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Hi everyone, I just received an interesting mail from Mukesh in which he shared the ANATOMIC Therapy manuscript with me. I have not studied it in detail, but it contains a lot of interesting insights concerning nutrition - how to eat food and so on to HEAL the body you yourself.

Here the excerpt from the book about WHAT CAN be healed  - and what not. If you find it interesting - the entire book is ATTACHED as a pdf file below.


Diseases can be classified into two categories. The first category is of those diseases that come from within our body itself. The second is of those diseases that come from outside our body.
If a knife pierces the eye of a person and damages it, then our treatment will not be useful to that person. That person should immediately go to an eye doctor and save his eye.

Similarly, a person who has been shot with a revolver cannot be cured by this treatment. Accidents, snake bites, bites by poisonous insects, hand or leg fracture or anything piercing our body and damaging the body parts and any other such diseases due to unexpected incidents damaging our body parts cannot be cured by this treatment. But diseases such as diabetes, BP, Thyroid, Cancer, AIDS, etc. which come from within our body can surely be cured in this treatment.

Let us learn how to classify the diseases into these two types. Did we get diseases such as diabetes, BP, Asthma, Thyroid, Cancer, etc. due to someone attacking our body with any object? No, it started from within our body. Did you get kidney stone by eating a stone? No, it came on its own in our body. Did you get abscess in uterus by eating any abscess? No, it came on its own. If your disease came from within your body without anything attacking your body from outside, then it can be easily cured through our treatment.
So, let us know that (1) the diseases which are caused from outside (2) the diseases which are caused due to some body parts getting affected from birth and (3) emergency conditions due to accidents cannot be cured by this treatment. With this understanding, please read the book further.
95% of the diseases come from within the body. Diseases which come from outside the body are just 5%. Therefore, 95% of the diseases in the world can be surely cured by our treatment.
There are several thousands of diseases in the world today. It is not possible to list out all those diseases here. Our treatment can cure any disease that comes from within our body. Any disease that comes from outside our body can be cured only with the help of the doctor. However, we have listed below some of the common diseases which can be certainly cured by our treatment:

 Sugar (Diabetes)
 Blood Pressure (BP)
 Thyroid
 Hair falling
 White hair
 Dandruff and sore on head
 Headache
Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar Page 15
 All diseases related to the eye
 Nearsightedness
 Farsightedness
 Cataract
 Glaucoma
 Sinus
 Sneezing
 Cough
 Running nose
 Cold
 Chest congestion
 Asthma
 Wheezing
 Nose blocking
 All problems related to breathing
 TB (Pulmonary Tuberculosis)
 Pneumonia
 All diseases related to teeth
 Stammering
 Babbling
 Saliva not secreted
 Tonsils
 All diseases related to the heart
 Blocking of valves in the heart
 Heart valve contraction and expansion
 Blockages in the heart
 High Blood Pressure
 Low Blood Pressure
 Hole in the heart (suddenly developed)
 Heart attack
 Paralysis
Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar Page 16
 Memory loss
 Migraine
 Persistent headache
 Indigestion
 Gas Trouble
 IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
 Jaundice
 All diseases related to the liver
 Fits
 Hernia
 All diseases related to the pancreas
 Gall bladder stone
 Urinary bladder stone
 Kidney stone
 All diseases related to the kidney
 All diseases related to the uterus
 Abscess in the uterus
 Sterility
 Lack of libido
 All problems related to menstruation
 Leucorrhoea
 Menopause related problems
 Stomach ache
 Chest ache
 Backache/hip pain
 Thigh ache
 Knee joint membrane problems
 Osteoarthritis (Wear-out of knee joint)
 Knee joint depreciation
 Facial paralysis
 Joint and knee problems
 Arthralgia (Joint pain)
 Calf muscle pain
 Ankle related diseases
 All diseases related to the sole
 All diseases related to the skin
 Psoriasis (Skin redness and irritation)
 Eczema (Scaly and itchy rashes)
 Skin whitening
 Varicose veins problems
 Elephantiasis
 Cancer

 AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

You can cure these and many other diseases by yourselves through our treatment.


 You can come in person to the places where the treatment is given and get the treatment by meeting Healer Baskar in person. Through the phone numbers given in this book or through our website, you can know in which country, in which town and on which dates you can meet Healer Baskar in person.
 Those who cannot come in person can just read this book from the beginning to the end. Then there is no need to come in person. This book itself will teach you the secret of curing your diseases.
 Those who are illiterate and those who are blind can access all the matter in this book by getting the audio and video DVDs. By listening to them or seeing them at their residence they can cure themselves.
Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar Page 18
 You can log on to our website and download this book free in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English and many other languages and cure yourselves by reading them.
 You can log on to Internet website and view the audio, video and books free and also download them and cure yourselves at your residence.
 If you desire that this treatment is to be given to the people in your town, you can make the arrangements and we can come there and give this treatment to all the people in person, provided that at least 500 to 1000 people assemble. A minimum of one day to a maximum of three days will be required for this programme. It will be nice if the organizers can give free lunch and conduct this programme free for all, by getting a sponsor. Even if no sponsor is available, it will be better if this programme is conducted in a non-commercial way at a minimum charge to just cover the expenditure.
 If you desire to give this treatment to a large number of people in your town, you can show the DVD of this treatment through TV or a projector at a public place. You can also telecast the DVD through satellite TV or local TV channel free, after obtaining prior permission from us.
 You can also publish the matter in this book in other books or newspapers in total or in parts after obtaining prior permission from us.

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