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Ashtar addressing the December 14, 2010 teleconference

Ashtar addressing the December 14, 2010 teleconference:

"Well greetings, Beloved Family!  We are triumphant during these Holy Days and we shall go into more detail on that announcement.  But first we have some items that might be of interest to you.

"We are moving more and more into the mission for which the Ashtar Command is here.  And the ultimate purpose and goal and mission combination you might say, is the Ascension of Planet Earth, but along the way as you know it’s been quite a ride, there have been a few bumps along the way, there are still a few more perhaps.   But the purpose has always been to move through the process, to be One with the process, to be in understanding of the process, and that means to be One together.

"But it also means that each and everyone of you have your own clearings to do, your own lessons that you have learned or perhaps have still a little bit of graduate studies to master yet, but where we are, Beloved Ones, where we are in relation to you is only that we are not hampered or constrained by the human body, although some of us are making some appearances, we have to be somewhat - well, just figure that this spirit goes into a body and zips it up just like a costume, and there are some of us who are in evidence upon the planet.  There are others of us who remain in our spirit bodies.  We have an overview.  We have a perspective, and we have an overview of everything that’s going on below, on and above Planet Earth.  And we can promise you that all is well in your kingdom.

"All is more than well, all is beautiful and bright and radiant, never more so than during this Holy Day season.  And we are so absolutely ecstatic, dancing if you will, that you are so responsive, that you are welcoming these energies of change.  We know it’s not easy.  We know that it creates some bumps on every path of every one of you.  Or we should say on The Path of every one of you.  But you are sailing over the bumps, flying over the bumps, moving around them and sort of mashing them down as you go, or whatever, however you want to see that.  It’s happening because you are doing it.  It’s happening because you are committed.  It’s happening because you are waking up to Who You Really Are, and you are starting to understand that you are here to be a part of this Grand Mission and that you committed to it before you zipped into these particular body costumes that you are wearing, and you are starting to take your empowerment to the next level.  And what we mean by that is you’re getting out of 3D, pretty fast.

"Now you can still do a lot of wondrous work in 3D, and that, Beloved Ones, will be your mission as soon as the great changes are announced.  And that’s coming real soon, so get ready!   Be in preparation now, do whatever you need to do to finish up your own house-cleaning, and start a new phase if you wish.  We are calling it brain-training, and there will be more about that.  It is being researched now by the three women here, the ones you know as Fran, Elise and The Voice.  And they will have some information for you that will be most appropriate and helpful.  It’s the next phase.  Because you are ready, because you can understand it but you don’t have to be really, really, deeply educated in it.  Nevertheless you can understand it.  It’s just another tool for those of you who would like more fast-tracking even than you are enjoying right now.  So we will be talking about that later.

"I have, in these private sessions which we are still doing by the way, I have had occasion to mention this to people and I have suggested that they look upon the internet if they are not familiar with the concept.  But we will have more on this that we …hmmm… fabulous Fran can post upon our website and some information and links, so on, can be emailed to you.  So get ready to move into an even more interesting phase.   And for those of you who have received the energy tools, and for those of you who have not, this will help you to utilize all the tools you do have, even more.   Even faster.  And to go even higher.   And is that not delightful?

"Meanwhile we say to you, 'Fly, whenever you choose.  Come to the bridge, get into communion with yourself first, you know all of your energy fields, and then come on up and meet us!'  You might say that our door is always open.  And we are delightedl when you make contact with us.  And you can do it through telepathic communication.   And if you think we aren’t getting your messages, think again.  Do a little testing to make sure the message is going where you want it to go.  Just remember to by-pass the astral, cause you may not like the message you get back from there, in fact we pretty much guarantee that you won’t, and just send it, you know, on the waves of Christ Consciousness or however you choose to do it.

"Now we have some particulars for you about the Leaky Guy.  We are so delighted that so much is being told and there is so much appreciation worldwide for what he is doing.  He is Hero No. 1.  It is a most interesting history/herstory that he has and perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that he has connections in other dimensions.   He is in his own way an Ambassador from other realms.  Most particularly he has had some distinguishment as an educator let us say, of the great university on Arcturus.  Now I just put that out there in a real casual way, and you can go in with your own, shall we say introspective meditations, and get more if you want to.  We are saying this only so that you can understand that just like you, he exists in other dimensions.  And he is a special envoy, you might say, of the educational variety, who is fully awake to his mission and purpose here.  And that of course is what you, what he has called the Wiki-Leaks.  So give him a round of applause, because what he is doing is making possible all that you are waiting for to happen in the way of announcements.  He’s leading the process of connecting the dots or the links or whatever you want to call it, so that everybody is going to have crystal-clear understanding of exactly what has been going on behind the scenes.

"Now some people are diving in with both feet and with all of their being and absorbing, absorbing, absorbing.   Some people are more on the periphery so to speak, they don’t need to read them all, they just are getting a general sense of it.   Now isn’t that wondrous indeed that Michael Moore has connected with his energy, and knows what he’s here to do.  Michael Moore, by the way is a very connected being, and he is quite enlightened.  And yes, you may think he’s outspoken at times, or whatever, but he is here on the same mission and purpose as the Leaky guy, President Obama, and others we have named from time to time.  It’s like family, family in mission.  And they are not shrinking back.  You know in some respects you might think it’s really unpleasant to be in a jail cell.  But here’s a little bit of info for you that we hope will warm your hearts in this Holy Day season.  Send the WikiLeaks guy, the Leaky Guy, loving energies because he is connecting in the higher realms while he is sitting in that cell.  He is taking a little time out.  And he is coming on board the ships too by the way.  No secrets, no surprises.   He knows there are documents and documents about the 'UFO’s' in these WikiLeaks, and he knows the rest of the story.  And he knows that we are all One anyway, and he sees himself very much as Brother to all of us below, on and above the Planet and beyond.  So imagine, and if you would have a conversation with him, come on up to the ships, meet him there.  Have a delightful conversation if you choose to.

"What is significant about the WikiLeaks is that they are riding on the winds of change.  That’s what we have coming in right now, you know, winds of change.  They have been going on for quite a while.  They are literally crescendo-ing (I like to make up words) and that started the upturn shall we say, the turning up the volume really started on the day of 12/10 and it is going to continue on through the Holy Day season.  Or we should say through this month of 10.  It’s the twelfth month on your calendar but it really means 10.  Ah ah!   You didn’t know I could speak other languages, did you, but I can.  So I will tell you right now that on the old calendars it is month number 10. Alrighty.

"Now, what does all of this mean anyway?  How does it all come together?  Well it comes together because you, Beloved Ones, have pulled out all of the stops and you have said ‘Alright, let’s get this done at warp speed.  Send us the energies.  Send us the beings.  Send us the leaders.’ And oh, have you got leaders, indeed.  Just imagine a big parade on the Ascension path, you are all on it, well let’s call it the super highway shall we?  None of this path business.   We are on the super highway with you, marching right with you toward Ascension.  It’s going uphill a bit right now, we understand that.  But it’s going to get a lot easier as you get even higher.  And so you hear of all of these leaders, are they necessarily out at the front?  No, you are a circular group; they could be anywhere.  But they’ve got some very bright torches - very bright candles you all have - but this Leaky Guy is one of these leaders, and so is Obama.

"Obama … well we don’t want to say he’s a tricky guy, because he’s anything but tricky.  What he is doing is more like opening a door and inviting the dark hats who remain, even if it’s just their programs, he’s inviting them to come through that door.  And they are.  And this is wondrous indeed.   Now what’s on the other side of the door?   Well, you can liken it to one of those super-duper machines that they have at the airport.  Nobody is wearing any clothes on the other side of the door and everybody is very, very transparent and that’s what’s happening.  And all of this posturing in the courts is simply designed to stall and delay.   They are not going to be able to.  The Leaky Guy is protected and his work is carrying on even now.  There is nothing to stop full revelations.   Nothing.  Because we’re watching over things.  Ah-ha!

"Do you recall that we have occasionally discussed Sexgate upon our programs?   Well this is Sexgate in reverse.   They are trying to pin something of a Sexgate nature upon the WikiLeaks Guy.   Well alright, so he’s enjoyed some sex.  Be not in judgment of that. And so the country which has now only one accuser may have a law that’s a bit strange to the rest of the world.   But it matters not because he didn’t do anything wrong.  And this is all a set-up, and he has been set up.   And that’s it.  And it is transparent even now to the world.   So this Sexgate in reverse is really working even more to reveal what is going on behind the scenes.  And thus it will be much more believable when the manipulators and the handlers - oh and there are some ones whose names will be somewhat of a shock, but you’ll get over it real fast because you’ve got that tune-in to Truth, and you know what resonates and what does not - and these handlers are being revealed one by one, and the ways in which they used various methods, all of them under the heading of Sexgate, to corrupt and ensnare people in high positions.    We don’t need to say anything more about that because it’s all coming out.

"So we just want you to understand that you can tune-in to the WikiLeaks as much as you choose to.  Be absolutely certain within your own being that you are able to take the observer's position and go ahead and dive in.  If you find that it is getting you down, get out.  Get back on track with your inner self, with your higher self, with your flowers, with your music, with whatever it is that causes you to vibrate in the higher dimensions because that, Beloved Ones, is how we are accomplishing this.  WikiLeaks is a tool just like anything else that we use.  Well, what we are really here to do, and this is what Sekhmet was saying earlier to the three women, we have an addition to the mission which should be quite obvious by now, and that addition is to get yourselves up into the highest vibrations possible and stay there as long as you can.  Not to strain with it, but to be literally walking on air, or flying if you wish.  To be in connection with the other kingdoms of Mother Gaia.  To be in connection with the kingdoms of the elementals.  To be in connection with the dolphins and the whales of the planet or wherever your heart takes you to be in connection within your entire being.  And to be harmoniously balanced, and then to be in connection with that which you call your higher self, which you may think of as being beyond reach, but the reality is, it’s right here in every cell of your being, your God-self, your Love.

"And our mission is to reach out and extend to the entire planet, utilizing whatever tools we have.   We’ve got some pretty big ones going on right now, for instance the Chemtrail neutralizations, the dismantling, or shall we say the absolute dis-functioning of HAARP and other weapons of the interfering nature with the weather.  We are bringing back into balance that which needs to come into balance, and as you know, when the separation occurs with the New Earth, the ascended Earth will have balmy weather everywhere.  So those of you who are waist-deep or higher in the snow and the cold and the ice, stay indoors, raise your vibrations, get real warmed up, because this too shall pass.

"In the meantime, just help each other.  Send each other loving vibrations and energies for these changes.  And if the changes seem to be somewhat overwhelming at times, take a rest.  Do something that lifts you up.  Be with people of like-mindedness and like heart.  Go to the soup kitchens and help serve meals to those who have no other place to go during these Holy Days.  Give to the armies who genuinely help people and don’t just have CEO’s and top-level management, such that the intended recipients really receive very little of what you donate.  Go out into your communities and clean up a house or a yard for an elderly person who no longer can take care of their property.  Take in an animal who is roaming your neighborhood hungry, without a home.  Send Love to someone who has perhaps pushed your buttons at the place where you work, or the school you attend.   Be in the flow of these Holy Days.  Give Love, give Thanks, give of your Compassion  - and share it!   Today is like no other that you have ever experienced, nor will it come again.

"While these wondrous energies are coming, make commitment within your hearts, within your own divine beings, and share your Love.  If there is someone who has really offended you or caused you upset or unhappiness, it is only your perception of that person that causes you to feel such low vibrations.  So turn it around.  Thank them for showing you where you are and lift yourself up and out.  Ho’oponopono is a great way to do it, and while you are at it, bless them.  Send them some ho-oponoponos as well.   Ho’oponopono is a great greeting of the season.  Love, in any language, is the caring energy.  And accept these energies of change, and be prepared with Gratitude and Compassion and yes, even a bit of humility, such as was displayed by the great Master Teachers.   A bit of humility so you don’t say ‘Well there you go - I told you so.  Why didn’t you listen to me, blah blah blah blah blah.’

"But when these announcements come, or when a light bulb goes off, perhaps a relative or a friend calls you and says ‘Ah, you know what you were telling me, well I have just been reading these WikiLeaks, and you know what?’  Ahhhh … meet them …they are coming through a doorway of understanding and knowledge.  Meet them, hug them and tell them how much you love them.  And how you honor their courage for taking the blinders off and waking up.  And that you are walking with them, not in front of them and certainly not above them.  Welcome them.  And then don’t try to inundate them with what more you know.  Let them ask their questions and let them feel their way, and be in service to them, and in so doing you are paying it forward into the world, and the universe beyond.  And that is delightful, is it not?

"Now we would ask that, as far as an addition to the mission, that you give great consideration not only to welcoming these energies and doing what you find in your own hearts to do, to welcome them in and to be a part of the flow, but we would ask that you pay particular attention to that day of the 12/21 upon your calendars.  That’s a triple biggie you know.  It is what you call the Winter Solstice, and it is welcoming the sun to shine more in that part of Planet Earth where most of you are, or upon where most of you are on Planet Earth.  It is also a lunar eclipse, which is not necessarily going to be seen in every part of the world, but will be felt. Ah yes, and it is a day of the Full Moon.  Magic, magic, magic everywhere, so do something special on that day.  This is a little bit of addition to your mission or it can be all day, whatever you choose for it to be.  But open to your heart and open to your wisdom and see what it is you want to do.  There are many, many meditations even going on right now that you can join in with.

"We shall be preparing a special message to send out specifically for that day.  The three beloved women here shall get that to you.  It is a greeting.  It is a greeting to a new season.  A greeting of preparation for all that is coming.  A greeting of celebration of all that has culminated thus far.  And we can’t even tell you what all that is because we’re still observing, and we’re observing openings and awakenings even in this moment which are going to create in the next, and the next, and the next.  But we will update you, as they say.  Oh don’t we sound like we are just really on top of the business of this world - and we are!

"Business is changing, banking is changing.  That’s the beat of business you know, banking.  That’s what makes it all possible.   We shall be having more from St. Germain on that particular matter, but now is the time to be in celebration and in Joy and we are so enjoying this Family Gathering and this togetherness.  And of course as is our custom, we have a most beloved guest speaker with us, who shall be leading a very powerful and profound exercise of Peace and what better time than during this time of the Holy season!  It makes no difference whether you follow the religious or the fun aspects of it or not, these energies coming in are for all, Peace on Earth is for everyone, and Joy to the World is certainly appropriate.

"So whatever it is that this Holy Day season means to you and however you celebrate it, remember, Family, to send the greetings of the season to all, in this Family and to the world beyond, and if there is something going on in your life which seems to be a bit less than joyful, remember we are here and there is nothing, nothing that has ever been invented by humanity upon this planet which cannot be transformed and transmuted, if you will just lift yourself up and allow yourself to be connected with that part of you which dwells in the dimensions of higher 4D and above.  Joy to you, Beloved Ones, we feel your Love, we feel your radiance and we say to you, ‘Shine on, keep your candles lit and light others to pay it forward!'  And let us continue observing and enjoying this most blessed and indeed most earth-changing of all of the Holy Day seasons which have ever taken place here.  Feel the Love, breathe it in, and allow yourselves to lift up as we join you heart to heart in loving service, in mission accomplished! And so it is.  Salut!"

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart

Given through Susan Leland, December 14, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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