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New Earth Angelic Template of Forgiveness and Love
By Anrita Melchizedek

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High I personally acknowledge,
as I breathe deep into my body,
breathing in Love and breathing out Love.
Archangel Zadkiel now appears to me,
a beautiful Angel dressed in a Violet Robe, with a Golden Halo above his head,
and Violet Angel Wings upon his back.
He wraps me in his big Violet Angel Wings of Love.
I start to feel very safe, peaceful and relaxed now,
as I continue to breath deep into my body.
Breathing in Love and breathing out Love.
Breathing in Love and breathing out Love.
Archangel Zadkiel now shows me an image of the world,
with a set of balance scales on top of the earth.
With his Legion of Angels,
he now surrounds the world in his Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation,
assisting in balancing the fate and destiny of all Souls upon this Sacred Earth,
through forgiveness, Love, compassion and peace.
As I start to bring a focus to forgiveness and what this means to me,
Archangel Zadkiel explains to me that forgiveness is a journey with much honor,
and that I can choose this journey of forgiveness, forgiving myself and others.
Overlighted by Archangel Zadkiel, and this beautiful Violet Flame of Light,
I know that I can forgive myself and others through my compassionate heart,
through embracing my pain and through understanding the pain of others.
I have a sense now that having done with the dance of victim/persecutor consciousness,
I no longer need this to be my story.
I can let go of my own feelings of anger, fear, blame, and resentment,
finding inner peace, empowerment and joy within my Loving Heart,
knowing that my own individual experiences can be supportive, loving and safe.
Archangel Zadkiel now surrounds me
in his beautiful Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation
and ignites and activates this Template of Forgiveness and Love
within my Loving Heart.
He tells me that in order to start this process of forgiveness,
I need to feel deeply into all my feelings,
and to be comfortable with the full range of my emotions;
with my anger and sadness and pain, loving these feelings and giving them a voice,
just as much as I give a voice to the feelings of joy and happiness
and gratitude that I feel within my life.
For every single one of my feelings is equally important
in teaching me how to love myself,
and how to release blame and judgment of myself and others.
I now bring a focus to my Loving Heart at the center of my chest,
feeling and sensing my Soul Light, my Higher Self,
my Magnificence, Innocence and Love.
I breathe deep into my body, inhaling and exhaling.
I breathe in through my nose,
as I see my lower abdomen expand like a balloon,
and as I exhale through my nose or mouth,
I see my lower abdomen relax.
As I want to connect to all my feelings now, and
I call upon my own Golden Dragon to help me use my Golden Dragon Breathing.
My own wonderful Golden Dragon now appears.
My own magical dragon,
and I take a moment now to embrace my dragon.
My Golden Dragon lovingly breathes a Golden Ring of Fire around my body,
which becomes a beautiful Golden Egg.
This Golden Egg surrounding me makes me feel extra safe,
and I just feel myself relaxing more deeply now, knowing that I am Divinely protected.
I am safe and secure within my own personal space.

Archangel Zadkiel now lets me know that I am ready
to ask for forgiveness from others for my mistakes or wrong-doings,
in which I may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone else.
Archangel Zadkiel surrounds me once more
in this beautiful Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation,
As I breathe deep into my body,
breathing in Love, and breathing out Love,
I think of the first person that comes to mind,
who I may have hurt in some way, through my thoughts or words or actions, and
I now surround this person in Archangel Zadkiel's
Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation
as I find myself saying:
"I am sorry that I was unkind and hurtful to you, what I did was wrong.
Out of my own anger and fear and pain, I reacted in a way that caused you pain.
You have nothing to fear from me today.
For my thoughts and words and actions that caused you pain,
I ask for your forgiveness.
Please forgive me. I am truly sorry."
As I continue to breathe deep into my body,
breathing in Love, and breathing out Love,
Archangel Zadkiel lets me know that I am also ready to forgive myself,
for all the times I judged myself, or thought bad things about myself,
or believed that I was unworthy.
I now find myself within my Loving Heart,
merging now with my Soul Light, my Higher Self,
as I just feel the love of my Soul Light surround me now.
Breathing in Love, Breathing out Love,
within my Loving Heart.
My Higher Self now speaks to me in the Language of Love.
My Higher Self says:
"You are a Spark of the Divine,
a Flame of Divinity,
magnificent in every way.
Each unique experience you choose,
is to understand and appreciate the full range of your emotions,
to understand what each feeling teaches you,
from your anger and pain and sadness, to your love and joy and delight in life.
Through these experiences and feelings,
you come to know yourself as a son or daughter of God,
by loving, forgiving, and trusting in God.
Now that you know Who You Are,
you can forgive yourself for imagining that you are anything less than perfect,
anything less than love."
I now state, aloud or to myself:
"I am a Flame of Divinity,
and I forgive myself for imagining that I was unworthy of love.
I forgive myself for not understanding my magnificence,
I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made.
I forgive myself for the negative thoughts and words and actions I caused myself, 
I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for the pain and harm and heartache I have caused myself,
I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for the sorrow that I have caused myself, 
I forgive myself.
I am deserving of love,
I love myself,
I love myself."
I breathe in Love, I breathe out Love.
Archangel Zadkiel now lets me know that if I am comfortable with the idea,
I can also choose to forgive those who I perceive have harmed or hurt me in any way,
and Archangel Zadkiel lets me know that it is easier to forgive others,
if I embrace the painful memories which I experienced with them,
through my Loving Heart, my Innocence and Soul Light.
He also lets me know that beyond my anger is sadness,
and my sadness is often related to the pain and heartache I have experienced in my relationships with others.
For a moment now, I connect to my sadness,
breathing in Love, holding my breath, and breathing out Sadness.
I bring my sadness into my Loving Heart,
as I hear myself saying:
"Welcome Sadness, I love you, I love you.
I am sorry that you felt unappreciated, unloved, unseen or hurt by another,
but I am here now and I am not going anywhere,
I love you. I love you.
You are safe with me,
and I will protect you, love you and look after you, look after me, look after us.
Come into my heart, come into my love."
I breathe in Love,
I hold my breath as I focus on my sadness,
I breathe out Sadness.
I embrace my sadness and other unhappy feelings within my Loving Heart,
within my Innocence, and Soul Light,
loving and appreciating myself.
And now, I suck in through my mouth as though sucking in through a straw,
and then blow out through my mouth,
as I love all these feelings within my Loving Heart.
I am now ready to forgive others as much as I can,
as I breathe in Love and breathe out Love.
Surrounded in Archangel Zadkiel's Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation,
I think of someone who may have deliberately or accidentally caused me pain,
through their thoughts, feelings or actions.
As they come to mind, I surround them now
in Archangel Zadkiel's Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Change,
and I now say:
"I have carried the pain and sorrow of your actions in my heart for too long
and now I put them down.
I set you free, and I release you.
You have nothing to fear from me.
For the harm and pain you have caused me,
I forgive you.
For the heartache and sorrow that you have caused me, 
I forgive you.
As a Flame of Divinity, I recognize the blessings I have had
in each one of these unique experiences to know myself as love,
and to experience the full range of my emotions."
I breathe in Love,
I hold my breath,
and I breathe out all that is being released at this time.
I choose to release judgment and blame, of myself and others.
I realize that the only person I can change is myself,
and that is more than enough to keep me busy for a very long time.
I realize that while I have my own opinions,
my own thoughts and way of thinking,
it is not my place to tell others what they should be doing,
or how they should it.
As I continue to breathe in Love and breathe out Love.
I bring my focus back to myself, without comparing myself to others,
and just focus on what I want to change within my own life.
I will be as loving and kind and polite as I can along the way,
knowing that through experiencing all my emotions and feelings,
and having embraced and appreciated, accepted and loved each one,
I can also show others how to do this too.
I now have a sense of connecting into my physical body,
And in particular, bringing a focus to my hippocampus,
the primary structure in my brain for memory.
The hippocampus both files away memories and recalls conscious memories as well as creating new ones, and at this time it is bringing online multidimensional memories
through the crystalline DNA and the ignition of the next level of my Soul's blossoming and Light.
The hippocampus is also known as Ammon's Horn, or the white horse, Pegasus.
Through this Template of Forgiveness and Love,
I connect into the Pegasus of the Sky,
the Stargates of Higher Dimensional Consciousness.
I further connect into the Pegasus of my brain,
Higher Consciousness Aspects of my Self,
and into the Pegasus of my heart, my higher Loving Heart.
As I bring online the memory and knowing of WHO I AM
as this Flame of Divinity,
as this Master Being of Light.
Video - "New Earth Angelic Template Of Forgiveness & Love" By Anrita Melchizedek
Breathing in Love, Breathing out Love.
As I deepen into my heart of Forgiveness and Love,
I understand this at this Now moment I am experiencing
this field of Solar Christ Consciousness,
the renewal of my mind and body and spirit and heart into this New Consciousness,
this new way of being, fifth dimensional living, walking the Path of Divine Love,
and experiencing the next level of my Soul's blossoming, Magnificence and Light.
Now, with Archangel Zadkiel to my one side, and my Golden Dragon on my other side,
I assist in surrounding the Earth and all her life,
in Archangel Zadkiel's Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation.
I imagine myself surrounding this Sacred Earth in this
Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation,
as my Golden Dragon now creates a Ring of Fire, a Solar Ring of Fire,
and big Golden Egg around the Earth,
so that all Souls upon this Sacred Earth may know forgiveness, may choose forgiveness,
and may experience compassion, freedom, security, joy, love and peace.
I now imagine myself standing at the top of the Earth,
feeling and sensing the freedom and joy and love in life,
through the wind and the trees,
the birds and the bumble bees,
the oceans and mountains,
the rain and the sun,
and through the Love of God upon the Earth.
Life is Good.
Life is Good.
I now see or sense these tree roots coming from the soles of my feet
and going deep into the earth,
and as I thank Archangel Zadkiel and this Golden Dragon for being with me today,
once more Archangel Zadkiel embraces me in his Violet Angel Wings of Love.
And as I open my eyes,
I now say to myself or out aloud:
"I love you, giving my name now, "I love you. I love you, I love you."
Artwork by Rick Ruggles

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