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Dear friends,we are new to your site,but we desperately need your help.Our sister MysticPagan's son Danny,27 years old,is in the hospital in a very serious condition.I am posting here her update on his condition in our Emergency Room ("Earth Monster World") from yesterday,we don't know what is going on today...

"Thank You all my dear friends!

Danny is off life support now but he is by no means out of the woods yet...He has had a pretty severe heart attack that has left his heart very damaged, as he is still young a lot of the damage may repair in time but he is going to need to take extra care, he will need more tests still to try and determine the cause of his collapse and what led up to it, he cannot remember what happened to him but there are signs he was beaten up he is bruised and battered and has two black eyes and a swollen lip...If I ever find out who did this to him.....well, we wont go into that right now.......getting him well is my main priority, on top of his heart lungs and kidney issues he is also taking longer than is expected to grasp what has happened to him and is still very disorientated and confused, this could be due to any number of factors, concussion, lack of oxygen to the brain ( he was not breathing when the ambulance arrived and took him to hospital) no one knows how long he lay there like that, in fact it is even unclear who found him and called the ambulance...I hope and pray he will not be left with brain damage!

Please continue to send healing!


All our Ning "Sister Sites" have been praying and sending him energy,we need your skills,please...

In Love and Trust,

Galina,Head Admin of EMW.

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UPDATE ON DANNY from MysticPagan:

Thank you sis! and to all who have sent healing, said prayers, lit candles....I love you all and will never forget your kindness.

I am very pleased to say that Danny continues to improve, he is home, still very weak and will need quite a bit of after care but at least he is still with us!

However he really should still be in hospital but he hates hospitals so much (I would say that he has a phobia!) he signed himself out, this is quite a worry but he will go back for tests etc, and to get checked out regularly. I was so mad with him for signing himself out although I do understand, I too hate hospitals and like Danny have little faith in conventional medicine, in this case though I believe he WAS in the right place......Nevertheless I am still very happy with his progress, mentally though he still has no memory of how he came to be in hospital nor of the attack or preceding days so he has lost about 4 days of memory, the docs think it may be due to concussion or more probably he may have blocked it out of his memory because the memory is to traumatic for him to deal with right now!

Much love and light to all!


Thank you Galina and Toni for this update!


I am connecting to Danny and Toni during lightgrid connections and sometimes in between, wrapping them in violet Love Light, asking the Angels to care for them, providing them with whatever is needed!


We are connected!




Sonja Myriel



Dearest Toni,

I am so sorry about what has happened to Danny. Healing light and energy to him and hope and faith in your heart. God/ess bless you, Danny, and everybody connected to this situation...Light and love,Cathy





Galina, beautiful that Danny is Healing ~

Thank you, for taking the time to update, with so much going on~

Your sharing and openness, of yourself and your loved ones, is inspirational, truth & content

Love and many Blessings to you ALL


My dear beloved friends,I came today to update you on our sister MysticPagan and her son Danny's situation and to THANK YOU on behalf of them and all our three sister-sites community for your invaluable contribution in the Miracle of Danny's recovery...
The boy is at home and steadily getting better.The complete healing will take time,of course,and I understood that he is in out-patient therapy,but obviously he is ALIVE and OUT OF DANGER.WE DID IT!
The family is still trying to survive psycological shock,- and Danny's house is ruined,and the police doesn't know the reasons and the criminals,and Danny's memory is not restored yet,- all this will take much more time to heal ...But that's already LIFE and its problems...and people are alive to deal with them...:))
MysticPagan asked me to send you her all-heart gratitude and her Love and Blessings.She has to tend to her ill father,and now helping her son to return to active life,- she has a lot on her shoulders...And she will be back here,because I know how much this knowledge means to her...
And now,please,accept my personal Thank You for being there for us all at our very trying time.Blessed be,my brothers and sisters!

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