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Did you know that the Maya felt a close affinity to the PLEIADES?





Here is what I have just read:

Alcyone figures prominently in Mayan astronomy. The Mayas believe it is the home of their ancestors. The Pleiades star system is referred to as the seven sisters and our sun aligns with Alcyone every 52 years. In Mayan cosmology the precession of the Pleiades is tracked using the Calendar Round (52 years) and the New Fire ceremony.


I know that every 52 years 13 days were inserted in the Mayan Calender which correspond to our intercalary years: 52 : 13 = 4


After 52 years a new cycle in a human's life begins. You start out again energetically from where you started at birth.


I'm looking forward to compiling more information here on the Maya and their connection to the Pleiades, soon :-)


Sonja Myriel


Ah, and now I found the following article by Aluna Joy, which explains even more about the connection between the Maya and the Pleiades and the 26 ooo year cycle!!!



The Grand Cosmic Clock of Creation
Aluna Joy Yaxkin
August 1994

To understand the Mayan calendars, I found it to be quite useful to tear into the workings of an old watch. The visual experience seeing all those variously sized gears, working together in harmony, are quite amazing. Tremendous attention had been given to mathematics and geometry to synchronize all the various gears to create the correct passage of matter through space to generate time.

The Mayan calendar is very much like the workings of a watch. These cosmic gears use perfectly synchronized, immense cog wheels, based on planets and star systems to measure the passage of matter through space to calculate time. The two dimensional gears of a watch create linear time and it is here where the similarities end. The big difference is our universe is not flat, two dimensional gears, as in the watch. Our universe is filled with variously sized spinning circles orbiting together as a complete whole creating experience, time, space, and physical reality. The planets, stars and galaxies are spiracle, and work together in three dimensional form. Unlike the illusionary time created by a mechanical watch, our universe creates time that is unending. Cycles of time continually circumnavigate in a repeating, ascending spiral that creates a pattern that suspiciously looks like a bagel! It is simple to begin to understand Mayan time by remembering the cycles of time/space of the Maya, as spiracle, not a flat two dimensional illusion of cosmic time.

To understand the workings of our universe, you need to go to the center of our cosmic clock where all the gears or cycles connect together. This cycle is the sacred calendar of the Maya, The Tzolk'in. It is still used by the traditional Maya today's as a divination tool. The Tzolk'in is based in the cycles of the Pleiades and is the center gear, of all 17 Mayan calendars. This is our grand cosmic clock. This cycle, the Tzolk'in, is the center of the cosmic web of life, a map of creation. When you begin to understand this cycle, it helps us to begin to merge with the center of our universe, our personal center and begin to break our ties to finite linear time. When we begin to cycle with the center of the universe amazing things take place. We begin to remember our cosmic heritage. We remember our connection with the stars and the creator. We begin to become energy independent, thus creating a harmonious world where we can give and receive energy freely, not buying, selling and stealing it from each other. Merging with the center of the universe helps us understand reality from many perspectives, without loosing our center. This ultimately reconnects us with the sustaining energy from the source of creation, Hunab K'u, the God of the Maya.

Because we are in human form and live on earth, it is important to understand the Tzolk'in from an Earth based perspective by adding a second calendar or cycle, the "Haab." The Tzolk’in is the cosmic perspective and the Haab is the Earth's perspective and are the two cycles that effect us directly. Understanding these two cycles will consequently hook you up to the other cycles by knowingness and resonance. Just allow the rhythm of these cycles to move you into knowingness.

The Basic Sacred Calendar
A Summary of the Mechanics of the Sacred Calendar, Tzolk'in

THE TZOLK'IN - The Cycle of the Pleiadies

The Tzolk'in is a two geared spiracle watch. It is based on the cycles of the Pleiadies (26,000 years) but is used in factual form with 260 days. The mathematics used in the Tzolk’in are 13 times 20, 13 numbers and 20 glyphs. A interesting note here is it takes Earth 26,000 years to circumnavigate the Zodiac!

The Numbers/Pulses (1-13) of the Tzolk'in are the ”movement” of the sacred calendar. The number 13 represents the spirit, the holy breath of creation. The numbers pulse in an undulating cycle of creation. Each sacred number holds a position, or intention, in the creation process and pulses creative energy in an ascending spiral. When your reach point #13 you jump up a rung of the evolutionary ladder. The Mayas used a bar-dot number system. One dot = one, One Bar = 5.

The Glyphs/Suns (1-20) of the Tzolk'in are the “measure” of the sacred calendar. They are the 20 Sun glyphs that are familiar to anyone who has been interested in the Mayan calendar. They represent the body of creation. They define, or create definition. Each Mayan Sun name, has a corresponding glyph and cycles in a regular ascending order of definition which is encoded with cosmic evolutionary information. Just as the numbers ascend from one cycle to the next, so do the 20 suns. When the 20 Suns mesh with the 13 numbers there are 260 combinations of creation. (see Sun glyph chart)

THE HAAB - The Cycle of the Solar Earth

The Haab is the solar cycle of earth. It uses 360 + 5 days. The Mathematics of the Haab is 18 times 20. (18 months of 20 days each.) The 5 extra Vayab days (July 21-25) give the Haab its next evolutionary notch up. Each cycle of the Haab starts five Suns later than the year prior, thus ascending five steps forward and changing the base energy of the current Haab. The Haab synchronizes with the Tzolk'in every 52 years, creating 18,980 individual perspectives for divination. A interesting note here is in Native American culture a person reaching 52 years old is considered an elder. This is when a person has lived through two complete cycles of the Tzolk'in and the Haab and their relationships between each other.

These numbers and glyphs of both Tzolk'in and Haab, cycle together endlessly in an ever ascending spiral of evolution. They work together like the gears in a watch. These numbers and glyphs work together to create the web of life as we experience it. In history the calendars were used by the Cosmic Maya for understanding the position of earth in the universe and the evolutionary stage we are presently in. Remnants of these calendars left behind were intended to be cosmic memory triggers and when resonated with help trigger the memory locked deep inside our DNA. In understanding the sacred cycles of time you have the opportunity to recall the knowledge of the ages.




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Now, according to what I have just been reading, the pulsing rhythm of the Galaxy is being mirrored by the the pulsing rhythm of Sirius A - and the 20 day rhythm has much to do with Sirius B ... Now here's the link to the corresponding discussion in our group on Sirius:


And this is the excerpt which is most important:


Rinri Project Newsletter III, Mystery of the Stone Edition, Volume 3, No. 1
Special Issue: Dreamspell: The Sirius Code Revealed
[Print-friendly PDF]

52, Number of the Sirius Code

“You know that Sirius is a double Universe star. Each galaxy is connected to this star by the order it has created in its own structure …

“The rotation period of small Sirius B around big Sirius A is 52 world years. During the time of the Hierarchical Order, since the direct Cosmic Currents used to fall directly on the orbit of your planet, Cosmic Awakening used to correspond mostly around these ages {52-year cycles} …

(The Knowledge Book, p.287)
“The Sirius Mission is responsible only for the supervision of your Milky Way Galaxy … The Sirius Mission is responsible for uniting solar systems within itself, as a necessity of the Unified Field …

(“By the Command of the Central System, Notice from the Section of the Unification of Matter,” Postulates 40 and 42, The Knowledge Book, p. 146)
This information about Sirius taps us directly into the Sirius High Command, giving us a whole new comprehension of the Law of Time and the Galactic Mayan system of mathematics and time synchronization. It is evident, that the 13 Moon/28 day synchronometer is the perfect instrument for synchronizing the 52-year cycles, because it synchronizes perfectly with the 260 day fourth-dimensional timing gauge to create a 52-year permutation cycle. 73 x 260 days = 52 x 365 days = 18980 days = 52 years = one Sirius B rotation around Sirius A. The 52-year Solar-Galactic cycle is actually the Sirian cycle. This has many implications, as it sheds light on why the Galactic Maya introduced the 52-year cycle – as a means for attuning the human consciousness to the higher vibrational frequency and channel of the Sirius Council.

As with all the historical methods and religions, the high level of the Galactic Mayan call was not maintained, and so in 1987, a new dispensation had to occur. Just as The Knowledge Book is meant to supersede though not invalidate the Quran, so the new Galactic Mayan dispensation, called Dreamspell, was meant to supersede but not invalidate the traditional Mayan calendar or Long Count, which, by this time, was no longer utilizing the 52-year cycle.

Interestingly, a major prophetic cycle of 22 of the 52-year Sirian cycles was concluded in 1987. This prophetic cycle ran from AD 843 to 1987. The conclusion of this prophecy cycle – 13 Heavens and 9 Hells – signaled the moment for a new dispensation of time. Hence, with the Dreamspell and 13 Moon/28 day calendar, the New Sirius 52-year cycles have their beginning point on July 26, 1987, and run ad infinitum into the future, preparing the human mind with a new time consciousness for the Golden Age.

The July 26 synchronization date of the new calendar, commemorated for a time in the Chilam Balaam tradition, was revealed as the natural point to begin the new dispensation, because in early times it registered the day when Sirius was conjunct with the rising sun. In the Dreamspell, the 52-year cycles are also called Solar-Galactic cycles. Now, that signification has more meaning because it registers precisely the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A in synchronization with the solar-lunar cycle of the 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer. By following the new 13 Moon/28-day measure we are elevating our minds and bodies to be in solar-galactic synchronization with the consciousness of the Sirius Council as it is simultaneously registered in the orbits of both Sirius B and our planet.

From all of this, we conclude, among other things, that 52 is the number of the Sirius code – which is also why there are 52 weeks in the year. The 52 weeks (heptads) are a fractal of the 52-year cycle. This, of course, also references the importance of the number 7 in relation to the 52, as the week is a 7-day cycle, and the 7 originally referred to the 7 days of creation. 52 x 7 = 364 +1 = 365 x 52 = 1 orbit of Sirius B. As we know, in the new calendar the 365th day of the year is the “day out of time” – no day of the week or month at all, and, therefore, the perfect day to celebrate love, tolerance universal forgiveness and the principle of time is art. Since this day always falls on July 25, we may also say it is the day to celebrate the dawning of fourth-dimensional Sirian consciousness on Earth. This is preliminary to entry into cosmic civilization set to occur after 2013.

Seriously Higher Consciousness: Sirius B is for Beta, Sirius A is for Alpha

By placing itself in the measure of the 13 Moon/28 day synchronometer and its precise 52 year/orbital ring cycles, the human is synchronized to the Sirius double Universe star cycle, lifting it into a truly galactic-cosmic consciousness and order of reality. The root of this seriously higher consciousness is the relation of Sirius B to Sirius A. Sirius B is for Beta, and Sirius A is for Alpha. The Alpha is the primal, the Beta is the secondary. While Alpha is also one of the 7 radial plasmas, Beta is a super plasma bonding agent. These factors define the double Universe star cycle as an archetypal field of resonance between two celestial bodies of different proportions synergizing each other to create a greater field of cosmic consciousness and plasmic energy. This description sheds light on the statement, “During the time of the Hierarchical Order, since the direct Cosmic Currents used to fall directly on the orbit of your planet, Cosmic Awakening used to correspond mostly around these ages {52-year cycles}.”

The Knowledge Book often speaks from the future. We know from the Dreamspell that beams of the Cosmic Currents are still falling on the planetary orbit. This means that the 52 year solar-galactic cycle is beamed as a Sirian transmission directly to the solar orbit of V.24.3. After 1987, this Sirius double Universe star beam transmission was downloaded as the Dreamspell – the Sirius code revealed.

The Dreamspell knowledge is verification of the Sirian purpose at work on our planetary orbit at a very critical moment in time: “… The Sirius Mission is responsible for uniting solar systems within itself, as a necessity of the Unified Field.” As any student of the Dreamspell knows, it exists clearly for the uniting of the solar system, inclusive of the Lost Planet codes. This is perfectly exemplified by the 0-19 planetary code of the Journey board. This also means that through the Dreamspell, our solar system is united with the Sirian command as a necessity of the Unified Field.

Also note the minimum Sirius fractal is the 52-kin Dreamspell Castle of the 260-unit Harmonic Module – 5 castles per one (4th-dimensional) galactic spin. In the 52-year solar galactic cycle there are 365 52-day Castles – just as in the solar orbital ring of one year there are 52 weeks of 365 days. Hence the fractal equivalence of the 52-week 365 day solar ring with the 365-castle 52-Earth year galactic orbit of Sirius Beta.

V.24.3 – Sirius Beta Equivalences
52 x 7 days = 364 +1 day = 365 =
1 365-day Ring, x 52 Rings =
1 52-year Solar-galactic cycle =
1 Sirius Beta orbit (year, ring)

1 Sirius Beta day = 1 52-kin castle
7 52-kin castles = 1 Sirius Beta week (7 x 52 = 364) + 1 = 365 days
1 Sirius Beta week =1 V.24.3 solar orbit
365 (52-kin) Sirius Beta days (castles) (52 x 365) =
1 Sirius Beta orbit = 52 x 365-day solar rings or 52 years =
18980 galactic compass permutations =
73 x 260-kin spins = 52 x 365 day orbits = 1 Sirius Beta year

5 (Earth) days = 1 chromatic x 73 = 365 days = 1 V.24.3 Ring
5 castles (Sirius Beta days) = 1 Sirius Beta chromatic = 1 Galactic Spin (5 x 52 = 260)
1 260 kin galactic spin = 1 Sirius B Chromatic x 73 = 1 Sirius B orbit =
52 V.24.3 years.

To summarize the most important points:
52 Earth days (1 castle) = 1 Sirius Beta day
52 7-day Earth weeks = 1 Sirius Beta week
52 Earth years = 1 Sirius Beta year
1 Galactic Spin = 1 Sirius Beta chromatic (5 Sirius Beta days/castles)

Since a castle of 52-kin can be considered a Sirius Beta day, each of four castle wavespells can be considered one quarter of a Sirius Beta day.

Red wavespell = first quarter Sirius Beta day = 13 accumulated kin
White wavespell = second quarter Sirius Beta Day = 26 accumulated kin
Blue wavespell = third quarter Sirius Beta day = 39 accumulated kin
Yellow wavespell = fourth quarter Sirius Beta day = 52 accumulated kin
Or one “day” of Sirius B

Each galactic tone is the equivalent of a Sirius Alpha galactic pulse – 13 galactic pulses per wavespell/quarter castle (day) = 52 galactic pulses per Sirius Beta day. The Sirius Beta day-castle is properly organized by the larger body around which it orbits. At the same time, Sirius Beta generates 20 pulses that constitute a harmonic run, synchronizing with the 13 galactic pulses of Sirius Alpha. Coordinated by the Sirius Alpha pulses, the Sirius Beta 260-kin (pulse) chromatic is organized as a system of 20 13-pulse/tone Sirius Alpha wavespells synchronized by 13 20-pulse Sirius Beta harmonic runs.

The Galactic Spectrum – 65-kin (13 x 5 – cosmic power factored by overtone power) is the Fifth Force fifth-dimensional dynamic for coordinating Sirius with the Galactic Core, providing the double Universe star its galactic management capability. What this amounts to is a chromatic harmonization of the Milky Way galaxy, and fulfills the Sirius Mission’s responsibility “for the supervision of your Milky Way Galaxy.” The four 65-kin galactic spectrums (65 x 4 = 260) overtone the Sirius Beta Chromatic (Galactic Spin) with higher dimensional beams channeled through Sirius Alpha, the principle coordinating body of the double Universe Sirius star system. Integrated into the Sirius Beta orbit, these cosmic galactic spectrum currents are then beamed, in turn, to the solar orbit of V24.3. Humans learning the Dreamspell and using the 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer can thence take advantage of the higher consciousness frequencies of the galactic spectrum as they code the fourth-dimensional cycles.

It should be noted that not only does Sirius Beta have a 52-Earth year cycle around Sirius Alpha, but it has a diameter of 26,000 Earth miles, while Sirius Alpha is 26 times brighter than our sun. 26 days is the rotation cycle of our sun Kinich Ahau, close to its equator (28 days at 30 degree latitude – points of initiation of sunspot cycles – and 33 days at its poles, number of initiation). 26, of course, is half of 52, and a fractal of the 260-kin galactic spin or Sirius chromatic.

All of this points to the fact that our planet and solar system have been carefully selected and coordinated by the Sirius Council for some time now, and that the Galactic Maya and their chief engineer, Pacal Votan, were operating directly on orders from the Sirian High Command. What is called the Dreamspell is a pure transmission of the Sirius Code. It is the absolute manifestation of the higher intelligence of Sirius to assist us in our solar-galactic coordination not only for 2012, but for 2013 and after – the launching of Timeship Earth 2013.

Concerning the Source of the Sirius Code information.
The source of the information regarding the 52-year cycle of Sirius is The Knowledge Book. This unprecedented and unique transmission – 1111 pages in the English edition (also translated into Russian, German, French, and most recently into Spanish) – is the result of the persevering dedication of V. Bulent Onsu Corak. A Turkish woman born in 1923, Bulent Corak first came into contact with higher consciousness channels in 1966. She began receiving many transmissions through the “Alpha channel.” Beginning in 1981 she was instructed to gather the on-going communications into the form of the Knowledge Book.

“The KNOWLEDGE BOOK was started to be dictated on the year 1.11. (November 1) 1981 by the Reality of Unified Humanity Cosmos Federal Assembly to the Anatolian Turkey through the Channel ALPHA …

“The KNOWLEDGE BOOK was completed in 12 years, compiled as a Book now and also translated into English …

“Now in the year 2000, the program of 6000 years finishes and everything is told with clarity to the human being … and thus by telling everything very openly to Humanity through the KNOWLEDGE BOOK, the foundations of the World State is being established. And this order is called the Fourth Order of Allah. Let us repeat again, the Knowledge Book prepared according to the ALPHA Entrance Omega exit project is also called the Book of Salvation. However it is absolutely not a Sacred Book of Religion to be worshipped. It is a guide Book.

“To Humanity which is depressed in the intense program of the final age, the Knowledge Book explains the reason for their depression and draws them to a logical Thought and relieves them. We have explained to you everything since our work is on this path. This is a Unification Program. And it is a must that every Focal Point in our Planet is informed of the Knowledge Book and we are informed of the Knowledge of All the Focal Points. Setting out with this view, to form a World Ring together, hand in hand on the path of light is our greatest wish…”

(From the Golden Age, Passages from The Knowledge Book, pp.1-2)

The perspective presented in the Knowledge Book is vast and organized by a spiritual higher dimensional hierarchy. In this hierarchical chain of command the Sirius Mission, at the lowest rung of the system of ordinances, has the responsibility, among other duties, of administering the Divine Plan to projecting focal points, and as stated above, of uniting solar systems into the Path of Unification.

One final note regarding the Sirius code 52 and the power of 7 (7x7): If 52 is taken as the number of the Sirius code, in the Quran, Sura 52, Al-Tur, has 49 (or 7 x 7) verses (49 = power of 7 x 52 = 364 +1 =365, fractal of Sirius Beta cycle). Verse 52:49 reads, “And for part of the night, praise thou Him. And at the retreat of the stars.” This is an implicit reference to Sirius. The very next Sura 53, is called “The Star.” (Sura 53 = Kin 53 Quetzalcoatl). If we go then from verse 49, Sura 52 to verse 49, Sura 53, then we have the linked reference making the implicit explicit:

“That He is Lord of Sirius, Mighty Star.” Quran, 53:49. This is the only verse in the entire Quran that a star is mentioned by name.

(Yousef Ali translation. It is interesting that in virtually all the other English translations this verse 53:49 Sirius is mentioned by name. Rashad Khalifa alone avoids using the name Sirius, though in the Arabic that is what is written. Instead the Khalifa translation of verse 53:49 reads: “He is the Lord of the Galaxies.” However, it interesting that it is the double star Sirius that coordinates the Milky Way galaxy).



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