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A Christmas Eve Message From Sananda And Ashtar....24th Dec.2010.

Sananda & Ashtar - Birth Of The Child Of Light

"Greetings, Beloved Family!
"On this day of anticipation, we invite you to feel the stillness of Peace in the air, for that is what this time in your Earth days is most
anticipated for.  It matters not what, if any, religion you subscribe
to.  It matters not whether this Eve is the actual date of that Eve when
the anticipation began.
"What does matter is the significance of the symbolism found in the story, for this is the Eve for that Peace that passeth all understanding to make
itself known to you.  It is to shout so loudly within you as to quiet
all your fears, your doubts, your limitations.  It is to literally
envelop you in its loving stillness wherein you find your Truth, your
Empowerment, your Divinity.
"Rejoice, Beloved Ones, on this most significant and sacred Eve, and welcome the birth of the new day tomorrow!  There shall never be another like it,
for the sunshine energies are here to dispel the darkness in the soul of
all humankind. This Holy Mission is fully manifested in the re-birthing
of the Lovelight upon Planet Earth, as represented by the celebration
of the birth of that Child of Light in Bethlehem.
"And, remember that we are all Children of the Light, every one of us, whether we occupy a human or other kind of body, or are in our Lightbody
form.  For we are all the perfect creations of Mother/Father God, and
as such, we have the divine Light of Love within us.  We know that
sometimes that Light has felt so dim as to seem to be lost or forgotten,
but it has been there all the time, even when you could not find it
within or in the air around you.  Yes, it was there, for you
Beloved Ones, have been there, and your presence has made a difference to the World - never more so that now, at this moment!
"So let us hold hands and sing the songs of the coming of the Light, knowing in our Hearts that Love is infinite, eternal and permanently anchored on
Earth.  Thank you, Beloved Ones, for being with us and for sharing your
Gifts, your Grace and your Love, for you truly shine bright upon the
"It is your sharing of your radiance which empowers the energies of Change.  It is You, Beloved Family, who are the true Gifts to the World, for it is
You who are lighting up the way out of the darkness and into the
Lovelight of the Golden Age!
"Salut and Namaste!"
Given through Susan Leland, December 23, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however,
this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on
condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is
altered or deleted.

We invite you to join us in co-creation of our next Ashtar Teleconference on Tuesday, December 28th.*  The call begins with sign-ons at 6:15 PST and the program starts promptly at 6:30 with 5 minutes of late-breaking news from Tara & Rama -CTRL + Click to follow link" face="Trebuchet MS" size="3""> , followed by Ashtar and the Masters.      
Please register here by NOON PST on December 28th:  or click on 'Conference Calls' here:                                                 
All information about the call, including the pin number, will be sent to you after you register.  If, after registering, you do miss the call,
you can still "join in" by emailing Fran at  to send you the audio recording link and playback number which enable you to listen either by phone or computer.
  We look forward to our continuing co-creations with you!     
Namaste and Mahalo, Susan, Fran and Elise

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on December 25, 2010 at 6:15am

Thank you SohiniBen for this beautiful message,


Have a most blessed Christmas!



Comment by Myriel RAouine on December 27, 2010 at 7:52am

Thank you dear SohiniBen :-)


Comment by ayana on December 28, 2010 at 10:26pm
THank you, so much SohiniBen, for this beautifully encouraging message.




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