A Loving Thought, from my Heart to Yours: By Fran Zepeda


In every situation, there is a balance of Peace and Love to attain. Tune in and Hold the situation up to the Light & Love of your Soul, your Heart, your Higher Self, your connection with Source, and this will shed new understanding and acceptance of its purpose in your life and of the gift it holds.

It is not always what it seems, it is not always what you make of it with your perception of what it used to mean or create in your life up to now. An entirely new perspective from the Light & Love of your Soul brings you into a balanced state of Peace and Love and Harmony and Grace where there used to be angst or confusion or doubt or fear.

All it takes is holding it in the Light & Love of your Highest Self & let that Divine Energy Clear that confusion and fear and the stagnation of your old beliefs with a fresh perspective from the state of LOVE and GRATITUDE and PEACE and GRACE. You will reveal wondrous things.


With Love and Blessings ~ Fran Zepeda

Video: Judy Satori's Joy Transmissions" - https://youtu.be/uOwOKkGzrAo