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Cleansing to Aid the Radiance of the Soul by Lady Portia

Channelled through Natalie Glasson


My beloved friends, a wealth of unconditional love is expressed from my energy and soul and the vast team of light beings that I work alongside to aid the advancement and awakening of humanity. We unite our energies now to bring forth this communication which is focused upon cleansing and purifying of the energies. Cleansing or clearing energies, emotions and thoughts from your being is so very important as it allows you to continue to hold a clarity within your mind and energy. On the Earth you all experience so much, your senses are overloaded with images, thought, sounds, situations, emotions and the projections of others. In many ways you have a marvellous ability of taking on so much information and holding it within your aura, even energies or ideas that you had not observed within your reality. This means that your energies can become confused and unsettled; you may find that the information or ideas held within your being become stagnant because they have not been recognised, used or released. You could be compared to a room that you are constantly filling with new objects without clearing away old objects or litter first. I know that you are all aware of the importance of cleansing your energy and releasing old habits or emotions especially when you feel ill or low in vibration, but I wish to remind you that cleansing and healing is needed more frequently. It is beneficial to devote some time each day to asking for purification of your energy or a cleansing of your energy because as you travel through your reality it is almost as if you are collecting dust and it is this dust that can hinder the radiance of your soul and natural Creator's light.

            If you are constantly collecting information and ideas throughout your day without realising it, then you will find that there are aspects of your energy that you are unaware of, which have a lower vibration or a separation from your true existence. In my opinion cleansings and healing must become your key focus even if you are feeling in perfect radiant health because by reducing the clutter within your aura and body you are bringing a balanced high vibrational energy to your being that becomes extremely strong and a powerful foundation. Through constant cleansing and healing you begin to examine yourself more fully and understand your energies as well as embarking on a journey where your energy vibration is constantly being heightened. Cleansing and healing will also create a sacred space that allows your soul to become more present and evident within your energy, blending to become one with your being. When you do not cleanse your being and do not add new healing energies to your current energy vibration then your soul can become lost or unrecognised in a sea of confusion. This means that the power of the soul within your reality is diminished.

            When we allow our energy to remain of a high vibration and quickly clear away unneeded thoughts, emotions or the projections and ideas of others then we are preparing ourselves for a complete and absolute integration with the Creator. If you were to have an important person visiting your home, you would most probably tidy and clean in respect for yourself and the person but to also create a space that is happy and joyous for the occasion. It is the same when wishing to connect with the Creator and your soul, there is a need for you to create an energy within and around you that is sacred. This may not always be possible as situation and experiences on the Earth throw up new challenges but when you have a focus that is devoted to constant cleansing and healing of yourself and energies you will find that you remain balanced and are able to deal with situations with greater ease.

            It is my wish that you take time to contemplate this and to realise whether there is a need for you to devote further time to cleansing and healing your being and how you believe this will assist your spiritual growth and connection with the Creator.

            I also wish to share with you a brief but I believe beneficial meditation to assist you in cleansing and healing your being with focus. Allow yourself to breathe deeply first to gain a state of peace and stillness.

            'I invoke the energy and presence of Lady Portia to draw close to me now allowing the Seventh Ray Ashram Light Being Team to surround me in a circle of light. I call upon the protection of all loving and positive light beings present and ask that Lady Portia oversees this cleansing process completely.'

(Imagine, sense or acknowledge this and the light that surrounds you.)

            'I invoke the violet flame of transmutation to descend over my being and to purify my energies completely, dissolving all unneeded energies that I may have accepted or absorbed from my reality without realising and any stagnant energy within my being. I ask the violet flame of transmutation to purify and cleanse my energies appropriately to bring a greater sense clarity to my mind, body, emotions and energy vibration.'

(Visualise, sense or accept the presence of the violet flame surrounding you completely, accept that a deep cleansing is occurring and that much clutter is being released.)

            'I ask that the violet flame dissipates when the purification has been completed.

            I ask that Lady Portia and the Seventh Ray Ashram Light Being Team channel their seventh ray violet energy deep into my being to continue the cleansing process and to stabilise and balance my energies.'

(The violet light will flow into your being from all directions working with your energies appropriately.)

'I ask that Lady Portia channels into my entire being the Violet Diamond Purifying Light holding high vibrational Creator consciousness, the energy of activation and clarity.  I am accepting of this pure energy and light.'

(Sit for a moment to experience the different vibration of this light.)

            'As my entire energy is being purified I begin to activate my soul and heart chakra to allow the pure love that exists within my being to emanate and blend with the purified energies of my body, aura, mind and emotions. I ask that Lady Portia and the Seventh Ray Team also open their hearts and souls to me, sharing with me the pure love of the Creator, so that I may absorb love and exist within love. I am thankful for your unconditional love and know this to be healing and uplifting to my entire being.'

(Breathe in the unconditional love that is shared with you now.)

'Held in the love of the Creator and all present I allow all unneeded energies that I may have absorbed today and in my past to flow away from me now. They are no longer needed and any attachment that I may have held has been dissolved. I ask also that Lady Portia places a shield of love around my aura which acts as a filter allowing me to absorb only nurturing energies from my reality to intensify the clarity, balance and purity of my being, creating a sacred haven within me in honour and respect of my connection with the Creator. Thank you and let it be.'

Practicing this each day will assist in raising your energy vibration and enhancing your connection with your soul and the Creator.

With sacred blessings and a wealth of healing love,

I am Lady Portia

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In Divine Love & Light
Thank you for this beautiful picture, Kathleen :-)
I prefer using: "I am a being of silver-violet fire. I am the purity God desires." I say it several times a day. It seems to cleanse all of me.
Yes, it does :-) This is just another beautiful variant and a reminder how important daily cleansing in whatever way is. The Violet Flame is really a gift from heaven :-)

Thank You for this beautiful meditation!
Will you please e-mail this article to me-my printer will not print it and I'd love to be able to have it to use, I thank you so much!
Dear Angela, the text is WHITE - that's why ;-). Just copy, paste, MARK, CHANGE COLOUR and it will show up ;-)

Love and Light to you, my dear sister :-)

Sonja Myriel
Thank You Sonja! I didn't even think about it! An ah-ha moment!
Blessings dear sister!

Sonja Myriel said:
Dear Angela, the text is WHITE - that's why ;-). Just copy, paste, MARK, CHANGE COLOUR and it will show up ;-)

Love and Light to you, my dear sister :-)

Sonja Myriel
wealth of healing love

Thank you Sonja, for this beautiful and powerful, cleansing, meditation. The Violet Flame is truly, part of a Divine consciousness; for you, I am grateful.

a humble prayer (with Lady Portia on this, Sacred Day 2):

Violet Flame, pour upon me that I am cleansed of all that has held me from thought, word and action of the Divine, dwelling within. With each breath, I thank you, as the resonance of this prayer flows throughout my bodies that I anchor, you Violet flame, with the energies of humanity, Gaia and all her beings, our beloved solar system, Milky Way galaxy-wide, this universe and throughout the cosmos; amplifying all that is of the sacredly pure, Divine heart. Amen

A lovely meditation for this second day. Thank you for giving it to us, again.
Dear Sonja,
Very good !
I always love channelings of Natalie Glosson.
God Bless you !



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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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