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April 20th. 2010 The Dismantling of the Old

As we ever so steadily progress with our new arrival into a higher vibrating space, we are “shifting into high gear,” as my star friends describe it…like a vehicle moving into overdrive, into its full capacity, and needing to accommodate a much faster moving energy.

Earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere, strange and unpredictable weather patterns, unusual moods and behaviors for many individuals, and a strange emptiness are but a few of the climates that these massive energy movements are creating.

The cosmic tsunami of new and higher vibrating energy is arriving more steadily now, while at the same time, the earth is moving and adjusting as well, as she prepares herself to more fully accommodate these new energies of our very new space.

The earth moved into a new space in the cosmos within the past few months, is adjusting and aligning, and we are doing very much the same. Beginning with a substantial earthquake here and there, and progressing into many earthquakes all over the globe at the same time, we are really beginning to feel these movements now. Volcanic eruptions, climate changes, and a continual shaking beneath our feet have become the norm for now, or so it seems. It is no wonder so many of us feel a strange shakiness, unease, and overall sense of change.

When we progressed to the point where many, many earthquakes were occurring all over the globe (around the first week of April), much was dislodged and moved out of its previous space. First, the darkness moved up and out, and could be felt as anxiety, panic, depression, or even a feeling of being “spooked.” The energies then progressed into the next stage, resulting in many “endings” and many changes. As much was moved up and out and dislodged from its old groove, many manifestations resulted relating to endings, losses, and a great emptiness. We are also beginning our residency in all ways, in a new state of more light. So then, this means that things were dislodged that no longer fit us, and also means that the light brought to the forefront and revealed anything and everything that no longer fit as well. In addition, things are being “dismantled” and taken apart, only to be put back together again in new ways at a later time.

Endings to relationships, discovering what was really and truly occurring with many relationships (as the light will always reveal what is really there), more endings with careers and geographical residencies, and endings with many connections may suddenly have become the norm. At this time as well, exit points are always created for souls (human and animal) to depart, as this is as well, another severed connection or rather, a departure from an old space that no longer fits. And if experiences of endings were not there for some, at best, a feeling that we perhaps no longer knew where we belonged, a feeling of not wanting to go or do what we usually did, or even just feeling “off” for no particular reason, seemed to run rampant as well. Nothing around us may have felt right, good, normal, secure, or remotely comfortable.

When these disruptive energies began to arrive more fully, accidents, physical ailments, body pain and stiffness from stuck energy that was being hit by all this movement, sickness, chest pain, nausea, and even difficulty breathing were experienced by many.

For nearly the entire month of March, we were in “busy and preparing” mode, as we readied ourselves for who knows what. At our soul levels, we knew that something was due to arrive, and we needed to be ready somehow. The “busyness” time almost seemed relentless, with no end in sight. Then, right before the new energies hit the first few days of April, we may have felt a let down, a subsiding of this “pushing and pulling us along” energy, while we experienced much of everything subsiding and coming to a halt. It was now time for the cosmic tsunami to begin. Even if we had not completed everything that we had set out to complete as we were in “preparation” mode, it did not matter, as the energies were simply doing their job of programming us, and allowing us to participate in whatever each of us felt we needed to, in order to be ready.

With all this new energy arriving, things may not be feeling as glorious as we may have imagined new and higher energy to be. But what else is new? This process of evolution has always been challenging, but what makes it perhaps worse than it needs to be is the absence of the heart energy, or of experiencing love and support from our brothers and sisters.

The heart energy is what it is all about in the higher realms. Creating the New Reality talks a lot about this new energy arriving and how to work with it and accommodate it, as this is really where everything now resides and what everything is all about.

All these new alignments, adjustments, and all this great movement are all related to the heart energy. We will now find that we are separating, pulling apart, and departing from things with no heart energy (or that do not match where we are), and will begin to congeal and connect more fully with those who very easily embody the heart energy. In this way, new beginnings are here and available as well.

Yes, doors are closing, things are ending, losses are occurring, and separations are evident as at the same time, those things that match our heart energy are what will remain or begin to manifest anew. This is how we navigate in the higher realms…through our hearts. Following our hearts will naturally take us to our new residencies and spaces, while departing from places that have no heart, or even where our own hearts are no longer, can only occur now, as the heart energy is running the show.

People may seem to only be out for themselves right now, with no seeming awareness that we may just need to come together with open hearts in order to survive in times to come. The energy fields around many individuals may seem to say “door closed,” “gone for the day,” or even “I’m holding my breath until all this is over,” and “I don’t see you” as self-protection seems to be running rampant. Or even, “I’m taking care of myself and my space so that I can survive all these upheavals and be steady in times to come. No time for anything else right now.”
As we progress ever onward, we will indeed learn how to navigate with the heart energy. We will know to have it readily accessible to other heart energy, and to keep it closed for those who are not ready and who do not see us.

Now seemingly an almost rare and extinct energy, we will always know when the heart energy is present, as we will feel it immensely. It is the wave and glue that brings everything to us and allows us to manifest almost immediately. It is what connects us if we allow it to override all else. We will come to know and see each other, heart to heart. And we will draw to ourselves what we connect to with our hearts.

As our circles of connection may begin to feel as if they are getting smaller, the connections that remain for those in the higher realms are all about the heart. Yes, we will begin to bond with and come together with those who share this energy. Like the cream of the crop, it will rise to the surface and stay above and beyond what is now occurring at the lower rungs of the ascension ladder. The rattling beneath our feet, the shifting and sorting that the earth adjustments are creating, will very naturally create new connections, as all other connections will re-arrange themselves and move into new spaces that now match where each and every energy vibrates. At times, it seems that this sifting and sorting process we have experienced for so many years has no end, as we evolve ever higher.

Much will begin to fall away now, as it can no longer exist in these new and higher vibrations. As the earth changes continue on, we will experience more and more crashing, endings, and closing doors as the old prepares for its impending demise. Like dominoes of extinction, things will begin to fall very rapidly in times to come. But this is what we knew would eventually occur. We knew at some level that the process would unfold this way. We are now experiencing the end stages of “endings” in order that we may start anew. So as we gain new strength through our new connection to the new earth, we are preparing to stand tall as we ready ourselves for bringing in the new…a very new earth that will replace the old when the time is right.

In Crossing Over, a blueprint is outlined that explains how we will become self-sufficient before we come together as a whole. In this way, the plan is about being able to sustain ourselves before we connect to others. We must be individuals in a true and strong way before we create a higher vibrating whole. So then, this is now occurring in regard to many finding themselves taking charge of their spaces and making sure they are able to stand firm in times to come. But this does not mean that we cease to have heart connections during this time. We can take charge of our spaces and become strong and steady, while at the same time caring deeply about our brothers and sisters when they need our heart energy. I am not talking about saving others who have not chosen to move forward or grow and expand, but about loving each other and being there for each other through the challenging times that are now only just beginning.

Many of us were born for this time…for this time of massive change on the earth. And because of this truth, we will easily stand tall and firm in times to come as we usher in a very new reality.

With much love and gratitude

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 21, 2010 at 11:03pm

Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 21, 2010 at 11:06pm
Thank you for posting this wonderful message, joni! Together we stand - caring for each other ...

LOVE, LIGHT and BLESSINGS to you, sweet Angel sister :-)

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Angel~a on April 22, 2010 at 3:20pm
I love Wings!Thank You Joni!
Comment by Joni on April 22, 2010 at 8:55pm
your both very welcome...i love their i have them emailed to me....a lot to glean :)


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