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Moon of VICTORY - Time to CELEBRATE and build the NET of HOPE for the WORLD!

Dearly beloved lightgrid family and gridwork team,

This weekend let us celebrate our big and small victories in life! Let us weave a net of VICTORY and enhance the POWER of HOPE on the PLANET!


I know, life doesn’t seem victorious to most of us right now – but at a closer look, I’m sure each of us detects this or that change in life and behavior for the better. For me it is my growing awareness of how my perspective on life changes not only my feelings but, of course, also my response to life, which in turn manifests its manifold effects thereafter in my life … to detect those reverberations, repercussions of “fate”, is nothing new to me now any longer. But even though  I have not yet mastered to control all that I send out, I will celebrate my growing awareness and my step by step learning process which I have now begun to observe from an interestingly new angle. How fascinating life can be when we begin to detect those basic patterns of LIFE, learning through experience about the universal rules of CREATION. Because this is what we continually DO: We are CREATING. And the more we learn about our personal patterns of re-action and action, the more we can begin to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE.


Now HERE we ARE – right NOW!


What we wish to see in the world? You name it!

 Ask your guides and angels to help you create the most vivid scenery or feeling or knowing, or whatever sensation you are master of, filled with LOVE, and then dive into the LOVE VIBRATION of your imagination and EXPAND it until it fills all your beingness and then stretch out your hands to form a bowl where you ask the LIGHT of your vision to GATHER as a golden ball of ENERGY. Find the best position for your hands to hold and build this ball of a glorious world and future. When you feel the power / pulse of this energy ball, your vision of love and truth and light and wisdom and understanding and brother- and sisterhood of all life on Earth and beyond, stretch out your hands again and offer your gift of LOVE to Mother Earth and Father Sky and the Universe and CENTRE beyond.

You are guided. You are loved. You are never alone.

And in this knowing, TRUST and have FAITH in the future BLOSSOMING of the seeds you are sowing in this moment!


The fifth dimension is not something to be expected – it is to be LIVED! And we are here to remind each other of this truth, again and again and again! Life is a never ending story of learning through experience – and death is not the end of everything – it is the point of transformation, where old patterns die and new ones are born.

So let us CELEBRATE the GIFT of LIFE and the VICTORIES we have had on our path up to now! Several days of decision lie behind us – and NOW we are ready to step into our new roles of stewards of the Earth, of brethren united in compassion, truth and the will to serve in the process of humanity’s and the planet’s awakening and ascension!




I see every person on the planet who celebrates their victories of consciousness as a BONFIRE of HOPE for the planet …. And as we are reaching critical mass, those dots of light, these bonfires, begin to CONNECT as they are all on the wave length of deeply grounded, REALIZED and EXPERIENCED TRUTH in MANIFESTATION. And through this ARISING NET OF CONSCIOUSNESS, Lady HOPE is REBORN on Earth!

Mother Gaia Terra Shan Vej WELCOMES her in!


We WELCOME you, beloved siSTAR, Lady HOPE!


Hope, grounded in TRUTH and FAITH and brought into existence through the celebration of the big and small victories in life which we can daily witness, is the flame which lights our way when all seems lost. Hope appears on the horizon as the SUN on earth with the dawning of a new morning. In order for new ideas to be perceived, a CHANGE of POSITION is necessary. And from this new position, the whole scenery is changed. What seemed dramatic and unchangeable before, is allowed to be felt and thus becomes KNOWN and understandable – if we only ACCEPT what IS and invest the potential energy in necessary CHANGES in our own conduct and behavior! In this way we begin to live the life of MASTERS.  “Master  who masters his / her own life” shall from that point in life onwards be the rightful title of such a person who continues on the path of ever expanding consciousness J

As for me, I suppose I am just BEGINNING to see the manifold possibilities of mastering my life, but I know and trust, have faith and hope that the path chosen leads me exactly to where I need to be at every moment in my life – and my conscious awareness of what is taking place is nice, but not necessary as long as I LISTEN TO MY HEART and fulfill its commands. The HEART is the centre where all information is immediately understood and shared.  The mind is usually not fit to integrate such an overwhelming amount of data all at once, it is too slow. So better do not even try to “understand” – begin to EXPERIENCE, instead, and learn out of it. Directly. As if you were drinking from the waters of life with every experience you make, every breath you take, and every interaction you allow. Because that is what is actually happening, what you actually do: You are filling your 4 lower bodies (emotional, mental, astral and physical) with consciousness and consciousness is information and information is LIGHT. That’s it. And that’s what we - that is YOU who have read these lines and followed the train of thought right to where we are now! – have come here to begin: The insemination of LIGHT into our 4 lower bodies and thus the bodies of humanity and all third dimensional  life forms on the planet who are bound to the physical limitations of fear, fight and flight and hunger re-actions of the physical form.


So let us CELEBRATE our victories, each a step towards more consciousness and enlightenment through US on planet earth, this weekend – and if you feel inspired to, BEYOND for as long as you can hold the intention!


Have a most blessed AFTER FULL MOON WEEKEND,


Sonja Myriel

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Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring visualizations Sonja. A new visualization that came to me is to imagine a divine field of energy that encapsulates every person on earth from the time each person is in the womb and throughout each person's life, and that encapsulates Gaia as well - so that with each breath of each person on earth, as well as each breath of Gaia - the divine energy is helping each person & Gaia with their ascension, and with the expansion of their awakening to God's Presence within and the Divine Love, Joy, Peace, & Abundance of each person's Soul.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Light,


What a beautiful energy your vision emanates, Steve! It reminds me that we are all breathing the same air ... indeed, this is a visualization which helps to enter Planetary Consciousness... thank you so much for sharing!

In Divine Gratitude I see us as the beacons of light who are CHANGING the world where darkness reigns through our mere PRESENCE.And so it IS.

Blessings of Love and Light from Lady Hope to ALL,

Sonja Myriel

Thank you Sonja for such an inspiring message!

With gratitude and love,




Sounds of Silence is a wonderful light filled site where you find lots of interesting information, pictures, videos and groups which add to what you find here at lightgrid. 

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