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09- Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Helios and Vesta


“Beloved Hearts, I Am Vesta and I come to you this day as part of the God Son Light that Shines upon this Council and this World which offers All Life to this Solar System. We Helios and Vesta Are The God Parents of this Solar System and while We hold the Greatest of Responsibilities for the completion and success of this Mighty Creation, We pass to each of You that same Responsibility for you to Will Thy Will to participate at the highest levels of awareness that you can.  You see Dear Ones this is not about Us or Our Parents, Alpha and Omega, it is not about the Beloved Cosmic Silent Watcher who has so Graciously rendered Her Services to this Divine Plan.


“It is all About You, for Each One, no matter how large or small, conscious or unconscious you are, your contribution and efforts all contribute to the Whole.  Without Your Service in executing your treasured part, believe Me when I say This Great Solar System of Our Blazing Love and Light would be reduced to cinders!


“So Dear Soul’s, and I speak most directly to those humans who think they are less than They Are. You Dear Heart’s have a “vested” interest in all that you do within your life!  Note the word “vested”.  It comes from the Vibratory Resonance of My Love, My Light, My Joy and My Heart Radiant White Fire Light.  Each of you contain this Flame of My Resonance within you, all life does.  I Am your connection to the very Life you are! 


“Our Beloved Peter in his sharing before Me, said something that was so profound and so relevant to everything that is taking place here in this Gathering.  He said it at a time of his grieving and feelings of separation and loss and it is nothing to be ashamed of, ridiculed or not given its significance for what it represents to the Whole.  It is indeed, a most important facet of what is transpiring here within The Elemental Grace Alliance..  Its revelation to him, brought him to tears, so it was more than just words.  It had Great Power behind it!  Let Me repeat what Peter shared again, word for word! 


“~ I remain confused, perhaps it is fear for what may be expected of me, not by others, but of my expectations of myself.  That has always scared the living life out of me.  Hmm, The Living Life! Something I have truly never done, Lived My Life!~”


“Here My Dear Heart’s, lies one of the strongest divisions that have prevented humanity from stepping away from the illusions of their own creations.  To Live Life is to Live in My Heart!  For I Am The Life within You, I Am The Love Substance that supports you, feeds you, nurtures you, keeps you warm, beats your heart, generates the energy that gives you the Power to move and walk and play and LIVE YOUR LIFE!  Do not be afraid of Me, Become Me, You are the very Essence of My Eminent Being, I Am Your Beloved God Mother. I Am far more than you perceive in the sky above you! And You My Dear Ones are indeed Living Suns, disguised as human beings!


“Dear Helios Governs the Planets and Matters of the Cosmos and IS Your God Father. I Govern your lives, your health, your wealth, your play, your work, your family and your homes. I Govern the plants, the animals and all other Matters that relate to Living Life upon the Planets of this Solar System.


“So I Bless Beloved Peter, for in his moment of feeling less than He Really Is, he has provided a beautiful opportunity to Gift this Esteemed Gathering with yet another profound focus for the advancement this proposal’s success. Which indeed is all part of the overall success and completion of this Beautiful Solar System.


“Beloved Ones, you who may come into contact with these discourses, Know in your Heart of Hearts, that no matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter who you may or may not think you are, even at a time of your lowest ebb,  your contribution is part of the Divine Expression that Your Parents, Alpha and Omega and Your God Parents, Helios and Myself Vesta, Dearly Cherish and Honor you, for in your individualized expressions of self and Self, there is no separation between them; just different rates of vibrations within the Radiation of their atomic structures!


“So Thank you Peter, for this simple yet heart full sharing, it plays another very important part toward “protecting the future”.  And if it was not this timely offering, perhaps I would have not spoken of it and proffered something other than what I Am about to say!  (As I finished this sentence the Sun came out and shone into my office with such intensity, this alone filled my heart with so much Peace and Gratitude, just extraordinary! Thank you Vesta, Bless You!  It was a very cloudy day indeed, or so it seemed!)


“You are Welcome, Beloved Friend, You are Very Welcome.  And again you open the door for what I Am about to say!  I wish to speak of your homes Dear Ones.  The very places that you Live Your Lives!  For these are just as important as your biological homes that you Live Your Lives within while housing your Souls!


“I wish to send each and every human being an invitation to call upon Me, your Beloved God Parent Vesta.  Invite Me into your homes, I mean Truly into your home, your physical Living places of your every day lives.  If you do this, I promise you, your lives will change to such a degree that your Lives will never be the same again.  For with Me, Living beside and within you Consciously, by allowing Me to contribute to your well being, abundance, supply and protection, you will never have to survive within a false existence of an untruthful life ever again!


“I will bring with Me one or more of My Beloved Vestal Virgins that will reside with you and Who Will assist you in any matters that you desire help with.  We will sing with you, dance with you, eat and sleep with you.  Your home and Lives will become a Beacon of Love and Light and many will be drawn to both your Life and Your Home, for when they walk through the gateway of your property and pass over the threshold into your home, they will feel the Wondrous Rays of My Sunlight, Love and Protection.  My Radiance through you will warm the cockles of their Hearts and They will wonder why you are so fulfilled without on your part, other than your Loving heart to commune daily with Us, to treat Us as if We were a loving guest, and Beloved and Dearly Cherished Friend. 


“Through My Radiance you can ask of Me anything that you wish to make your life more pleasurable, more delightful, more joyous; not in excess, but for the very subsistence of creating your Life to that level where you truly understand the importance of gratitude and beauty Living Your Life can bring.  For in you being happy, you will be able to bring happiness to others and so it is a snow ball effect.


“Know that nothing will be denied you, not gold or jewels of any material goods or services. Did you know that Gold is the Love of Helios in your world.  Your ancestors worship Helios as their Sun God and used gold to adorn their Shrines and Temples and Alters. In the same way, the Precipitation of jewels and precious stones are the Essence of My Love and Light to the people of the Earth and through these My Rays, My Radiance interacts with the very life, the very substance and the very energy and abundance of Earthly offerings. Look upon any of the precious stones in the sunlight and make a note of what you see. 


“Cast your eyes within these gems and see how they glisten and reflect My Light from within them. Have you ever wondered why the Nature Beings are so drawn to such things, gold, rubies, sapphires, crystals of all kinds including diamonds.  The only problems that arise in having these beautiful beings, is when man plunders these precious things for his own greed and not just for his personal and impersonal gratitude, appreciation, and Love of Life!  Anything more than this is not in accordance with God’s Will for you and such acts carry heavy karmic consequences.


“If you were to come to Our Sun Temple, you would find everyone there is adorned with such beautiful things, as well as the most exquisite flowers that radiate perfumes and fragrances that mankind would give their Soul for.  But here We Give to Our Souls quite a different Substance indeed! So Dear Ones, money and gold and jewels and any other physical things are not bad if they are used with the correct consciousness; not for pride or showing that you have more than another; not for keeping up with Jones’s; not for power or greed or manipulation to gain; but simply for the gratitude to yourselves for being a Conscious Child of God, Living The Life that God Desires for you!


“I Am Your Guide, Your Keeper, Your Protector, The One that can supply all of these things, for I Am those things and I Desire that they be yours if you desire them; so that you can step out of the old patterns of loss, lack and denial.  Call Me Dear Ones, Bless the Sunlight in your Life. (And as I write this, again the sunlight comes bursting into my office, incredible!  Bless You Vesta!) Seek the Sunlight and do not Live in the clouds or the darkness of your mis-creations.  Move if you have to, but seek the Sun within You, Feel the Rays of Love and Life upon your skin and within your Heart.  Radiate the Joy of having the Sunshine within your Life!  This way you too shall play your part in Protecting the Future. I Vesta Decree that I Desire with All My Might, to INVEST in you, My Rays of Love, Purity, Joy and Peace.  Accept Dear Soul, My Decree and become One of My Vestal Virgins Serving Your Heart Sun Temple with MY Golden Flame. 


“Be it known that the Roman’s definition is not the True definition for My Vestal Virgins. They  are not just women, not just Priestesses and They have not necessarily experienced a human life upon your planet.   These are Being of Light, androgynous Beings whom men alone have given the perception of their form as women.  My Vessels of Love, Who Live in Service of Lovingly Maintaining My God Flame are indeed formless, but can take the form of any what you choose should you wish to meet with them.  The Purity that They optimize is the Bounteousness of Love and Dedication which They give freely as Their Service to God through Me! 


“The State of Virgin refers only to the fact that these Dear Ones have never been contaminated by anything less than Unconditional Love and The Light of God. So do not be mis-lead by human terminology and manmade conditions that once served their own desires as the Romans did; most indiscriminately through their reign of religious doctrines and dictatorship over other God Loving Souls.  I say this without judgment, but for the sake so as not to confuse or mislead those who may be swayed by old perceptions from the past.


“I shall close now and step aside for the next Loving discourse.  Please, Please, Please, I Beg of You, Call Upon Me, Beloved Vesta, Your God Mother, and I WILL Come, I Promise you this, now and forever!


“And So It Is”

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on October 1, 2015 at 2:12pm

Dear Peter,

I also wish to be remain Blessed By Helios & Vesta like you !!

I like the last statement the hope for us

“I shall close now and step aside for the next Loving discourse.  Please, Please, Please, I Beg of You, Call Upon Me, Beloved Vesta, Your God Mother, and I WILL Come, I Promise you this, now and forever!

So I am happy with this that my soul also will taken care of...

Thanks for your sharing...

Comment by Peter Melchizedek on October 1, 2015 at 4:01pm

You are Blessed by Helios and Vesta and so many more! Call then and feel for yourself!

Comment by Cheryl on October 1, 2015 at 5:28pm
Thanks Brother Peter! After reading this, I feel surrounded by Love. It's most Reassuring to know that WE can ask for help Always! Love to U All~
Comment by Sylvia Liney on October 3, 2015 at 7:51am

Thank you soooo much, dear Brother Peter, sorry, words fail me at this moment.

Just thank you deeply, from my Heart...

Peace and Love to you all

Sylvia, I AM Melaynia  xx

Comment by Peter Melchizedek on October 3, 2015 at 8:23am

Bless You and THANK you and the God I Am n You!

I Love the Image! it has Great significance, no wonder you included it here!


Comment by Sylvia Liney on October 4, 2015 at 5:20am

Thanks, Peter, that image is called "May the Bearer of Light be Birthed within all of Us"'s so beautiful....

It really resonated with me, & I thought it fitted with what I had just read/was feeling....

Blessings, Peace and Love

Sylvia xx

Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 4, 2015 at 6:58pm

I read this yesterday lying in the sun - enjoying Vesta's embrace.

No words - eternal gratitude,

Sonja Myriel


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