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"All so-called time periods are connected in the
Net of Light. "

As I continue my recovery from knee replacement, I’m spending a lot of time resting, exploring and learning from the Grandmothers. Today I picked up their third book, ‘Casting the Net,’ to see what they wanted to share with me. It opened itself to page 158 and I read:

“All so-called time periods are connected in the Net or Web of Light.”

“Because there is no actual time,” the Grandmothers began, “there is no difference between what you think of as the past, the present, and the future.”
“Help!!!!, Grandmothers,” I cried. “I’ve heard this over and over again and I still don’t get it. Help!”

“Everything is present at this moment,” they responded. “The ancestors are here with you —now and always. What you refer to as the future is also present now. All so-called time periods are connected in the Net or Web of Light. Your ancestors stand and have always stood behind and beside you, ready to assist you at every moment. They are eager to support you.

“Your previous selves from what you refer to as ‘past lives’ also stand with and for you, and whenever healing takes place for the present day you, it takes place for them too. And it takes place for those who will follow you down your family line. Your healing affects all beings. We have told you many times that you cannot help yourself without helping everyone, and we meant what we said. Everyone!” they emphasized. “Whenever you love, forgive, and let yourself be loved, you help everyone.

“This concept is not difficult to grasp,” they said, waiving a hand in dismissal. “What we’ve said is quite simple. The reason you struggle with it is because of your ego, because of the ego’s desire to feel important. The ego/mind clings to familiar concepts and ideas because that’s how it confirms its I-dentity. That’s how it confirms its ‘rightness.’ The ego always demands to be right, so, the familiar is reassuring to the ego/mind. ‘I know this one,’ it says to itself. ‘ This is part of who I am!’

“There is nothing difficult about the concept of ‘no time’, but the ego/mind doesn’t like it. Timelessness shakes up its identity. Who after all would the ego be?” they asked, “if it had no existence before and won’t exist after? Resistance to the concept of timelessness comes from the ego’s need to confirm its own importance.” They laughed and asked, “Who, after all, coined the phrase, ‘I think, therefore I am,’ if not the ego—in this case, Descartes’ ego? The soul certainly wouldn’t talk like that.

“To experience the truth of what we’re telling you, try this experiment,” they said: “Pretend for a moment that your ego has taken a vacation, gone on a trip and left you alone with your soul. Now ask this question: ‘Does my soul care whether or not what I call ‘time’ exists’?”
They looked at me quizzically. “Well...does it?”

I closed my eyes and thought of my ego being gone. Then I asked their question and immediately I was struck by a sense of the ridiculous. I began to giggle. This was a ludicrous question and laughing out loud, I clutched at my sides as waves of hilarity rolled over me. I looked up at the Grandmothers then, and when they saw how much I was enjoying the joke,
they joined in and together we roared with laughter.

–Casting the Net, p.158-159

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sharon’s suggestion: Why not randomly open one of the Grandmothers’ books and see what they have for you today?


This Sunday, March 14th at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
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