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9/9/12 Audio Meditation: Divine Mother's Plum Ray of Rejuvenation ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai





Here is the 9/9/12 Gateway Portal Meditation of Waves of Bliss


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 Divine Mother gives a very important meditation in the 9/9/2012 Gateway Portal Day Channeling Group Session.  Divine Mother gives us the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation to help support the Violet Ray of Transmutation which is doing over-time work right now on our behalf. 


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0-15:49 Grounding + Grid Invocation with Jim Foster

15:50 Nasrin Speaks

51 Plum Ray of Rejuvenation & Divine Mother ++

© 2003 - 2012 Nasrin Safai - Waves of Bliss


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I hope you enjoy

Peace & Many Blessings


Esta Lior




 Divine Mother’s Plum Ray Over-lighting the Violet Flame

                                   Adapted from 9/9/12 Gateway Portal Day with Divine mother © FAGU 2012


Grounding Meditation- Hello everyone this is Jim. We begin with grounding; to calm our minds, to connect to Mother Earth. Then our connection with Divine Mother during the channeling, the prayers and the intentions that we set and the messages that we hear can be from the highest possible platform.

Visualize yourself standing on top of Uluru, the Sacred red rock in Central Australia, also known as Ayers Rock.  We go to this sacred site for our grounding because it represents the pure essence of the Element of Earth.  Feeling Uluru beneath your feet, Imagine that you are absorbed into the rock and become one with Uluru.

Simultaneously imagine yourself floating over Niagara Falls, the great Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  The mist, bubbling up and bathing you in the Element of Water at Niagara Falls, while the Element of Earth – surrounding you and the energies of Uluru red rock.

Now slide down the Hara Line- a shaft or Pillar of Light- which extends to the Core of the Earth from the surface and find yourself standing in the Core Crystal of Mother Earth, before an Altar of Sacred Fire. Take a deep breath, feel yourself grounded.

See that Divine Mother is now standing directly in front of you. She wears a tall headdress and great ceremonial robes beaming Copper Gold and Yellow-Gold. Have an exchange with Divine Mother so that you can start this meditation off, heart to heart with our own beloved Divine Mother, who has offered so much to us and done so much for us, earth and humankind.

On the other side of the Sacred Altar, Great Silent Watcher is standing; this huge Being of Light is holding her Scepter of Power above our heads, over the fire in the Sacred Altar, and pouring down her Turquoise Blue Light into the Fire.

The Great Silent Watcher, is also beaming to your Eighth Chakra- the energy center just above your head – and to your Earth Crust Chakra – the energy center just below your feet – her Turquoise Blue Light. Two Seven Pointed Stars are superimposed over these Chakras, immersed in the Light of Great Silent Watcher.  She fills them up creating the Cocoon of Protection around your entire body.  This Turquoise Blue cocoon of Great Silent Watcher holds the energies of Protection, Fearlessness, and Divine Power.

Notice Cosmic Mother of the Universe – in a vibrant Pink Light – is standing to your left emanating her Pink Light to you.   Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos is standing to your right, pouring her Amber Colored Light to you.  Goddess of Victory comes to stand directly behind you, beaming her Triple Light, the Lemon Yellow, the Pewter and the Platinum Colored Lights.

See the entire Core Crystal of Mother Earth is permeated with Light. Now see 144,000 Silent Watchers standing shoulder to shoulder in circles upon circles around this group, all holding their Scepters of Power above their heads, beaming Turquoise Blue Light.  They are stepping down and magnifying the energy of Great Silent Watcher. Beyond them there are 10 Billion Angelic Watchers standing shoulder to shoulder creating huge spheres holding this entire entourage within the sphere of Turquoise Blue Light.

Now take Divine Mother’s hand in your right hand and step to the edge of the Sacred Altar, all the Beings that we have called forth are standing around the Altar. We set the intention that all of Divine Mother’s desires, are accomplished as we move up to and through the 12-21-2012 Portal, that all of her intentions, all of her desires are successful beyond expectation and limitation.  We wish the same for Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Mother of the Universe, and Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos.

With great, great love and gratitude to each one of you, I set the intention that each of you, your families and your loved ones have abundance and prosperity, healing, health and wholeness, a life of peace and tranquility, in comfort and luxury, and with ease and grace from this moment on.  Let this intention succeed beyond expectation and beyond limitation for all of you, for all that you have done and I ask this intention too for earth and humankind.


Meditation with Divine Mother to Anchor the Plum Ray

My beloved children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother,

Since March of 2012, there has been an acceleration in releasing the karma and karmic entanglements which has caused pollution within the Five Elements inside the Third Dimension.  This has caused a leakage in the container of your Third Dimensional Reality.

We are happy this release is happening.  We have provoked this mass release of karmic entanglement to clear the Third Dimensional density, to help clear the path for your mass transition to the Fifth Dimensional Octave.  We have triggered this release to happen, and yet, so much pollution came to the surface that it became like a cloud of sooty, sticky, gooey energy. It caused mostly some of you who understand energy to feel heavy, burdened, gain weight, lose weight, feel sleepless, feel achy and all other energetic symptoms. To remedy the situation I will begin by a meditation.

Envision yourself inside the grid in the Core of the Earth and know that whatever you do in the Core of the Earth benefits you by grounding you but also magnifies the energies in the Core Crystal, to help Earth, the Five Elements of Earth, the Five Body System of Earth, and gets posted on the Planetary Body Grid of Earth, for others to receive it.  It’s as if everything that you do gets emailed to seven billion people and they all read their emails- even though in this case they experience it at subconscious levels.  They don’t need to open their so called email to read it; they absorb it from the Five Elements.

Anything that you do in the Core Crystal of the Earth benefits the Five Body System of Earth, benefits the Light Body of Earth, the Five Body System of every soul – the soul of animals, plants, minerals, the Five Elements.  So every house, every car, every man made and natural organism benefits when you do prayers and meditations and when you call the Amber Light from the Core Crystal and bring it to Divine Mother’s Throne.  When you go to the Pool of Creation and call the Amber Light from the Pool of Creation with the help of Great Silent Watcher and pull it down through the Shaft of Light, through the Antahkarana Cord, through your Chakra System, down the Hara Line into the Core Crystal; everything that you do magnifies.

You are all beacons of the Highest Light. You have been called to remember that you are beacons of the Divine Light and that you are doing a great, huge, enormous amount of service, so please be gentle with yourselves and I call upon this Light for your benefit.

Plum Ray and Violet Ray - Many moons ago I introduced the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation and it was offered to you in the March Newsletters in 2009.  I have petitioned Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher to help me use the potential of the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation to help the transmutational process.  The Violet Flame is becoming incapable of absorbing and transmuting this sudden onslaught of karmic entanglement that is coming to the surface to be released.  As a result, we are bringing reinforcement; we are putting a scaffolding, if you like, around the substance of the Violet Flame to keep that energy upright.  It’s the analogy of a building, that as a result of an earthquake, has lost its stability and we put scaffolding around it to keep it upright, to keep it from falling.  This Plum Ray is going to immerse itself into and raise the vibration of the Violet Flame in the Third Dimension.

Now, please understand I am not saying all Violet Flame is polluted.  Violet Flame in its higher dimensional qualities continues to remain the energy of Divine Order.  It is only in the Third Dimension where the pollution has become so immense that the Violet Flame can’t cut through its density, and that is why we are bringing reinforcement.  This is not to put down the work that has been done with the Violet Flame and all those Deities that work with the Violet Flame, this is simply to say that we are here to help them, we are here to magnify the impact of Violet Flame by inviting Goddess Victory, a Cosmic Deity, to bring Transmutational Life Force from the Higher Dimensional Realms.  We are calling upon Great Silent Watcher who is the Cosmic Source.  Her Beingness is the Source of Light for our entire Cosmos, her Beingness is the actual physical Seed from which, and from whom this entire Solar System sprang forth.

The range of the Violet Flame is from a very Light Lilac- which is the Violet Light, the Child Aspect- to a lavender color- the Mother Aspect- to a deeper and darker purple color which is the actual Violet Flame – the Father Aspect.  Now imagine that you are Over-lighting all three Aspects- the Child Aspect, the Mother Aspect and the Father Aspect – with the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation which is a gift from Divine Mother. The Plum Ray is deeper, denser, darker, and more concentrated. Over-light the Violet Flame, Violet Ray, Violet Light with the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation.

I call upon Goddess Victory to hold her Torch of Victory above your heads, and pour from her Torch of Victory her version of the Transmutational Light to Over Light each of you as you receive this Plum Ray of Rejuvenation.

I am sending the Plum Ray from every Chakra of my body to yours; I am cocooning the Plum Ray inside my Copper Gold Light.  The reason why it is important to encase it in the Copper Gold Light is because this Copper Gold Light which I have brought to Earth can penetrate into the density of the Third Dimension. I recommend that you always set up a Protection Grid and call upon Divine Mother and say,

Mother send me, cocoon me, encase me, encapsulate me in the Copper Gold Light of your Signature Energy.”

This is to make sure you are protected.  It is a protection that makes your body, your Five Body System, impenetrable to lower vibrations.  This Copper Gold Light which is the Signature Energy of Divine Mother is for this 144 Dimensional Reality which is the Reality you experience.  What you experience in the Third Dimension is part of this Hierarchy of 144 Dimensions and for every one of the 144 Dimensions, this Copper Gold Light is available and applicable.  It is protection, it is nurturing, it is loving, it is graceful, and it helps you become impenetrable.  It helps your vulnerabilities to be healed; it helps your path to be clear.

Putting yourself in Divine Mothers Copper Gold Light will help the day unfold with ease and grace.  It helps your children. Always wrap them in Mother’s Copper Gold Light wherever they are. Wrap your Five Body System in the Copper Gold of Divine Mother. Do the same for all your loved ones, your associates, your coworkers, your neighbors and the whole world, and the Five Body System of Earth.

The moment you do this in the center of the Earth, visualizing yourself standing before Divine Mother receiving the Copper Gold of Divine Mother in the Core Crystal, then in that moment you are magnifying its impact and sending it to all souls, all species, and the entire globe. Breathe and Bathe.

Now notice that I am encasing Divine Mother’s Plum Ray of Rejuvenation inside Mother’s Copper Gold.  The purpose of the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation is to help you receive the transmutational forces and magnify the impact of the Violet Flame.

Now envision that the Violet Flame is spinning and spiraling from the bottom of your feet upwards like a whirlwind. It is receiving and absorbing the Plum Ray of Rejuvenation encased in the Copper Gold of Divine Mother.  Imagine that our beloved Victory is holding her Torch of Victory to seal this entire Grid by pouring the Light from the Flames inside of her Torch to cocoon you; to make this entire Grid of Light impenetrable.

Summary and summing up the Grid from outside in

The ultimate outer layer, if you were looking at yourself from outside, is the cocoon with the two Seven Pointed Stars over your Eighth Chakra and at the bottom of your feet. The Great Silent Watcher is sending Turquoise Blue Light from her Scepter to seal your cocoon with Cosmic Protection and with Fearlessness; so that you can embark upon new projects and plans; to enter into a new better life as the path unfolds before you for entry into Fifth Dimensional Octave.

The second layer, looking from outside, is Goddess Victory pouring the Flame of Victory which carries the Transmutational Aspects of Victory’s Light to release the dross, so that when you take a step you can be established in moving forward rather than being pushed back by the density.  That’s what the Torch of Victory and the Transmutational Aspect of Victory’s Flame does for you. It prevents resistance from the density of 3 D, it paves the path for you to step forward.  She is pouring it over you and cocooning you.

The third layer is Divine Mother with the Copper Gold Light; a cocoon of Copper Gold Light, encasing you and nurturing, protecting and loving you with Mother’s Light.

The Plum Ray is the fourth layer.  The Plum Ray is inside of the Copper Gold cocoon of Divine Mother.  Inside of the Copper Gold cocoon is the Plum Ray, regenerating your Five Body System and reinforcing the impact of the Violet Ray.

Meantime, you are calling on the Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame always forms from the bottom of the feet up in a spiral. So the spiral of Violet Flame is being immersed in the Plum Ray; being protected in the Copper Gold; being further protected in the transmutational potencies of Victory and finally encased in Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Light.  The cocoon of Turquoise Light is constantly revived by the two Seven Pointed Stars, one above your head, and one below your feet.

This is the Grid of Light I offer you.  For those of you who will heed my words please participate in the course entitled Fall Equinox Ceremony for 2012. In our Equinox ceremony I will give you the next phase of this year.  For those of you who are not in a position to do so, please do this exercise through the rest of this year to help with our transition into 5 D Octave and to improve your own state of well being. I ask you to practice the summary of the meditation which I have given you every day for the rest of the year and be mindful of Winter Solstice when we go into the Fifth Dimensional Octaves enemas.

I hold each one of you in my own heart, please do these exercises, in this way you will allow me to help you magnify your own success and clear the path for others.

I Am Your Very Own Divine Mother So It Is.


© FAGU 2012



Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School | Vermont Rte 15 | Jeffersonville | VT | 05464

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