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From September 23 to September 30 the Ancient Mysteries of Eleusis were celebrated.

We do not know anymore what rites were exactly performed,

but it is a good time to try to grasp what they were all about ...


I found the following site to be full of interesting information, so I copied some of the introductory lines here together with links to help you explore this topic.


I cordially invite you to share your insights as comments beneath this discussion.


So let us embark on a journey to the underworld these days to gain access to the Ancient Mysteries of Eleusis, the mysteries of LIFE and DEATH and RESURRECTION! 

The Mysteries of Eleusis

by Sanderson Beck



Eleusis and the Goddesses

Origins of Eleusis
Persephone: Maiden and Queen of the Underworld
Demeter: Mother of the Mysteries and the Grain

Agricultural Background and History

Triptolemus and the Spread of Agriculture
Pausanias' Descriptions of Other Demeter Cults
Dionysus and Iacchos at Eleusis
Orpheus the Classic Mystic
The Goddesses' Blessings of Nature
The Thesmophoria
Eleusis and History

Mysteries Preliminaries

Heracles and the Lesser Mysteries
The Greater Mysteries: Meeting at Athens
Cleansing and Sacrifices at Athens
The Procession to Eleusis and Dancing
Situation at Eleusis
Fasting and Drinking the Kykeon


Dromena (Things Acted)
Revelation of the Mystic Grain
Legomena (Things Said)
Epopteia: The Holy Light of the Holy Night
Different Interpretations


Mystery Psychology
Conclusion: Through the Veil


"Beautiful indeed is the mystery given us by the blessed gods:
death is for mortals no longer an evil, but a blessing."
Inscription found at Eleusis

"Blessed is he who has seen these things
before he goes beneath the earth;
for he understands the end of mortal life,
and the beginning (of a new life) given of God."
Pindar Fragment 102

"For among the many excellent and indeed divine institutions
which your Athens has brought forth and contributed to human life,
none, in my opinion, is better than those mysteries.
For by their means we have been brought out
of our barbarous and savage mode of life
and educated and refined to a state of civilization;
and as the rites are called "initiations,"
so in very truth we have learned from them the beginnings of life,
and have gained the power not only to live happily,
but also to die with a better hope."
Cicero Laws II, xiv, 36

"Amen, amen, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat
falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone;
but if it dies, it bears much fruit."
Jesus in Gospel According to John 12:24

"What you sow does not come to life unless it dies.
And what you sow is not the body which is to be,
but a bare kernel, perhaps of wheat or of some other grain.
But God gives it a body as he has chosen,
and to each kind of seed its own body."
Paul I Corinthians 15:36:38

"The thought here ... shows the connection
between decay and resurrection.
Fruit must decay before new seed can develop....
Here too the fundamental trend of the Book of Changes is expressed:
the light principle is represented as invincible
because in its sinking it creates new life,
as does a grain of wheat when it sinks into the earth."
I Ching (Wilhelm-Baynes translation p. 500)

"But all souls do not easily recall the things of the other world;
they may have seen them for a short time only,
or they may have been unfortunate in their earthly lot,
and, having had their hearts turned to injustice
through some corrupting influence,
they may have lost the memory
of the holy things which once they saw.
Few only retain an adequate remembrance of them;
and they when they see here any image of that other world,
are rapt in amazement;
but they are ignorant of what this rapture means,
because they do not clearly perceive.
For there is no light of justice or temperance
or any of the higher ideas which are precious to souls
in the earthly copies of them:
they are seen through a glass dimly;
and there are few who, going to the images,
seen in them the realities, and these only with difficulty.
There was a time when with the rest of the happy band
they saw beauty shining in brightness,---
we philosophers following in the train of Zeus,
others in company with other gods;
and then we saw the beatific vision
and were initiated into a mystery
which may be truly called most blessed,
celebrated by us in our state of innocence,
before we had any experience of evils to come,
when we were admitted to the sight of apparitions
innocent and simple and calm and happy,
which we saw shining in pure light,
pure ourselves and not yet enshrined in that living tomb
which we carry about, now that we are imprisoned in the body,
like an oyster in his shell."
Socrates in Plato Phaedrus 250

"There we must ascend again towards the good,
desired of every soul.
Anyone who has seen this, knows what I intend
when I say it is beautiful.
Even the desire of it is to be desired as a good.
To attain it is for those who will take the upward path,
who will set all their forces towards it,
who will divest themselves of all
that we have put on in our descent:---
so, to those who approach the Holy Celebrations of the Mysteries,
there are appointed purifications
and the laying aside of the garments worn before,
and the entry in nakedness---
until, passing on the upward way,
all that is other than the God,
each in the solitude of oneself
shall see that solitary-dwelling existence,
the apart, the unmingled, the pure,
that from which all things depend,
for which all look and live and act and know,
the source of life and of intellection and of being."
Plotinus First Ennead VI, 7


"For we believe that there is nothing more important
for man to receive,
or more ennobling for God of his grace to grant,
than the truth."
Plutarch Isis and Osiris

In humility and with due reverence for their sacred character, may we attempt to penetrate those mysteries which have been hidden from human view for many centuries and inevitably draw closer to those greater mysteries of which no mortal has knowledge, for the true comprehension of them would imply immortality. First I speak of the secret mystical rites practiced in antiquity releasing from their minds the fear of death, and giving them a glimpse at understanding the eternal regeneration of the spiritual life. Of the greater mysteries I may only speculate as to the sojourn of the soul through many incarnations and the inner realms leading to God.

The aim of this essay is to present before the reader translations of the ancient writings relating to the Eleusinian Mysteries in Greece. No modern scholars could justly impose their opinion of these most mysterious and holy rites on the contemporary reader as too little is known to give a complete and well-informed picture in summary. The strict secrecy, though practiced for two thousand years, has not been significantly violated, and we shall never know, save through clairvoyance transcending centuries, what the initiates actually experienced in the final beatific vision. Therefore we are forced to rely on the obscure statements of those who were initiated and the ignorant and often prejudiced judgments of those who were not initiated.






Eleusinian Mysteries


Within the Eleusinian Mysteries the role of Demeter is vitally important. She took her name from Mother Earth, as was among the generation of children born of Cronus and Rhea. Her name provides a link with the Indo-European deities that the Hellenes brought with them. Almost with certainty, the triad in the Sumerian system would have been represented by Inanna and Ereshigal with Dumuzi, or his counterpart, the king in whom his spirit was incarnate; while in the Classical Greek supposed the triad in the Eleusis mysteries was composed of Demeter (the mother-goddess Earth), Persephone (Queen of the Underworld), and the young king, their foster child, Triptolemos (once a local king), who is said to have brought Demeter's gift of grain into the world, and as the fosterling of Persephone, to now reign in the land of the dead.

Although Demeter was thought as the mother-goddess Earth she never was confused with Gaia, who was considered a cosmic element. Demeter's providence was the cultivation of the soil, especially land producing corn. Thus legends concerning her proliferated among the futile plains, and the central ground for her myths were the plains of Eleusis, which were around Athens and Sicily, containing the granaries of the ancient world.

Together with Demeter and Persephone the also was a third deity, Zagreus, who figured in the mysteries of Eleusis. Initially Iacchus was the shout uttered by the faithful in the course of religious processions. Gradually the shout assumed a personality and adopted the task of leading the processions of initiates. Occasionally he was thought to be the son of Demeter, but at other times he was considered to be the reincarnation of Zagreus, a son of Persephone and Zeus.

In Iacchus, one see a shout, an inanimate object, assume life; and in Zagreus, one sees the dead regain life; both are the revelation of the Eleusian mysteries. This was as it should be since the central theme of the Eleusus mysteries centers on the abduction of Persephone into the Underworld by Hades. Only Demeter, and Hekate, a moon goddess, heard her daughter, Persephone, scream for help when the Earth opened permitting Hades to snatch her away. But when bereaved Demeter tried tracing her daughter's footsteps she found them obliterated by those of a pig. As by coincidence at the time of the abduction a herd of pigs was rooting nearby. The swineherd's name was Eubouleus, which means "the giver of good counsel" was himself earlier in the appellation of the god of the underworld. Furthermore, when the chasm opened to swallow up Persephone, the pigs fell in as well. This is, according to tradition, the reason that pigs play an important role in the rites of Demeter and Persephone.

The first festivals celebrating the sorrows and later joys of Demeter and Persephone were exclusively for women held in pre-Hellenic Greece; that is in the so-called Pelasgian period, when the hieratic civilizations of Crete and Troy were at their zenith before the time of the warrior-gods Zeus and Apollo who reduced the power of the great goddess. The festivals included the sacrifice of suckling pigs in a manner suggestive of not only of an human sacrifice but of a gruesome one. The women fasted for nine days in memory of the nine days of sorrow that Demeter roamed the earth holding a staff-like torch in search of Persephone. She meets Hekate, and together they go tp Phoebus, the sun god, who had seen the young goddess abducted and told them where she was. Afterwards Demeter, filled with wrath and grief, left the world of the gods, and sat as an old woman, heavily veiled, for days at the Well of the Virgin. Next she became a servant in a kingly household in Eleusis, the city that became her largest sanctuary in Greece. She then cursed all the earth so it bore no fruit for man or the gods for a whole year. Then the gods of Olympus, including Zeus, each pleaded with her in vain, but she would not relent. Zeus finally succeeded in gaining Persephone's release; but while in the underworld she had eaten a seed of a pomegranate and as a consequence would have to spend one third of the year with Hades. She was embraced by both her mother and Hekate and returned to Olympus glorious, and, as if by magic, the earth bloomed again with flowers and vegetation.

The seed-time festival of Thesmophoria lasted three days, the first day being named Kathodos (downgoing) and Anodos (upcoming), the second Nestia (fasting), and the last Kalligeneia (fair-born or fair-birth); and it was during the first that the suckling pigs were thrown, probably alive, into an underground chamber called a megara, and left there to rot for a year, the bones from the year before being carried up to the earth again and placed upon an altar. Figures of serpents and human beings made of flour and wheat were also thrown into the chasm, or "chamber," at this time. And the author of this information wrote: "They say that in or about the chasms are snakes which consume the most part of what is thrown in; hence a rattling din is made when the women draw up the remains and when they replace the remains by well-known images, in order that they snakes which they hold to be the guardians of the sanctuaries may go away."

These rites were secret, thus little is known of them. However, in the widely celebrated and extremely influencial mysteries of Eleusis, where the Kathodos-and-Anodos of the maiden Persephone was again the central theme, pigs again were important offerings. And, a new motif appeared; for the culminating episode of the holy pageant performed in the "hall of the mystics" at Eleusis, representing the sorrows of Demeter and the ultimate Anodos or return of the maiden, was the showing of an ear of grain.

The mysteries of these rites are the evolving of life, death, and rebirth. The pig was the sacrificial beast, representing death and rebirth. So are the goddesses Demeter and Persephone symbolic of death and rebirth. During the lost of her daughter Demeter had no desire for life, the mother-goddess Earth stopped functioning and the earth was barren. Her desire for living was gone, taken away when her daughter Persephone was abducted into the world of the dead. Persephone role in Hades, Queen of the Underworld, is as equally important too because she became the dead element of Demeter when she was taken, or severed, from her mother. During the separation of her daughter Demeter did not and would not be mother-goddess Earth. But the moment her daughter, the maiden, was reunited with her, Demeter magnificently functioned again and the earth blossomed. Thus this is the symbol of the ear of grain, the blossom, or fruit, of the dormant seed; the seed with the embodiment of life that lies as if dead until time to live again. Again, Persephone, being a goddess, is thought divine, so when she entered the world of the dead, that divine part of her entered too; and when she returned to the living the divine returned too as it believed to do in each individual.

As it was in India, so in these Hellenistic mysteries, the accomplished initiate both realized his own divinity and was honored as a god; for what better sign of godhood could there be than a human being in whom his own godhood has been realized, or what better guide to his own perfection? Oh, there were critics, saying cult members were confused, for sure; but others such as Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-143 BC) who wrote in his De Legibus of the Greek mysteries of Eleusis:

Among the many excellent and divine institutions that your Athens has developed and contributed to human life, there is none, in my opinion, better than these mysteries, by which we have been brought forth from our rustic and savage mode of existence, cultivated and refined to a state of civilization; and as these rites are called "initiations" so, in truth, we have learned from them the first principles of life and have gained the understanding, not only to live happily, but also to die with better hope.

In some manner the Eleusis mysteries are still remembered and participated in, usually by neo-Pagans. This annual reenactment tends to show the dividing difference between neo-Paganism and Christianity and other formalized religions. It is true that the phenomena of death and resurrection is present in Christianity as it was in the ancient Pagan religion, but also present is the concept of the end of this world in order to usher in the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven now. All of this is based on the guilt of man. Jesus died to pay for this guilt, and his resurrection signified that man, now free of guilt or sin, can enter the kingdom of God. Whereas, in the Pagan view the reenactment of these mysteries symbolize the events which constantly happen on earth, for which this is no improvement or even a need for any, for this world continues forever. The initiates, and those believing likewise, who have learned the ways of these rites come to see and know the world as it is. A.G.H.



This database consists of images of ancient inscriptions on stone from Eleusis.





Welcome to the Eleusinian Mysteries


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Replies to This Discussion

I found this part of the Polaris channeling intriguing in connection with our quest here, so I decided to post it:

"The full moon occurs regularly and is a figure on a regular basis in terms of providing an opening toward growth or movement. Use this time to your advantage to focus on what you are creating. What messages are present for you in the perceived movement (or lack of movement) in your life? Take care with your thoughts about creating your life and your story – if you focus only on the “good,” you rob yourself of the power of your shadow side. In meditation, embrace all that you are creating and welcome it to your side. Breathe for a while with what you have created, and then seek to release what no longer serves you.

The Equinox, especially this one, is even more powerful. It symbolizes the crossing over from life to death, and for balance, in the Southern Hemisphere it symbolizes the crossing from death back to life again, or rebirth. With this energy, then, is great power, one that can bring you in closer connection with your cellular beginnings. Use this time to think about your life on a grander scale — bring into your awareness all the what-ifs and might-have-beens; they are a part of you as and such deserve to be honored and considered. Now is the time to perform your own soul retrieval, bringing those past parts of yourself, the lives created by the choice points in your past that are not a part of the You that you know yourself to be today, into your conscious being.

Together, then, this Full Moon Equinox is a time to bring into balance and awareness the totality of You. It is a powerfully healing time, and offers a space through which to move into a new chapter in your life."

... " In this time, you’ll find yourself realizing new insights about old issues that have felt stuck to you in the past. Use this time to meditate on your common triggering reactions and responses. Embrace them and bring them to you without judgment, and then stay with the feelings that arise. After all, they are just feelings! In time, with sitting with these reactive patterns, you’ll be able to release them. For the next several days, try to create some space within which to meditate and to allow your sense of these patterns to come into your consciousness. If you like, follow the threads that lead from you to the others in your life with whom you have created these patterns and practice Tonglen, breathing in awareness and understanding, and breathing out love and compassion." ...

And then the following meditation:

"Close your eyes and focus on the breath. Feel how your body, your cells, expand along with the rise and fall of your chest, your shoulders, your abdomen. Feel how this breath move along tiny passageways into every cell in your body, infusing you with the energy of this moment. It is this moment – right now – in which you are creating what happens next. In this breath, you plant the seeds of your next week, month, year, and decade. In this breath, you infuse your being with all your hopes, dreams, and expectations, and in this breath you embrace also the stories and dreams of all those who share breath on this planet with you. Breathe now and breathe in those stories, allowing them to mix with your own. Breathe out again and send your hopes out into the universe to be co-created by all those who share breath on this planet with you. Rest now in the immense possibility that you have created with one breath. Breathe that knowledge – knowledge of your innate power to create – into every cell, down to your toes and beyond back down into the Earth again. Feel the door that you just opened, and choose to walk through it into your next breath."
Eleusis and Persephone's Pomegranate * 8 Day Festival of The Mysteries of Eleusis * From 23 rd of September to 30 th of September"

Persephone and her Mother Demeter

Namaste Dearest Friends

I am happy to share the myth of Persephone and the most important meaning of Elysis
the sacred site , fourteen miles from Athene
on theway to Delphi.
It is written by Paul Broadhurst and is part of of a chapter of one of most known books and reseachers of the earth energy lines and sacred sites

the magnifique and beautiful written book Dance of the Dragon
that describes a ten year journey and pilgrimage
of Hamish Miller and Paul and two other companions
and the detecting of the Athena and Apollo ley line
Europe' most important energy axis
and that runs from Skellig Michael to the most holy mountain of Carmel
in Israel, the mountain of the Prophets.


I am Nature, the universal Mother,
Mistress of all the elements, primordial child of time,
Sovereign of all things spiritual, queen of the dead,
Queen of the Immortals
The single manifestation of all gods and goddesses that are.

My nod governs the shining heights of Heaven,
the wholesome sea-breezes, the lamentable silences of the world below.

Though I am worshipped in many aspects,
Known by countless names,
And propiated with all manner of different rites
yet the whole earth venerates me.

The Golden Ass / Apuleius

Two thousand years ago, pilgrims approaching the great Sanctuary of the Mysteries at Eleusis would have been filled with piety and wonder, perhaps themselves aspiring to undergo
Initiation into the secrets of Life itself.

These days, the pilgrim is lucky if the site of the sanctuary can even be found.
Most people, it seems, have no wish to go there. And who can blame them?
Unless one was aware of the extraordinary significance of the place in ancient times, one could easily be forgiven for avoiding this rapidly expanding industrial town with its petro-chemical, cement and steel works.

On our arrival the site of the Sanctuary of Demeter was closed, and all we could do was gaze at the forlorn ruins on the other side of the locked gates.
Dowsing along the street outside we found Apollo pointing through the gates,
Towards a low rocky hill under which was a cave.

By the next morning, the mood had changed, and the rain-washed ruins smelled of fragrant herbs growing in wild clumps amongst the worn stones. We were the first visitors of the day, and were glad of it, for it gave us a chance to follow the current through the ruins in a leisurely manner, pausing to savour the stillness and meditate on the one-time critical importance of this place in the Mystery tradition of the ancient world.

Apollo passed through the gaping mouth of the shallow cave, cut with niches and with a fig tree growing from the rock. Constructed on the edge was a small rectangular heavily built temple - the Plutonium – where the initiate was taken to the portals of the underworld. Close by was a deep hole, looking something like a well, leading down into the rock.

Like the opening beneath the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, there was no mention of this in the official literature, but to us it looked as if an underground chamber existed here which was probably a crucial part of the ritual proceedings.

Perhaps inititates were lowered down into this chamber, as they were at the Necrmanteion of Ephyra, so closely associated with Hades.

The two sites share a common myth, for it was Hades who stole Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, carrying her off to the underworld, before Zeus ordered her release. Henceforth, she was to spend six months there and the rest of the year above ground, where she brought forth the spring flowers and summer crops.

The myth of the Goddess of Nature, the divine force behind birth, death and regeneration, comes down from remote prehistory, and was the centre of a Mystery Cult at Eleusis as early as 15OO BC. For two thousand years the Eleusinian Mysteries were the most important rites of the Greek world, where the Goddess of the wheat and corn of Isis, “the Goddess of a thousand names” of Plutarch presided over the eternal rhytms of Nature.

The mass pilgrimages to her shrine at Eleusis took placein the autumn around September 27 ( very close to Michaelmas), as thanksgiving for her bounty, accompanied by joyful celebrations of the eternal cycle of Life and Death.
Anyone could be initiated, whatever their station in life, as long as they spoke Greek and were not murderers.

Walking along the Sacred Way from Athens is a single day, they arrived at Eleusis in gathering darkness, wher they were mocked in a carnival-like atmosphere to strip them of any false dignity. They were then led in a torchlight procession to the Hall of Initiation, or Telesterion, where they underwent the secret ceremonies that included the displaying of certain sacred objects that were carried in a basket.

The power of these rites sustained the ancient world, and initiates were granted mystical illumination making the Rites of Eleusis the high point of their lives. These rites and ceremonies had an extraordinary effect on those who underwent them, and were jealously guarded to such a degree that no-one ever revealed exactly what they were, on pain of death – or perhaps even worse the retribution of the Goddess.

Thus the exact nature of the rites will never be known, but from contemporary comments we can conclude that they involved the initiatory death and rebirth of the individual which forever changed their perceptions.

Did the Goddess herself appear at the height of the dramatic ceremonial?
Aeschylous was almost lynched by the crowd when he came close to revealing certain aspects on stage, and others were condemned to death in absentia for parodying the secrets.
Pindar, one of the many thousands who experienced the Eleusinian Mysteries at first hand, recorded that anyone who had ‘ seen the holy things and goes in death beneath the earth is happy, for he knows life’s end and he knows the new divine beginning’.

According to the myth, Hades, Zeus’ brother, was master of the underworld and personified the riches within the Earth, the metals and minerals and the ineffable power to make things grow.
He rule alone, until he became bewitched by Persephone ( or Kore, meaning maiden), the daughter of the harvest Goddess Demeter.

When asked for her hand in marriage, Demeter was distraught at the prospect of her daughter leaving the sunny uplands for the dark underworld and refused; but while Persephone was picking a particularly beautiful narcissus, the earth gaped open and Hades appeared in his chariot, snatching her and carrying her off screaming to his underworld domain.

Unable to discover where Persephone had gone, Demeter searched the earth frantically, pausing neither to eat nor drink. At last, Helios the Sun God, who sees everything, told her what had happened, and that Zeus had approved the abduction.
Demeter swore to forsake the immortals, and disguised as a beggar woman wandered from town to town until she came to Eleusis in Attica.

Without Persephone, the world had become a wasteland where nothing grew, crops withered and trees died. The starving people cried out to Zeus, and he agreed that if Demeter would bring the life force back, he would plead with Hades to let Persephone go.

Hades, pitying the wretched inhabitants of the earth, agreed, but gave Persephone a last gift,
A pomegranate. She ate a single seed, which magically bound her to the underworld, despite her agreed release. Zeus pondered the seemingly intractable problem, and found the solution:
For six months Persephone would rule the Underworld as Hades ‘ Queen of the shadowlands, for the other six months she would bring spring and summer to the fructuous Earth.

Thus the cycle pattern of the seasons was established, and maintained, by their mutual agreement. Demeter also taught Triptolemos, the son of the King of Eleusis, the skills of farming, giving him a bag of seed-corn and a plough, and sent him all over the world in a dragon chariot to teach agriculture to humanity.

Hi Dirk, guess what I found out today?

In the morning when I woke up I knew that Kwan Yin and Peresphone were one and the same - Kwan Yin was with me agian tonight and although I couldn't remember any details this morning either, I simply knew this was so.

I will see what I find on this on the net ...


Sonja Myriel
Hi Dirk, guess what I found out today?

In the morning when I woke up I knew that Kwan Yin and Peresphone were one and the same - Kwan Yin was with me agian tonight and although I couldn't remember any details this morning either, I simply knew this was so.

I will see what I find on this on the net ...


Sonja Myriel

Now guess what I found out?

Here's Kwan Yin's story:

In both Taoism and Buddhism Kuan Yin (also pronounced Guan Yin) is the goddess of compassion, she is the Japanese Bodhisattva Kannon or Kanzeon, and is identified with the Indian Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, including all of the scriptures which apply to him. Kuan (Shih) Yin means "the one who hears/heeds the cries of the world." John Blofeld says:

"Rocks, willows, lotus pools or running water are often indications of her presence. In the chime of bronze or jade, the sigh of wind in the pines, the prattle and tinkle of streams, her voice is heard."
Kuan Yin's earthly name is Miao Shan (Wondrously Kind One): the following story of how it was that Miao Shan came to be the Bodhisattva of Compassion is recounted in John Blofeld's "Bodhisattva of Compassion: The Mystical Tradition of Kuan Yin" (Boston: Shambala Publications, 1977).

"In the eleventh year of the Chin T'ien epoch (2590 BC), there was a king who, on account of demerits stemming from a former life, was denied the blessing of a son. Accordingly he sought husbands of rare accomplishment and fine presence for his three daughters, hoping to breed outstanding grandsons, the best of whom would be well suited to inherit his kingdom. His youngest daughter, however, rejected all talk of marriage and, on reaching puberty, begged permission to reside at the White Sparrow Convent, there to engage in a life of pious contemplation. 'Agreed!' laughed the king, thinking that this gently nurtured girl would soon long for deliverance from harsh monastic austerities and could then be given the choice of remaining where she was or marrying some well-chosen prince.
"Alas, the austere life suited her all too well and the king, his patience at an end, embarked upon a series of measures marked by increasing severity to bend her to his will. Rage mounting day by day, he finally had her dragged from the convent and imprisoned in a tower, there to be nourished on unspeakably revolting food. In vain! Drinking to drown his chagrin served only to increase it, until one day he shouted to his henchmen: 'A monstrous child so lost to filial propriety as to deny her father his dearest wish pollutes all under Heaven. The earth must be cleansed of this foul example of disobedience to loving parents, lest the fashion spread and corrupt future generations. See to it this night!'

"Sorrowfully his attendants led the little princess to a lonely spot where the headsman awaited her, weeping but not to be delflected from his duty. The child was made to kneel and the headsman, grasping with both hands the terrible sword that had drunk the blood of many a brutal criminal, was preparing to strike when a blinding tempest arose. In a moment the stars were blotted out, thunder roared and a dazzling ray from Heaven shone down upon the kneeling victim. Ere the headsman could regain his courage, a gigantic tiger bounded from the darkness and carried the swooning girl into the nearby hills...

"From a cavern in the hills, whither the deity had borne her, the Princess Miao Shan now descended into hell and there, by the power of her unsullied purity, compelled its ruler to release every one of the shivering wretches delivered to him for punishment...

"Returning to the dwelling of the tutelary deity, Miao Shan received the signal honor of a visit from Amitabha Buddha in person! Assuming the splendidly shining form known as the Buddha-Body of Reward, he abjured her to seek safety on seagirt Potala, known to mariners as the Island of P'u-t'o...

"An island diety, summoned from Potala, carried the princess to her new abode, travelling more swiftly than the wind. For nine full years Miao Shan, when not engaged in meditation, performed deeds of compassion which, crowning the merits acquired in previous lives, completed all that remained to enable her to attain the status of Bodhisattvahood. It was at this time that the charming youth Shan Ts'ia (Virtuous Talent) became her acolyte.

"Thereafter, by virtue of her Bodhisattva's all-seeing eye, she beheld one day a calamity that suddenly befell the third son of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. Wandering the ocean joyously in the form of a fish, he had been caught by a fisherman and was being carried to the market in a pail heavy with the living victims of the day's catch. Instantly Shan Ts'ai was dispatched to purchase those unhappy creatures and return them to the sea. His Majesty the Dragon King, apprised by his son of his deliverance, sent Miao Shan a lustrous jewel known as the Night Brilliance Pearl, by the light of which the Bodhisattva would be able to read sacred books to her heart's content, no matter how dark the night. The gift was carried by his own grand-daughter, Lung Nu (Dragon Maiden), who was so entranced by the virtue and loveliness of her uncle's deliverer that she vowed there and then to dedicate her life to the achievement of Bodhisattvahood. To this end, she entered Kuan Yin's service and has every day since been seen in her company.

"Some years later, the Princess Miao Shan, divesting herself of her Bodhisattva's glory, returned to her own country for a space, and there converted her father and her mother, enrolling them as disciples of the Buddha."
Isn't that INCREDIBLE?

This puts another light on Peresphone's underworld journey, doesn't it?

I know now that it is true that they are ONE ... and other insights are dawning as well ...

I'll post this information at the 7th Ray group :-)


Sonja Myriel

PS.: When you have a look at the discussions I posted there lately you will immediately realize what an important role Kwan Yin has been playing in my life lately - LOL!
One more thin I just encountered:

During intense spiritual meditation and reflection, it is possible to see the gods and goddesses. They are real beings and many of them interact with us each day. Visions of the divine are rare and sacred privileges that bless our lives and lift the spirit to new heights. ...
Legends of the Mahayana School of Buddhism recount that Kwan Yin was 'born' from a ray of white light which The Amitabha Buddha emitted from his right eye while he was deep in spiritual ecstasy.

Kwan Yin is regarded as an emanation of The Amitabha Buddha and as anembodiment of compassion, the quality which Amitabha himself embodies in the highest sense.

Many figures of Kwan Yin can be identified by the presence of a small image of Amitabha in her crown. It is believed that as the merciful Kwan Yin expresses Amitabha's compassion in a more direct and personal way and prayers to her are answered more quickly.

The paintings of Kwan Yin depict her in many forms, each one revealing a unique aspect of her merciful presence. As the sublime Goddess of Mercy whose beauty, grace and compassion have come to represent the ideal of womanhood in the East, she is frequently portrayed as a slender woman in flowing white robes who carries in her left hand a white lotus, symbol of purity. Ornaments may adorn her form, symbolizing her attainment as a bodhisattva, or she may be pictured without them as a sign of her great virtue.


A symbol characteristically associated with Kwan Yin is the willow branch, with which she sprinkles the divine nectar of life ...

Another thing I didn't know:

Devotees also invoke the bodhisattva's power and merciful intercession with the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM-- "Hail to the jewel in the lotus!" or, as it has also been interpreted, "Hail to Avalokitesvara, who is the jewel in the heart of the lotus of the devotee's heart!"

OM Mani Padme Hum

Was the mantra that Sainte Germaine or was it Metatron
shared at beginning of the Meditation last wednesday night
it was thursday morning than
in belgium
first day of our quest
an online spiritual journey to mysteries of Elysis

wow I should give the link to see that you can view
our sharing with sonya and wolfsophia on this
how an amazing series of synchronias too were and are developing there
they both too are most Inspired by all this happening

If you like I can sent you the connexion link
to our community there that is like a sort of little garden

I forgot maybe I already shared this link ??
Hi dirk,

After I had posted this, Kwan Yin was laughing really hard ... she said, "Oh, wy are you surprised about this? Didn't you know that WE ARE ALL ONE????!!!"


Yes, and Peresphone / Kore / Proserpina / Isis ... I knew it all alog that they were one and the same Goddess - but Kwan Yin? Se always was an Ascended Master, a Boddhisattva to me - and that was it, but now the connection to the complex of Goddesses really blew me away ... and all she did was LAUGH - LOL!

Yes, we are united in this quest, and I'm very much looking forward to this night and tomorrow as the last day of our quest :-)

BLESSINGS of LOVE and enLIGHTenment :-)

Sonja Myriel
PS.: Not to forget Jeanne D'Arc ... and THIS is specal too - because I'm now nearing the realization that I AM ONE with all of them, too!

Wow - will be an interesting night ;-)

Jeanne D Arc
So much Inspired by Michael Archangel Michaela
Yes - if you had asked me, I would have said it's AA Michael!

Ok, here is what I found out about her. The information is in German so I will sum up:

Jeanned'Arc (1412-141) is an embodiment of LADY ROWENA

These are Lady Rowena and Maestro Victoria

Lady Rowena once was a priestess in Atlantis in the temple of FREEDOM and LOVE - if you ask me, that's the Temple of the Violet Ray!

She also incarnated as Maria Stuart who was beheaded, just as Marie Antoinette - who was also Lady Rowena.
Then she came back as Bernadette Sourbirous (Lourdes) - and again died early.

Soul parts are also said to have been present in Rosa Luxemburg, Anne Frank, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana - according to Jeanne Ruland, I source I usually trust ...

Jeanne d'Arc / Lady Rowene did indeed know the underworld well ... again and again she lost her life because she wanted to remain true to her better knowing - just as Kwan Yin ...



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