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"PORTIA is the Goddess Of Justice" and also Goddess of Opportunity.  She represents divine justice to the Earth. Her action is that of balance, with the scales as a symbol; there must be harmony to hold a balance. She went on into perfection, when imperfection began to be externalized, and She was therefore not drawn into discord with mankind. She remained in the inner spheres and only came forth April 9, 1939, for the first time. She started Cosmic Justice into action for the Earth, which must reign supreme once again. It was made known then that She was THE TWIN RAY (flame) of beloved SAINT GERMAIN. 

She is One of the Members of THE KARMIC BOARD, representing the Seventh Ray on that Board. She became Spokesman June 27, 1954, in honor of SAINT GERMAIN having become the presiding Master for the next two thousand year cycle. 
One can call to Her for assistance in legal action.  Her electronic pattern is the Maltese Cross." 

from LAW OF LIFE II by A. D. LUK, p. 334-335 


"As you know, Divine Justice and God-Freedom are quite inseparable and so it is indeed the grateful Joy of My Lifestream to be the Divine Complement of my adored and adorable 'FRANCIS' (which name means 'Freedom' and by which He is known at Inner Levels), but better known to His chelas in the world of form as 'SAINT GERMAIN' (which name means 'Holy Brother' and is so symbolical of the One who has given so much of Himself to the bringing forth, sustaining and expanding on earth world brotherhood, uniting the Christ Natures of all everywhere). 

"May I very kindly and yet truthfully say that it is really not within the understanding of an unascended being to be able either to cognize intellectually or feel emotionally the depths and breadths of our Love for all of God's creation - and more particularly for each of you who has given so much of that which makes up your physical existence here - your time, attention, energy and financial substance - into the 'Cause of Freedom.' For the eternal Victory of this 'cause' on earth your beloved Saint Germain really 'lives, moves and has His Being.' His steadfast consecration to this purpose all through the ages has been and still is almost unbelievable - even to Us - and it is most beautiful to behold! 

"Now, beloved gracious readers - I have just told you of My (and Our) combined Love for you - individually and collectively. Therefore, whenever you think of Me as Portia - Goddess of Justice, will you let My Love draw you very close to Me, thus dissolving from your world all fear of Divine Justice? You know 'Perfect Love casts out fear,' and I would like us to be close heart-friends - if you are willing. 

"Now, Divine Justice is not too popular a subject and, as a matter of fact, the Presence of neither THE GODDESS OF PURITY nor Myself is too much called for or sought after among mankind. Our lovely Sister of Light KUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy) is called into action here much more often than We, for Mercy makes one feel so comfortable and brings a sweet sense of forgiveness and release. This of course is because of the feeling within It of the freeing Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame." 

from dictation by PORTIA, Pearls of Wisdom ®, Volume 2, Number 23, (The Summit Lighthouse, 1959) Copyright © 1997 Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. 

Beloved Portia - July 2nd, 1980

The Call of Camelot

A Council of the Woman Clothed with the Sun

Delivering a Path for the Liberation of Woman through Mighty Cosmos’ Five Secret Rays

Good evening, my own beloved. We, the lady masters of the Karmic Board, salute you in the name of the Lord of the World whom we adore and whose divine plan for the decade we espouse.

Saint Germain has asked me to address you on this day dedicated to you who keep the flame of Life on Terra. You have called me Portia. You have welcomed me. And so I AM come into your very midst with legions of my bands who have not thus descended into the lower octaves of earth for millennia untold. I have come to speak to you of America and of the path of freedom.

The love which my beloved bears for this land and this people can hardly be told, yet it is known of angels who adore him for his immaculate concept and for his perseverance with a sometimes obstinate, wayward, and even dense people. Now we have come, we five, delivering a path for the true liberation of woman and of the soul. Many ascended lady masters have joined us in a council of light for the feminine ray.

We are delighted to tell you that we have been meeting for many weeks, laying plans for this land and for the raising up of the Mother flame as the Kundalini fire in the very midst of her diverse yet unified peoples. We have studied the problems of many segments of society, not only of men and women but of those in varying ethnic groups, origins, karmic accountabilities, those on various echelons of development in the four planes and in the chakras.

Our path of the feminine ray is a path outlining the way of mighty Cosmos’ secret rays. Its goal is to teach, in a practical manner, students of the light who have a more than ordinary dedication how to release the five secret rays from the nucleus of each of the seven chakras. This path presupposes that you have followed the disciplines of the seven chohans and of the Great Divine Director and of the Elohim Cyclopea who serve with us representing those seven rays as a path of attainment and light, even while we are the guardians of the very use of that sacred fire. Its abuse, as you know, can bring swift and sudden accident, crisis, illness, and death. Its proper use can give joy and beauty and eternal life.

My beloved hearts, this is the decade of the ascendancy of souls! Whether in male or female bodies, it does not matter. This is the decade of the reunion of twin flames. This is the decade when we, as a Council of the Woman Clothed with the Sun, have determined to roll back the darkness and to provide new opportunity for our beloved Lord Gautama to walk the earth—his footsteps flames of peace, fires of love that burn and warm the heart and path of many a pilgrim. Imagine yourself walking several yards behind the Lord of the World as a part of his retinue, placing your feet in those footprints of living fire, stepping into the very outline of sacred fire that burns wherever he walks.

The Lord of the World, in his supreme majesty, adores the Mother light within you and woos on the Homeward path that upward spiraling flame so capable of restoring in you the divine memory of the Ancient of Days and of the fullness of the mind of God itself. Pushing through the lotus blossoms of your chakras, this blessed flame would light up your world and the whole world. Gautama is the light of our life. And we cherish his effort on behalf of all evolutions, the whole creation which groaneth and travaileth in giving birth to the Cosmic Christ.

We come, then, in an understanding that there are shoots of flowers and green pushing through from the subconscious of the many peoples of this great nation, this ‘Great Society’ as it has been called. As there is a floundering of leadership and a disappearing and reappearing self-image on the part of those who hold the highest offices in the land, we have noted a certain malaise, a certain discomfort in the people who no longer feel the strength of identifi cation. “I am an American” is often not heard but rather: “I am a Puerto Rican”; “I am of Chinese origin”; “I am Japanese”; “I am Polish”; “I am Jewish”; “I am a member of the brotherhood of Islam.”

This pluralism, as it has been called, and this pluralistic society is not necessarily a breaking up or a breaking down of the original flame of freedom from the heart of Saint Germain and the Goddess of Freedom—and so many cosmic beings whose  names you have not been told because in their name lies the unlocking of such immense power that to give their name would indeed place vast quantities of light in jeopardy of the frivolity of human will.

Thus I tell you that for want of an identity as a single people, as an I AM Race, many look for strength, courage, and an identity into their own origins, their own peoples and past beyond the sea before they were called by Mother Liberty to be one and to forge a union out of many lifestreams. The confluence of that River of Life <3> as the many lifestreams come together is a part of the dream of the Divine Mother for this nation.

Now, my beloved, those who come and those who identify with their race or nation or background do so because they have a group karma and a group identity. And this is forged out of the very image of the Son of God himself that has become the archetype and the vessel through which there pours the infinite light of the causal bodies of those who have traveled together as pilgrims of this planetary home. That which they are seeking in reality is this Christ person—a representation handed down from the lawgivers of the root races, the greats manus themselves. Thus we are all for this understanding and this  pursuit.

But we have a problem which we would share with you, and we would ask you to help us with this problem. It is that these varoius groups really do not know that for which they are seeking. They do not know that it is the image of Christ whose bounty and abundant life has given them that sense of community and joy in the music of their native lands and even in their own language and dress and customs and favorite recipes. Thus heroic deeds of patriotism that transpired on the very soil of Poland are remembered by the Polish people in America. And so it is true with the members of each community.

We see, then, that this trend will continue until the members of these groups rise to the Christ consciousness of that group and then, peering over the mountains of this higher consciousness, they discover that that very same Christ person, as the center of each of these communities, is one, is light, is a mediator, and is another jewel manifesting through thousands and millions of people another aspect of the great God Self. Thus unity comes when people attain to that Higher Mind. This is the goal, but it must be set specifically before these groups.

Therefore we see that separation without this noble purpose could cause such great division in this society as to render it incapable of being mobilized for the common cause of that I AM Race ennobled through the Christ consciouness and rising through it to the very heights of the I AM THAT I AM and the Lord Sanat Kumara. Thus, you see, there is a very great need  for Keepers of the Flame to go to these various communities, especially if they have themselves a particular identification with one or more of them.

Saint Germain has made known to you that he calls the sons and daughters of Afra to go forth quickly, even with lightning speed, into the larger cities of this nation to deliver the great mandate of light and freedom and the knowledge of the use of the violet flame whereby so many past abuses and misuses of the light within and without this magnificent people might be transmuted and oppression may be an instantaneous alchemy by the name of Opportunity. Rising from the springboard of the past, let these sons and daughters of Afra discover a noble identity and a higher cause than the defense of the lesser self.

Thus there is a need. Tremendous souls of light are in these communities across America—San Francisco’s Chinatown and the great Midwestern cities where Eastern Europeans gather and the Germanic peoples continue their traditions. We see, then, that those who are here from all nations of the earth, those incoming refugees out of Vietnam, out of Cambodia, out of the Far East now must have delivered to them in their own tongue, in their own understanding and traditions the great message of Mother Liberty. The Hispanics in Miami, the Cubans who long for freedom—all must have the mighty teaching of the age, for unless they have it they cannot lay upon the altar of Uncle Sam the gift of their great identity.

Therefore we send you stumping, for those called and those who are here represent the entire gamut of the evolutionary chain of their homelands—some of great light and some who have chosen a path of darkness for many centuries. All come to the fount and the flame responding to the call of Camelot—the inner call of the soul to the mysteries of the Holy Grail. They come by the great magnet of attraction of the ascension flame of Serapis Bey.

People speak of what is called sex appeal and the magnetism of sex. Beloved hearts, this is such a great travesty; for there is no greater magnet in the earth than the magnet of the Mother flame and the ascension light. It is pure life. Imagine partaking of the essence of pure life—life in all of its joy and vitality and acceleration and purest love. Beloved hearts, all the world yearns and longs for this purity and this pure stream. But so many when they find it pervert it, tear it down as one would tear apart a flower, destroying the most beautiful manifestation of God’s love, perhaps in the attempt to devour it.

Beloved ones, mounting this great River of Life these evolutions come. Representatives of these many communities are called by Saint Germain to be ambassadors to Camelot—to come and in their coming and in keeping the flame to thereby represent entire evolutions here, and then following the stream back to the origin in the distant or not so distant homeland. This, then, involves the transmutation of the evolution and the evolutionary chain of souls, and this is the great work of the ages.

The violet flame of freedom must be interpreted and addressed to each and every section, each and every economic group. And those who represent us in the feminine ray, those who are the gentle yet powerful women in our midst, they must also, in their representation of our flame, hold meetings with women all over this country, showing them how they can raise up the light and in so doing restore the holy family and give new vitality to their communities.

Women must be united by women, and men going forth must also teach the way of my own Saint Joseph. This native land must burn again with patriots and patriarchs of freedom and great prophets who rise to be the heads of their households, their states, and their nation.

We see, then, many going forth two by two, stumping for that Coming Revolution. We see a continuity. We see a reaching out. And we see the application of the message to the needs of the hour. Thus what is intended to be a downward trend by the false hierarchy and an overturning of the divine plan of Saint Germain by the very fallen ones now becomes the open door of opportunity for union on the very firm foundation of the individual Christ. Thus we send you forth. Thus we summon you to Camelot.

We have sent forth the call for those who will understand that there is a need to draw into meetings concerning the issues of youth and education and the ills of society the women who ought to be about the preservation of the Mother flame. Therefore we enlist your aid to solve the problem of peoples who are searching for a lost identity, for a cause that they can espouse, and for human dignity itself. We enlist your aid in bringing to these people the full understanding of the goal of life—of Saint Germain’s great commitment of freedom in America.

While there is continual compromise at home and abroad on the part of the current president, we see the need for firm resolve in truth, in liberty, in justice, in mercy, and in love bound together by the cosmic honor flame, the very white fire core of mighty Cosmos. We see that the example that is set is so very poor, so very wanting that it threatens to cause the cracking and the splintering of a divine matrix.

We see, then, a very necessary and orderly outpicturing of the divine plan from the great causal body of the Great Divine Director enhancing the entire cosmic conception of Lord Gautama for the saving of the earth, the saving of America, and the survival of light and light’s emissaries and of God’s people everywhere. Understand that each member of these groups who rises by the ascension flame transfers to all in that karmic mandala a portion of that attainment and all rise together toward the fullness of that majesty of Christhood.

Let those peoples coming from Mexico into Southern California and Texas and Arizona and New Mexico be given the opportunity to understand a noble purpose. Let the violet flame roll and crackle as I send it forth to consume division and manipulation by those who are the agents of World Communism and the perversion of the great free market and the private enterprise.

Beloved hearts, these peoples require education and a summoning to the great standard-bearer of the age, my own beloved Saint Germain. I bow before his light. I am humble before the great love that he bears for you all. I am grateful to be on the battlefield with him and with you. I pledge to you the support of my heart flame and of those of us who serve together on the Karmic Board. We are determined that you will have support in a most practical way for implementing the very desires of your heart to fulfill the dreams of Saint Germain.

Let us then know that fireworks on the Fourth of July this year are sent by us as the imploding light of the feminine ray bursting in the consciousness of all peoples in these fifty states. Through them, as through the chain of hierarchy, we will go to every focus of Keepers of the Flame worldwide, establishing the great connecting link of lifestreams until entire nations can also be raised because this people has fulfilled the mandate of their ancient heritage. Thus the great lines of force and light go forth from the heart of America, from the heart of Saint Germain through the messenger and chelas. Millions of light rays, penetrating like crystal, fulfill a cosmic purpose.

Let us begin at the beginning. Let the very roots and origins, let the very subconscious, let those records of the past submit to the violet flame! I speak to every soul and I command it in the name of Christ, in the name of Lord Maitreya and Gautama.

I stretch forth my hand. I decree cosmic justice. It is justice that you should ensoul and enflame a passion of freedom! It is justice that you should call forth the judgment of injustice and the unjust who refuse to extend mercy toward every part of life. It is justice that the children of the light should have greater opportunity and that the fallen ones should have less. The coming of Justice is the balancing of the scales. Thus, my beloved, understand the great acceleration of the Holy Spirit as the very line of the hierarchy of Libra and its initiations.

The Holy Spirit is a great taskmaster. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of noncompromise. Purifying, uplifting, penetrating, and exhilarating—its demands are high, its disciplines to be cherished. To have as the supreme guest in your home the Lord Maha Chohan—what greater joy could come to anyone?

Through his pure heart and the seven rays that you follow thereto you will find the five ascended lady masters of the Karmic Board and their plan unfolding through the five secret rays. Thus initiations can come to all who are the builders, building stone upon stone and not failing to lay a firm foundation for those hours when all of the many strands of life must come together in great strength to precipitate the single jewel of personal Christ identity.

Many in this nation have a bland self-awareness. They are almost outlines on a newspaper with scarcely any features, like the cartoons in your dailies. Beloved hearts, there are many Americans who do not even visualize themselves in color or in life. This is because the example is so poor in all those who call themselves leaders. Their great failure is to take a stand for something, anything. Their great failure is to always seek popularity instead of truth. Why, I would far rather sit with Lady Truth an hour than be popular with millions. To know the approval of the ascended lady master of Truth, Pallas Athena, is to have with you a sword, a chalice, and a mind almost un fathomable—understanding the mathematics and the mechanics of creation itself.

Thus, my beloved, we come. We press down and in and through. We are all light, here to remove every blight of mortal fancy and fantasy that has hypnotized a generation to their distorted sounds and rhythms and, alas, the perversion of the very light we bear.

You can understand another problem that we would share with you. To give that light to those who have already misused their own is only to incur further misuse of the light of the sacred fire. Thus the very ones we would help, from them we must withhold a greater portion—which portion, if contained and preserved in the heart, would raise them up swiftly to newness of life and a new birth of the ages. Thus instruct this blessed youth with higher ideals and goals and a looking to the far-off worlds. Inspire them with the understanding that by that light they can forge a golden age and in the very immediate future healing for their bodies and minds, for their communities and their own calling in life.

We are most pleased as year by year we note a greater practicality, a greater ability on the part of Keepers of the Flame to relate to individuals and to meet their human needs as well as their divine.

I AM Portia, never blind to justice or injustice. For by the all-seeing eye of God, both are isolated and brought to the fiery trial. <6> We come for action, for organization, for administration of the organization of the Great White Brotherhood on earth. We enlist you as leaders and followers of our light. We enlist you in the common cause, for we have said before Gautama Buddha at the Royal Teton Retreat this very week: “We pledge our all for the saving of America, for without the saving of this nation no other can survive.”

And thus we repeat the call of Saint Germain to this nation and to all nations of the earth: Save America and survive! Cease your hatred and condemna tion, your belittlement, and even your evident disgust! For this nation, despite her leaders rather than because of them, shall rise and rise again. And upon that rising light of ascension’s flame in her very midst, your own future depends.

Tribes and nations of all the earth, people of God everywhere, you are already members of the I AM Race wherever you are upon the planetary body. And this nation is preserved for you by my beloved Saint Germain. Therefore send a prayer and a light of love and help this people who carry the cross of planetary karma in your behalf. Come then to her aid and assist her to bear that cross. And do not condemn, for your own abuses of the law have bowed her down—this, this Light, this Woman, this Mother.

O Mother flame of America, strive and serve and continue to surge forward with the message of eternal life, with the message of the challenge and the judgment, the rebuke, and the compassionate word of affirmation of true Selfhood. O Mother flame of America, O Mother of the World, receive now a great influx of our light as the feminine ray descends and is concentrated for the life and the victory of all living creatures.

So let the Saviouress extend her light and her heart, and let the whole world be balanced in that heart of living fire. Such is the meaning of the coming of the Divine Mother into this octave, and we are all a part of that Divine One. Thus we share a common glory and a common cross.

Nations of the earth, hear the call of the Divine Mother and give answer. O lightbearers, O lightbearers of the I AM Race, hear the call of the Mighty I AM and of Sanat Kumara. Give answer! Come before thy God, face to face.

O children of the sun, children of the sun, I speak to you! I take you in my arms, I embrace you, and I give you a little shake and then a mighty shake to awaken you from a long, long sleep. Thus the sleeping serpent shall rise. And there shall come, before this age is through, a people of light and avatars and children who will lead the armies, holding the hand of the Cosmic Virgin.

As we come nearer to the hearts of God’s people, so the blessed Omega herself draws nigh. Thus all of cosmos is in a descending vortex of sacred fire, descending to sweep up these souls of light into the mighty light, into the mighty Word, into the Trinity of Life.

O how we send forth our waves of crystal light! How the Goddess of Purity covers the earth in clouds of glory. How the Shekinah descends. How the light descends! How the Goddess of Light and the Queen of Light wrap again and again and around and around their swaddling garment spun as transparent, finer than silk, soft yet having the strength of steel—so they spin that light around a planet and all is in preparation for your stepping forth upon the grand stage of life.

O children of the sun, I remain to rejoice with you throughout these Fourth of July celebrations, for I rejoice to be home—home that is home to Saint Germain on earth. I rejoice to be in the heart of every chela of Saint Germain.

Here I AM. And here I stand. And so I AM, so help me God!


1. Rev. 12:1.

2. Rom. 8:22; Rev. 12:2, 5.

3. Rev. 22:1.

4. Saint Germain, Portia’s twin flame, was embodied as Joseph, the protector of Mary and Jesus.

5. opportunity: “the open portal to unity.”

6. I Cor. 3:13.

Copyright © 1980, 2001 The Summit Lighthouse. All rights reserved.


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Dear Sonja,
Thanks A Lot.......


THANK YOU, dear El*,

for this wonderful ATTUNEMENT!!!


Lady Portia Attunement (LW™ Series)


We have had El* as our LightWorker™ system house artist for some time, before we knew that

she had also made "writeups" for most of her beautiful paintings. Those writeups could easily be

transformed to manuals, and the contact could equally easy be transformed to attunements. So

now El* has made her attunements available for us along with these manuals. El* has a very

different writing style, filled with a lot of light. I am sure that you will enjoy her attunements as

well as her artwork.

All colour and design work is given to El* in the form of claircognisance. She is then told step by

step - what to do and which colours to use. El* has a picture in her minds eye. Often she will

revisit some work, which she has already completed and see coded information not previously

consciously noted by her. This is the way El* works - she does not necessarily grasp All at once -

it is an ever evolving process for us all. The LightWorker™ manuals normally contain some nice

pictures, but these series bring to you an extra dimension to the attunements, because they are

enhanced through this inspired artwork. They are all provided free of cost and placed as a part

of the …




LightWorker™ Artwork Series (Art & Attunements by Eileen "El" Brooks)

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*** Lady Portia ***


As an anchor of the Sacred Feminine Energy upon the Earth Plane and in fact

all existence above and beyond what we know of it…. Lady Portia is known by

many names…. all speaking highly of her Divine Offices…..

Lady Portia is Chohan of the 11th Ray of Service…. She is known as Goddess of

Justice and Goddess of Opportunity. At this time in history Lady Portia sits

upon the Karmic Board as one of the Lords of Karma. She is Keeper of the Holy

Heart Flame…. Known also as the Sacred Heart Flame…. (This is the same

energy as the Violet Flame…. however named for it’s aspect of sacred Divine

Feminine Energy*)

As the Twin Flame of Saint Germain…. Lady Portia works tirelessly to

combine Unconditional Love with Divine Justice and Wisdom and Anchor these

Virtues on the Earth Plane…. When speaking of her Twin Flame Saint

Germain, Lady Portia will often call him Francis…. or my Beloved***

In her Divine Truth…. she brings to us Great Wisdom and Balance…. and helps

us to use our Divine gifts of higher consciousness over lower aspects of

consciousness…. in terms of our dealings with others…. and the variants of

consciousness within our own selves….


Ascended Master – Lady Portia


Chakra: ALL (helps to maintain balance within all chakras)

Colour: Cobalt blue…. variations of purple/violet/indigo and magenta

Gem Stones and Crystals: Rose Quartz… Lapis Lazuli… Blue Saphire….

Machelite (all green stones)

Qualities: Balance, Justice, Mercy, assistance with Karmic Debt

Tarot card: Justice

Symbols: Platinum Ray… Maltese Cross… Statue of Liberty (sun and flaming


Lady Portia holds the energies of justice in balance for us…. Her Lesson for us

is to bring balance to our lives…. primarily of justice/ harmony (without there

is no justice) and mercy…. She attains balance between the polarities that

exist in the world of matter…. such as yin and yang… male and female…..

good and evil…. She helps the attaining of balance within the self and the

subtle bodies……

By bringing into this dimension the Violet Flame….

Sacred Heart Flame….. the cleansing and transformational

Flame is enabling the minds and hearts of

humanity to anchor and absorb these higher vibrational

qualities of this energy…. Thus enabling a great

shift in Consciousness…. from the mundane and the

egoic states… the the higher levels of more expansive

thinking…. unconditional love and a desire for the

Highest Good of All…. This is to say… All Kingdoms…..

All Life forms….. All***

Lady Portia has spent many incarnations walking upon the Earth Plane….

Among them as Saint Claire, the affectionate follower of Francis, as shown

below….. And has showed her love for the Planet in so many ways…. She has

spent numerous life times in roles as healer… also in roles as protector…. Her

Great Love for us can be glimpsed when we spend time in meditation with the

Violet Flame….. This is a vital meditation for us on a transformational path….

and is a way of bringing in great healing and higher vibrational tones to the


Lady Portia assists us in bringing balance to our

hearts and minds… the Violet Flame and using there of

play a major role and shift for this…. Occassionally we

may see flickers of Cobalt blue…. or purpley blues

around us or in our third eye…. this can be one of the

Angelics or Master of the Flame…..

Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amythest work hand in hand with Saint Germain

and Lady Portia…. Anchoring love… assisting with the Violet Flame

anchoring…. helping us in so many ways….

Call upon Lady Portia to balance your energies…. you can ask her to balance

your energy by chakra meditations….. and ask for assistance with aligning

your Feminine energies and power with the Divine Mother….

Saint Germain and Lady Portia are part of the Violet Flame…I t issues forth

from the Solar Logos (Helios) and is transduced (stepped down in frequency )

through the energies of Saint Germain and Lady Portia….

Their Etheric Retreat is the Temple of the Sun…. in Manhattan USA…. with

the sinking of Atlantis… the physical Temple was destroyed…. but the theric

counterpart remains on the etheric plane….

We can cordially ask permission to visit them there at their convenience….

during our meditations with the Violet Flame…

They are working equally together to bring us the tools to lead us into the

Aquarian Age…. they represent freedom… at all levels of being… and have

come to set us free…. free from the limitations that have been imposed on

us…. and also free from the limitations we have placed upon ourselves….. They

bring this Great Violet Ray of love to replace our fears….

Lady Portia is the feminine energy that is assisting us to bring in this new

thought and consciousness… She is a Great Feminine Archetype….. showing us

that all are equal….

We will see great social change in our lifetimes…. in fact we are seeing it

now…. We will see issues of justice, social change, freedom. Liberation,

forgiveness, equality of race/ sex/ thoughts/ religion…… come into focus and

be considered and acted upon in our society….. these issues will go hand in hand

for a greater care of self… neighbour and planet…. as a new wave…..

paridigram shift goes through and influences us in our highered consciousness


From her etheric retreat…. Lady Portia continues to Focus her Great Loving

Energies towards the earth plane and human kind…. She wishes to make very

clear the great love she and her Beloved Saint Germain have for all beings…..

Lady Portia has a great passion and knowledge of astrology… and is assisting

with bringing this great Art back to the forefront of society’s existence…. for

using with healing as well as divination…. she has a great love of bring

assistance to the medical field through using the Astrological Knowledge at

greater degrees than it is being used presently…. on a large scale…. Using

birth charts will be of great assistance to medical diagnosis……

Balance is the key with Lady Portia…. which naturally is so needed at this

time on all levels of life…. She brings a wonderful balance at all levels of being

to us…. she brings balance… equilibrium to our souls….. to our physical…

mental… emotional beings…. to our spirts…. our soul…. She is envisioning us

living a balanced life full of passion…. full of fun and fulfilment….. she sees

the Love of the Greater selves that we are……

She is mindful of injustice and is encouraging us to go within and seek

guidance to help rid the world of injustice…. She advices us we can start with

ourselves… our own lives….. she encourages us to maintain a balance…and

work from the centered state of being…. She is telling us to keep in mind the

harmony that is necessary to be present… within all vibration….

Once you start to connect with Lady Portia’s energy you will feel more balance

and calm…. become more harmonious and have a greater sense of innermost

stability…. This will reflect in your general well being…. the way you are

within yourself and the way you communicate with others….. Being in this

centered and balanced state is reflective within your auric field…. it is said

those who are energised with the energy of Lady Portia…. bring calm and

serenity to people and surroundings where ever they go…. No words need be

said… it is purely vibrational tone…… Fired by the Violet Flame…. this energy

is also powerful enough to bring about great change and transformation…. it

can act as a bridge to bring in the higher aspects of consciousness to educate

the lower aspects….. like teacher pupil…. and the changes can be life lasting…..

Lady Portia, Lord of Karma and Keeper of the Divine Mother Holy Heart Flame


Prayers for Dispensation:

I call forth now beloved Portia to anchor and activate the purity of the Divine

Mother into my entire consciousness now. SO BE IT 3 times.

Mighty I AM PRESENCE I call to Beloved Portia to align my entire being with

the Divine Mother Holy Heart Flame. SO BE IT x 3.

Beloved Lady Portia please help us now bring forth the purity of our Loving

Divine Self and radiate that presence- so all who see it are brought into the

Divine Presence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father and healed. SO IT

IS DONE x 3. (from the Mahatma Energies)

Blue Sapphire

This is one of the stones that may be worn to encourage receptivity to the

vibration of Lady Portia…. this also activates harmony as the interconnectiveness

and unity of the self , others and the universe as a whole***

The colour Cobalt blue is associated with the feminine aspect of the higher

self…. the water aspect (womb) of the planet…. emotional flow…. the 5th

chakra…. higher communications…. Archangel Michael….

Essential oils for wearing include Rose Otto and Lavender Officinalis…. Also

for oil lamps or spritzes…

From the Emissaries of light:

Lady Portia is one of the Emissaries of Light who

will be taking you through the first wave of 7th

Dimensional Initiations. The last time these

initiations were performed was in Egypt &

Atlantis where many of you also had incarnations.

The Lords of Light are calling & asking the 7th

Level Masters to step into the role as Conscious

Leaders of the Light so as to effect the change

within various environments required to fully

release humanities consciousness into the Golden


Lady Portia works with the Phoenix Energy and helps one raise the self from

the ashes. She is currently serving in the role of assisting humanity to let go

of all language of poverty consciousness and negativity. She helps people realize

their power to co-create with Spirit and release lower energies in order to free

their Spirit.

Apart from her beloved St. Germain (Francis Bacon…. Shakespeare in past

incarnation) she works alongside Lady Kwan Yin & Archangel Michael & is a

member of the board of karma, she is often seen holding the scales of Justice

which is another reason why she wants to help people acknowledge their divine

right to prosperity…

We call forth to St. Germain and Lady Portia to carry in the smallest tip of

the Flame of Violet, to bring in the superfluidity of the Violet Flame that

would transform and transmute negativity, the old paradigm, and the old

ways and the hardened ways, and everything that may have worked before

but to bring in the Light of Transition, the Light of Radiance Approaching,

the Light of the Aquarian Nature, and the Light of GOD moving outward of

Itself into a New Time, into a Golden Era once again on the Earth….

The Violet Flame Meditation Helps To Remove Your Karma

Preparations for the Violet Flame Exercise:

Pick a quiet time when you will not be disturbed. Late at night or

early morning are often good times for meditation. It is best to do

your meditation at the same time every day. In this way, the mind

gets moved to the side, and 'allows' the meditation to take place.

The Basic Violet Flame Meditation:

- Find a quiet place, that is free of distractions.

- Adjust the lighting in the room, so that it is soft.

- Adjust the temperature, so that you are comfortable.

- Loose clothing, or comfortable clothing, is best.

- You can either sit in a chair, or lie down.

- Make yourself as conformable as possible.

- Take several deep breathes, gently breathing in and out.

- Close your eyes and look gently between the eye brows and up.

- Think of something, or someone that you loved as a child.

- By thinking of some one that we love, our heart center opens.

- You will start to consciously relax your body.

- Feel your head, and face, and relax them.

- Feel the expression on your face, let the tension go.

- Feel your neck, and release the tightness there.

- Feel your shoulders, and arms, and allow them to relax....

- Feel your chest, and torso, allowing them to relax....

- Feel your buttocks, thighs, and relax them....




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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