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A Message From Mahala Gayle.....for our Future predictions....

From: Mahala Gayle []
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2012 6:54 PM
Subject: Planet Alert September 2012


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Have you noticed how chaotic the energy has become? There is lots of drama
out there and I can't say that I have missed out on the drama because a good
friend of our family died of a heart attack on Sunday, August 12th. He was
only 61 years old. I know what it is like on the other side because of my
death experience. That experience took all fear of death away from me. What
I experienced was beauty beyond belief which I believe was on a very high
level of heaven. Hopefully our friend moved through the astral level into
the higher realms. It is such a hard lesson for the ones who will experience
his loss and miss him. There have been others who have left my life this
past year and I miss them.

The reason the energy is so chaotic is because we are moving into a high
frequency world. We are in the Photon Belt, which is a band of high
frequency energy we move through every 13,000 years. Planet X is behind our
sun right now and can be seen if you take a picture of the sun with a
digital camera. We are lining up with the Galactic Center, which is composed
of very high frequency energy, and our magnetic field is way down because of
the magnetic shift we are going through. Every time solar energy hits the
magnetic field I feel the energy. I believe this is why so many people are
freaking out. They can't handle this high frequency energy and it affects
their brain and they do crazy things. The good news is that most of us are
becoming great beings of light. This energy has helped us release our
negative programming.

The North node is now in Scorpio and will be there for a year and a half.
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which rules birth, death, and transformation. The
North node was in Sagittarius for the past year and a half and that is a
fire sign. Scorpio is a water sign and it rules the hidden stuff within us.
This hidden stuff is going to be pulled out of mass consciousness big time
in the next year and a half. Everything hidden will come to the surface to
be looked at and changed into light. Others will ascend and end up on a much
higher frequency world. This is what the Bible talks about when it says
there will be the separation of the wheat from the chaff. We might just fall
asleep and wake up in a different world.

An example of the north node being in Sagittarius and the south node in
Gemini is that of fires and drought in the Midwest. When the node was right
over Colorado, which is ruled by Gemini, they had a huge fire that burned
many acres in that area. Then a couple of weeks ago there was a huge fire in
Cle Elum which is just on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. Then the
node moved into Scorpio (water) and there was a 5.5 and 4.5 quake just off
the coast of Seattle. Our city and state are ruled by Scorpio/Taurus so
there will be more action here as time moves on.

The south node is in Taurus right now and that sign rules money. The south
node is symbolic of the past. Is it finally time for those who have lived on
next to nothing for most of their lives to start having money? The word
money adds up to the number nine. All numbers have a positive and negative
vibration. For a long time we have manifested the negative lesson of money.
The word love adds up to nine. Is it time for us to start loving money, and
asking it to come into our vibration?

We are in the year of the water Dragon in Chinese astrology, and we are
moving into the emotional water energy from the north node in Scorpio. The
moon's node is a very important point in space and it has a big effect on
Earth. And we are in the year of the Storm, ruled by Pluto, in the Mayan
Dreamspell Calendar. We will also still experience fire energy for several
years because of Uranus being in Aries for another six plus years. Uranus
is still making an aspect to Pluto, which is the transformer. Pluto rules
Scorpio so we will feel a lot of transforming energy in the year to come.

Now, let's talk about Saturn, the karmic planet, or on the positive level
the planet that brings us rewards when we are ready for them. Saturn has
been in Libra for the past two and a half years and Libra rules
relationships. Have you had problems with relationships in the past couple
of years? These can be personal relationships or friendships. On a personal
level do you have a new relationship, or do you know someone who does? Or
have you recently broken away from an old relationship? I know several
people who have had challenges with relationships in the last couple of
years. It takes Saturn approximately 29 years to go through every sign of
the zodiac. By the end of October Saturn will be moving into Scorpio. This
will bring a different energy and the Earth and the people on it will go
through much transformation.

Saturn will bring very intense energy to the Middle East for the next couple
of years, and it will be affecting the countries of Israel, Syria, Iraq,
Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. In fact, as I am writing this article Mars just
moved into Scorpio and will be exactly over Israel before the end of August.
Mars will stay in Scorpio until October 6, 2012. I think it would be a very
good idea to send love to those countries during this time period because it
may get very volatile. Mars has been known as the planet of war. Let's start
thinking of it as the planet of peace.

How can there be peace in the world if we do not have peace in our hearts?
Every time we get angry, or we have an argument with someone, we are sending
out the energy of dissension. The political energy is very intense right now
with lots of arguing and negative energy. What a drama for the world to
watch, especially the United States. If we are going to argue and complain
then we are not helping the idea of peace. "You must learn to end the wars
in your world by ending them in your mind" That is a quote from Barbara
Marciniak. This is why we have the song 'Let there be peace in the world and
let it begin with me'.

We are again moving into the time of large Earth events. Right after the sun
moves into Libra on September 22nd it will start making a square to Pluto
and Uranus. Pluto is over the area from the Mississippi River down through
the Gulf of Mexico and South America. The Mississippi River has started to
dry up because of drought, but I think there will be more activity affecting
that area of a water nature soon. This water event might be activated by an
earthquake off the west coast of South America. We are still being affected
by the Capricorn/Cancer eclipses that happened in 2011. Uranus is over
Alaska and Hawaii, and the opposite side is the European nations. No wonder
those countries have been in chaos.

Right now the Sun is moving through the sign of Virgo, the goddess. I would
like to wish happy birthday to all the people born in the sign of Virgo,
including myself. I was born on September 13th. The sign Virgo rules the
area off the African coast where a lot of the hurricanes start. I find it
interesting that when we first heard about hurricane Isaac they said it was
heading toward Tampa where the Republican convention will be occurring next
week. I just heard they are evacuating people from Key West. Today I heard
the hurricane is coming into New Orleans.

When a hurricane happens on this side of the world the opposite side of the
world is also affected like Southeast Asia, China, Japan, the Philippines,
and Taiwan. The eastern coast of Australia is being affected by Neptune so
there might be a water event there soon, or in the islands above Australia.

We do live in interesting times and I think they will get more interesting
soon. We are in fast-forward transformation. It is definitely time to think
with your heart and manifest love in your creations. Our dahlias are in full
bloom and are absolutely beautiful. What a joy to behold. All Is Well in My
World! So Be It!

I send love to all of you and may peace reign in your heart. *****
Mahala Gayle *****

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Comment by martha nance on August 29, 2012 at 4:12pm

So  Be It ! :)

Comment by Arleem on August 30, 2012 at 4:51pm

 So Be It!

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on August 31, 2012 at 2:25am

Dear Arleem,

Welcome !!!


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