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The highs and lows we all have to address from time to time

From time to time we have to release all our build tension. When you have to face challenging and difficult times, it might take you by surprise. Sometimes it takes an innocent event that triggers so much underlying tension and emotions, the handle will fly of the pan so to speak. It is like a pressure cooker, when we are preparing ourselves for a wonderful dish and experience, yet when the pressure gets too high, it needs to be released.

Even the steam which feels hot is a symbol for all the emotions that come with this process of build up anger, sorrow, fear, pain cause they are elements of fire and water as well the physical and emotional. In order to re-balance again, it is necessary to allow yourself to let the pressure be touched in order to vent.

Sometimes it takes us by surprise, going through the motions of the life time experiences as well the momentum of the time ahead. Being in the Now, the present, is one thing, staying in the Now, is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Most of all when we are preparing for a new phase in our life, where the end is getting nearer of the loved presence of a dear one.

Emotions can be strong once they are surfacing and it can be difficult to maintain a grip on them in order not to lose all control. This is something we fear as well reject. Part of our upbringing and social rules. Losing control is often a matter of energy going wild. The norm for one culture is not necessarily the same in another culture. Depending on where you were raised will have its impact on the way you are dealing with extreme emotions.

Not even mentioning the different roles men and women are being formed through culture and religion. Emotions are tools as well signs. It is meant to be a flowing energy, not stuck energy in our daily lifetime. Whenever we feel hurt or lost, the chance our energy gets stuck depends on earlier experiences and the way we are being taught how to deal with them.

Throughout our life we all come to a point we need to address our emotions. The daily experiences are always some kind of road map for our emotional body. Sometimes we know that stress and anxiety connected with fear and sorrow will come to an outlet.

Depending on how consciousness you are connected with the process of releasing of emotional pressure, you will be aware and the observer at the same time. Not getting in the way can be the biggest challenge at times to let the energy flowing and moving forward through them. The more layers that are being revealed, the deeper we connect with the deepest core within.

By allowing the pressure to come to surface, from the deepest core, we are releasing so much that it immediately will create space. Cracking the egg so to speak, the hard shell which is shattered, light and love will be able to come through the cracks and bring in healing and a sense of inner peace again.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy process. It will tear us apart sometimes when the anger and sorrow want to find an outlet at the same time. It can bring in a lot of emotional fatigue so to speak, not indifference, sometimes even a bodily reaction of being tired to the bones.

The greatest challenge is allowing the emotions to erupt from the deepest part of yourself and your signals the body also will be presenting to you. It is not always easy to go that deep within the layers that are being addressed in so many ways at times. It will take courage sometimes, it will ask you to open up to your deepest and most painful places you tend to avoid. Normally we will try to hide these for others and for our self as well. Just because they are so intense, it will enable you to bring in the clearing and healing you are in need off to step forward.

Movement of energy to get the stuck energy unstuck again. For all we are to encounter, is energy in different shapes and forms. Body, mind and soul are connected with each other and that is why we have been creating our lifetime experiences in order to bring Love instead of fear within every layer and cell. Love is as always the master key to bring space, healing and clearing.

So be gentle with yourself, allow the highs and lows in your life as a present and tool, just triggered by different experiences. You are the one choosing the experiences in order to bring in the love where fear is residing. You are the one to make the necessary changes in your day to day life, to become a whole and happy human be-ing. Humanity is going through all these changes as we are in our own personal life.

Every change we create on a personal level by bringing in love in every experience, we alter the outcome, not just for one self. It is like the stone thrown into the water, creating the ripples, touching each and everyone around you. By releasing we create a healing space and loving energy will allow us to connect with your loved ones and every one you connect with.

And so it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 9-3-2016

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