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BLOG: Do you think that the Divine Family would charge you money?

Hello friends , brothers and sisters...

Now i have to get this out in the open,

the more awaken i am, the more 3D world i see you immersed...

Yes, there is no one  who can clean your karma except you, do you think that the Divine family would ask you to clean your soul or karma to be part of this , think of it for 15 seconds.... better yet , i have the answer for you ....

no, The worst case scenario is you reincarnate and have to live your life on earth again , as Buddha mentions...

Jesus never told the disciples  remove those demons then charge 400 $ for them services  

One who charge for one service like divinity or for soul service is playing with your wallet...

Im part of this Divine Family , and in no case i would charge one for healing or anything if i had the gift , the only gift i have is one of compassion and love of  love... You cannot be a Seraphim or pay to be one either, they are the closest one to the divine god , and between me and you we each have them with us as our guides, so that means you are part of this Divine Family too ...

These talents can be achieved by yourself , as for collective meditation helps connection also to ones past lives like Mary ...we are all a spark of God in a manifestation mode on earth to live the duality...

your sins are already forgiven, for a brother of mine did for all humanity. So please dont  pay for another to do this for you ...

Now each one of you , arent here in 2012, if you arent going to ascend  either ... the contraire , since the plan was well made before our time , and all of you will evolve and ascend it is it ,  the plan will go to what they call a level one of social new galactic  beings , so meeting any being of higher level would be seen as a angelic being  as there auras will expand around the beings ...

Sure there will be spaceships, angels and a new planet and changing of the order of the planets from the sun, 

so lets say 3 planets habitable , Mars Earth and the new planet from Pleiadeans they mentions sounds like TAUS  in there language but might have another name when this get through ...

Another thing , the earth cannot stop turning even if we change pole polarities, or pole shift s the moon is in place for this, it makes the waters from the sea elevate and lower because of its gravitational pull so no the earth will not stop rotating but might be rotating differently, as where Antartica is it used to have lush jungle flora so some pattern of earth like countries might not be as it is like now  

Everything is going to be alright, 

be brave , they are already here with us 

sharing my love and light with all life forms 

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Comment by Lynette Williams on October 6, 2012 at 9:00am

Dear Steven

Are you saying that people who are performing spiritual services such as healing shouldn`t charge money for their service.

love Lynette

Comment by Steven BlueStar on October 6, 2012 at 10:40am

Do you think that Jesus ask for money to heal a blind men? did Ghandi charge...did mother Therisa charge

Money is a cabalistic tool to emprison men to this 3D reality that is a illusion, Money is the enslave power to keep you under control of this prison, a gift should not be charged you can receive money but do not ask for it its like a birthday they give what they want, there are ones who mention  that if you do not pay you do not receive any benediction, in the 5th dimension there is no more money when your light bothers and sister will be present they will not be charging any money either, money has no value , if 2012 is ascension , would man kind feel comfortable with charging if it was judgement day, that is another thing to think about, those would be portrayed as not ready and not inline with the plan. its something that those persons have to reflect when  they say that they do not feel this experience of ascension, so basically , yes this is what i am saying.

Blessed be xxx

Comment by Lumina on October 6, 2012 at 6:22pm

dear light brother, as always when you speak it gets to the point. this is something i appreciate about you, that your thoughts, aura always match your words and that you are truthful. 

now, i do agree that "healers" charge excruciating amounts of money for their "services" and another point is just because someone has a certificate stating that he or she is a healer doesnt mean much (typical 3D linear mind set, right?), the only thing a healer needs is LOVE, a heart connected to God/Love and their higher self (importance of clearing self and self healing is crucial before venturing into healing others) and a strong connection to Spirit. Although i do agree with what you are saying, there is a point i would like to make. Healers or not healers, an energetic exchange is necessary to maintain a balance. This is coming from personal experience actually. And the reason why this energetic exchange is necessary is because despite all we are still incarnated in lower Ds (3D, 5D compared to the higher Ds) and most of us dont have the high vibrational energy that Jesus, for instance had when he was incarnated. Not yet but we are getting there. so the point is, our frequency isnt high enough to not get depleted for the time beeing. For instance, if you are to give healing or anything (because all acts of giving and receiving is energy) to others and you are reluctant in taking in any energetic exchange "back", then it is very likely your heart chakra will get overactive and out of balance and this could be detrimental for your overall health. There are many ways to establish an energetic exchange, money is one of them. I dont feel this is good or bad, it just is their attachment to a 3D point of view. Saying this, donations will be a choice i would think most would chose upon giving their healing "services" to another...or i would hope most would consider these. Another thing is when people charge for services, it gives the impression that they are "stronger healers" than those who dont.  And this isnt normally the case actually as not only it makes you believe you cant heal yourself (yes, because you are your best healer) but also when people pay they might value the healing more and take it more seriously than when they dont.  I am a natural born healer and strong psychic, not once have a charged a penny to someone but i have recently started considering energy exchange due to the imbalance i am experiencing. Of course we have to consider people's reasons and mindsets behind "charging" the sums of money they do.


Comment by Faith Jacobs on October 10, 2012 at 12:20am

Money is a form of energy that was given to us as a divine gift. While many have demonised it, it still stands as an energy. It is part of the Universal Laws that if you do not keep the balance, i.e, give and receive, then there can be no balance. Demanding something for free just because you beleive you deserve it, is selfish. The way the universe works is that you must give something of energy in order to get something of return, this is also part of the Law of Atrraction and of those who have become successful here on Earth. Remember that.

Comment by Steven BlueStar on October 10, 2012 at 10:59am

When one ask for healing in this forum . we do not charge this person for services, And i have no money but am living with the law of attraction since  February, came from Canada went to New york , to Philadelphia to the UK. now going to India and Nepal And still having my guides guiding me, perhaps as a half breed it is only possible for me? Money unfortunately was not a gift...

Metals objects were introduced as money around 5000 B.C. By 700 BC, the Lydians became the first in the Western world to make coins. Countries were soon minting their own series of coins with specific values. Metal was used because it was readily available, easy to work with and could be recycled. Since coins were given a certain value, it became easier to compare the cost of items people wanted.

Some of the earliest known paper money dates back to China, where the issue of paper money became common from about AD 960 onwards.

I can say that on Orion, and in Andromeda money is not use for currency at all, its a creation of power to the people ,  There are some who claim to be able to heal and charge large sums of money , but does not do the job. you can heal yourself and love works for this ,we do this for free in the forums  i never read that Jesus charged to heal anyone and do not believe in this cabalistic process, and never will, i do tho accept that one can receive a gift for it could be of money, sure but never ask for it it has to be as a gift and you never refuse a gift its bad karma as they say. 

Comment by Lumina on October 10, 2012 at 6:00pm

beloved light family

after reading all comments, i agree with aspects of each everyone had to say, i also see that much of our perspectives are coming from personal experience if not on views on things (formed opinions etc) and for this reason i understand that everyone is entitled to "their truth". No "truth" here speaks greater than another, we are all spiritual people having a human experience and our experiences have been very different, thus our diverse "opinions".  above all i agree with Sarah that NO ONE other than self and God can fix our own karma. It is time we all wake up to this. I often advise people to become self empowered by finding in themselves All they need to heal themselves as no one else will know self better than ourselves.

Personally, i used to have a "bad" relationship with money in the sense i totally despised it and i never had any and didnt care. But consider this: something that brings emotions of aversion isnt a healthy emotion/connection i am afraid and neither is something that brings obsession, id' say those two emotions are very close. After doing a lot of karmic clearing on myself and soul retrieval i understood this perspective and aversion was coming from my yogi karma in previous lifetimes. I had contracted what they call a "poverty" karma. All aversions and obsessions when strong can be traced back to personal experience even if you arent conscious about those. in my opinion it is no better or worse than those who obsess about money, it is its reversed twin. If something makes you cringe, sad, angry etc towards it, then consider why and remember that balanced emotions dont bring that kind of feelings because they are heart centered, those are likely responses coming from ego. In this life i have understood that nothing is "bad" or "good" at all, it is a question of perspective always, how can energy be bad or good if all is in divine union with creator. It is our experience with all in life that labels anything and determines wether we have a positive connection with something or not, by positive i mean balanced, no aversion and neither obsession. Saying this i dont think money or anything is bad or good, it is what we DO with it that will determine the labels we and others put on actions.

Now, healers, psychologists, security guards, police officers, therapists, the list goes on. we can say that all of them are lightworkers and guardians in their own special way. It isnt their status that should be determine who they are and what they do...but them as a person and how genuine and caring, passionate they are in what they offer to humanity. You will come across great healers, great psychologists who make  a change in people's lives, great securities who save people's lives and unknowingly work with Michael, you will come across great counsellors who work with Azrael, and then you will come across others not so dedicated and who are into the "job" for many reasons that we shouldnt judge without first trying to understand their perspective  (survival reasons is probably the most common reason). All are playing their part when working from their hearts, all are lightworkers, even the woman in the store who smiles at people and brings a smile to their faces. Ideally we would live in self suficient society and would be like the Arcturians for instance where everyone has their "role" according to their energetic pace/frequency and works together as one and no one would charge anyone for anything because we would know the meaning of co creation. So, ideally if we are believing that healers shouldnt get paid then neither should anyone else who has a "regular" job because in truth all are co creating in this massive light grid.

Love and Light xxx

Comment by Steven BlueStar on October 10, 2012 at 8:52pm

so basically the Divine Family dont charge or else it would not be Divine to our eyes, Since the subject was do you think the divine family would charge money 

Comment by Lumina on October 11, 2012 at 2:31pm

they dont charge "money" ...jokingly i was almost tempted to say they "charge" Faith :-)

there was a funny and ironic story a few days ago...a person asked me if i did long distance healing after reading something i'd shared on healing, she said her intuition guided her to me. My intention in sharing was to self empower others to heal themselves. Anyway, once she realised i wouldnt charge money she felt quite upset and didnt feel right about it. She said she couldnt accept the offer otherwise, she then suggested a donation of her choice stating this would make her very happy. So, anything that brings joy and happiness to people is coming from divine?


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