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Natalie Glasson - Dragonfly Ascension By Master Kuthumi

Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi, it is an honour to be in your presence today. I wish to bring forth an energy to you and a transformation that is taking place and moving through the inner planes as well as integrating with the Earth. This transformation and ascension energy is immensely important in this stage of ascension, and we have labelled it the Dragonfly Ascension because this energy born from the Creator, holds the essence of the Dragonfly Soul and Spirit. It seems to represent or is aligned to the dragonfly energy at its most purest, divine vibrations.

The vibrations coming forth on this stream of light we can imagine as hundreds and thousands of dragonflies, each with a mission and a purpose, and each waiting to connect with one soul on the inner planes and the Earth to instigate and activate a deep inner transformation. 

You may call forth in meditation the dragonfly most aligned with your being and with the transformation that is waiting to take place for you and your ascension.

We are giving you this image of hundreds and thousands of dragonflies because it's supporting you in connecting with the wave and stream of energy that is this ascension transition. It is a way of your mind grasping the energy or you calling this energy forth to you, and embodying it.

It also assists and invites you to align with the vibration of the energy that most serves you in your life and ascension now. It is not necessarily that there are hundreds or thousands of dragonflies. It is a representative of the energy that is coming forth from the Creator. 

I, Master Kuthumi wish to speak of this energy and how it can impact your being. Firstly this energy creates and promotes flexibility. It invites you to be grounded like a tree and yet to wave, move, and sway in your trunk and your branches, so you remain grounded into the Earth, into your essence, and your truth.

There is a flexibility within your being and essence that creates flexibility in your thoughts, your emotions, or the pathway you are currently focused upon. You might liken it to going with the flow. However, when you seek and accept flexibility, you realise that sometimes your reality can change dramatically. This change can feel as if the ground has been taken from underneath you.

As you remember that you are grounded, centred and connected with the Creator, Mother Earth and your truth so, the flexibility that is coming forth and impacting your being or inspiring your being allows you to move, to change, to alter, to transform from a space of being grounded. This opens up so much more, it allows you to change and transform many areas of your reality. 

Video - "Earth Day & Recalibrating Our Earthly Bodies" By Patricia 

Cota-Robles -


We can imagine that dragonflies are very active. They are moving from one thing to the next. You may find yourself doing this as an acceleration to get you to the point of ascension that is needed in this moment. You will recognise the energy promotes activity, you may feel that there is a need for action, physical, emotional, or mental action and creation. 

You may feel that there is a need for flexibility and open your mind to new ideas or to try one thing and then to try something completely different. Being flexible, you are not rigid in your grounding, you are not rigid in your thoughts, your ideas, or your perspective.

You allow yourself to move with the energies, move with your reality and your ideas, until you come to a place where you feel happy, content and aligned. You may recognise that this flexibility brings a change in your perspective of yourself, your reality, the Creator, those around you. 

The dragonfly energy is very honest, you may find that things become clear. Things that you had been confusing or complicating might suddenly become clear. This may appear as the opposite because the dragonfly energy brings forth action, activity, flexibility, and change which may seem completely different to clarity, understanding and clearness.

As all these energies merge  you will find your self embodying activity with clarity, flexibility with grounding. You may view yourself having a change in your perspective and transformation in your reality yet still be able to recognise your truth, your purpose, and your energy. 

Rather than contemplating what requires flexibility, a change of perspective, some activity, or even clarity in your reality, or ascension, we invite you to call forth the Dragonfly Ascension energy, letting the dragonfly energy alert you to what is needed in your reality and where your focus must lie.

The dragonfly will weave, soar, spiral, flit and fly from one thing to another and yet, clarity will dawn, an understanding that will support you in this current stage of ascension. 

There have been many ascension energies that have supported you in creating your dreams, desires, and your soul’s purpose in this reality while also creating transformation for yourself and those around you. However in this current stage of ascension you may feel stuck, you may feel as if everything is going against you, pushing you in other directions or that your dreams are further away than they have ever been.

This is why the dragonfly energy comes forth, for there is a need for flexibility, for you to think differently, and there is a need for you to hop between vibrations. It is very easy to access a vibration, a frequency of ascension, a dimension, and to become comfortable with it, to sit in it.

But sometimes it is needed to move your alignment to other dimensions, and this is required now. As you change the vibration that you are aligned to, that you absorb and that impacts your being, you allow yourself to awaken, and you allow your awakening to expand.

It is as if the change in vibration allows stuck energies to move to be released, and you begin to allow new light, new inspiration, and enlightenment into your being, thus gaining clarity and understanding about your next step. 

When you call forth your dragonfly and invite this dragonfly energy to support you in meditation, to inspire you to absorb the energies. You can also invite the dragonfly to take you on a journey of dimensions. Connecting you with appropriate and different dimensions of light.

Even if it's only for a couple of seconds, this will create a shift within your being that loosens the stuck energies and allows for greater flexibility and freedom. This is something that you can achieve simply, but take time to contemplate the energy and notice the shifts that it brings. 

My love is with you always, I thank you, 

I am Master Kuthumi

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