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SIRIUS, the GREATer CENTRAL SUN and Alcyone, the Central Sun - Galactic Alignment in 2012

ATTENTION: According to my latest research - 3 January 2013 - Our solar system does not orbit Alcyone but SIRIUS - which in turn revolves around Alcyone - and we all are rotating around the Galactic Centre - or Hunab Ku.

Thus, the following information below must be revised ... and Nibiru? Well, we find many speculations - but none confirm the point of view given here in this message.

Sonja Myriel

3 January 2013

Posted by JENNYLEE MARCELIN on July 21, 2011 at 10:54pm


The Major Cosmic Events

Our Earth along with other planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun, along with 6 other stars, in turn revolve around a bigger star, Alcyone [in the Pleiades star system], also known as the Central Sun. Alcyone revolves around a much bigger star, Sirius, which is called as the Greater Central Sun. This system of stars revolving around one another, is a feature found in all galaxies in our Universe where ultimately, each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, revolves around its own centre. The Milky way galaxy, to which our Earth belongs, has billions of such stars and planets, all revolving around a massive star in its core, called as the Galactic Centre.

Galactic Alignment in 2012

As the Sun and other stars revolve around one another and move in their orbits, they come in various alignments with each other. On 21st December 2012, two alignments are expected to occur in our Milky Way Galaxy. One, our Sun and the entire solar system will come in direct alignment with the Galactic equator. And two, the Galactic Centre, the Greater Central Sun and the Central Sun will form an equilateral triangle in space at the same time.

Our Earth receives energies, both physical and subtle from the Sun as well as other stars. To receive the maximum amount of Energies, it has to come in a proper alignment with these celestial bodies. For example, during an eclipse, where the Earth, Sun and Moon align with each other, very rare spiritual energies flood our Earth because of this alignment. Hence the duration of eclipses were considered sacred and were spent in meditations and other spiritual activities, to make the best use of these subtle energies.

An alignment occurring at the level of the Galactic Centre will have an effect which is many, many times higher in magnitude. When our Earth, along with the solar system aligns with the Galactic equator, it will come in direct focus of a huge amount of subtle energies, which emerge from the Galactic Centre. And the triangular formation of Alcyone, Sirius and the Galactic centre in 2012 brings a massive amount of spiritual energies from these Stars to our Earth. This rare celestial occurrence has also initiated many other events.

Photon Belt

When the Sun moves around the Central Sun, it passes through various energy fields in space. One such energy field is the Photon belt, which is a spiritual field, which came out of the Greater central Sun, Sirius. The Photon belt is a field of very high vibratory frequency, which enhances the spiritual condition of our Earth when we enter it. If we’re spiritually evolved at that time, our evolution will be magnified by many folds. And if our spiritual growth is negative, we go into a very fast downward spiral, as it happened during our last entry, nearly 11,000 years ago, when the great civilization of Atlantis was destroyed.

Our Solar system has begun its entry into this field. Our earth is under the direct influence of the Photon Belt from Dec 21st, 2009 and the effects will increase in seven stages. We are now in the third stage of this influence. This entry of our Earth into the Photon Belt, which coincides with the Galactic alignment happening on the same day, will have a massive spiritual effect on Humanity.

Completion of Grand Cycles

Our Sun takes nearly 26,000 years to complete its orbit around Alcyone. This completion of cycle coincides with the year 2012! And the Central Sun, Alcyone which takes millions of years to revolve around Sirius, also completes its orbit in the same year. At the physical level, this brings about huge changes like the interchanging of the magnetic poles of the Sun, which in turn will trigger similar changes on our Earth. Such a massive change will have a huge bearing on humanity and all life that our Earth houses.

Second Sun

Our Sun has a twin, another star, which is called as the Second Sun. This is also referred to many as Nibiru and Planet X. This star exists at a subtle level and although it usually isn’t visible to the naked eye, it sometimes becomes visible to those who are spiritually evolved and has been photographed.

Since the Second Sun exists at a higher level, it supports life of a higher order, that is, the life in the Golden Age. As we go into the New Crystal Age, we’ll use more of the energies from the Second Sun. These Energies are expected to become more prominent post 2012, because of our entry into the Photon belt and the Galactic Alignment. They help us in our spiritual evolution and in opening up to newer realities.

Effects of these Events

When important events happen almost simultaneously at the cosmic levels, the effects will also be dramatic and life changing. The events which are scheduled to occur after 2012 are going to release a huge amount of energies, both physical and spiritual, which will have massive effects.



Here's a  link t an intersting page where you find more information on SUNS ... and also the INNER EARTH SUN:

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love his lectures...

I just encountered a discussion where the point is made that, actually, Alcyone is farther way from the Earth than Sirius - and thus it can only be vice versa: That our solar system revolves around Sirius and Sirius in turn orbits Alyone.

This makes much sense to me, as I was wondering, too, how it comes that Sirius is shining so much brighter than Alcyone ...

More proof that SIRIUS is the Centre of our Solar System - and that Sirius in turn rotates around Alcyone and we all orbit the Galactic Centre:

The new Sun-Sirius system model satisfies the observational behavior of Sirius and the constellations of the zodiac as they regress throughout the great cycle of 26,000 years. There is no need to introduce a "wobble" in the Earth's axis, induced by the action of 9 other celestial bodies -- a theory which is just a relic from a time when the motion of the Solar System was not yet conceived.

It would be sagacious not to place Sirius at the center of the Solar System, for in a fractal system there is no true center. The fractal nature of the Universe engenders its self-arrangement, or more apropos, the Universe is a holofractal graphic system [15]. Therefore there are many nested orbital interactions, going out as far as the local cluster of galaxies, which themselves have a focal point.

This is nothing new. Previous civilizations understood celestial mechanics at an advanced level, and the mathematical precision of their astronomical observations is a testament to this [16]. The reason why the Egyptians and many other civilizations of that era used Sirius as their marker for the passage of time is because they picked the most stable object as their reference point.

We choose the Sun as our reference point, and this is obviously highly inaccurate. Every 4 years a day has to be added to keep accurate time. But even Sirius was not accurate enough for the "Keeper's of Time", the Mayans. With their remarkably advanced astronomy they quickly detected the inaccuracies in using Sirius as a marker for the passage of time, and switched to an even more accurate cycle involving the Pleiades. There is however an even more stable reference point than the Pleiades and that is the Galactic center, which from the perspective of our galaxy is the ultimate center of rotation.

And indeed the Mayan's chose the Galactic Center as a reference point to mark the passage of time, which is evident as the Mayan Long Count ends with the galactic alignment of the Solar System on December 21st 2012. Therefore, the idea that the Earth orbits the Sun, or that the Sun orbits Sirius, or that Sirius orbits Alcyone and that Alcyone orbits the Galactic Nucleus, is not revolutionary -- it's just a rediscovery of lost knowledge.

Thank you,Sonja! And- Happy New year,my dear friend!..:))

A happy new year to you and your beloved ones, too, dear Galina :-)



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