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Hello Dear Friends,


I found myself having amusing thoughts this afternoon.

Like many others, I, too, am waiting and wondering ... wishing for something concrete - something that would really matter to every single soul on the Planet - for the Best Benefit of All.


Just as a fun thought experiment:


If we had to choose between NESARA and Release of New Technologies, which one would we wish for? Which would YOU, individually, wish for?


The Assumption, of course, is that the introduction and implementation of Either would be done only for the Best Benefit of All - no dark manipulation of any kind, whatsoever.


New Technologies that would benefit every soul including Gaia and All of her Life Forms, or Financial Release from Tyranny for all Human Creatures to then pursue lives of devotion to their Passions?


Your thoughts and opinions are requested.


In Deepest Gratitude,



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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on October 19, 2012 at 2:14am

Such an interesting conundrum! 

I am wondering what flooding the world with money would do. The thought of the person who wins a jackpot of money and goes wild for a time comes to mind. I have a vision of us someday having a world where everyone has what they truly need and such tokens of their worth, such as money are unnecessary. Without money, the exploiters would have nothing exploit us with. I wonder if this isn't a goal to work toward, and flooding the world with more money might be taking us in the opposite direction.

My vote is for New Technologies. This too is a delicate balancing act. These technologies must be in the hands of people who will use them for the best benefit of all. I imagine the timing of the release and who they are released to is crucial. 

So many other events and changes, political, financial reform and adjustments with big money interests, etc., must go with either choice. 

I eagerly anticipate beneficial changes that will free every life on the planet to flourish.

Thank you for posing the question.

Much love, Ishema

Comment by Amoran on October 19, 2012 at 4:29pm

Thank you so much, Dear Ishema. Your Wisdom is always appreciated! I do find this to be a rather interesting question, indeed.


I, too, wonder how many folks might react (free will choices) if all of a sudden everyone's bank accounts are flooded with cash. There are those who might say that if everyone has more than enough money, then money may cease to have any real role in our lives ... a few others I have spoken to have "voted" for NESARA because then we could collectively use the financial resources to fund new technologies and have both options that way.


I wonder, though, who would fund them? Are we causing ourselves a disservice from a timing perspective if such technologies are already available, rather than re-create the wheel just because some folks would not want any new technologies released for whatever reason?


From my understanding of what Galactics like Salusa say, such new technologies as free energy would remove financial burdens in and of themselves, again making money less important. If everyone has more than enough to eat, a safe and comfortable place to live, the ability to travel effortlessly, much more free time to pursue their own interests ... it almost seems to me that both of these options are approaching the same goal but from very different paths/means.


Then, of course, there are questions of who would implment, how it would be implemented, how our daily roles and responsibilities would change at really every level of our existence, how quickly either option might bring peace and healing to the entire planet - not just humans, of course, but to all sentient Beings and to the natural environment.


I look forward to what others may have to say from their perpsective if folks are interested in expressing their opinions.





Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on October 19, 2012 at 5:23pm

I am not sure I expressed the other thought I had about this question. This is the need for world stability. There is no sure answer about what a flood of new money now might do. There is a great deal of polarization in the world right now and some of the money might go into pent up destructive expression. Other money would go into pent up desires for things, vacations, etc., which could be a distraction for a while.

If all of our systems and people stay on an even keel it is much easier to push progress forward. 

Thank you again for such an interesting question.

Love, Light, and Peace, Ishema

Comment by Amoran on October 19, 2012 at 5:57pm

Yes, Ishema, - I also forgot to mention that I had a similar thought as well. It occured to me how much many humans love "new technologies" - just look at the iPhone, tablets, the kindle, video games, flat screen tv's and the like. Now, I am not saying whether these technologies are "good" or "bad" - just that most people I know readily accept and even get excited about new "technical things".


I could imagine that it would be a relatively smooth transition if people could "replicate" their food or have other "star trek" like gadgets. Of course, there would be those who might fear such things, but, in general, just look at our science fiction - much of which I strongly believe is already science "fact". The point is, these type of technologies whether they be space ships, replicators, transporters, holodecks - we are all familiar with these things within the mass consciousness. Many of our own Earth Scientists have already expressed that these things are "theoretically possible" based upon our current (and very limited) understanding of physics.


So, as it relates to "stability and transition", yes, I do agree as I thought this also - probably a smoother ride for someone to use a food replicator (just like we use a microwave) than it would be to suddenly have $1 Million burning a hole in your pocket ...


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on October 19, 2012 at 6:32pm

I had another thought. Money is a human solution. If it is to benefit Gaia and all of the life upon her, humans have to be mature enough to take responsibility for the Greater Life. This is what the Shift in consciousness is about. But the big question for me is has humanity shifted enough to take responsibility if the world is suddenly flooded with money? There may still be work to do with the Shift. 

Perhaps if the focus is on technology, it stands a better chance of benefiting all life upon Gaia....

Comment by Rick Jordan on October 19, 2012 at 6:56pm

Good question! After I read the question I had formulated my answer, then I scrolled down and saw that you both basically mirrored exactly what I was going to say! nearly word for word

I would have to say: New Technologies

Getting these new technologies out there is the first step in ending financial tyranny (although it could also be done in reverse I suppose).

For example, the movie Thrive says that we can make a "plane" that could travel from New York City to Tehran in 1 hour!!!!!

Travel would become so easy and commonplace. Teleportation is another interesting idea. HAARP could be used to turn the Sahara green instead of these secret insider wars we see going on today.

Financial Tyranny is based on one concept: Greed

The moment when "world events" show even the darkest of the dark that Greed is pure silliness, only then will the Natural Tides come in favor of selfless service to All that Is


Comment by Amoran on October 19, 2012 at 7:05pm

Thank you Dear Friend, Rick, and thank you again Ishema. What you both say resonates strongly with me. I do also agree that the "new technology route" would have a much better of chance of offering some immediate assistance to the natural environment - to Nature and to Gaia.


In my conversations with some of my friends, I gently like to remind them that "this is not all about humans" and "what humans want and desire and need." Please understand, yes, there is much we need to do to help our fellow brothers and sisters - especially those in need of clean water, food and safe shelter. However, I am often reminded that our Planet Earth, Gaia, has a strong voice in this; the Trees have a strong voice; the Animals have a strong voice; yes, even the Sun, Moon and the Stars themselves have a strong voice. What is happening is a UNIVERSAL event - one could argue even a 'MULTI' universal event.


In my mind, the words "for the Best Benefit of All" includes humans as only one race, one sentient species among many - included the entire Cosmos Herself.





Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 21, 2012 at 8:50am

Oh Amoran, what a question!

When I first read it two days ago I sat back and asked myself, "What exactly is NESARA?" - I suppose now this is the project which says that Saint Germain has tons of money in store for us which will be released onto all bank accounts in due time, is it?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge - or even ignorance, lol! - but I have always regarded this idea as nonsense ... the people who are most in need of money do not have bank accounts, to begin with ...

Sure, the money would be distributed evenly, nevertheless, I suppose, right? - Well, I don't think this would work out, lol - the reasons you already mentioned, Ishema, are too obvious: We are not yet ready collectively for this relesase of money!!! Let's say, money is power - what would the many people do who are still caught in 3D desires if they were given the power to act them all out? ....

On the other hand, giving new technologies to the people as long as the people have no say in what's happening in the WORLD is not a soltuion, either. You mention HAARP, Rick - and just as HAARP is only used to play out power wars these new technologies would quickly find their way into the industry of warfare, too - so it's not yet time to gift humanity with new technologies either.

For me, the only way to the life we wish to lead in the near future, is a DEEP GOING Cleansing process. Before we are given money or the means to change the world forever - we need to become CONSCIOUS of what we are doing! The critical mass of awakened beings must be reached and we need to take our power back through peaceful means of resistance, demonstration - and most of all, leading the life we expect in the future amidst the conditions we encounter RIGHT NOW, thus giving an EXAMPLE - as Mandela, Ghandhi, King and others did!

Money and new technologies come at the END of this process - just as the long awaited "FIRST CONTACT" - worldwide, that is! ONLY when we have done our chores of cleansing out all the mess that accumulated throughout the millenia of tyranny - we will be allowed to enter the Galactic Federation of LIGHT collectively, as the Human Angelic Race that we ARE!

For now we are still - in most parts - only human ... the task to integrate our ANGELIC heritage lies before us - and only through accepting it FULLY and acting accordingly will we be freed!

We are given all we need, already ... can you see it?

Now let's put it to task!

No longer should we await solutions from the outside. 

No longer should we wait for money to be showered upon us

No longer should we expect that others, who find the means, will resolve all our problems!

If each of us starts out with the means we have - and we live an impeccable life - that is to the extent that we are awakened and able to implement what we already know - the example and LIGHT will spread and the silent revolution will overcome the system as it is ...

This, of course, is just my humble opinion, lol!

Sending and SEEDING Love and Light - now and always in all ways for the BEST of ALL - animals, plants, minerals, devas, angels, humans, galactic, and star beings!

Sonja MYriel Aouine

Comment by Colin Henry Smith on October 21, 2012 at 11:41pm

right on the mark, well done Sonya...blessings to all of humanity in seeding the Love & Light in each & every moment in the Now.........this we can do now without further pain to Gaia, the animals devas etc etc.

Comment by Amoran on October 22, 2012 at 5:54pm

Very well said, Sonja! I think you are very much right on the money also. The Truth and the True Power lie within ourselves, of this there is no doubt.


However, we are at a crossroads both physically as well as spiritually and I think that there are many options now being explored within the Higher Realms as to what some possible, physical, next steps may be in our near future. That is the genesis of my thought experiment question.


Your words of wisdom are very near and dear - it will all be for naught if we are not ready within ourselves - at peace and in love.


Thank you.


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