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2012 Pleiadian Meditation for Gaia ~ Solara An-Ra ~ Goddess of Light

2012 Pleiadian Meditation for Gaia ~ Solara An-Ra

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Do this meditation, with or without the soundtrack, every day possible in the lead-up to the 12.12.12!

I channelled the meditation at the request of one of my Light tribe, Ka't Mandu, who is manifesting 144,000 Light tribe to be doing a planetary meditation for cleansing all negativity within Earth and Her energetic body at at midnight Eastern Standard Time to give impetus to the Earth's Ascension for 2012.

It turned out to be a process in which we all connect with the Core Crystal of Gaia, energising Her and speeding up the process of clearing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions so that we are more easily able to connect with the fifth dimension. Love and thank you thank you to my Pleiadian friends for this meditation!
Love love love, Solara An-Ra Goddess of the Light
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Written Transcript
Close your eyes, dear Light people of Gaia. Close your eyes , moving into that inner world of Light and infinite space which exists within your consciousness. Open your hearts now dear ones, by activating your crystalline prana tubes, visible and perceptible as a crystalline flowing tube through your 12 chakras, spinning upwards into the Great Central Sun and downwards into the Great Mother’s core crystal. Visualise golden-white Light flowing in from above and below, activating your One-Heart centres. You feel this golden-white Light; the Love of Source energy from above and below activating your One-Hearts, unifying you in your consciousness right now so that you connect with the One-Heart consciousness of all others on the planet of Earth now. Acknowledging that the One-Heart is awakened only in those who hold sufficient Light, and only in those who are in Divine service to Gaia and Her tribe of humans now.
Pleiadian Councils of Light direct you now in a visualisation which brings your reality into fruition – yourchosen reality. Visualise now dear ones, your planet. Visualise this blue-green planet in front of you as though you were able to hold the planet like a great ball between your 2 hands. Visualise the planet spinning in front of you in all of its beauty and grace – and through the process which we guide you in now, you will assist in clearing the energy of your planet. You will assist in clearing the energy, both within the planet Herself; within Her body - and within the aura which She projects out into the galaxy.
Seeing the planet in front of you now, make contact with her crystalline core; with the great core crystal within Her heart, feeling this as the heart itself of Her being; the heart which beats and pulses the rhythm of Her Light. The great core crystal stays always in its integrity – it is not compromised by pollution of any sort, physical or thought form. And so it is from the core crystal itself that you will now project healing golden-white Light-wave forms through the body of the planet. Your One-Hearts open now, project your love into the Core crystal in the centre of the Earth, forming your hands into a namaste, bowing your heads and greeting the Core Crystal with great love and respect, acknowledging this great powerful Being as the source of all life within the planet and upon Her surface, including your own life form, your own body, and all which is in the third dimension visible around you.
As you bow your heads, namaste’ing to the Core Crystal - acknowledging Her, pouring your love and respect into Her, feeling the love and respect from all others in your Light tribe flowing into Her simultaneously as you all do this meditation - you will feel Her empowered and starting to resonate with you and all of your Light tribe. And together you ask Her to emanate more powerfully now Her healing vibrations through the second dimensional realm. Visualise her power now moving through the crystalline beds, through the crystal and mineral kingdoms within the body of Gaia, through the telluric forces, electromagnetic fields, through the lava flows, through all forces within the body of Earth, through the soil itself which has been compromised.
Visualise the Inner Earth now being filled with this golden-white Light emanating from the core crystal. Visualise the cities of Light within Gaia receiving this healing energising vibrational wave now. Connecting with the beings who live in the Cities of Light within, allowing them to feel your love and respect also. Waves of rainbow colours now start to emanate from the crystals within Mother Earth; waves of indigo, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red Light emanating now from the crystal beds. And all of you who do this meditation now, through the timeline, through the time zones, all of you united with One-heart, one purpose, to energise the core crystal, encouraging Her to send Her waves through all aspects of Inner Earth which have been compromised.
And now coming to the aspect of the Earth’s aura, of that energy field which emanates from the surface of Mother Earth into the air and the atmosphere in which you reside in the third dimension. Allowing these healing waves of golden-white Light to be experienced within the aura of Mother Earth now – feeling these waves of healing Light moving through the water element; through the streams and rivers and oceans of Gaia. Through the earth element; plants and trees, flowers and fields, woods and forests, plains and deserts, mountains and valleys, rolling hills and plains. Feeling this healing Love vibration stimulated from your united One-Hearts and by the great Core Crystal clearing the air itself, clearing all aspects of the elements of 3-D which have been polluted.
Moving further still now, into the fourth dimension – moving into that dimension which holds the collective consciousness; the thought forms of all Earth beings. Dissolving the thought forms of the old world, of the Piscean Age – dissolving all thought forms of unworthiness, of polarity, of good and evil, of the war which has been. Bringing hope to those who have lost hope, bringing the seeding of Unity Consciousness to those who feel themselves utterly separated one from another. Bringing the hope & the possibility of peace to all those who have moved beyond hope.
Through this process, dear ones, you clear all negativity and pollution in the second, third and fourth dimensions – reconnecting the first dimension of your planet, the great Core Crystal, with the fifth dimension into which vibration you now move. Through your intentions, your visualisation, your open hearts – and through this etheric healing which you project now into the troubled dimensions, you make fifth dimensional Christ consciousness more accessible to those around you – to those who are awake, to those who are awakening and to those who slumber still - for there is hope now for all on your planet! The ability to awaken is possible now for all on your planet – those who have held the agenda for the Divine Plan of ascension of Gaia, and those who have fought against it. For in these changing times there is hope for all. As the systems collapse left and right, there is awakening possible for all on your planet.
Do this daily, dear ones, in the lead-up to the 12-12-12, with this meditation sound-track or not – simply visualise your blessed blue-green planet as if you can hold it like a ball in front of you. Namaste to the great Core Crystal, the source of all life in your system. And activating your One-hearts, opening your prana tubes above and below, pour your Love and gratitude into this crystalline matrix, allowing the crystalline flow of energy which emanates from it to transmute all negativity within the Earth, within Her aura, within the fourth dimension of the collective unconscious - in this way allowing access between yourselves and the fifth dimensional frequencies of love and harmony to be more accessible to all.
Star-being frequency is transmitted to you and all through this momentous year of 2012. In love and gratitude to you for your service, namaste.

© 2009-2012 Solara An-Ra. All rights reserved.

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