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Dear Dr.,

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How does the body heal?

Da Vinci Man

There are many mechanisms at work in the human physical body to bring forth healing. There is no one simple process; rather, it depends a great deal upon the nature of the injury as to how the healing process proceeds.


Heart-centered energy image

Firstly, it is useful to look at the elements that, you might say, create the context for healing. The first of these is what you might consider a template for the human physical body - or perhaps a blueprint may be more accurate - and this is used as a reference point for that individual’s physical expression.




Secondly, it is important to acknowledge the role of the neurons, which are present primarily in the brain, and their role in commanding the cells to undertake particular processes that support, for example, the process of healing.



The third element is the hologram of an individual's physical expression, which exists in a different dimension from the one in which you exist, and this hologram is in many ways what is expressed in your human physical form; and, you might say, there is a close connection between the blueprint and the hologram because, in their own ways, they are different expressions of much the same thing.


Woman meditating

The blueprint carries the ideal form of the human physical body, to which has been added the unique elements that apply to that individual, whereas the hologram is quite specific to the individual and, in a sense, in its own way comes forth in response to that, you might say, modified blueprint.



And the final piece of context I would give you is the Kundalini energy. As some of you reading this will know, the Kundalini energy can and to some extent always does play a role in the healing process; and the more that you engage with the consciousness of the Kundalini energies and indeed see them be expressed within the physical body, travelling up that spiral channel along the spine and out through the crown chakra; if these energies are activated in the way I have described, and if intention is used, you might say, in relation to the activity of the consciousness of that Kundalini, then it will play a much more active and powerful role in the healing process.


DNA string

As I examine this subject of healing, it also leads us into the process of ageing as it is currently expressed in the human physical form, and as many of you will be aware, the key reason for this ageing process is the decay of the telomere, which represents part of the chromosome; and with each cell division, you might say, a small piece of the telomere is broken off and so, cells could only replicate themselves a certain number of times before that process stops and some of those cells begin to die off. And so this is the major driving force in what is called ageing.


Map of emotions

There is also the influence of emotion, particularly those emotions and energies that arise from past lifetimes that have not been cleared. These are significant contributors to how the physical body ages and indeed expresses illness and disease.



So, there are many factors at work here that, in a sense, create a context within which healing comes forth. When an individual is young and the telomere is healthy, the healing process is usually far more rapid and indeed far more comprehensive. If there is a significant injury to, say, a limb, that injury might be quite complex. There could be damage to bones, to ligaments, to muscle and to the skin, and all of these in their own way need to be healed; and when the body is young, these processes are much more readily activated.


Woman meditating in energy

The process of healing, as you can see, involves many variables and, you might say, the interplay of these variables needs to be managed on some level, and really this is managed between the neurons and the consciousness of the Kundalini. In particular, the neurons play this role because the focus of the Kundalini energy, primarily, is simply to see the physical body healed in any sense, including the repair of the telomere. It has no real, you might say, inherent support for that decay of the telomere. In a sense, the Kundalini energy is unchanged from before “The Fall” in Atlantis, and so its focus continues to be seeking to return the physical form to that perfected state that existed prior to “The Fall” in Atlantis; and so, you could perhaps consider that the consciousness of the Kundalini has been a little frustrated for the last 13,000 years or so, as returning to that state has not been a practical proposition.

So, you might say, the selector, the organiser of individual processes and the order in which they are executed is primarily managed by the neurons. Now you would recognise that the healing process involves, in some cases, repair to cells; in other cases it involves the change of some cells into a form that provides protection to a wound, for example, whilst the healing process proceeds, and then the discarding of those cells; and also, in some cases, the bringing forth of new cells to undertake specific functions within the body.


Femur fractures

So it is a complex process that is organised primarily, as I said, by this, you might say, conversation between the neurons and the consciousness of the Kundalini, and also the interaction with the cells and the organs, and the consciousness of those various elements of the body because, for example, let us take a bone in the leg - the femur - there is a template for that femur, you might say, or again, perhaps, more accurately a blueprint, and also there is a consciousness of that femur that wishes to see that bone returned to perfection. And so it, too, is interacting with the process to see perfection brought forth. It is interacting with the cells that make up that particular bone to see them, you might say, rationalised and reconnected in the way that they were previously, so that the bone is healed.

Indeed, as you may know, when bone is healed in this manner, actually the bone is reinforced more strongly than it was originally to, to an extent, compensate for the fact that damage has occurred in that area, so the bone as a result of the injury is very often stronger than it was before it was broken.

And I will mention that this knowledge is used by those who wish to create what are known as Super Soldiers, by triggering microscopic fractures throughout the bone structure of the body, and as a result, building a far stronger skeletal structure upon which to hang all of that function. But I do not wish to get further down that path than to simply mention its existence.

So, there is this cooperation, there is this mediation, there are these influences driving towards perfection, and you have, intermingled with this, the ageing process, influenced by the number of cell divisions and also influenced by the emotions and negative karmic energies from past lives - all of these things intermingling, you might say, and influencing in their own ways the process of healing of the body.

On a level, watching how the body heals, it truly is miraculous in the sense that, if you cut yourself, you do not even think twice about whether the body will heal that cut; rather your focus is on ensuring that there is no significant infestation of bacteria or other things that might prevent or delay that healing process. The question is not on your mind about whether it will heal, and this is perhaps a good opportunity to introduce the influence of the mind, because there are many ways in which the mind can impact the healing process.

For those who are truly great Masters, they have the ability to simply call forth the, you might say, almost immediate healing of the physical form. Indeed, there are stories told of great yogis in India who might, for example, have had an arm severed, who simply within a day put that arm back in place with no medical intervention. This is an extreme example of the power of the mind to be used in the process of healing, but there are lesser illustrations of that same process. One is to intend that, for example, a wound will heal quickly.

Something which is also very accessible is, for example, when you have cut yourself and it begins to bleed. You can just intend that that bleeding stop; and if you believe in this, it will stop immediately. There have been many examples of this kind of event occurring, particularly, for example, when a parent is speaking with a child who accepts what that parent says very freely, and that parent has some understanding and just tells the child to simply stop the bleeding, and it will stop. As you get a little older, you begin to doubt these abilities because of the consciousness you have been living in, and so it is little more challenging for most adults to do this, unless they have, for example, been students of the kind of the yoga mastery that I spoke of earlier.

So, it is certainly within the reach of the individual where they have some kind of injury or illness, or even an organ which is misbehaving in some manner, to connect with the consciousness of that organ and communicate with it and understand what its issue is, and once you understand this and why it is malfunctioning, to work with it to see it be healed, in a manner that most people do not accept as possible.


Energy dance

Again, this is interplaying with all of the other threads that I have mentioned; so you can see it is like a dance, this beautiful interaction which, for the most part will happen automatically, but which any individual can influence in a number of ways; for example, by activating their Kundalini and communicating with the consciousness of that Kundalini, by communicating with the consciousness of particular organs or a bone or even the leg if there is a major injury there and, indeed, to intend that the bleeding of a wound simply stop. All of these things are very powerful.

Indeed, you can use intention to clear the body of toxins; simply intending that the body go through a process - and this takes several days - of clearing itself of all toxins. You might wonder why this is not automatically done, but really it is up to the individual to take responsibility for the functioning of the human physical body in circumstances which are outside of what you might consider the normal day-to-day functioning; and so, these toxins can be cleared in this manner. This is but an example of what is possible.

This is, perhaps, as far as I wish to go, other than to mention that, as the rejuvenation process unfolds in the near future, you will see the complete reactivation of the telomere - much to the joy of the consciousness of the Kundalini - and also the reactivation of all of the DNA in the human physical form, most of which is currently shut down; and as this all occurs, your ability to bring forth the perfected human physical form, regardless of the degree of damage that has been done to it, either through injury or illness or disease, all of this will simply, you might say, dissolve and disappear; somewhat miraculously, including implants that may have been placed to, for example, pin a bone or other things of this nature. Indeed, even those cases where there have been broken bones; that excess strengthening, you might say, will disappear in this process of bringing forth this perfection.

So this is something for you all to look forward to because, if you are reading this newsletter, you are certainly one of those who will be participating in this process. And so, I trust this gives you a little better understanding of some of the variables in the process of the healing of the human physical body.


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Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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