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My daughter Morgan(she is 16)was recently diagnosed with Grave's Disease, Hyperthyroidism and is Insulin Resistant. We are currently trying to get her anti-thyroid hormone at a correct dosage-which is very hard on anyone especially a teenager with hormones going crazy anyways.She is having problems with Neuropathy in her left fingers -which the only thing the doctor can say is we'll just have to wait untill we can check her levels again(basically she'll just have to deal with it) or (this is what the doc is pushing for and I will not do this)Radioactive Iodine Treatment-RAI. This will "kill" her thyroid and make her go hypothyroid plus put poison into her body that can very possibly cause cancer.She is on a Beta Blocker as well-Hyperthyroid patients usually need this because their heart rate is usually above the normal range-it's like they(patient) are a car and the gas pedal is stuck making the car accelerate  with no brakes-my daughters resting heart rate was 120!!!We think my oldest may have it as well-it's just a matter of getting our endo to listen. The Insulin resistant medicine made her sick so I'm using herbs to help her and supplements.Please ......This(all these ) disease's can go into remission and then with the right supplements stay in remission.She is exhausted and hates he fact of not being able to feel her fingers.I ask for healing for her.Thank You to all my Brothers and Sisters here. I gratefully appreciate it.


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Dear Angela,

I will pray..for you Beautiful dauther Morgan!

Send LOve , Light, Energy and Blessings....Arleem

thank you

Love and Light,


Sodalite balances the metabolism, along with the White Light I have had great results from wearing mine, worth a try. Sending Love and Light to Morgan...

I would like to thank all of you!Morgan has full feeling back in her hands and seems to be a bit more energetic.I'm just very happy about the hand!THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH MY DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!

Cherokee Prayer Blessing

What a blessing :-)


Thank you for sharing the good news, dear Angela,


May SPIRIT continue to watch over your family and guide you to perfect health and well being,


Sonja Myriel

Hey! Very happy for this update!!!

Love and Pure Light to both of you!

Patrizia :-)



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