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CHANGE IN FREQUENCY'S - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

18th July 2016 - After all the rain we have been having there is now a heat wave with temperatures soaring to the 30’s. I thanked my friends once more for leading me to this beautiful spot upon a hillside, looking out across the valley to the sea beyond. I thank you for my garden that is absolutely blooming and I am full of Love and gratitude for making all this possible.

It goes without saying that we are as delighted with your situation as you are, this is a very blessed site upon which you reside and we give thanks for the nurturing within your heart that has blessed this land.

Come closer my child, come closer in our embrace and we will deliver main stream advocacy that will stand you in good stead for the days and weeks ahead. Be it know now in our world of wisdom and Love unsurpassed that we have given thanks for those, like you who rally to the cause. And we treat you as friends and comrades who have hearkened to the voice within and adjusted to the essence of who you are.

We have taken steps to overcome adversity and we beg you to listen to what we have to say this beautiful morning. It has come to our notice that many of you listen to our words with open and loving hearts, and we come now to fill you with that sense of democracy and upliftment for the cause of mankind. We come in droves to help you right across your nations and there are a few adjustments necessary to enable us to clarify all that is ahead for you and yours.

There has been a time of great upliftment in the souls of those who come to serve and we prepare you with greater encouragement for the times ahead. Please understand these are no idle measures for we need to keep constant in our endeavours, opening up those reserves of energy that will channel greater information that we may pass on to the Children of Earth. There are forgone conclusions on how this shall all pan out but we tell you now, there is no easy way to deal with what we are facing!

What about Love, surely that is an easy measure, sending out Love?

And if more of you took up the call to Love one another, then this would indeed be an easy measure, but there are so few of you who do indeed hearken to the call, and we need to rally further support that will enable unification on a grand scale right across your world!

We do believe that some of you have enticed a certain reality that will benefit from the persuasion of your brothers and sisters. We are here to help, of course we are; we come to help you push through further initiatives and we blend with one another in greatest ease to allow this to happen. There are many who do obey their calling and we usher these into the arena to start their journey of highest intent.

Please note we come in all earnest to rectify excuses, for those who say they cannot do it; they cannot sit in meditation, they cannot hear the voices! But we say unto you, listen more keenly, spend more time in quiet contemplation, ask those questions niggling at the back of your mind and ‘listen' to the answers! For we do draw close to you at these times of quietness and this, setting of the scene, will help tremendously in your progress.

We know there are times when you feel flat and lack energy, but sit to be restored, sitting for self-healing is all we need you to do. There are no excuses, for what could be kinder than loving yourself and opening up those outlets of Peace and Harmony to reign within your breast, purely and simply making time for yourselves. This is all we ask you to do . . . listen and learn, rest and heal.

Thank you friends, that’s very good advice.

We take the initiative and ask you to join us in closer contact, preparing the way and sanctioning the go ahead for all to come to fruition. Believe it or not, we do have ample energy stored within our bodies and the Sun can, in some part, be held responsible for this overlapping of energies, which is necessary for us to maintain contact. We initialise a break-through to enable greater clarity in proceedings that will enhance our recordings, and we are dumbfounded at how quickly you can take this on board. We relieve you of the pressure building.

Is that why I have been feeling sickly around my solar plexus?

Yes, this is what we have needed to take in hand, but we can assure you that all will go smoothly at the time of your greater commitment to us, your friends and helpers. We deliver a bona fide appetite for more of the same and point you in the right direction, so that we are able to achieve greater luminosity and outpourings of a nature that will uplift the hearts of those around you. Be prepared to exit this reality and join your counterparts.

Being swept along by a tide of discord shall become a thing of the past and we uplift your spirits, enabling a broad band of energy to lift you on high. Be not disappointed at what we bring for we are open for negotiations on a higher frequency when order has been restored. We open up the gates of solitude and bliss and bring you through, entering our realm of purity of Spirit . Prepare for an update very soon, we have an upgrade that will allow further progress and we put it to you now, there was never a better time to access these perimeters.

Two days later they talked about frequencies so I'm including this too as many have been concerned and confused!


20th July 2016I’m flooding myself with golden energy, visualising that beam of light and immediately I can feel myself rising up into it. Dear friends what will we be doing today, are there any words for me to share with others or is this a time of updating information needed for us to move forward?

We come in all essence to do your bidding, and we nestle in the folds of your embrace allowing certain energies to come forward who wish to work with us today.

Ooh this is all very exciting, I’m so looking forward to this new learning curve my friends.

And we are too, we adjust the frequencies around you and let you settle, bringing in those reserves of energy needed for our communications. We are needed in many locations around your globe and we usher in a new awareness for mankind. Understanding the frequencies and how they can affect you is our message today!

We believe an avalanche of energy is necessary to restore frequencies that have become glutinous, weighing you down in many respects. We allow this elasticity of energy to be levelled out and interlaced with a vibrant energy that will have you jumping for joy! This blanket of energy has been necessary to undo misgivings that frequent your mind in greater intensity, we smooth out the energy so that it does not become an encumbrance, but we do register your concerns that it has malignant tendencies. This is not the case, we do offer you recourse and ask that you remember us as you go about your business in this world of yours.

The vibrancy and intensity of the energy we are bringing to you now will overcome all malfunctions. There has been an overlapping of energies that has caused you to suffer a setback but we do believe that as you grow stronger in this new energy coming in, you will see the cause of our jubilation. There is nothing we cannot manage if we set our minds to it, and we do believe with all intensity of purpose that we shall overcome the density of your world.

These dense vibrations are very different to ours, and as we come closer there is a setback that must be overcome. We adjust our frequencies to coincide with yours, which is why we need people of higher vibration to do this work that we are offering you. It is a meeting of minds, a meeting of frequencies that can adjust and balance in certain harmony. The more you practice raising your frequencies the easier it becomes, at times it can be heady for you, we do understand this, but we hold back until you have adjusted to this phenomena, and then we draw ever closer into your orbit as delicately as we may.

We are proud that you have come so far in a relatively short period of time, and we are notably impressed with how you endeavour to make this easier on us all. We relegate sadness and despondency and introduce a new theme of Love and Magic wherever you go, take this with you in your heart at all times, let this magic thrive within your heart and give you stability and safety in the knowledge that we are always with you.

We adjust our frequencies when you are working so that we may come that little bit closer to whisper in your ear, and we believe it will be no time at all before we are able to accept that all is within us ready to start our journey together as ‘One Voice’. We do indeed believe in the impossible for there are no challenges laid down too great to accomplish, and we shall be there in your hour of need, never fear! We shall be there to prop you up and give you delivery of more than one voice, waiting in the wings.

I can feel the lilac energy now washing over me, enveloping me in their gentlest Love.

Feel free to express yourself in whatever format takes your fancy, spread your wings and fly, push back those boundaries, test yourselves, reach out for the impossible dream and make it a reality. We can do this, together we can do this and our hearts shall sing!

Take on this mantle of greatness for we shall overcome, flying over those mountain tops and on to those furthest reaches of your galaxy. We are Heaven bound of that there is no doubt, and we ask you to accept this mantle of greatest Love and Joy, ready to share with others that come into your orbit. Do not be surprised at how this all pans out.

There are a great many souls who have committed to us already on this journey, and they help too on the other side, their work does not stop once they leave Earth. They carry on with whatever work they choose to do, helping those on Earth to raise their frequencies and communicate with those here now. Be prepared to come with an open heart and we will do the rest. Just listen to that inner voice, listen, feel and sense what we bring, and we shall open your spiritual eyes and bring you greater clarification.

Thank you for your advice, it is much appreciated!

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 24, 2016 at 12:58am

Eileen, thank you so much for these uplifting messages,



Comment by Hari Baldawa on July 24, 2016 at 9:52am

Thank you so much Eileen for these wonderful supporting, encouraging and guiding messages.



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