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The Temple of Transfiguration ~ The Elders September Equinox Transmission
By Anrita Melchizedek

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of September, as you continue to deepen into the next level of your Soul's blossoming and heart's dreaming as the way showers and spiritual facilitators, Light workers and star seeds upon this sacred earth. Through the powerful and unprecedented August Stargates sweet ones, you experienced a deepening sense of your service work through the Temple of Service and the codes of Galactic Christ Consciousness as you increased your Light Quotient through the Solar flares, photonic rays, ray frequencies and new Earth Templates.
And now sweet ones, as timelines continue to converge as well as dis-integrate, and perceptions of reality shift with deepening levels of sovereignty and empowerment, you experience this next powerful gateway, the September Equinox and these incoming Crystalline Codes of Light, through the Temple of Transfiguration, with a renewed focus on the restoration, rejuvenation and nurturing of the physical/energy bodies as custodians to your beautiful physical Temples of Light.
This process of transfiguration is occurring for Mother Earth too sweet ones, as you are all aware; experienced most recently through the flooding and hurricanes upon this sacred earth. Energetically, sweet ones, many of you have been experiencing the abyss with very deep releasing of all that no longer works for you, and now, through the eye of the storm and the embrace of the Divine Mother, or in this case, the Black Madonna, weeping her tears of sadness, you surrender to the stillness and nurturing while releasing the suppression and all that has remained unexpressed.
The incoming Galactic Codes sweet ones, assist you now to flow in a renewed balance, as you release the vestiges of sadness, loss, betrayal and discomfort from within the physical/energy bodies, coming out stronger with greater levels of empowerment, determination of focus and self- love; simultaneously experiencing increased discernment and less tolerance for those continuing to forge the ripples of perceived separation within the Unity Grid of Divine Love.
You are being asked sweet ones, to accept and appreciate All That Is with deeper levels of serenity and patience, as you honor the changes or challenges upon you, as well as focus on the cellular rejuvenation within the physical/etheric body with ever deeper levels of nurturing and appreciation of Self. For the next level of these teachings of the Eye of Horus activates now through the five Higher Earthly Rays as the Gateway to Amenti opens to all initiates of Light. Additionally, increased creative and ESP gifts come online, and the Magdalena and Christed Codes activate into a renewed alchemical marriage through your Divine Feminine and Masculine Spirits.
The Temple of Transfiguration sweet ones, comes into being through the dynamic influence of the eighth ray of Transformation, a beautiful seafoam green and violet colored ray, as well as the overlay of Geburah over Binah (Strength over Understanding) on Jacob's Ladder. The balancing of the scales through Geburah (Strength) ignites into the Equinox energies Overlighted by Archangel Chamuel. This brings a deeper understanding of the karmic and Christed Timelines, and the Knowing that perceived challenges are not tied into karmic timelines but rather, through strength and courage are created upon the path of Divine Love to experience the full range of human emotions and to assist in lifting the consciousness of all life upon this sacred earth.
You are all so brave and courageous sweet ones. As you Love all that arises, you move beyond the veils of illusion, beyond the ring-passeth-nots and wheel of karma onto the path of forward evolution. Rapture rather than repentance is the focus sweet ones. In this Temple, you are embraced within Binah (Understanding) and loving kindness, Overlightedby Archangel Tzaphkiel. In compassionate understanding, higher mind wisdom, authenticity and the courage of Geburah, you draw to you the insights, revelations and perspectives that ignite into deeper levels of Self Mastery and self-nurturing, releasing additional layers of the victim/persecutor consciousness, and merging more intimately with your Beloved I Am Presence.
Essentially sweet ones, in the convergence of these new templatings through the Temple of Transfiguration, you are ready for the Soul restoration of the lower bodies through the energy of the DIVINE MOTHER, mapping the creation of the perfect I Am Avatar Blueprint as you extend your Service work in deeper levels of empowerment, discernment, sovereignty and Love. 
Through the Temple of Transfiguration, sweet ones, you deepen into restoration and self-love on all levels of your beingness. Surrounded in the Diamond Flame of Innocence and Puritythe Red and Black Flame of Strength and Loving Stillness and the Seafoam Green and Violet Flame of Transformation, you experience the Nurturing Codes of the Divine Mother.
So let us set our sacred space as we take you into the Temple of Transfiguration and deeper into the compassion, nurturing, strength and Divine Love of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life.
Let's just start by breathing deep into the body, just grounding and centering yourselves simply through your breath, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out.  And having a sense simply of rooting and grounding yourselves, coming deep into the soul matrix, into the heart chakra, in the knowing of yourselves as Love. As you energetically or physically place your hands upon the heart chakra, as you say to yourselves, "I love you ~ giving your full name now ~ I love you, I love you".
Calling in now the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Trinity Lords of Light, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, the Order of Melchizedek and Brotherhood of the Light, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Tzaphkiel.  And now, calling in Helios and Vesta, the Solar Logoi; Melchior the Galactic Logos; Sanat Kumara and his Divine Feminine counterpart Lady Master Venus; and now the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Ascended Masters and Ray Masters. Wonderful sweet ones.  
You now merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of your Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God.  Just feeling and sensing this energetic connection. And now, through your Beloved I Am Presence sweet ones, you connect into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light; to the Beloved I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on this sacred earth and in particular to those awakened souls affecting and creating change on this sacred Earth as physical vessels of Light.  
Wonderful sweet ones.  You have a sense now of a grounding cord, any color of your choosing, coming from the sacral chakra, and taking this cord now deep into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, anchoring this cord into the Diamond Light clusters. As you deepen into the Diamond Light Codes of Creation,of Purity, Innocence and Divinity, you are surrounded now in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness. Good sweet ones.
You bring a focus now to this diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you and within this you see the Flower of Life expanding into the Fruit of Life, and now within this, the 13 Spheres of Metatron's Cube ~ all the geometries, the numerologies, fractal geometries, star ki codes and templates available to you through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Amplifying now into a deeper experience of the rebalancing of your emotional and mental bodies, physical and spiritual bodies. Wonderful sweet ones.
And now you see before you the Trinity Lords of Light ~ Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, as they activate their Shield of Light around this diamond sphere 54 feet in diameter around you, sweet ones. They now bring in this beautiful twelve pointed star with two infinity symbols embedded upon the star, one horizontal and one vertical, taking you deeper into alignment with the Divine Blueprints of Creation, and the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.  As you now state: "I activate the Trinity Lords Shield of Light around my body and energy field ~ Activate, Activate, Activate." Good, sweet ones.
You are ready to enter the Temple of Transfiguration and you have a sense now of Archangel Chamuel standing to the left of you, Archangel Tzaphkiel to the right of you and now, your Melchizedek Master Guide behind you, as you bring a focus to the Temple of Transfiguration.
As a portal of Light activates around your Shield of Light, you enter into the Temple of Transfiguration. You are surrounded now in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Innocence and Puritythe Red and Black Flame of Strength and Loving Stillness and the Seafoam Green and Violet Flame of Transformation, hearing the chants of "Elohim Gabor, God of Battles, God Almighty and God the Potent.  Jehovah Elohim, God of Gods. Elohim Gabor, Jehovah Elohim. Elohim Gabor, Jehovah Elohim".
Good sweet ones. As you look around you now, you see that you are in this triangular shaped red and black cave like temple. Everything is initially very dark, lit up in places with these dark red hues, and as you just relax into the stillness, you hear and sense the heartbeat of Mother Earth. You hear Mother Earth's heartbeat joining in union with yours and now, you hear and sense millions of heartbeats, all synchronizing as One. Good sweet ones. And now, you feel within the stillness, the Love of Mother Earth for all Life, and you feel too, sweet ones, her sadness, her joy, her Love, and her acceptance at all the changes upon her in this Now.  You have a sense sweet ones, through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, of how you are a part of this change. How you carry your individual puzzle piece, added to the collective Consciousness in Divine Love, and how all these unique gifts of Love are amplifying the frequency of Unity upon this sacred earth ~ of synchronization, of manifestation, of support, trust and surrender, working with the natural cycles and rhythms upon this sacred earth. Good sweet ones.
And now, within the Temple of Transfiguration, you have a sense of the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother, the giver of Life.  Within this place of stillness and Love, you feel a deepening sense of the nurturing of the Divine Mother, assisting you now to come into deeper levels of Self-Love and Self-appreciation, trusting that all will be revealed as you walk the path of Love.
Just allowing yourselves to truly surrender sweet ones, to release the tension, the suppression, the victim/persecutor consciousness, ready in your own time to merge into greater levels of empowerment, discernment, sovereignty and Love. Celebrating all that you are as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, embracing all within your Christed Hearts as you walk the path of Love, and knowing too sweet ones, what you are co-creating from within this space of No-Thing, and Every-Thing as you bring into being that which was previously unmanifest beyond the veils of illusion. You are deepening into your magnificence and your Light, immeasurable and incomparable to others. Being seen, being heard, being appreciated, while releasing the sadness of all the pain and betrayal and abuse for all Life upon this sacred earth.
Good sweet ones. You have a sense now of the Light being illuminated within the dark through these beautiful Temple Flames and how Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Tzaphkiel and your Melchizedek Master Guide have been by your side all this time, within the Temple of Transfiguration.
As you bring a focus back to these ray frequencies within the Temple of Transfiguration sweet ones, you see that you are dressed in this beautiful seafoam green and violet colored ceremonial robe, with the symbol of the Flower of Life and the six-pointed star on the back of the robe, bringing a focus to the teachings of the Eye of Horus, the teachings of the Order of Melchizedek.
And upon your left breast three flames appear; the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousnessthe Red and Black Flame of Strength and Loving Stillness and the Seafoam Green and Violet Flame of Transformation.   At the center of these flames is the image of an ankh, representing the deepening activation of the Magdalena and Christed codes of Divine Love, Unity, and Resurrection sweet ones. Additionally sweet ones, the ankh is the shape used in particular breathing techniques to activate the two immortal chromosomes within the body
And now, as you look around you again, you notice two pillars, one to each side of you, one black and one white, representing the masculine and feminine aspects of polarity balance, of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. And now you see between these pillars an altar. Centered on the altar is a black vase filled with water, and within the vase sweet ones, you see three beautiful roses, one red, one white and one black.
Archangel Chamuel lets you know that these three roses link you into the deepest aspects of yourselves as Love, and in receiving these three roses, you are receiving the first three Self-Nurturing codes of the Divine Mother. 
Archangel Chamuel now comes forward and places this beautiful Red Rose of Self-Love and Self-Nurturingwithin your Christed Heart. As this occurs, you have a sense now of activating this beautiful Red Rose within your Christed Heart. As you bring your focus to your heart chakra sweet ones, you amplify the Love within yourself as you release judgment of yourself and others walking this Pathway of Divine Love. You understand sweet ones, that you have experienced many challenges and Initiations of Light to reach this sacred Now moment, but you are ready now to embrace all the aspects of yourselves that have forgotten that they are Love, letting them find their way home in Love, into your sacred heart, into your kingdom of Love. Good sweet ones.
In this safe and sacred space sweet ones, you now experience the activation of your kundalini and tantric channels. You see the primary kundalini channel activate now starting from the base chakra, moving now through the sacral and solar plexus into the heart chakra, into the thymus and throat chakra, and now into the third eye and crown chakra; lovingly letting go of any level of lack of self-love, without judgment. You choose to Love and honor and appreciate and celebrate the full range of your emotions, sweet ones. When the wounded soul aspects come up you embrace them within your Love, giving them a voice; and every time there is something that you have experienced that takes you into feeling unloved or unappreciated, you can image this beautiful Red Rose within your Christed heart aligning you into the Love of the Divine Mother as you deepen into the Love within yourselves.
Good sweet ones, you now repeat the following: "I Am forever bathed in the Divine Love of creation. Love is all there is. I Am a sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love. I emanate the Love of my Beingness onto this sacred Earth and within the hearts of all humanity. As I bring a focus now to my Christed Heart I recognize my Beloved I AM Presence as my guiding Light to God. I hold the Flame of Divine Love within my heart, and within every reality I may experience, no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance. I allow myself to embrace and Love and accept and appreciate each and every experience that I am having no matter how uncomfortable this change may be for me, for I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Love.
I now assist in activating this beautiful Red Rose of Self-Love and Self-Nurturing through the hearts of every awakened man, woman and child on this sacred earth choosing this glorious Golden Age of Light, choosing the upward spiral of the soul's forward evolution."
Wonderful sweet ones. Your Melchizedek Master guide now steps forward, and places this beautiful White Rose of Purity and Innocence within your Christed Heart. Wrapped in these healing and loving Temple Flames of Light, you experience the deepest levels of your own Divinity at this time.  You recognize your preciousness, you recognize your Light, you know, sweet ones, how magnificent you truly are ~ incomparable to others, as you now release the lesser-than and better-than consciousness, the victim or persecutor consciousness, comparing yourself to others, and coming now sweet ones, into deeper levels of Self Appreciation, with increased levels of discernment and clear boundaries.
You now state: "I am already whole on every level of my beingness, this perfect, beautiful and loving soul who, through taking on the human miscreations of this sacred earth and assist in lifting the consciousness of all Life, has experienced the full range of human emotions. I allow myself to release all issues of being unwanted, unappreciated, unheard or unseen, knowing this role was chosen for this plane of polarity as I deepen into the purity and innocence of myself as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love and Master Being of Light. As I release the sadness and pain experienced through this role, I activate and expand the unlimited possibilities and wisdom of my Beloved I AM Presence through my heart chakra and through every subatomic particle of my body. I am filled with the vibrant Light of Divine Love, and the energetic patterns experienced through my wounded soul aspects that have felt unloved, unappreciated, unseen, or unheard, amplify into the Christed Light of Creation and the nurturing Love of Mother God. As I nurture and Love myself I experience the regeneration of my Self into the resonance of the innocence and purity that I am. And so it is.
I now assist in activating this beautiful White Rose of Purity and Innocence through the hearts and souls of every awakened man, woman and child on this earth choosing this glorious Golden Age of Light, choosing the upward spiral of the soul's forward evolution".
Wonderful sweet ones. Archangel Tzaphkiel now comes forward, anchoring the black rose within your Christed Heart as you experience a renewed balance between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits. Your Divine Feminine Spirit sweet ones, embodies the qualities of stillness, compassionate Love, receptivity, intuition and a limitless capacity to lovingly hold the expression of life's potentialities. And your Divine Masculine Spirit embodies the qualities of action and speed, ecstatic Love, expression, knowledge and the limitless capacity to lovingly hold the expression of life's potentialities. Together with these two distinct energies you experience Divine Union within yourselves sweet ones.
You now have a sense of a deeper alchemical marriage of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits, as you merge with these aspects of yourselves sweet ones. As this occurs, you start to feel this embrace of these beautiful tantric and kundalini energies. You hold within your hearts the sense and feeling of the experience of this Divine Love in this sacred Re-Union of Hearts sweet ones. You are being taken into a deeper understanding of the Divine Perfection of all creation and the natural flow of your own sensuality and sexual energy, sweet ones. And as you move the sexual energy through the body and breath now, just feel this deep flow of Divine Love moving throughout your body, honoring yourselves, loving yourselves, appreciating and nurturing yourselves. Wonderful sweet ones.
As this energy activates more deeply through the body now, it is a sense almost of this sexual tuning crystal that starts to tune the entire body, coming from the base chakra now into the sacral, this gentle flow of this kundalini energy that is starting to move through each one of the chakras, releasing any of the false beliefs and games and patternings that have been played out in their respective gender roles. You are just focusing simply now on the sacredness of this sexual energy that moves through the body into the deepest levels of Love that this energy brings, sweet ones, this sacred sexual, loving, healing, pranic energy ~it is all one, as it continues this dance now, through the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, the third eye and now crown chakra, shaking and moving the body in whatever way you need to sweet ones, to amplify this beautiful sacred sexual energy through your body and energy field.
Good sweet ones. You are now ready to practice the tantric breaths, which serve to deepen the restoration and rejuvenation of the physical/energy bodies as well as activate the two immortal chromosomes. These breaths will be done through the shape of an ankh, as it extends etherically up the front of your body from the perineum center and then in a circular shape from the back of the throat center, the ascension chakra, and moves into a sixth dimensional portal 2.4 feet above the crown chakra before looping back and entering into the throat chakra.  From the throat chakra to the sixth dimensional portal, this is approximately 3.2 feet. These energies also extend in an invisible line approximately 3.2 feet in front of your body, and 3.2 feet behind your body from your throat chakra, as well as 3.2 feet to the left of you and 3.2 feet to the right of you from this same point.
In these Tantric breaths, you will inhale to the count of seven as you bring the sexual energy up from the perineum center up to the throat center. At this point, you will hold the breath to the count of five, as you take this sexual energy out the back of the neck, around your head to your sixth dimensional portal, and then back into your throat chakra. 
You will then exhale to the count of seven, as you focus on extending these sexual energies in an invisible line 3.2 feet in front of you, then 3.2 feet to the back of you, then 3.2 feet to the left of you, and then 3.2 feet to the right of you. You will repeat this breath seven times, and then bring your focus to your ninth dimensional diamond sphere 54 feet in diameter around you. Good sweet ones, let us begin. 
Inhale to the count of seven, as you bring the sexual energy from the perineum center up to the throat center.  Hold the breath to the count of five, as you take this sexual energy out the back of the throat chakra, around your head to a sixth dimensional portal 2.4 feet above the crown chakra, and then back into your throat chakra.  And now exhale to the count of seven, as you extend these sacred sexual energies 3.2 feet to the front of you, 3.2 feet to the back of you, then 3.2 feet to the left of you, and then 3.2 feet to the right of you. And now sweet ones, you just repeat this breath seven times. 
Wonderful. And now, on the completion of the last breath, you see your lower bodies fill with this beautiful sacred sexual energy, as you bring your focus to your ninth dimensional diamond sphere 54 feet in diameter around you, and within this, the Golden Fruit of Life, feeling the Rejuvenation Codes coming through, through this beautiful sacred geometry, amplifying the experience of this tantric Breath of Life.
And lastly now, have a sense of the two immortal chromosomes being activated, the two etheric chromosomes within the physical/etheric body, with the Knowing of your own ability to experience physical immortality as an Initiate of Light; to rejuvenate, to regenerate and to experience your body as the perfect Temple of Light. 
Wonderful sweet ones. You now direct these beautiful Temple Flames, the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, the Red and Black Flame of Strength and Loving Stillness and the Seafoam Green and Violet Flame of Transformation onto and within the Unity Grid of Divine Love, touching the Hearts and Minds of all Life on this sacred earth through the Love of the Divine Mother, and clearing grief and sadness and pain within the hearts of all humanity.
Wonderful, sweet ones. You now see this beautiful Solar Shield of Light, this Sun Shield of Light that activates around the Unity Grid of Divine Love linking all life into this matrix of Crystalline Christ Consciousness, of Solar Christ Consciousness, amplified through the Equinox energies and the energy of the Sun, connecting you as One Heart, One Unified Field of Light. 
As the sub-atomic crystalline particles activate into the original divine eight-cell blueprint and into the DNA in greater levels of remembrance, you become a receiver and transmitter of the Light frequencies ~ as these miniature vortexes are now created at a cellular level allowing you both to send your light multi-dimensionally and to receive the Light frequencies from the higher dimensional Fields of Light; as you deepen into Zero Point, the ever present, infinite, eternal continuum, and Now Moment.
As you now affirm: "I draw upon the Sun and Solar core, in the creation of my I Am Avatar Body of Light. I draw to me the greatest levels of health and vitality and the expansion of my service work that I can experience in this Now. As the DNA activates into a greater level of remembrance and knowing I draw upon the Christed timelines of my highest potential in strength and Love and courage. I now merge with my multidimensional Selves, as I experience the next level of my soul's blossoming, magnificence and light with vitality and well-being, loving and appreciating my body, loving and appreciating and nurturing myself. And so it is"
Good sweet ones. It is now time to come back. You now thank all these Illumined Beings, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Tzaphkiel and your Melchizedek Master Guide. You experience a portal of Light activate around your Trinity Lords' Shield of Light, and you now find yourselves back in your sacred space. You ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, feeling this connection to all Life in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness. Wonderful sweet ones.
We thank you for your service work and with this, we bid you a most magical day.
Edited & transcription by Eadie Miller
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