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COME TO THE CABARET Eileen Zizecli Coleman

12th May 2016 – Come to the Cabaret

We gather together once more in that Divine Love that brings respite from the doubts and fears that hold your mind fast, stuck in a reality that is no more. You are free to be whoever you wish to be, you are free to explore, you are free to go out into the world and see for yourself those cherished remedies that shall make your heart sing.

We lift you up in your abandonment, we lift you to higher realms that shall bring you bliss and greatest joy. We delve deeper into those malfunctions that hold you back and assist you in those measures needed to alleviate the pain and suffering within your mind. We are sorry that these items hold you back from accomplishing so much more, and we know you would wish us to tell you of those outcomes that could become so precious to you.

Alleviate the suffering and sample the joys awaiting you, they are there for the taking and we would not wish to hold you back from discovering your true worth. There is so much more to life than sitting alone at home. Branch out, recover your losses and we will indeed be with you at all times. We believe there is a mammoth inventory of services that shall compel you to leave your seat and explore!

We implore you to take up residence in a new abode of loving joy and we will be there to assist you throughout this process that will bring you the greatest rewards. We strive for perfection and analyse in greater detail what is needed to set you back on the threshold of new discoveries. We implore you to take stock of all that is given for we come in earnest to deliver these insights that you may discover for yourselves your true worth. We are no curiosities; we are well-wishers from the Star System Merope and we extend you the courtesy of holding out a hand to you in friendship. Thank you friends.

We do indeed hold a precursor to all contracts that enable us to listen to your heart and mind as you make your decisions and we come at an interlude of silence, registering the distractions within you. These examinations are necessary to understand what it is we are up against and what needs to happen to help you grow in all honesty towards that Star of Light. We know it behoves you to listen to that wisdom within your mind that tells you to settle down and take stock. We bear witness to a greater Light than man has ever known and there is no disregard for any of you as we take this pledge to honour proceedings and forge ahead to pastures new. There is a great hue and cry on the horizon and we bring in a volume of activity that will enhance proceedings so that we may do all we can to assist in the steps needed to avert a catastrophe of enormous proportions.


We divert your thoughts to a more salubrious landscape and we register the bliss within your heart even as we speak. Please do not allow interference in this for we come to assist you and to help you in all your endeavours. And not in the wildest stretch of your imagination would you have believed what is coming your way very soon! We develop an enormous pattern of hope and a wider understanding of all manner of things both of Heaven and Earth. We shall protect you and keep you safe from any maladies and we make adjustments to your system so that you may partake of that vibration of Love wherever you may be. Hold fast little one, do not allow this melancholy hold you back from the most fruitful mission.


We assist the downtrodden and those who have little faith in themselves, we ask you to pick yourselves up, brush yourselves down and literally start all over again! We will not find you wanting, we will allow no harm to befall you, we will give every assistance in this mammoth task ahead, that is our pledge to you, the Children of Earth. We give you our blessings as you sample those home truths that have held many of you back from recognising what we bring you. We bring you a new start in a new world that will give sustenance to you all and pave the way for greater evolution of mankind. And we know it makes sense for you to follow us to the ends of the Earth and beyond where lies the brightest Star, a Star that you may call home . . . Merope!

Thank you friends. I’m going to walk on the beach today and let the wind blow those cobwebs from my mind.

I’m now hearing the song ‘Cabaret’! There’s no good just sitting alone in your room, come let the music play, come to the cabaret old friend, come to the Cabaret!

Thank you my friends, yes your right, I need to get out and explore.

Your very welcome my child and the next time we meet, perhaps we will have a little more to say to you and your friends on Earth.

I look forward to that thank you friends.

Go now in Peace live and let live.

I wasn’t sure if I had heard the star’s name correctly and so I looked it up. It was interesting to see that Merope is said to be evolving.

The Pleiades is enmeshed in a cloud of dusty gas. The stars are not hot enough to make the gas glow (as they are to make the Orion Nebula). Instead, the tiny dust grains embedded in the cloud scatter and reflect the starlight to make the quite-blue Pleiades reflection nebula. It is at its brightest around Merope, so bright as to have special names, the Merope Nebula and "IC 349," the "IC" standing for Index Catalogue, a large addendum to the standard "NGC" or" New General Catalogue" of celestial objects, which in turn is an updating of the great Herschel "General Catalogue." (The NGC and IC together contain over 12,000 clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.) Long thought to be the remnant of the Pleiades birth, the nebula is instead a chance occurrence, as the cluster is merely passing through an interstellar cloud. (The cluster actually leaves a wake as the cloud blows past.) The bright class B stars of the Pleiades are all relatively massive, Merope (which appears to be beginning to evolve) containing some 4.5 solar masses. Since higher mass stars evolve first, the cluster and its stars must be relatively young, Merope and the other Pleiades a mere 100 million years old.

Written by Jim Kaler. Return to STARS.

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Comment by Apple Goddess on May 18, 2016 at 4:41am

Sweet!! Hope you saw my cornucopia dream post! Xoxo

Comment by Eileen Coleman on May 18, 2016 at 10:40am

Looked on your page Faith and couldn't see it!!!

Comment by Apple Goddess on May 18, 2016 at 5:25pm

Hi..I couldn't find it either.. Lol. So here it is. Friday the 13th of May I woke up and wrote this: 

I was with a bunch of people watching a large screen showing prophetic stuff to come. At one point I saw lots of beautiful fresh fruit pouring out of the screen and I exclaimed..'It's a Cornucopia!'

I was So Happy to see this!!

Even more amazing...after posting the dream on Facebook..someone commented that I was the 3rd person that day to mention having a cornucopia dream!!!!!

Comment by Apple Goddess on May 18, 2016 at 5:29pm

Comment by Eileen Coleman on May 19, 2016 at 12:26pm

Ooh exciting times to come Faith, and my kettle just clicked in confirmation!

Comment by Apple Goddess on May 19, 2016 at 12:37pm

Yay...I love those confirmations!! The kettle knows! And can't tell you how happy it makes me to see my dream journal notes and illustration here!!! Love my tablet and it's camera! Xoxoxo!


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