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Clearing the emotional clutter

Someone mentioned this week they were taking too much clutter in their home, it needed to be cleared and sorted out. It clicked instantly in my head, for I know the inside and outside are connected like twins. So, to speak about the clutter in a material sense has always some kind of counterpart internally. Usually, we can see it reflected in the way people are hoarders or filling up their homes with lots of stuff. Or just the opposite, people who like it all neat and tidy, everything in place.

Over the years working as a therapist as well as a social worker, I have come across those situations. It always brought into light the need to clear up emotional clutter as well. We bring in so much stuff into our lives, on a personal level. Not just our own, also those of other people as well. Now we can take care of the issues at hand when they are indeed our own experienced. It is a lot more difficult to make a distinction when the inner and outer experiences walk together. Like the story of a close one, the issues and troubles being triggered within yourself.

Or if there is so much compassion with the tragedy of someone close and dear to you, that it affects your own internal emotional world as well. Now how can it not be so, you might say. True, we can pick up on the energy of suffering, of pain and hurt, of loss and fear, as easily as we can pick up the positive ones. Like the joy, sense of happiness, freedom, love and compassion, kindness. Now, these energies with that positive vibes don’t linger on that much in your own energy field or emotional body.

The negative ones have the tendency to stick to you even if they are not yours. They are being sensed or felt and integrated so to speak because they were recognized from within your own emotional being. These are mostly triggered by the outside influence and are tricky to detect as not being yours. So, if we take a look at our own surrounding, how much does it tell about us. How much does your living room or other areas in your home reflect your own emotional state? Is it busy, does it feel cramped? Is it clean and hygienic in places we would like it to be, like a kitchen bathroom and toilet areas?

The decoration in our own space will tell us a lot about the way we feel most comfortable as well. The colours speak their own language as well as the plants, the furniture, the layout, the methodical way you place your papers and pencils on your desk. It is all connected with the inside world, the way we express ourselves. What works for me might not work for you. That doesn’t mean if it is not organized the way you would is right or wrong. It is just a reflection of your own emotional and physical state.

It also depends on your environment, because living in the western world, where the use of electricity and water is more the norm as to a lot of other countries, makes a lot of difference. On the exterior anyways. Not so much different on the interior. The norm of creating a safe and clean surrounding is universal. The need for support and care as well. We are not dealt with the same cards that’s for sure. Yet every human has the right, a given birthright, to be loved, respected, honored and taken care for.

Every human is worth the same kind of social care, medical care, teaching and schooling. It is something we tend to forget when we take a look at the world, where those rights are being violated. Especially when it comes to the protection and care of our children worldwide. So how is this connected with the clutter I spoke of in the beginning. The way we are taught to deal with emotional and physical trauma creates an inner world of emotions. Then there is our character which is also part of the way we can deal with them.

In our journey through the emotional wounds and pain, the trauma that has been inflicted, there is a lot of hidden or repressed emotional negative energy. Most people don’t want to feel or be reminded of what has happened to them. Being the survivor doesn’t necessarily mean you are living the life to the fullest. Starting this journey of discovery to deal with what lies hidden behind doors or sometimes walls, it requires a lot of courage, as well as stamina. Perseverance and learning to love what has been hidden. As a tool of healing and recovering the beauty that lies within.

We relate with people we recognize through our common experiences. Like one experience expert will recognize the other. Even though we didn’t have the same kind of experience, through compassion and empathy we can also relate to someone else as well. There is sometimes just a small thread between the aura or energy field of one with the trauma as well the one who is highly sensitive and can recognize it may be as well from past experiences. It can make it a lot more difficult to be able to separate your own emotions from those of someone else’s pains and surviving skills.

If any I have learned over the past years through my own experience, how difficult it has been for me. How open I was energetical, for others to be able to share their emotional inner world, as well to absorb them so to speak. Like they were unloading all the energetic shit for that moment and walked out the door. Leaving me with a sense of thickening energy, in my own body as well as energy. It took me lots of training to figure out what happened and what worked for me. To stay out of the energy storms of negativity, anger, sorrow, pain, hurt I also had to learn, what is mine ad which is not.

So, every time I am triggered by a movie, a book, an encounter with someone else, I know I have to be looking at it carefully. Which is still mine to deal with, and which is what resonates still from energies I have been picking up over the years. When I feel emotionally drained and feel all the emotional clutter that still lingers somewhere in the depth of my subconsciousness, I know its mine to deal with. In order to feel relaxed and uplifted, it takes a lot of work internally. That way I am removing my own emotional clutter so to speak. As experience has taught me, it comes with more subtle ways. The more I have discovered and dealt with, the more I have been able to release and let go.

So, clearing the emotional clutter is a necessity in order to find balance within myself. It takes a fresh wind from time to time, a big rain shower to clear my eyes and heart. My emotional body will always find a way how to release. For it is always taking care of me and has the best interests in mind. I can trust it to show me what still needs to be addressed, in order to be loved, held, cherished and cared for. It is an internal journey that has reflected my outer one as well. It showed how much I like to have some clarity, as in a clean home, space to move around and a good feeling to be at home in. My inner home is part of my material world.

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