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from my friend Serena the lady of the woods:

I wrote that for Humanity and the Mother while deep in prayer as I still am.
I use the Solstice energies to magnify this energy from my heart and soul. It is to counter the deeds of the dark priests who also use this time for their deeds, and to counter the fear that so many are
feeling about the gulf, for the sea waters are our blood too and we feel our
mortality now.

Please share it far and wide.
I hope it is a blueprint for the New World in short form. I myself keep reading it.
It helps to visualize this New World and is filled with passionate emotions....the stuff of creation.
Many blessings
The Lady of the Woods

My prayer for Earth and Humanity is that we wake up every moment to a feeling of Grateful Eternity, an exultation of wonder, a feeling which God infused us with for every moment we
live........ ...and no longer experience a sinful mortality taught and preached
by priests.
I pray that Mother Earth now washes Her body clean of all the debris that has been created upon Her, but that She try to leave those who would care for Her, forgiving those who knew not that
She was alive and feeling this whole time.
I pray that as the Mother clears her body of the hubris of corporate creations, manmade debris, those who created them, and those who deplete Her of Her blood/oil, waters, minerals, and
soils, and who bore holes into Her for senseless greed, that She miraculously
leave those who would not do anything else to take from Her, but help to heal
Her and the wounded children and animals and trees all over the
I pray that as that as the Mother bleeds in the gulf.....again. ..... That the toxins of technocratic thinking, chemicals, advancement and military, avarice and patriarchy are expunged,
She be thorough and complete in Her removal of this infection that She has
hosted for eons, and that what is left is cleansing, and purifying and
caring both for Herself and the New Stewards of the Mother, that no one bearing
armor nor cassock nor quarterly reports, is left standing, but only the nobility
of the Gardeners and Lovers, Artists and Mothers, both Human and Elemental
I pray that as Light forces move up and dark ops go down, that it falls to its knees on the alter of remorse for all its travesties, and lives forevermore in deep respectful redemption,
grateful for still being alive and having a soul , but not
I pray that all Justice and Balance come swiftly into Being for the innocents who need respite from the storms of angry Zeus and all the fighting gods, and that the psychic sight of
all, awakens bright to see through all the dense clouds that wars waged upon
humanity by church and state, have hidden.
I pray that as Humans go through their lives, that their Empathic feeling centers guide them and tell them what is truth and what is lie, for all, for empathy tells the truth that some wish
hide. That this Empathy is the New Way, for in this way, no one can harm another
for they would feel instantly what the other feels......and no harm would be
wished upon anyone or anything ever again.
My prayer is that every living thing born gets to revel in its own glory of Life, inspiring awe in every other living thing who is graced with its presence, instead of limiting that which we
see with eyes of suspicion, that which
My prayer is that when we see something different we rejoice with gleeful curiosity and seek to blend it with our own, much like watermelon juice that has separated and once mixed again
becomes a nectar of pure sweetness.
My prayer is that when each day is born and we awaken to it that we revel in the possibilities of discovery of the Infinite creations which God put before us.
My prayer is in discovering these creations, we realize that we can spend Eternity in relationship with each one these living things, from each blade of unique grasses to the insects,
animals who each live in their own universes waiting for us to frolic in
friendship with them......eternity is not long enough for this
My prayer is when animals see a Human, they run TO them for the Joy they will experience in sharing their universes, and not from them.
My prayer is that when the rains fall, that each drop of crystalline purity refreshes and rejuvenates each cell of our living bodies, and when we drink it speaks to us from the inside of
wonders of the Cosmos from which they came.......and we sit in awe of this
omniscience within ourselves.
My prayer is when the night comes and blankets us in sweet darkness, we rest in the arms of a dignified security, and Love, and dream of lives lived in Magic Kingdoms.
I pray that every single child born is created with loving intention by Caring Fathers and Mothers for a life of Joy and Beauty.
I pray that when communities form that the children are consulted first in how to form perfect circles of nurturing families.... for these ones still hold the innocence and wisdom
I pray that the new ''founding fathers'' of these communities are founding safety of the mind from infectious greed, security from deadly sins, and fathering strong Homes for body, mind
heart. That they are FATHERING the children they seeded and created and nurture
the infinite potential of these little deities, and that these fathers have
graduated away from ''fathering'' countries, borders, military, bureaucracy,
governance and all things based in abyssal fear, insecurities and
I pray the ''fathers'' of the New World become CEO's, Caretakers of Equanimous Omnipotence of their own lives, of all LIFE, and Master their own Living creation.... themselves. ....into
living artworks of perfection in Beauty using the raw materials provided by God
in masterful recipes of deliciousness ............ .and cease to
institutions, buildings and spacecraft, ever expanding out with their childish
toys polluting not only Earth with them , but space
I pray that when women seek to birth a child, that they choose the father to be with extreme care and diligence to only reproduce a child who continues a line of dignified descendents who are
ever better at perfecting their own lives as Masterpieces of Lifetime Art
discovering the fractal infiniteness of self-wonder as God-Self.... ...and that
women no longer accidently, carelessly or unintentionally birth children
anymore, from men who have aggressive or violent thoughts, tendencies, or
lifestyles as in military, or who have created anything that contributes to
destruction in any way including Feminine disrespect.
I pray that as we walk this Earth, that we walk in conversation with Her as she offers all her uncountable bounty of amazing fruits, flowers and pollens to eat, these are both medicines
protectors, and that we make homes made of Her which nurtures all our bodies be
it mental, spiritual, emotional or physical. And that these pollens when
ingested reveals to us like inner zephyr winds, the secret lives of the flowers
and we have instant knowing of their universes.
I pray that as we walk this Earth and see new growth we seek to understand its cause, and not seek to destroy first.
I pray that as we breath our air and ethers, that we take care to watch our thoughts as we inhale the thoughts of others.
I pray that Humans live telepathically to have instant communication with all those both near and far, so no one ever feels alone. For in telepathy there is no room for deceit but
only a true communion with another is possible.... deceit cannot abide in
telepathy. That telepathic abilities are our telephones
I pray that when Humanity wants to travel that it lies down in a flower bed and rest while its astral body remove itself and go at thought-speed to where it desires in lightness of travel and
ease, both near and far, on and off Earth....... that this second body is our
car, train, plane and is our spaceship.
I pray that if we desire to physically be in another location that our abilities of trans-location is used and perfected for instant travel.
I pray that as we build our homes, that we use what is supplied on Earth's surface for these materials are designed to hold humanly compatible energies which are aligned with keeping humanity in
proper frequency, and these are our harmonizers and rejuvenators, no longer
using chemicals, pills, nor devices nor machinery.
I pray that as we desire entertainment that we go inside our holographic natures and gleefully connect with any other being desired, singers, artists, musicians etc in any point in
time, anywhere in the Cosmos and that no energy was spent....... .and no time
consumed. But better yet become the artist and musician,
I pray that as we seek to clothe ourselves that we first speak to our bodies and our tiny friends the microbes and tell them to regulate our temperature to be comfortable in either hot or
cold, in sun or snow. But if we choose to garment ourselves that we weave
gossamer threads from the grasses and plants and wear only that which increases
our energetic bodies with the frequencies of Love infused in those grasses and
plants.....and that we adorn ourselves with Grace, Symmetry and
I pray that when we seek to find interest and discoveries of mysteries that we not go into laboratories and brew chemicals, or look into boxes that put out false images and contaminate the
but that we look into the flower petal or leaf of a tree, and find kaleidoscopic
fractals of infiniteness that takes us on a wild carpet ride into the mind of
God, and that we look at this leaf and tree not with the eyes or even a
magnifying glass, for this is limited by the brain, but that we look through the
eyes of Heart, with the Spirit...... .for this richness of Heart with feeling is
thousands of times more informative and powerful in its effects on humanity and
indeed, it has always been this thrill that we have sought. For truly we have
not yet discovered the intense magic and infinite creativity that God has
created on this Earth....not even close.
I pray that as we seek to create things, that with a wave of the hand, we use the Infinite and never ending quanta that is God's body to manifest only combinations of things that result in
Beauty, and that if we wish to discard them, another wave will dissolve them
back into the quanta of invisibility of innocuousness, until next desire.
Nothing spent. And that this technology, a gift from God, hidden by men, is
available to all for free.
I pray that everyone no longer talk about Love, because they only Know Love......and that this Love is a surprise of unboundable expectations, of incredulous gentle disbelief, and
stumps everyone with its mystery in awe of
I pray that when the trees and plants begin speaking to us that we listen with a luminous curiosity and a joyful feeling of being reunited with our Relations... ..because
I pray that as we observe funny animals like grasshoppers, blowfish and pug faced dogs, that we desire to merge our consciousness with theirs to take a walk within them and know them, and
we do so with a desire to understand them, have friends, and play with what God
created for us.
I pray that as the women of Earth finally know their glory and Holiness that the natural peace that resides in communities because of this New Presence, will not only nurture a staved
humanity of this missing Mothers Love, but that it is revered as Sacred. And all
beings swim in this ocean of undiscovered Love.
I pray that as we look upon each others faces, and greet each other with Synchronized Hearts, that we meet with emotions that say "I See You in body mind, heart and are
another may I please you today?"
I pray that as we emerge into EMPATHIC ONENESS, that we experience, understand and know that what we do to another living thing is felt immediately within ourselves because of this
EMPATHIC ONENESS and that no one can not feel the experience of another no
matter the distance, and if something falls out of harmony across the globe, if
another is hurt in any way, that all beings stop in their tracks, cannot
continue, until the experience of the one on the other side of the planet is
brought back into harmony, and all can continue again.......
And finally I pray, that this Prayer for Earth and Humanity is my legacy, leaving a hint, a map, a signpost for any who would wonder what a world created by God and lived by Godlike
Beings, both human and elemental alike, might look and feel like.......this is
my prayer...... .from my Heart to yours.
I "See" You
The Lady of the Woods.
This prayer is copywrited 2010 and may be shared only in its entirety.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 24, 2010 at 10:01am
Thank you so much for sharing, veroniKA!

For everyone interested in HELPING MOTHER EARTH - please check out the Group "Help for Mother Earth and Her Beings" and "Oil Disaster in the Gulf" !
At events you also find several interesting initiatives: The "Global Prayer Wave for the Gulf" and a letter shich you might want to copy and send to your friends about HEALING and TRANSUTATION of all negativity with the Violet Flame for yourself and the PLANET!!!

Thank you for engaging in HELPING our beloved Planet, Mother Earth, Gaia by name :-)

Comment by Ana Antaka on June 24, 2010 at 2:02pm
Absolutely magnificent!!! Thank you.
Comment by Regina Duprat Renteria on June 24, 2010 at 6:57pm
I love it and I feel your deep words.


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