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My precious friends and family,

I have been guided to share with you recent events occurring within my Life. Please know that as I share this, I am centered and calm and feeling the Angelic connection and Divine Love from the many Legions of Light from On High.

I am blessed to be a Spiritual facilitator and Light worker and following my initial awakening in my mid twenties, and indeed a pretty intense journey, I committed my Self to completely trusting and surrendering to the Divine. Through the many Now moments that I have experienced my own challenges, I have always trusted in the Divine outcome of events, and know that each lesson I choose will take me deeper into the Center of Divine Love through my actions and choices, and ability to Love, forgive and let go.

However, karmic relationships can indeed be difficult, whether they are with parents, partners, children or friends. I now find myself working very much with the eighth ray of transcendence, surrounding myself in this beautiful seafoam green and violet ray of transcendence, looking at healing my personal relationships and archetypically integrating both the warrior of the Light and matron, wise woman energy. Additionally, I am working very much on the inner planes for resolution as the Warden, a Keeper of Justice to this earth plane.

I have two beautiful boys, Benjamin and Caelin, aged five and three respectively, and last week, Tuesday August 14th, my ex-husband abducted the children from Cape Town, and took them to Lisbon, Portugal. I left this relationship when I was eight months pregnant with my second son, and came back to Cape Town from Lisbon, where I spent a year, with a fifteen month old toddler and another on the way. Both my boys are home births, have not been vaccinated and have grown up with a lot of Love and affection. Their father has come out about twice a year for a couple of weeks at a time to spend time with them. However, I had no idea he had been planning for over a year to take the children to Europe without my consent.

As the primary custodian and legal guardian to Benjamin and Caelin, they have brought so much joy into my Life. They are also my greatest earthly teachers in terms of patience, unconditional Love, and simply a new level of emotional intelligence in making this connection with them.

In recent years, my relationship worsened with their father and I further found myself in the position of being both the primary emotional and financial provider to the children. However, I always trusted a resolution would be found and that there would come a time that he would step back with his attacks and see that indeed I have been doing a good job as guardian to the children, and choose to be part of our family, supporting us as best he could. And now, while I feel like I am in the midst of a very big storm surrounded by lies and deception, I am very calm and peaceful, loving and forgiving. This is not the outcome I had anticipated, but justice shall be served, on both the inner and outer planes.

I share this with you my sweet friends, for you are my support system as much as I am yours. You are my family of Light, and in this Now moment, I am needing your prayers and Divine Love as I stand steadfast in the Light as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, bringing in the appropriate support required at this time.

My focus has further been brought to the many children that go missing each year. Children that are kidnapped, abducted, abused, hurt or abandoned. So please send your Love too to all the children that need your Divine, unconditional Love at this time.

I envisage this Now future with my children safely back in Cape Town with me. Although I am not in contact with them at this time, I am making an inner plane connection through their Higher Light constantly. As I send my Love, I know that they are safe and loved. They are surrounded by so many Angelic Beings of Light, and they feel this support and Divine Love, as much I as do in my connection in Light to them, to you and to the Legions of Light. There is only Love.

Thank you my precious friends for your support and Divine Love.

From my Heart to Yours, to the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.

Blessings in Love

Anrita Melchizedek

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