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14th August 2014 – I woke at 3.30 am with words rushing round my head. Yesterday I had been trying to download my book to Amazon and wondering what I should write as a blurb. Are we really ready to make that leap of faith into a new consciousness, a new dimension of time and space . . . to leave behind all we have known and travel on that beam of light?

We ask the Children of Earth to make a stand for the human race, we ask you to look to your hearts and make a choice! Do you want to live in a world free from oppression, to be able to raise your eyes to the sky and see the heavens in all their splendour? Do you want to live without fear, to live in peace and dignity and above all to live with love in your hearts for all, whatever colour or creed? We know this has been a hard choice for many of you on the Earth plane, to leave behind all you have known, but before you is a golden pathway that will lead you to the stars and beyond; a life full of enterprise and joy beyond your wildest imaginings! And this can be yours by releasing the old and letting in the new.

Let that light flood into your soul, releasing you from the prisons you have made for yourselves with walls of fear and hate; let these jealousies and the rancor melt and fade away. Take what is yours by right with the Power of Love for this is the magic key that will set you free . . . this will open that golden portal in your heart to a new dimension. Release the fear and negativity; release the sadness and deep melancholy, the regret for what might have been . . . if only! Release the pent up anger from the past and take flight on wings of Love. Raise yourselves up from your doom and gloom into the lighter realms of joy and peace. It can be done and we are here to help you!

How are you helping us?

We are opening portals that will assist in your recovery . . . portals of Love that draw you like a magnet into a new vibration, uplifting your souls . . .  spirals of golden light replicated and brought into manifestation.

My brain is whizzing into visions of past dreams, stepping out from a golden portal and walking on a new born Earth, amidst throngs of people all walking along in the same direction, stopping now and then to hug each other. I remember walking along crying softly with relief at what we had achieved and seeing an Indian guide threading his way through the multitude to speak with me.

We are getting so close now to this big event but how close - is it a year or a decade? I have been told I will see our new world, not as Moses from the mountain top, but I will be allowed to step onto this Promised Land.

Oh ye of little faith write on, for you have come to your destination, you have walked already upon this land and now help in preparing others to follow. There are many here who do just that and we take you over the threshold at the time that is right for each and every one of you. There will be a mass reclamation of souls in due course but the time has to be right . . . right down to the last nanosecond. Please believe we need to get this right! The essence of your being needs to be in acceptance of this transition, to embrace life in a new format, a new resonance, and we believe with your care and help we shall make this event happen in record breaking time!

I had to laugh to myself at this as I can just hear the murmurings of disbelief!

It shall be so with a little faith and a LOT OF LOVE – this is our promise to you!

I have come to the last page in my notebook and finished the transmission here but when I turned the page over I saw the words 'shine, shine, shine’ from a previous message! I guess if we all make our lights shine brighter all around the world then we can make it happen sooner rather than later.

16th August 2014 – I’ve spent the last few days on my painting of a Lion, rubbing out and repainting many times to get the dimensions right and am still in the very early stages of it. I feel that strong Lion energy with me again this morning as I sit in meditation. As I bring the golden energy down through my being I ask for particular attention to my joints and bones enabling them to move more freely; I see the energy flooding into every organ of my body so that each organ operates at its optimum performance. I see the lilac clouds sweeping around me and thank the Great Spirit for the love and help I am receiving. I visualise a waterfall of light running down my spine, flooding the whole of my being in light and flowing down into the caverns of Earth. I send Love, light and healing energy to all those residing beneath Earth’s crust, through all the caverns throughout the world and for all those lost cities. Let us see them rise once more, shedding the sand of the dessert so that we may see those ancient relics of old, helping us understand more about mankind and how long we have been upon this planet.

Oh Great Spirit it is such an exciting time ahead, help us to be strong so that we may get through those problems that assault us. We ask for Love and Light to go out to all those in dire need and that help be given where it is due! May the waters of Earth be purified, may the air be cleansed and may our hearts be filled with Love.

I bring back this golden energy from beneath my feet and bring it up through the core of my being and out through my crown chakra up into the cosmos. Great Star beings, Star family I reach out across the universe and ask that you draw close to me once more that we may connect and share the Love that unites us. I bring the golden energy back to my heart and wait as always for that connection of like-minded souls to draw ever closer into my energy field, waiting for that blend of loving synergy, combining our energies and bathing in the Love from the Great Divine.

Oh little one we have much faith in your discovering much more than this, we have faith and greater understanding of a mastery yet to be brought into fulfilment.

I can feel the energy on my right cheek bone and can see gold squiggles on lilac, growing to a stronger purple.

We are bound by our Love for one another and yes we will see those mountains once more; an overture of Love and harmony brought into our perspective and given reign over the dominions of Earth. We shall adequately assist you in your mission and this we promise with all our heart and soul, that none shall be dismissed as inadequate, for you all have within you that Divine spark that brought you into being - that spark of Love that shall never be diminished – never!

I feel such emotion here.

We are enabled to move forward on this beam of Love and all will hearken to the call of that there is no doubt. We beam to your world an adequate solution to your problems on Earth. We advocate a letting go for you hold on with such a fierce grip; what is it that you are afraid of . . . your vulnerability? There is much to do and explore and we shall be there by your side, asking and pleading for you not to lose faith for we are the very essence of life. Yes my child, we are the very essence of life on Earth, we are an essence of all that is! We strive for completion and in due course we shall make that mammoth discovery of a new world of infinite grace and beauty. We shall bring you full circle to face us and with great tenderness we reach out to you and stroke your brow.

I can feel a touch on my hand and tingles on my hair.

Yes, we are mesmerised, our techniques grow stronger and we are able to submit to these conditions more favourably. We discover new ways of harmonising, opening the floodgates and allowing others through.

I’m being shown a Lion now.

We are chosen to represent you today and it gives us great joy to come aboard, there have been many toing’s and froing’s within your heart and these good graces give us the incentive to move forward along this stream of light, to which we all belong and which is much appreciated. Let battle commence! We have made a running commentary on our antics and this shall open up some interesting accounts of what is in store for us.

I can see the Lion much clearer now.

We have programmed a new declaration of peace that shall spread far around the world and we give a resting period to those whose needs outweigh the few. This will become apparent as we accept you into our fraternity and we pander to the wishes of each nation, hoping that we shall not be abandoned and left to our own devices. This is not the case, for we have been very selective in those we choose to go forward and into battle with those insidious forces that try to drag you down! We travel forth with you in mind, taking forth the dedicatees who work closely with us to overcome the malfunctions on Earth. We retreat to a safe distance and allow a simmering until we take up the gauntlet once more and move forward . . . it is rather like a cat and mouse game!

I can hear someone calling my name and seem to be drifting into dream state now so had to leave it here


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Comment by Myriel RAouine on August 21, 2014 at 10:04am

I have to laugh at the "Cat and Mouse  Game" symbolism, lol!

THANK YOU so much for this uplifting message, dearest Eileen!

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 21, 2014 at 10:16am

Sonja last night I dreamt I was in a boat and saw a Lion on a high mound waiting for me! All my family are coming tomorrow for a few days - a wonderful birthday gift for me!

Comment by Myriel RAouine on August 21, 2014 at 10:20am

The Lion energy is so tangible these days - what a blessing to DREAM of this powerful and loving animal, Eileen!

I wish you much JOY in the coming days with your family - and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, of course :-)

May the Lion watch over all you family members and all you LOVE always in all ways,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by dale m little on August 21, 2014 at 9:31pm

I have never been so filled with love and joy as i was reading this. Thank you so much.   Dale.


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