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by Mark Amaru Pinkham

from ReptilianAgenda Website

Did you know that the founders of the Great White Brotherhood came form Venus and that many of the branches of the GWB around the planet were founded by spiritual adepts associated with the serpent?


I came to that startling realization some years ago during a journey to Peru. 

In Peru I had the good fortune to meet a Peruvian wise man, Anton Ponce de Leon Paiva and become initiated into his esoteric organization, the Brotherhood of the Sun, an Andean branch of the Great White Brotherhood. Anton was asked to found this organization by sages or Elders living in a hidden village within the Andes.


Sister Thedra and Anton Ponce de Leon

The Elders are direct descendants of the Incas and high priests of the Incan Empire and have lived in the secret village since the downfall of that illustrious civilization. Anton's blind-folded journey to the hidden village and the Elders he encountered there is recounted in his books The Wisdom of the Ancient ONE and In Search of the Wise ONE

Once at the hidden village, Anton was initiated into the Intic Churincuna, the Solar Brotherhood, which had existed since the time of Lemuria, the legendary continent of the Pacific, which is now mostly at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


The Solar Brotherhood was the first manifestation of the "Great White Brotherhood" on Earth (you will find that all ancient civilizations were Sun worshippers and that the early adepts established headquarters associated with the Sun, such as Heliopolis in Egypt).


The Solar Brotherhood was first brought to Earth from Venus by adepts known as the Kumaras, a name which has the meaning of "androgenous Serpents." You can find references to the Kumaras in the Hindu Puranas where they are described as being the first teachers of Yoga on the planet.


Current branches of the Great White Brotherhood throughout the globe, such as the Theosophists and the Summit Lighthouse, refer to the Kumaras as their beloved founders. These organizations also claim that one Kumara, Sanat Kumara, has remained on Earth for thousands of years to oversee the workings of the GWB from Shamballa, his headquarters in the Gobi Desert. 

During his week-long stay at the hidden village, Anton learned from the Elders that the Intic Churincuna was brought to the Andes by a Lemurian sage calledAramu or Amaru (the Serpent), Muru.


Apparently there had been a special convocation on Lemuria just before the continent's fabled destruction and Aramu Muru and other "Serpents" were elected to take the records and power objects of the Kumara/Solar Brotherhood to various parts of the world.


Those who later became the Nagas (Serpents in Sanscrit) in India, the Lung Dragons of China, and the Amarus in Peru, were elected to take the ancient wisdom to their respective countries. Later, a similar convocation would occur on Atlantis with certain serpent masters of that land chosen to take the Atlantean records and teachings to the pan-Atlantic territories.


These missionary Serpents became known as:

  • the Quetzlcoatls or Kukulcans in Mexico

  • the Djedhi (the "Stable Serpents") of Egypt

  • the Druid Adders of Britain

  • the Dactyloi of Greece

It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlantean serpents established branches of the GWB they built temples aligned with Venus and the planet itself became associated with saviors and immortals.


The immortal Osiris of Egypt, the savior Queztlcoatl of Mexico, and the World Teacher Jesus Christwere intimately associated with Venus

When Aramu Muru finally arrived in the Andes, he established both the Solar Brotherhood, as well as the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, thereby grounding the infinite light of the Solar Spirit in his new land.


The headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays became A hidden monastery in the Andes, the Monastery of the Seven Rays, was built as the heaquarters of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and served as both a storehouse for Lemurian power objects and as a school for the dispensation of the sacred Lemurian teachings. 

In recent times proof of the existence of the Monastery of the Seven Rays has come from a small group who traveled to the monastery in the 1960s. George Hunt Williamson (Brother Philip), author of Secret of the Andes, later interviewed the members of this party to write his book about the abbey.


One women of the group, Sister Thedra, spent five years at the abbey undergoing intensive spiritual training and initiations.


She had been sent there by Jesus Christ who had physically appeared to her and spontaneously cured her of cancer. He introduced himself to her by his true, esoteric name, "Sananda Kumara," thereby revealing his affiliation with the Venusian founders of the Great White and Solar Brotherhoods.


When Thedra eventually left Peru, she traveled to Mt. Shasta in California and founded the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara. Through the work of Sister Thedra (animation left) and her organization the Kumaras have disseminated information concerning their history and the coming Earth changes. 

But back to the story... Eventually Aramu Muru became the first priest king of the Incas and was thereafter known among his adopted people as Manco Kapac. Ka-pac means "spiritually wealthy" or "Serpent Wisdom" (many of the great Serpents of the GWB have denoted their serpent wisdom by including the K sound in their names, such as KumaraChrist(pronounced Krist), Krishna, Kukulcan).


Following his coronation, Manco Kapac took one of the power objects stored within the Monastery of the Seven Rays, the great Solar Disc, and hung it within the main temple of the Incas, the Intiwasi, which was built in Cuzco, Peru.


This Solar Disc had previously hung within an important temple of the Solar Brotherhood on Lemuria and was an important symbol of the organization. By hanging it within the Intiwasi, Manco officially established the Solar Brotherhood in Peru. Later, when the Spanish invaded Peru, the Solar Disc was returned to the Monastery of the Seven Rays for safekeeping. 

Before and after building the city of Cusco, capital of the Incan Empire, Manco Kapac and the Kapac Cuna, members of the Solar Brotherhood from Lemuria who arrived in the Andes at about the same time Aramu did, built many megalithic temples in Peru, such as those at Tiahuanaco, Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, and Machu Picchu. These became contact points for visiting Venusians and members of the Solar and Great White Brotherhoods on Earth. 

The wisdom of the Solar Brotherhood was eventually passed down through the lineages of Inca priest kings and high priests of Peru. Throughout their history, the Incan kings were always associated with the serpent and wore bracelets and anklets of slithering serpents to reveal their affiliation. Some monarchs included theQuechuan name for serpentAmaru, within their royal titles, such as the Inca Tupac Amaru. 

Before the complete destruction of the Incas by the Spanish, the high priests of the Incan Solar Brotherhood escaped to a hidden village in the Andes where they carefully preserved the wisdom of their ancient organization. For many years this wisdom was kept secret until Anton was invited to visit.


He was instructed to take the history and teachings of the Solar Brotherhood into the outer world and found an extension or "outer retreat" of the organization.


This outer retreat, now known as Samana Wasi, became located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is both the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Sun as well as a home for abandoned children and old people. 

Currently the Elders of the hidden village are in close contact with many of the planetary and galactic brotherhoods on Earth and throughout the universe. 

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Thanks for Knowledge-Weaving, Sonja! Another great post.

Just this morning I was continuing the Lion Sleeps No More, and what do you know, it was this exact material!!! Concerning the reptilian/Venus connection.

There are a few places in the book where my ideology and Mr. Icke's splinter away from each other a bit. For example, in the book he calls Sananda a complete myth, totally made up, but in this article Sananda is nicely woven into the taspestry...and the bigger picture becomes much clearer (in my opinion).

Yes, even though there are these creatures known as the 'reptilians', only some were 'fallen angels', and I think that's the most important thing to remember. There are also great Peaceful Serpent Beings, and the real war in the upper the war between those Reptilians of the Light, and those of the Dark.....but hey, dont hate the snake!!

Thank you so much for your love filled words, Rick! Exactly - it's not the snake that's the problem, lol - and it's not even the darkness ... it's the SPLIT between dark and light ...

I have not yet come so far with reading the book - but I will continue when I can ... and I know deep inside of me that nothing happens without meaning - all is orchestrated well ... and Earth is playing a vital role in the evolutionary process of the ALL ...

No judgement - just forgiveness and LOVE!

And Sananda is not a big myth - it is an essential part of the whole story ...!

I love the light that surges up through our conversations, Rick :-) 


Sonja Myriel

:)) Kenah NeMat. I Feel Their Energy Or Chi Pattern When I Ask For Their Help :))



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We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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