see and experience here on Earth.

My heart is full and my Love knows no bounds. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you from that deepest part within me that knows, one day I too shall be home once more to abide with you my dearest friends. Thank you for the Peace I feel now and the upliftment of my soul.

Take care, we shall respond to your call wherever you are upon this planet!

Thank you friends, goodbye for now. The gold and purple flashed stronger here.

Adieu, Adieu my friend, Adieu!

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Comment by Sylvia Liney on April 19, 2016 at 9:22am

Thank You Thank You, dear wonderful....touched me deeply...

 Much Love & Blessings, darling,

Sylvia Melaynia  xx

Comment by Eileen Coleman on April 19, 2016 at 9:38am

Bless you Sylvia, we are all so Loved!


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