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How the Anunnaki came to our earth, with a space ship through stargates, there is no planet Nibiru !


One cannot know the future

without knowing the past

which holds clues

to what is on the horizon

Dear Friends, dear Sisters and dear Brothers. I know this is a time in chaos and the reason of all this chaos ARE THE ANUNNAKI. If you believe it or not. It´ll take time to seep in I know best. Since many years this is a theme I´m very interested in and I can´t let go. It  seems that I have some connection to the Anunnaki but in fact we all have more or less. In the bible is written "WE ARE YOUR CREATORS" . Not "I  CREATED YOU IN MY IMAGE" like the Source of all that is, no, WE CREATED YOU IN OUR IMAGE ! Let this sink in !!! :-)

By the way - the Anunnaki can/could only create our physical body but never our soul, our soul is coming from the SOURCE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS !

Here is a link to a site with 21 pages to read and this is just a review of 2 or 3 books written by a man form France (Anton Parks) who did have contact over many years with Enki, an Anunnaki, who is in fact our creator. The contact was telepathic or clairvoyant he isn´t sure himself. Doesn´t matter the story matters. Zecharia Sitchin wrote many many books about the Anunnaki but he made some mistakes.

They came about 300.000 years ago.

The link for Anton Parks pages :

The link for a reading rehearsal of " The Anunnaki Bible" :

By Donald M. Blackwell

The bible stems from the times of Sumer.

Just to clear a few names:

Anunna - when they were in the Pleiades their home - Anunnaki when they were on Earth - Ki is an other name for Earth 

Sa´am - is Enki - He did have many names.

Gigirla - are space ships

Enlil - an Anunnaki Enki had created - the tyrant of Sumer

An - is the chieftain of the Anunnaki

Mam- also Mammu and many other names - a very wise woman who helped Enki a lot in his work on Earth

Tiamate - our Solar system - named after Tiamata the late Queen of the Anunna

Mulge - black star - Maldek is better known from many of us - later destroyed by Enlil - the today asteroid girdle

Kadistu - life designer - very high entities from Sirius working in mission of the SOURCE - have been here on Earth long long ago long time before the Anunna

Abzu - the name of the inner part of a planet - ALL planets are hollow !

Uduidimsa - Mars

Uras - the Anunnaki ( Sumerian) name for our Earth

Ginaabul - topic of all Anunna (Anunnaki)

If there are any questions I´m ready to answer ( I hope ) :-)

There is a lot more to post but for the beginning this will be enough I think. As we are living on this planet all women all men should know where he stems from. It´s a learning planet.

This is a small excerpt from Parks site - How the Anunna ( Anunnaki) came to our Earth.

Sa'am and his party have struggled to reach and board a number of Gigirlah (ships) and have departed the area, headed for a stargate that will lead them through the timeless pathways to... where?

They have learned that Enlil, Sa'am's errant creation, has somehow drawn Tiamata away from her legions and is now in pursuit of her, accompanied by An, Sa'am's father, the rest of the Ušumgal, and a large number of Anunna. Mam telepathically receives the coordinates of the destination toward which all these beings are racing. When entered into the ship's navigational system, they learn for the first time where they are actually going.

It is Ti-ama-te! Our solar system, where Mamítu had labored long years on the planet Uraš (Earth) with her Life Designers, developing the magnificent first humans and many other life forms.

Mamítu is shocked to learn of this, and becomes disconsolate, because she knows that taking the war to Ti-ama-te is going to ruin everything. Here, Sa'am realizes that this outcome was foretold to him by the Kadištu in their briefing.

We describe here their exit from the stargate, their entry into the system of Ti-ama-te, and the conditions they found there at that time.

The fluid was on the point of solidifying when we began the great descent toward the heart of Ti-ama-te. What an awakening! A three-dimensional image of the exterior appeared on our circular screen. A gigantic planet with vaporous reflections captured our attention and progressively materialized around us. It possessed a medium-sized moon.

Mam informed me that the planet appeared to be Mulge -- the Black "Star" [Fr: Astre] -- the planet of the Kadištus.

I did not see any vessels. However, bright flashes dotted the surface. My mother explained that Mulge belonged to a class of planets that are surrounded by cold ionized gas clouds from which emerge lightning flashes. The weather was chaotic on Mulge and storms tormented the surface. Life there was not possible in the KIGAL dimension (see Dimensions) but it existed in the ANGAL and also in the Abzu of Mulge.

This planet clearly was not our destination, but the next one definitely was, as we shortly began a precipitous descent.

The plunge was awesome and much more demanding than when traveling on an Iníuma [see Stargates]. The effect reminded me of the hard accelerations of the Mú-u.

When we reached the three-dimensional barriers, the fluid liquified. At this moment, we were ejected from the timeless path through a spatial Stargate and the liquid withdrew progressively, disappearing into the walls of the craft.

The holographic image projected on the circular visual screen presented to us a small planet with tints of bronze and dark blue where three-dimensional existence was sustainable. It was encircled by gunfire, supplied by our troops who had pursued our adversaries in their retreat. There was a violent glut of radio messages. They detailed the battle taking place beneath our feet. Our forces seemed to be everywhere and all were animated by the same murderous ardor.

I was finally face to face with Uraš, the planet where all the great galactic routes converged.

The forces of Tiamata had reassembled and were responding energetically to our attacks. My creator's Uanna cast its shadow onto an abyssal ocean.

UDU-IDIM-SA5 "little stockyard of the red wellspring" or "little stockyard of the subterranean waters of the red (planet)". It appears to be the Sumerian form of the name of the planet Mars. We have seen that in Akkadian or rather in Emešà the more common name for Mars is Salbatánu that we have translated as "the matrix of the rations of the crown". 

We made a circuit of the "star" without approaching it. I was surprised and asked my mother why she did not wish to take us down. She replied that the four of us were Designers of Life and that we would not take part in combat. Mamítu revealed to us that it did not appear to be Uraš, but its granary, the planet Salbatánu (Mars). On this globe were produced and packed the food reserves for the use of the Amašutum of Mulge and of Uraš. (Gina'abul decomposition: SAL-BA-TÁN-U = "the matrix/womb of the rations of the crown")

We left the terrifying gunbattles of Salbatánu, directing ourselves to Uraš. The run proceeded in the traditional fashion, at a cruising speed, without use of the timeless tunnels. Several vessels with unknown silhouettes followed the same course as ours in a calm, yet troubling respect. My mother indicated to us that they appeared to be Kadištu craft, more precisely Amašutum of Ti-ama-te who did not wish to take part in the carnage.

As we advanced further toward our objective, more flying ships showed up. The little planet with the blue reflections took form progressively on our circular screen. An impressive ballet of Kadištu vessels turned around it, resembling a natural ring formed of rock and ice. The vessels of our Nindigir joined up with this strange procession. Our Gigirlah slipped into the metallic multitude and plunged into the dense atmosphere.

Past the many different cloud layers, we approached the precipitous terrain below. The mountains were infested with flying creatures with huge wings and long beaks. They flew along like the wind and we followed docilely.

Mam was euphoric; the battle did not seem to have touched Uraš.

We reached a broad steppe teeming with a multitude of animals with exotic forms.

"We have created here many varieties of animals that synthesize the different species found in our universe," explained Mam.

We saw gigantic quadrupeds with highly elongated vertebrae grazing on the vegetation, while curious dorsal appendages emerged from an inland sea. Here and there, the spectacle was at once familiar and strange. Mam added that Uraš was a sacred natural park for which the Kadištu collective had brought together its life-designing competencies in order to synthesize their millennial knowledge.

This sacred reserve was under the responsibility of the Namlú'u (human beings) [see Races].

Forests of gigantic trees bordered the valley toward which we were starting our descent. The spectacle revealed to us a vast universe sprawling beyond our view. Our Gigirlah slowly came to earth in the midst of this stupefying tableau.

Elongated paws, powerful and muscular, passed not far from us.

We rested in this place for several hours. The spectacle rendered us totally speechless.

Some Anunna craft made their appearance and landed alongside us....

Finally, I asked the grand Life Designer of Uraš where were the famous Namlú'u. Mamítu gave us to understand that the Namlú'u rarely appeared down here, because they really didn't live in the KI dimension, but more in the ANGAL, in the fourth and fifth dimensions. The Namlú'u were the trustees of the gigantic natural garden of the Kadištu. They were responsible for this place. Their incursions into the KI were for the sole objective of punctual and daily safekeeping of the divine creation.

Seeing all these marvels and this equilibrium menaced by the battle raging several leagues from there, I recalled what the Kadištu had said and the fact that we had come down here to transform the probable futures of Uraš.

We waited still more hours. For what? I didn't know how to say it, the fascination was so complete.

It came about that our wait was rewarded, because when the executive administrators of the gigantic park came into our dimension, astonishment and marvel manifested in the bosom of our group. A turmoil, almost disturbing, that appeared to me to resemble a sort of immoderate modesty. The Anunna being in admiration....v

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Dear Eckart,

Thanks for this message....

God has created all of us in His Image....

Yes, not the soul but the all Four bodies !!

Thanks for your message !

Dr. Sohini Shukla

You´re very welcome and thank you very much for your comment dear Sohini !

Love Light and Peace 


Thank you Eckart for sharing these interesting messages. 

With gratitude and love,


You´re very welcome Ishema ! If there is interest I´ll try to post more. It´s not too easy to decide what part because this field is very large. :-)

Love Light and Peace


LOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS, dear SohiniBen, Ishema and Eckart!

Sonja Myriel RAouine

Dear Sonja,

When I saw your name I feel your power and your energies any how !

I do not know but I love your vibrations !!

I think because you are very Pure and Powerful !!

I love you !!


NAMASTE, beloved grandmother, siSTAR SohiniBen! I AM you and you are me and this light is what we are sharing with ALL THAT IS!

I love you, too <3

Sonja Myriel

Dear Sonja,

I Am with you always so please never forget me any time, especially while Invocations and Decrees !!

I AM You !! and You are Me !! Weall are One Consciousness to work together always.

Sending lots of Love, Blessings, Harmony, Balanve, Peace and Prosperity always,


In deep humility and GRATITUDE I ask the Angels and Elementals to always be PRESENT with us, protecting our Sacred Connexions!

And so it IS!

Sonja Myriel



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