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Understanding Ascension Emotions By Natalie Glasson & Mahatma ... How To Connect With Your Destiny Ny Natalie Glasson & The Celestial White Beings

Understanding Ascension Emotions By Natalie Glasson

& Mahatma

Greetings and love extend from all aspects of my being. I am the consciousness, the energy known as Mahatma. It is my purpose to oversee the cosmic level of the Creator in all 352 levels of the Creator's Universe. Each of you are a part of my energy, and flow through my being and consciousness in order to manifest and exist within the Universe of the Creator. 

Today, I wish to speak of emotions. It is time to acknowledge the impact of Ascension upon your emotions. Ascension is quickening and moving at great speed. This means that you may feel unbalanced, uncertain or confused when you grow spiritually.

When you awaken you may gain a new insight about yourself as an expression of the Creator. There is a period of time when you become accustomed to that new vibration. This period of time is when your emotional body can experience high or dramatic reactions. You might feel wounded by the words of another, you might find yourself extremely emotional, or upset, or maybe the opposite deliriously happy.

As your body and your being is adjusting to the new vibration of Ascension that you have accessed, it can mean that you experience emotional highs and emotional lows. Once your vibration and your being become accustomed to the new Ascension energy you have accessed and embodied from within your being, then you are able to regain & retain your balance. You are especially able to remain balanced in your emotional body.

This means that the same experiences that caused you pain or hurt, or extreme happiness may not have the same impact. You might find that there is only a small reaction within your emotional body. Some people can experience an Ascension shift every couple of days, while others can experience a shift every few months. 

When  you become accustomed to a new energy understanding or awareness, it's in that time of embodiment that there is a need for self love, especially self-love towards the emotional body. When many souls give themselves self-love, loving themselves unconditionally, often it is directed towards the physical body, or the being in general.

In these times when embodiment is taking place, after a shift, there is a need to direct the self-love to the emotional body. The emotional body can then gain balance quickly and is able to process the new vibration, embodying it, acting and reacting from that new vibration.

This can take place simply through intention, you can imagine, sense, acknowledge or even state that you share and gift your love to your emotional body. You can imagine love flowing from your heart chakra, maybe as a pink or green light, and filling up your emotional body in your auric field, from the bottom of your being to the top as if you're filling it with liquid light.

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Achieving this every day, and especially when you are experiencing a very extreme reaction within your emotional body will allow your emotional body to settle, and balance with greater speed. 

The process allows your emotional body to ascend in a very beautiful and important way. As you fill your emotional body with love, you are also releasing emotional ties, emotional knots and emotional wounds from past and simultaneous lifetimes. Essentially it is like a clearing and a liberation for your emotional body. This means that patterns of emotional reactions are also released.

With self-love your emotional body opens up to receive new Ascension patterns that support new insights, enlightenment, understanding, vibrations and healings. Therefore, your emotional body is in alignment with your Ascension and your inner essence, which makes it easier for you to be an expression and beacon of love and the Creator's vibration.

And it makes it easier for these vibrations to flow through your emotional body and to support your emotional body in its healing process, as well as allowing your emotional body to support your entire being.

Your emotional body is a very key and important aspect of your manifestation process. Therefore, if your emotional body is aligned with your essence and your soul, your emotional body is giving you the energy and the fuel to create what you wish and dream of from a space of truth within your being. With this understanding, it is easier to acknowledge your emotions, to explore them, enter into them and experience them. 


Then you have the opportunity to ask:

What is the message?

What does your emotional body wish to share with you or alert you to?

Or you can move straight onto gifting self-love to your emotional body as this will support you in not only preparing your emotional body, supporting a release and maybe even giving insights as to why the emotional high or low occurred. 

This is a very simple process, it is a very valuable tool in understanding your Ascension emotions, the emotions that occur as you ascend, or how your emotional body is reacting.

It has been an honour to serve you,

I thank you,

I Am Mahatma

To enjoy more messages from Mahatma channeled through Natalie - just clicl on this Link:

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How To Connect With Your Destiny By Natalie Glasson &

The Celestial White Beings

Greetings, beloved beacons of light. We are the Celestial White Beings, we come forth with our pure translucent, pearlescent white energy and light. Our purpose is to awaken the vibration of bliss within all beings as they move along their Ascension pathway.

As we come forth to you, today, we wish to invite you to visit our sacred space on the inner planes, the home, and the Ashram of the Celestial White Beings.

To visit our ashram, you only need to call upon our energies to surround you.

Ensure you are connected with your soul, breathe in the beautiful mixture of our light, the Celestial White Beings, and your soul light. With each breath that you exhale, you will raise your vibration, and transport yourself to our Ashram on the inner planes.

You can state an intention before you begin this practice, that you wish to visit the Celestial White Beings Ashram on the inner planes.

There is a purpose to our visit, and to you, transporting your energy, and your awareness to our Ashram. We wish to invite you to experience the Lake of Clear Vision within our Ashram.

As you enter into this space, it radiates white, pink and blue light. It is as if the white light is shimmering with beautiful colours. There is a vast and expansive white light lake before you, there are rocks, stones and pebbles at the shore. Further back there are trees, beautiful, majestic trees that surround the lake.

There are many areas around the lake where you can sit and make yourself comfortable. You may wish to take a boat onto the lake. As you imagine, sense and acknowledge this, please know that this is a space of tremendous purity.

Existing by the Lake of Clear Vision, will allow you to feel the pure vibrations. You may find that your mind and being become more balanced, still, and begin a purification process. You may feel more able to connect with the vibration of peace within your own being. Simply existing or meditating in this space is immensely valuable and creates a regeneration of your being.

The lake has a greater purpose when you connect your third eye chakra, followed by your heart chakra with the lake. In truth you can connect all chakras individually with the lake. Each chakra will absorb the purity of the lake. In doing so you are opening yourself up to receive and to share with purity and clarity.

This is the Lake of Clear Vision, so it seemed very important that you create a clear intention whist at the lake. You can visit the lake in order to gain a clear vision of your future and your destiny on the Earth

Why do you need to know about your future and your destiny?

In truth, you don't need to know and it's okay if you don't know about your future and your destiny. However, setting the intention and visiting the lake will allow you to align with your future and your destiny. Thus, opening you up to receive a conscious embodiment of higher vibrations of yourself, and higher pure vibrations of your existence on the Earth.

You are opening yourself up to receive the ultimate possibilities for you as a soul on the Earth, and whether you simply receive the vibrations, or you gain clear visions about what this would look like, feel like, or manifest - you are creating the space for you to manifest, enact and put into action these ultimate higher vibrational possibilities for your own reality.

Video - "How To Connect With Your Destiny By Celestial White Beings"


Sometimes in a physical reality you can become focused into the third dimension. Where you are present with everything that you are. However, you become stuck, unable to see, sense, acknowledge what could be possible, to expand, to liberate yourself, and open up to receive the gifts and the guidance of the Creator, your soul group and soul.

Sometimes there is simply a need for an awakening, for inspiration to land within your being in order to excite you. To move forward at a greater speed, to take certain actions to overcome certain fears, and aspire to living as a higher vibration.

This is the purpose of the Lake of Clear Vision, and so in this space and whenever you feel guided through following the steps that we have shared, we invite you to simply sit focusing upon your intention.

Connect with your destiny, your future for your existence upon the Earth.

Enjoy the energies, and observe, if anything comes into your awareness, whether it's a feeling, a sensation, a colour, vision, words, or the sound. Whatever it may be, and you can visit as often as you wish in order to build a growing and enlightening picture.

You may wonder how you know that this vision is the truth. In this space where the lake is present only truth can manifest.

Your mind may try to make up a story or try to put into your awareness something that you really dream of, but you simply won't be able to sustain it, it won't be able to stay that long in your space if it is not the truth.

Something that is the truth will stay with you. You will feel it vibrating within your being. We believe that this is the most beautiful and appropriate practice now.

Many of you are seeking the next stage, the next phase of Ascension for yourselves and especially as to what actions you need and require to make on the Earth. Some of you have no idea what the next step is, others understand it completely, but have no idea how to get to that point of manifesting it.

You can work with the lake, which holds our Celestial White Being energies, and allow inspiration, enlightenment to be revealed to you.

If you do find the process challenging, ask us and even the lake to activate trust from within your being and begin with this.

When you wish to return to your reality, you can simply imagine, sense, acknowledge the floor beneath you, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you, focus upon this until you feel yourself, fully grounded, back into your reality.

The Lake of Clear Vision is such an integral part of the Celestial White Being Ashram. It is a sacred and pure space, and we welcome you to visit whenever you feel guided.

We are also present to support you in discovering and connecting with your destiny and your future, through the connection with the lake. Everything will be downloaded, activated and embodied within your being concerning your destiny and your future.

We thank you and we love you,

We Are The Celestial White Beings

Video - "Empowering Our Personal & Collective Transformation" By Patricia Cota-Robles -


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