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I feel like I am in shock.

I was just telling a friend how I was clearing out crap for humanity and that emotions and feelings would come out of nowhere to be cleared. I didn't expect what happened tonight.

It started with a dream, then proceeded to visions and pain, then resolved to love.

The Dream

I was in a dark bus without much space because there were several people on the bus, all gathered in the back. I had hand-written notes about some turn of events, things people did, etc. In these notes were names, long lists of names.

After awhile I heard someone speaking in another room (maybe not the bus). They were talking about my notes, which I no longer had in my possession. They were reading them, they being some kind of authority figure, and not very nice ones at that.

Some of the people/audience were throwing me under the proverbial bus because they were my notes.

So I decided to leave, but before I did, I found the source of the voices, which were inside a vault that had an open door. The walls at the door entrance were several feet thick. I poked me head in and there were maybe 10-15 people inside, several I know in real-life.

I told them that my notes were never intended to be released as they were written, that some of the secrets would have been edited out. They were just my notes.

I started backing out of the vault doorway (it was short and square) and the authority figures asked if I wanted to stay. I entered the vault where had a large assortment of pillows to sit on. It was dark with what looked like some candles burning on an altar of sorts where the 3-5 "leaders" sat and spoke from.

I was being heckled by some of the people I know that were also seated in the vault, which I mostly ignored. I also had allies/supporters in the vault.

Now the leaders showed a film/vision/animation of a huge structure that was over and in the ocean. They said they had technology to go to the deepest parts of the ocean and had hidden a VERY large cylindrical steel container deep in the Earth's crust at the deepest part of the ocean. They said it was time to raise it.

One of the women that was heckling me (a very wonderful person in real-life BTW) now started to sob uncontrollably and was becoming very angry with the leaders about how they hid this and asking what was in this thing buried in the Earth.

It was all pretty sinister. Then the dream turned into a vision as I woke up.

I was laying on my side and wave after wave of anger, hatred, grief, regret, pain and sadness filled me. Now it was me sobbing uncontrollably.

As these feelings filled me, I saw visions of lies, control, greed, killing, torture, fear, murder, and it just went on. It was physically painful and I was sobbing silently so I wouldn't wake up my wife who really needed sleep.

It was all I could do to hang on to myself. I asked for help from Sananda and Archangel Michael. They both wrapped themselves around me and filled me with LOVE and I just sobbed even harder. The visions just kept coming. I asked Mother Mary to help me and she joined in holding me in her LOVE. Gaia embraced me and I felt that this pain was also coming from her too.

Now I was finally starting to get it. I was seeing and feeling a great wash of darkness and I (and probably many others) had to process this pain physically.

With newfound strength, I invoked the VIOLET FLAME and the latest horrific vision of several people dangling from piano wire just disintegrated and drifted away. A vision of a beaten and dying animal, poof, disintegrated in the flames. This continued as I slowly gather myself together.

I was now proactively clearing all the visions I had experienced. I found myself merging into my most awesome and powerful aspects of myself.

I became the Iridescent Dragon, enormous and flaming and filled Gaia with iridescent flames.

I became Archangel Everian and with my Iridescent Flame Sword and decked out in resplendent shining angelic armor, I became as large as Gaia and swept my sword through all the darkness and into the darkest corners of the fourth dimension.

I became the god Arak, half human(ish) and half Eagle and Goddess Sophia spread her wings and we each embraced Gaia from opposite sides of the planet (I was still as large as the planet, as was Goddess Sophia), and pulled on the artificial shell containing her. It was like a giant clamshell of steel masquerading as the earth, but it was obviously not.

As we pulled and pried, cracks would form and brilliant light would spill out. Soon the cracks grew larger and the whole shell disintegrated into nothing.

Gaia was brilliant in vivid colors beyond description with light beaming in all directions. The joy felt by her was unbridled.

It was 1:11 AM (Pacific time)

I was now aware again of my body laying in bed, and my body really hurt. I was sore all over. I started to move my legs and normalcy started to return.

When I rolled out of bed the pain was gone, and I actually felt really good and filled with light.

The truth is painful and I got a glimpse of truth and disclosure. If "normal" people feel anything like the anger and hatred that I felt, it could be a very rough go when the truth is told. Prepare for that and ask for help.

I'm wondering if anyone else went through anything similar. Anyone?

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Comment by Amoran on September 11, 2014 at 9:03pm

Dear Brother,

Yes, many are experiencing things like this. I have now heard from several very close spiritual friends that they are having "bad" and even "scary" dreams as of late. I, too, have had my fair share over these last several months myself.


I commented to a friend on another post the following which I would like to also comment here to you, and to all, who are experiencing such things:


It takes strength, and courage, to be so vulnerable in so many ways - especially when serving the Highest Good for the Best Benefit of All.

I believe very strongly that we only experience that which we are ready to experience. Nature knows best - there is always divine "timing" involved. We are often called to "stretch" ourselves - our understanding, our beliefs, our connections to All That Is.

In my own experience, there are many, many very ancient souls incarnate on this Planet at this time. For many of those souls, there is a very long and ancient lineage reaching far back to both the dark and the Light. We do have connections, and often very strong connections, to both. We have all played many roles and experienced many things.

I also believe that during this present "Time" where so much is shifting, changing, evolving, that we are "rewiring" many of our connections - both to past and to present. We are "cutting" old chords that have tied us to the "old paradigm of duality" and we are now healing those old wounds so that we may evolve upwards and outwards - and become stronger and more intimately connected to our OneNess. And so the Flower blooms to the Sun in the sky ....

The demands that this "process" places on us can be very intense - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, indeed.

When I read your incredible experience, it reminds me of some of my own similar experiences, and I am moved to share this reply to you in this way.

Deep Gratitude to you for your Leadership and Strength. You are always very well "guarded" by many Beings who surround you. This you already know. They are always just a thought away.

And, we, your human brothers and sisters incarnate, stand always with you, by your side.

In Eternal Love and Stewardship,


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on September 11, 2014 at 11:12pm

Thank you Paul for sharing these experiences, and most of all for your willingness to be of service, channeling this energy.

With gratitude,


Comment by Paul Lange on September 12, 2014 at 5:03am

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Thinking about this event, it seems clear I wasn't just clearing global energy, but certainly some of my own personal stuff too. Considering we are all one, it all get's kind of tied up together.

I am very confident it will get easier for this type of work, and not harder. I think that's pretty good!

Comment by Barbara Metzelaar on September 12, 2014 at 2:41pm

A few times while meditating have been stuck in the presence of lower vibration souls.  What clears it up is filling your heart with the love of God.


Comment by Rachel caroline on November 3, 2014 at 1:25pm
Thankyou Paul, I have been researching your older blogs , and this has helped me put the prices together about my previous concerns..... Namaste...although it saddens me ...
Comment by Rachel caroline on November 3, 2014 at 5:25pm
Sorry the pieces not prices....
Comment by Paul Lange on November 3, 2014 at 6:20pm

Rachel, is the sadness you speak of because of what we are going through and have gone through for so many millennia, or something else?

Comment by Rachel caroline on November 5, 2014 at 12:52pm

Hello Paul,,, I had to let a few days go by and think if I should message you or not, so what i have to say now is off the heat of the moment... I will keep it brief as dont want to say anything too much that may have a rippling effect... I am sad what is , has hapened to ~Gaia . Sophia, yes... She was on the brink of trust again. I think I messaged you about a certain person claiming to be Terra.. not Gaia,  I found discrepencies between your accounts of Gaia and this new one being introduced as Terra....  and there is more....., but , in my mind what i am reading here seems to be a peice of the jigsaw..Rachel...


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