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Chaos, Fear, Control and Terrorism – St Germain/Peter

Chaos, Fear, Control and Terrorism – St Germain/Peter – The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses. – 23rd March 2016


In Light of what is transpiring within Belgium right now, I am being guided to use this painful human reality and experience, as an example to show what we as humanity are being asked to do.  Within the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses – A God Awakening, I asked St Germain about the imbalances of the Wealth Distribution around the world among other things, and His answer to that, I have placed as His Discourse, word for word, here for you to read.  However here is the point I wish to share.


Even though St Germain answered my question, He did much more to answer something that is far more wide spread and still so very misunderstood, not just by humanity in general, but by the majority of  Light Workers who are at the Spearhead of human change.


With just a little deeper contemplation on your part, of what is being shared here, you will be able to Truthfully understand why we are still being so dominated by the cabal and the energies of dark or more accurately, the lowest vibrational frequencies of fear, control and manipulation, causing death through inhumane atrocities as we are now having to face on a much more dynamic situation right upon our front door steps.  We Pray and Decree but these do not appear to be making much difference, but there is a very clear reason why if you open your Heart to hear the explanations.


We have the answers now to fully grasp the Knowledge of how all these unfathomable actions against humanity can be stopped!  Indeed Will Be Stopped! But God will not intervene, Spirit won’t do for us. No, we as humanity, have to make the effort through the correct application of the Universal Laws that apply to these unbalanced conditions.  Without our Full Conscious participation with the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Realms,  very little will change in the short term.  And as St Germain says herein;  


The Balance is turning, but not as quick as We would like.


If you would like more information about Bridging the Consciousness Gap, indeed Creating a New Bridge of Freedom with the Elementals, Devas, and Angelic Host Kingdoms, write to me for a free copy of my E-Book. It is not free because it has no value, it is free because it is Priceless in Creating the New Golden Age.  We as human Souls are Priceless, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms are Priceless. That is ITS Reflection! Our Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit is just a few choices away!




You may contact me at  if you wish to receive an E-Book or speak to me about such potentials.


Blessings of Love, Light and Life




Here is St Germain’s Discourse.

03 - ‘Quality of Life’ And Freedom of Spirit - Elemental Grace Alliance - St Germain - 15th August, 2015


“Beloveds, I Am St Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray and this is the Age of Freedom through Ceremony and Ritual. I too come today with an excitement of Joy and Relief, for what has transpired over the past days, is indeed a foundation for so much advancement and the quickening, toward the Gifting of Humanity, The Elementals, The Devas and The Angelic Host, The Christ Light of Love, Life and God! I Am in Joy indeed!

“However, even though I Am so enthused by the focus of all these Proposals brought forth by an unascended being, there are aspects of these things that need clarification and elaboration, although perhaps not entirely through this Alliance. After all, the chasm that continues to abate the masses from surging forward, still in part, is incomplete within the more dedicated individuals and groups around the Planet that shall be the leaders via the New Bridge of Consciousness that is yet to be effectively and efficiently constructed.

“So many good hearted Souls still do not fully comprehend the dynamics and the formulas to achieve such goals. And there is only so much that We can do to help, when free will and lack of Absolute LOVE IN ACTION is applied.

“Peter has outlined so many Proposals that We are aware of; not all have black and white solutions. There are some, that We have not been able to extend Our Full Powers of Influence, due to the lack of human permission through the correct Laws of Invocation, Ceremony and Ritual. Remember please, that this 2000 year Cycle of Change has only just begun Its Divine Influence and still within the transitional period of Its Own Individualized Fruitfulness.

“Indeed what Peter is alluding to, whether applied or implied consciously or purposefully withholding certain relevant information, the next 2000 years is a time of New Religion, a time where a brand new thought form will be introduced to the masses of humanity whereby all the good of The God Attributes of all present day religions will be garnered and then adapted within a New Cosmic Consciousness through Ceremony, Ritual, Service, Invocation and Love In Action.

“Ritual must not be misunderstood, for it does carry within human consciousness, negativity, through the use of black or dark magic. But Ritual is simply Directed Energy, and what I Am Stating is the Ordered Service of Directed Energy. Where Energy is not directed, it disperses itself to become once again neutral, awaiting its next invocation.

“The New Specialized Gatherings, to truly Nurture and Protect the ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ through Invocation, Ceremony and Ritual have already begun. And these Gatherings indeed work within certain areas of the Dispensations that Peter so wisely and assuredly has proposed. Maybe Peter would like to share a channel that was given him some time ago, that reflects and outlines the very beginning of such New Gatherings and I will gladly elaborate upon these aspects. For this is the direction, We are now travelling, particularly with Point Number 17 of the Proposals ‘Teaching Facilities and Programs’. So much to tell you, so much We wish to give, provide and assist humanity with. Yet still Our hands are tied for just a while longer before humans are in a position of their Own Focus of Knowing; what it is that they, through their own I Am Presence, Desires of Them! While confusion remains, misunderstandings of their perceptions of what God Is and how the Laws of The Universe function and are applied, there remains a deficit of Love Substance that shall continue to prevent the movement of mountains, the removal of negativity, discord, destruction, and the elimination of inhumane actions toward humanity.

“What is so beautiful about this Elemental Grace Alliance, and I did indeed from its beginning, have my doubts, but through one human being with a dream, so much clarity of intention and application of the Laws, it has provided this amazing platform from which to Ascend into Greater Awareness and Universal Understanding. Through this, shall come a Revolution of Truth that will set humanity free from all those things that they are presently, having to face head on! This Elemental Grace Alliance was proposed originally because there was perceived an imbalance between humanity and the Elemental Kingdoms. It is absolutely on track within the present human consciousness and the need to reunite the three groups of Evolving Beings that must come together before any of the Proposals made here, can be fully engaged, implemented, executed or employed. I shall explain why!

“As the Angelic Host, The Devas and The Elementals all deal primarily with Primal Energies, they are not so interested with the representation of form. The forms that They are drawn to is not important for them, the Electronic Vibration of the Source of the Energy that They Work and Build form from, is what generates Their passion and Their Joy in Service to God in using this Energy. On the other hand, mankind is more greatly enthused with the consciousness that works with form and thus is the one who continuously brings forth endless ideas that require form.

“Now, while man remains unaware of the Perfection in the Use of Primal Source Energy and the Love Substance of God, and The Elementals, Devas and Angels, are not concerned with that which is desired to manifest in physicality, is it not obvious by all, that to direct the Energies of the Power of Creation to such attainments, and to expedite the processes of correct manifestation, particularly at the optimal levels, manifesting directly from the Ethereal Levels of God Substance, that man and the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host draw Their Consciousness’ together in a mutually beneficial and cooperative endeavor to Effect Our New Age of Freedom?

“It is this aspect alone that is being set forth within this Alliance. It is to date only those who have shared the Greater Vision which the Seventh Ray of the Age of Freedom that will truly manifest on Earth. These unascended volunteers are the pioneers who are setting in motion a movement toward this Goal. The Ascended Masters and Other Light Beings are the Ones Who Design and Execute God’s Desires, yet it is humanity that must voluntarily been drawn to partake and ultimately be the ones Who Manifest and Create Their Own ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’.”

“I Am Aware that time and space are very confined as to give any detailed information regarding what is being shared here. I know that on the surface I may appear to be avoiding speaking of the points raised, but for those with Inner Sight and Awareness there is indeed a very direct and profound message here that is way more important than all those things put together; that are the foundation stones from which to build Our New Era of The Golden Age! The Rock upon which the Church is built! The Creation of the New Circles of Light Gatherings will be the Foundation Stones. From there the Christ Councils shall be made manifest. And from there the Councils Will Manifest. These three groups, the humans and the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host, will indeed flow in confluence together, adjoining both with the uniting Powers of Purity of Intention in total Alignment with The Elementals and Angelic Host, using the Correct Powers of Invocation, Ceremony along with Qualified thoughts and feelings, appropriate music and the application of the Sacred Fire of the Seventh Ray by humans, which will speed up the quickening process of Electronic Vibrational Resonances for the Balance of All Life and Its Divine Freedom. This is how Jesus shall be removed from the old iconic charge of being on the cross. The quicker this commences, the quicker this will happen.

“I will now Address Peter’s request for further information on Point Number 10; he asked”

“This I would kindly and respectfully ask St Germain to speak of this program in terms of this Alliance Proposal: to offer His perspective as to the continued delay of the proclamation announcement that must by US Law precede enactment of the widespread provisions of Trust Funds that await dispersement. I also ask that, is it the continued presence of the Cabal that continues to delay and create such objections to this financial reform, thank you.”

“Again such a vast subject and so little space to provide a Greater awareness. To understand the present situations of the Cabal and their allies, one must first be reminded that God in His Wisdom has and continues to allow all to unfold directly in accordance to His Will. While humanity remains subservient to these powers, and continues to deny the activation of their I Am Presence, these characters will continue their reign, albeit under very strict boundaries from which We are in control as to Our Mandate With God’s overall Design. We are aware of their every word, thought and action, and where they surpass ultimate intentions to destroy the masses, We can and do intervene. They know Our Powers and yet they continue to push the limits of their allowances. Their day is coming, but not before Human Empowerment to say ‘No More’! Certain human groups are saying no and are indeed building resistances against the Cabal. But these Dear Soul’s are not coming from the full understanding and although their unified power is great, it only disassembles and allows the perpetrators to reassemble in other activities that can sometimes be effectively worse. Humans have no idea the resilience and power these Cabal have. But they are not Greater than God and before long the Dark will disappear at the hands of the Light!

“Although Peter has brought all these things to the surface within a single document of expression, there is little that can be done while that which I have given in the first half of My Address is not implemented by humanity themselves; they must take back their Powers of Sovereignty and Act together in Unified Fields of Consciousness, not as one here and one there and a group here and group there, that are not taking the Responsibility of Action, without human egos getting involved. The presently perceived Balance of Cabal power will continue to push the envelope of human endurance. This will be so, until mankind fulfills their I Am Presence Desires for Them to raise themselves above the entanglement of those levels of consciousness. The Balance is turning, but not as quick as We would like. Today We see such potentials arising that there is a Greater effort now being exerted toward this means of collaboration between humanity and the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host.

“Make no mistake My Friends, what has transpired here within this Alliance has already touched the Heart and Soul of Every human being upon the Planet. The Invocations that Peter has Set Forth into Action are NOW IN ACTION and will continue to be as They Through Every Engagement from here on in, with All The Elementals, Angelic Host, Archangels, Ascended Masters offering Their Support. This is indeed a Mile Stone in the History of Our Beloved Earth. God Knew it was coming and the Responsibilities to Create it through Human Endeavour is NOW in Motion.

“But here is something else to be mindful of Dear Humans. When Jesus began His Reign 2000 years ago, this was the Age of the Christian Dispensation; the beginning of the Christian Religion. God in His Wisdom gave but one man to humanity to pave the way before this new 2000 year Golden Age of the New Cosmic Consciousness, not a religion as you know it, but one that will indeed Unite the masses in a Higher Worship of God that you have never known upon Earth before. This is the Adoration and Expression of ‘The I AM PRESENCE’ through Human Angels!

“The New Gatherings will be the Churches from which the Word of ‘The I Am Presence’ Will Spread. Not the churches of old but the New places of worship, in whatever form they take, that the Golden Heart Light Manifests. And as it spreads, like ants to a honey pot, They will come in their droves. Why? Because the pain of staying away will be too great! The Light of these New Leaders and Directors of the New Churches will act like Magnets of Love, Power and Wisdom for humanity to find Peace. There will be many Bearers of this Light, for one or two or 100 or a 1000 will not be sufficient to undertake the work that is proposed here by Peter in his Proposals. The number estimated was 144,000, and until the number is reach, the work will not be complete. These 144,000 Individualized Expressions of the I Am Presence, will have to be achieved for this full transition; To Become the Second Coming; The Living Christs They Will Be!

“And They will walk amongst the people until all have reached their Ascension Status. These Souls will have to achieve the God Presence within themselves in the physicality of Earth and the convictions and feelings and the Presence of the Authority and Its Powers will allow them to Invoke and Draw from Anywhere in the Universe, whatever Power and Powers may be required to render assistance in the environment in which He/She is presently residing and living, indeed as They move around the Planet clearing, cleansing and Healing! These Masters will be the Priests and the Priestesses of the Sacred Fire, who will be capable, with increasing efficacy of uplifting Their Brothers and Sisters to Greater ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’.

“Dear Humans, We Are Here standing beside you, each of you and so We will do Our Part, but by the same token you must do yours. Without your participation and Love In Action, without Your Commitments, Dedication and Rhythm of Consistency and Constancy, without You calling the shots and making the decisions of that which you desire, Our hands are tied to any degree of getting physically involved.

“I shall stop now to allow others to come forward from Their Divine Awareness and Comments of further Love and Support. Call on Me anytime and I WILL Come. Through Humility your Freedom Will Be Won. Freedom with all the Divine Attributes and Virtues in Action Expressing Their Qualities Through You. God Bless You, And So It Is!”

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Comment by Imelda Maguire on March 24, 2016 at 2:51pm

Thank you Peter for sharing this message here for the people of earth awakening.

On the breath of silence below the surface water ~



Comment by Peter Melchizedek on March 25, 2016 at 9:44am

Comment by Maria Sobral on March 26, 2016 at 9:26am






Comment by Peter Melchizedek on March 26, 2016 at 10:17am

Hello Maria,

Bless You and may the Light of Truth Prevail!

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on March 27, 2016 at 7:36am

Dear Peter,

Thanks for all such information...

Sending you Love & Blessings...


Comment by ANIL DOSHI on March 27, 2016 at 3:48pm

Dear Peter, Thank you for sharing so valuable and highly enlightening information. I have sent a request for your e-book.


Anil Doshi

Comment by Jeannette DiGesu on March 28, 2016 at 11:21pm

Thank you, Peter for sharing again this very enlightening discourse.  As usual, in perfect Divine Timing

Om Namo Narayana!



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