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A PLEIADES CONNECTION - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

10th October 2018 – A PLEIADES CONNECTION

Today my friend arranged for me to channel in front of a larger audience and invited a few people to attend. There were five people I had never met before which was good practice for me. As we waited for the final two people to arrive, I could feel the energies increasing and my friend and I played our drums which heightened the energies further.

I took them through the golden energy healing and cleansing exercise as we do every week during our home group sessions. We looked to the Stars, the heavens and flushed through the golden, healing energy, rooting ourselves in Mother Earth.
And now I ask that you all relax and sink down into the energies being brought forward as this session will work best if you are all working from the heart centre on a loving vibration. The more Love that is in the room the more energy will manifest and enable this day to happen.

Feel the energy pulsating within you, releasing all tensions, relaxing and going within. If you would send energy from your heart to the person on your left and let it flow around this circle, building up the power and the energy. Envisage a great beam of White Light within the centre of this circle, this is our power source that will help us work today. You may rest with your eyes closed and go within for a short while or you may open your eyes and watch the proceedings. Use your psychic, lazy eye and we shall see what we shall see! Expect the unexpected for all is being brought forward today to help the sitter and to help you all to understand the purpose of our journey upon the Earth plane.

We go deeper and deeper into that energy and feel the Love we bring. We are open for negotiations on a higher network of energy and we make those connections, bringing you all a little bit closer into this time frame. Feel the power within you, feel the overriding energy as it builds and manifests. There are those with you from bygone times who come to help you and nurture you and bring you into their loving embrace. There are connections upon connections, upon connections, longing for you to listen. Listen to your heartbeat and register the voices within for they bring you truth and wisdom unsurpassed. A mammoth energy awaits and we step into the Light and proclaim ourselves the chosen ones of old. Be not afraid, come into the Light and be one with us. We build the energies! Short pause.

There is one who comes into your time frame and wishes to speak!

We ask you to be most careful with your thoughts! We seek restitution for those of you here and ask you to allay your fears, do not worry or be put out for all is in accordance with God’s Holy plan. There is no need to fret or worry! There are many who take this lightly but it is no mean feat to step into that energy and become one with us. The anointed one shall be given greater range and there is an amalgamation of energies to provide this facility. We make the most of our deliverances today, and there are many who wait on the side-lines to come forward and help.

(To our hostess)

This is a delightful setting my dear, and we thank you with wholehearted Love, we bow down to you, for your services have been great upon this Earth plane. Do not think you are any lesser than those here today for you are magnificent!

We motion you to take a back seat and let your guides come forward to be with you here and now, to feel their energies, to feel that pulsation between you. You all have those with you that wish to work with you at some point and practice makes perfect, of that there is no doubt. We superintend this energy and cast it around you, feel the tingling and the warmth of the Love we bring you. Pause.

There is one who wishes to say, well done! We let bygones be bygones and leave the past behind. There are challenges to come that face you and this shall be seen to be done. There are resurrections abroad that bring in greater energy and we shall manifest these elements to bring in greater trust and an opening for you all. There is much to be done in this world of yours, so many people need your help! We come to sing your praises and to ask you to be careful with your energies. Protect yourselves at all times, bringing that mantle of golden Light around you, especially in open spaces when there are many people milling around. They can feed off your energy and leave you depleted, and we know you are aware of this, but sometimes you forget! Twice more we ask you to be aware of this, carry the banner of Love above you and that hope in your heart that is strong!

We detect an air of graciousness in this room and know there have been many healings taken place here, this brings warmth to our hearts. There is a mill stream that brings energy, there is Light and there is Love, these things amalgamate and bring in greater Light and joy and a blessing to all in this space. Ignite your souls with joy, bring forth the Light.

Mother Nature varies in her countenance and is shedding her earthly robes, let us thank her for this bountiful harvest that we reap in the work you have done! We have manifested a joyful association and we thank you for your presence here today. Are there any questions you would like to ask? We shall do our best to answer you!

(I had the feeling it was directed to the man sitting near me and he said afterwards that he did have a question at the beginning of the session in his mind but wasn’t sure whether to ask or not). Someone else spoke up!

Q. Can I ask who we are communicating with please?

We are most honoured to bear witness and to come closer into your time frame. We are those souls of old who gathered around the camp fire, and brought in greater clarity and wisdom for the times ahead. We are those soldiers of Light from times gone past, and we welcome in a new regime that will bring honour and sacrifice, for we know your time is very precious and you give it to us without a second thought. We iron out the creases and adjudicate, helping to bring through the energies for deeper manifestation and the power and the energy that will circumference this room, helping us all in our endeavours. We are Soothsayers of old, Wisdom seekers, Earth keepers. Magical alchemy with a dusting of knowledge here and there brought into the room!

(I feel it was here that I reached out as if sprinkling energy around the room).

The sparks ignite, amalgamating in this flame of Light, brought here for your perusal in all magnificence and greatest joy. And we amalgamate our energies and become as one in exploration, we ask for the finest and the best to be brought forward into this arena and given voice. Do not hesitate, come forward and speak if this is your wish!

Q. May I ask of your existence?  (A person in the audience walked out of the room at this point)!

My dear, we have come many times into this earthly experience and gained great knowledge. There is an overpowering wish to stand back and to manifest what is needed for conditions here today. There is much wisdom here among you, much Light to be absorbed. We see a balancing act of sorts being brought into the equation to help lift your energies and to bring in a semblance of Peace and harmony. The boundaries have been laid and we envisage a Star cluster above your heads in the heavens being brought now into manifestation and given greater clout in your world. We hold the energy.

(I could hear someone come back into room, which was a relief as I thought they had walked out of the session)!

Q. When you talk about the Star cluster, can you tell us a bit more please?

The Star energy manifests in this room with us now, being brought forward from the Pleiades, from the energy that manifests within you that calls to your Fatherland/Motherland, it calls to your heart and opens a connection. It brings you closer into the energy field of that vibration and we, from the Pleiades, uphold this Light of Love within you. We draw you to us in a gentle motion, invigorating your hearts and soothing and calming your energy fields. There is great abundance here within you all, this is your home. We manifest a Light within your heart space and deliver greater more powerful energy that will help you unite. Feel the draw and the pull of this energy within you.

There is a reckoning of sorts taking place, transmitting the energy to and from Earth and this energy is more powerful. We emit a frequency of Light that draws you back home from whence you came. This energy pulsates across the universe, gathering speed and Light, opening the terminals there before you, and when you are ready they will open, each one glowing in the purest Light. When your heart is ready these doors will open and you will walk through onto your next conquest, and on and on through time on your journey back home, here to us. You are our brothers and sisters of Light and we ask you to become more aware of this and your connections to us. And as we have said many times before, spend a little time every day in harmony with us! Go within this void and ignite your energy fields to become one with us, more powerful than your earthly bodies could ever understand. We are magnificent creatures of Light as are you all, be aware of this fact!

(This could have been when I drew my arms back wide as if I had wings).

There is an opening close to home for many of you to come into these connections more frequently, and to be able to voice your opinions, understanding your true nature and the earthly elements you have inhabited. We belong to a brotherhood of sorts, a brotherhood of man, and there are elements of the feminine within you all.
(The house telephone rang here but I carried on. I feel these distractions were all a test of some sorts but I kept calm and, in the energy).

We are prepared for a resurrection of sorts and enable this frequency to abound where you may all trust those inner thoughts coursing through your minds. There is an abundance of good cheer here for you in the realms of Light and we give thanks for the magnificence of your entry into this world and what you have achieved while you have been here.

There has been much toing and froing from the Earth plane to the heavenly realms and we bring you to us from time to time, igniting your batteries to re-charge those elements within you that need a fine tuning. Be not despondent about your journeys upon the Earth plane for these are very important to us in these spheres of Light. They let us know what you are about and how far you have come upon your journey, and how you cope with the frequencies upon Earth. We shelter you in our protection, we do not ask of you anything that you are unable to carry out! We ask you to be strong and to be safe in the knowledge that we are with you. Rest assured we are on this journey together and never leave your side, tune into this frequency, become one with us!

There are many drawn to your side and we do not wish to hog the limelight so we will enable a drawing back for others to come forward. Rest in Peace dearest hearts, most beloved ‘Children of Earth’!

For the next 20 minutes there was a flowing of energy with Eileen’s face changing all the time for the group to see with their psychic eye. An oriental face was visible with long white moustache and flowing white hair. An elongated white face appeared with large blue eyes superimposed over Eileen’s closed eyes, there was a white feather hanging down her hair on the right side. At one time Eileen’s cheeks darkened as in a female North American Indian.

The Eagle draws close! We wear the bonnet for protection and in celebration for the Love brought here today, manifest in this room. We thank you for your patience and for your understanding. There is much food for thought and we bring you to us in greater harmony. Thank you one and all, thank you for coming to this wigwam of Peace and Light, the energies are strong within this room. We manifest for you as the Red Man but we have been in many garbs in many time frames in your dimension, this is not the only attire we have worn. There are many who come to celebrate Native American ways and we are very glad you do this, for there is much to learn from our culture and we bring in the reverence for Mother Earth.

(I was being shown the vast plains and mountains in the distance with a river running by).

We see the plains before us and the buffalo, our villages, our children, we see the camp fires. We lived and walked amongst you! We continue our fight for life in the heavenly spheres of Light and we bear witness to even greater councils than those upon the Earth plane. There are many cultures here, many different life forms. We amalgamate in Love and harmony to bring truth upon the Earth plane, truth and wisdom from the ancients, from those very beings here now. We caress your souls and ask you to remember, remember who you are!

Go into that space within you, open those doors and passages to reveal those personages within. You have been here countless times in countless lives, learning and growing and bringing that energy back to the eternal source of Light and Love. We have nurtured you and helped you and shepherded you on this journey, and you will do well to listen to that inner voice within that leads you on to greater journeys and greater magnificence.

There is Light in all things, Light and energy to be harnessed and drawn upon! This is who you are, great Light beings, not the mere mortals you see here today! You are magnificent creatures of Light, heralded in to help others that they too may explore and expand their consciousness. To become one with us, to ignite that flame of Light that it may live on and never be extinguished! We see you worry and frown over so many things but it is not necessary, all shall be accomplished. Do not put yourselves on the back burner any longer, move forward. Listen to the promptings within your heart and express yourselves in greater context with those guides and inspirers of yours, who draw ever closer into your energy field. Listen to the call within, know that you are greatly loved and ever more shall be so.

We are proud of your endeavours, we are proud of your achievements even though the pathway has been tough at times and hard to bear! With that inner Light and inner knowing that we are there by your side, you can conquer over so much in your lives. Aspire to be the best in all you do, aspire to become one with the higher realms of Light that shine upon you. You are blessed, far more blessed than you realise. There is an innate and powerful energy within you all. Do not be afraid of expressing yourselves in open forum, play around with that energy within. Feel that ball of energy, expand your consciousness, fan that flame of Love within you.

There is a culture threatening our entire species and an amalgamation that shall enhance the by-products between us. We co-join as one, balancing the harmony between us. There is a rainbow of Light within this room, amalgamate with it, bring it into your space, feel the frequencies of Light. We ask that you feel the frequency of Rainbow energy, bring it into your being and harmonise with the energies. Feel the stillness, the calm, and the Peace within your very soul. This is what we hope to bring into your lives.

Our hostess called time with the singing bowl as there were people who had to leave by a certain time.

May this Peace reign in your hearts forever more, may you feel the call of the Great Divine and may you shelter in this loving energy, brought to you from the cosmos.

We thank you and re-establish our connection with you, asking you to bear witness for the times ahead. We are Star gazers, Star beings, brought to change the course of mankind’s history and we shall connect in your heart space. Remember us!

We thank you and bless you!

May God’s Love go with you now and forever more and may your journeys be brighter, full of Love and wisdom unsurpassed!

Great spirit we thank you for today, for all those that have drawn close to us in this circle of Light and Love. And we thank our friend for opening her house up to us and for making this sacred space very special.

I’ve amalgamated the comments of what people saw during the session.
Initially, they saw my face lengthen when I first started speaking and then it shortened and took on a leathery appearance as in a Native American. Then a Chinese man with white moustache and long flowing white hair came forward. The the moustache disappeared, the hair shortened and my friend realised she was looking at White Cloud as portrayed in the picture on my book, We Come as One Voice. The last one she saw was a female with a very bland face, she could just see the shadow of eyes and an aquiline nose, with serene countenance. I seemed to have stopped breathing and was very still, she then saw a white feather attached to my hair and hanging down the side.
One of the chaps saw sparks of energy around me and a female energy standing next to me, using some kind of sign language as Spirit were speaking.
Three separate people around the room had seen deep blue Spirit eyes superimposed on mine, which was encouraging.
There seemed to be a sparkling, diamond energy surrounding the group today. And rainbow colours had been seen at the end of this session too.

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