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Saint Germain Blazes Forth The Light Of Freedom & Calls Every Disciple Higher....

Saint Germain October 12, 2013

Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
October 12, 2013 8:04–8:42 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Saint Germain Blazes Forth the Light of Freedom and Calls Every Disciple Higher

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am here on the day on which, in these United States of America, you celebrate, at least on the actual day, Columbus Day, one of my embodiments. I am eternally grateful to the Lord God for the investment of freedom within my heart and for that which I feel this evening of that freedom flame, which you have invoked on behalf of America and the I AM Race everywhere. I am grateful for the fiery spirits that you demonstrate in your lives consecrated to the I AM name and to that eternal flame represented within your hearts.
Blessed ones, it is a time of peril. It is a time of decision. It is a time for greater understanding of the dynamics at play within your world and within your life. Having given my all to the Lord, what do I expect of my disciples? If you would emulate me and Godfre, Portia and Lotus, you will come to the same decision that we made long ago that it is worth the effort to secure within your heart the immortal fires of God’s Presence by so dedicating and consecrating your entire being that you may be used as a vehicle for the Lord at any time, in any place for the light to flow, for God’s glory to grow within your world.
You know the dynamics of the power of the spoken word. And within this activity you have made it real within your lives and especially during these Saturday evening World Freedom Services. I do not always come through this one to share my heart with you during these services, and yet I can assure you that I am tangibly present with you as you invite me to so be and as the energy that you invoke with pure hearts and consecrated lives ascends to the throne of the Almighty. It is heard by the Lord God and is acted upon with immediacy by angelic beings and cosmic masters who are able, through the dynamism of their God consciousness, to ray forth that light into the Earth and into various dark pockets of consciousness, even dire situations in the lives of many across the Earth.
We have at times shared a vision of what transpires as a result of your spiritual work. And this night I come again to assure you, blessed ones, that what you do is essential to the salvation of this Earth, to the literal turning of worlds, to the transcendent purposes of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and their plans to bring about planetary enlightenment and freedom.
And I show you, on a screen that angels of the sacred fire display before you, the thousands of lives saved through your invocations, the thousands of situations through which, by your calls, the angels have mitigated destruction, death and all manner of activities of the dark ones across this Earth. Yes, I show you with great clarity how the light that flows through your words into the octaves of light is gathered in great pools as a cosmic resource of spiritual fire and is then utilized at appropriate moments in time and space with an exacting calculation of karmic forces as well as divine blessings that result, acting upon those karmic patterns in the lives of thousands upon Earth to bring about the desired result—often exactly as you visualize it, as you have conceived of it as collectively you work with great intention and focus to call it into precipitated action, blessed ones.

If you truly knew the power you wield as sons and daughters of God, your voices raised in supplication and in the acceptance of what you demand of heaven through the command to God in the I AM name would result in an even greater action of light. For you would see it as an already accomplished reality. You would feel it in the dynamic of its instantaneous realization in the world of form. And you would be like Godfre in the complete acceptance of its total reality now manifest, manifest, manifest in your world and life.
Every word that you speak, every thought that you think, every emotion that flows through your hearts, dearest ones, is a living reality. And from this higher perspective the angels of record show you clearly how this is so. And all that you have studied of divine science and true spirituality in all the years and decades of your service in this and previous incarnations is real—and even more real than you imagine through your human minds, which at times are dulled through your lack of vision and higher awareness.
Blessed ones, it is a perilous time. It is a time for greater action on behalf of America and humanity. If you listen to my message conveyed recently from Mt. Shasta1 to the American people and the souls of the I AM Race everywhere, you will know the fervor that I bear and the power of God through divine love that each of you can tap into and utilize for planetary transformation and the interjection of cosmic forces right within your world and at your command when, through faith and acceptance, you believe and know with a cosmic certainty that they are manifest because God lives within you and within the sacred words that you speak.
In this age I have demonstrated and shared with beloved Godfre the dynamics of cosmic affirmations, decrees powerful in their representation of realities called into physicality by the total, one hundred percent acceptance of their manifestation in your world. Though this Hearts Center movement is an activity of divine love and though you would nurture many souls by your example of compassion within community—yet, at times, it is essential that the dynamics of the power of the spoken word be re-emphasized because of the critical nature of what is transpiring within your government and behind closed doors as the nefarious ones continue their activities to destroy all that we have built on a foundation of light and freedom to secure the cosmic rights of every man, woman and child to live in the flame of liberty and justice and to abide in a realm where all are free to pursue happiness and the divine estate of oneness with their Source.
Truly, dearest ones, if you choose you may assess your lives and see what it is lacking in terms of your greater consecration of the elements of your being, your resources and your spiritual fire in order that we the ascended masters may truly use you as the instruments that you purport to be, yet which at times you may not fully accept because of a lackadaisical consciousness or simply because you do not have a true sense of cosmic self-worth that moves you into our domain, accepting our presence in your midst, the reality of our being right within your world, and the manifestation of your own God-glory shining forth as you are moving in higher consciousness to complete your sacred mission upon this Earth.
If you truly desire to be ascended masters, then act like it, emote like it, think like it, and be in your true estate of Solar awareness manifesting your divinity night and day; accomplishing what you have promised to the Lords of Karma, including my Beloved, Portia; and then moving forward with great agility and adeptship to fulfill your law of being within this world.
Yes, I come with El Morya and Lanello, Clare de Lis, the Great Divine Director, the Master Omraam and the blessed Mother Mary before you as sponsors of this movement with the Lord Jesus shining forth his light as the Son of God in your midst. It is a time when all, each and every one, may get upon their knees if they choose, like the Lord Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane,2 and reconsecrate themselves again to our work and noble cause; to surrender the last vestiges of the human ego, the not-self, the dweller-on-the-threshold; and enter into a new light-energy field, yea, an aura of divine love, power and wisdom, in order to accomplish the miraculous, to realize the seemingly impossible, and to enter into the Holy City escorted by angels at the close of your incarnation, because you have given the allness of yourself to God in the sacred process of your self-consecration in the light, the I AM THAT I AM glory.
We have shared many a vision with you and raised you up time and time again in order that you may truly know the value of your soul, the dynamics of your own I AM Presence, so important to the plans of the Great White Brotherhood. And some, misunderstanding from whence we come and the power that we wield in God’s name, simply deny our existence, our authenticity and the light that we bear. So, dearest ones, they may deny us, yet they cannot deny you when you stand firm to your truth, when you demonstrate self-mastery, when you are raised up on angels’ wings to accomplish divine and virtuous acts and to perform compassionate deeds in the arena of action through practical spiritual lives lived to the glory of God.
I tell you that I am calling to you, each one specifically, to come up higher, even as the Lord Morya El has appeared to David and asked him recently to lay down his life, his physical body, on behalf of every heartfriend within this movement past, present and future. This he has done. And therefore we raise him up even as we raise you up, dearest ones, so that you may accomplish what you set your mind and heart to, your will and your fiery spirit toward. I will be there energetically when you speak into the teeth of darkness and the energy veil and call forth the light of God to dispel the shadows of the netherworlds and when you invoke the light into any situation that requires cosmic adjudication and miracles beyond miracles to be performed.
Yes, dearest ones, I am as physically tangible in your midst as cosmic law allows me to be this night. And I appear to some of you physically in the guise of Christopher Columbus and to others as the alchemist of the age and to some simply as an angel of love or a holy brother, a friend, a comforter, a servant of the Most High God. I pray that you will remember this message for the duration of your lives, and that if at any time during the decades, the years, the months, the days that you have left upon this Earth you feel less than your True Self or that you do not have the stuff to fulfill your destiny, that you listen again to this message and that the empowerment within it flows again through your will, through your mind and through your heart so that you may truly move forward undaunted in the light of victory, in the light of God-love, in the light of your True Self manifesting 24/7.
Blessed ones, I share with you the alchemy that within this movement we must raise a certain amount of funds. And though some say, “Do not ask for money or a specific amount,” I say to you this evening that I show it to you in numbers of golden fire and I call each of you to participate in this alchemy that I am lending the resources of my heart toward so that by the sounding of the tone at the end of this year you will have a balanced budget, you will have the resources in 2014 to accomplish the vision of your leaders and of every heartfriend, that you will arrive at your destiny because you have given your all and you have called it forth and manifest it through acceptance and your nurturing heart.
I can say on behalf of this council that this amount is more than one hundred thousand dollars. Therefore, assess your resources, what you are capable of humanly giving and what you are capable of divinely giving, moving beyond all sense of limitation and lack, of want and need, and drawing forth from the Universal as true alchemists of the sacred fire that which you and this movement require for our victory in the light.
There you have the message from heaven that your fundraising team may use to inspire heartfriends throughout this world, everyone on your lists. And to those of you who listen and listen and listen and yet have not given even a farthing of your supply to support this dispensation and the word of God manifesting through it, I say: Consider who you are. Consider of what stuff you are made. And if you desire to plight your troth to the ascended masters and to my heart, then give, for I will give back an hundredfold and alchemize within your lives many transcendent and miraculous blessings.
To those that give, more is given. And to those who withhold, more shall be taken from you.3 And those who have pledged to tithe and yet have not done so, I show you the results on the inner of your lack of truthfulness and commitment, and I offer you one last option to follow the law of your being, the law set in motion by the great Solar Lords eons ago that requires that every lifestream give a tenth or more back to the Source. And then, as a blessing, receive the return current of God’s light and love in a continuous flow of the sacred energies of Spirit, which allow you to live and move and have your being upon Earth.4
The law of the tithe should be taught to every child upon the beginning of that one receiving an allowance at an early age or entering the work scene, either in the teenage years or before. Just think, dearest ones, if you knew this law and practiced it from your childhood, why, you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams even now and have every resource available to you because of the cosmic multiplication factor that is a universal law that is known and implemented by the magnificent angels of the sacred fire who tie thee to the Lord in your givingness and tie the Lord to thee again and again because it is the Lord’s great pleasure to give you the kingdom,5 the abundance through your freewill experience to know eternal light and life.
Yes, I come with a fiery determination to raise you up and to have each one succeed in this lifetime, to have each one fulfilled in spirit and blazing forth Solar fire so that when you ascend the world will take heed, the world will see the wake, the cosmic weight of your ascent, which will bring forth miracles upon Earth such as those witnessed by many upon the ascension of the saints. Would you be a saint that many call upon after your ascension to invoke miracles? Well, make them real now and accept them in your world, and then it will be natural for you to sustain many miracles through your disciples and holy brothers and sisters upon Earth after you have fulfilled your dharma and entered the throne room of the Eternal One.
Believe in your Self. Know the value of who you are in God. And fulfill your destiny, sons and daughters of God and freedom fighters who will not give up the ship of state or of Selfhood until the last breath is breathed and in glory you are received into the arms of the Divine One.
I am Saint Germain. I am real. My energy-fire blazes within this world and within your hearts this night. And I call you higher to aspire to fire, fire, fire again. Thank you.

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Dear Sonja,

Very good Message for us to understand how we should live and Act ....


Thanks for this message dear SohiniBen...

Love and Peace


Dear Patrizia,

Thanks for your Beautiful Purple Candles....

You're welcome dear sister!

I don't write often comments, i try to read all that i can, and sometimes is good for me only to write 'THANKS' :-)

Love, Peace and Abundance for ALL


THANK YOU, dear SohiniBen :-)



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