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Are you an Earth Angel?


By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D



Do you feel different from other people,

as if you were dropped off on this planet

and wonder when someone is coming

to take you home? If so, then you may

be an Earth Angel, which is another term

for Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal, or one

of the other words used to describe a

person who incarnated for the express

purpose of helping the world be a better


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I now accept that I am an earth angel. A friend, a medical intuitive, who came to lead the meditation at a spiritual service I was leading, was clearing the room of negative energies and she came to me, and said, "Oh, you're an angel." And she traced the boundaries of my wings. I just filed it away until I could grasp it. Well. I know accept it. I've seen article after article telling me I came here for a higher purpose, and I've traveled all over the world, for no apparent reason. So, yep, I'm an earth angel taking direction from God/Creator/I Am.
Thank you so much for these videos, Monica!

I've finally come across an explanation which answers my questions of origin. I know now that I am from Angelic Origin and a Starseed as well, most probably from Pleiades and others. Here's what I found:

Akashic Records: Human Enlightenment
Channeled by Jen Eramith MA

In the human angels channeling, the Keepers say there are 4.2 billion angels in human form on earth at this present time. If there are presently 7 billion souls on earth, who are the souls that are not angels?

All of these numbers are approximate because every human being has a different origin, like spirit origin and every human being has a different contract for what parts of their true selves they bring into their human lives. About half of the human population is angelic. We say angelic as a form of spirit ancestry. Each one of you, you existed before you were born in your human life. Your spirit, your soul, it has existed usually for far longer than you have been alive. Each of your souls, they did not originate by being born as a human being, they originated somewhere in the universe as an energy, as a spirit, as a unique, divine spirit in the universe. In the wider universe, there are different realms of being, there are different kinds of beings, and there are different kinds of energy held in different parts of the universe. You can think of it as neighborhoods even though they do not exist in different spaces of the universe, they exist everywhere. If you imagine those neighborhoods it can help you comprehend the differences and the way those differences interrelate. You can think about the angelic realm as being one neighborhood in the universe just like the Pleiadian Realm, which is the realm of healers, is another realm or neighborhood in the universe and there are many others. The thing we have to tell you about humanity in regard to angels is that the angelic realm is one of the core originating forms for humanity. The angels are beings who helped formulate humans. The difference between an angel and a human is small compared to the difference between other kinds of beings and human beings. The jump from being an angel to a human is not as far a jump as it would be from being a Pleiadian to becoming a human, which is far more rare. It is a bigger jump. It is a farther distance dimensionally. It is common for angels to occasionally live as human beings because the angels are deeply intertwined with human existence and they are deeply committed to human wellbeing. About half of the human beings alive today are angels in human form. Beings who were previously angels or have been angels before who have chosen to live as humans both to experience life as a human being and to be of service or help at this time on Planet Earth.

All of the beings who do not have angelic ancestry, you still have divine, loving, magical ancestry; it is just not from that particular neighborhood. Some of you, as we mentioned in our other example, are Pleiadian. These are just words that human beings have come up with to help you differentiate these different energies, to help you understand or comprehend the differences. The Pleiadian are healers and light bringers. Some of you are of reptilian origin. The reptilian beings are the managers of information in the universe. They help determine what information is relevant when and where and they help to hold that information in place so that it can be used throughout the universe. The reptilian lineage is also a core part of humanity so that there are many human beings that have the reptilian lineage as well. Spiritual lineages like this operate just like blood lineages, but most of you have some kind of mix. Most of you may be both angelic and reptilian at the same time. An old way of looking at these different dynamics is through a duality where you imagine some are good and some are bad or some are right and some are wrong. Ultimately, everything in the universe is ultimately made of love. In some parts of the universe, that love has been slowed down to a form that is so far from love that it feels like shadow. Ultimately, if you were to uncover the truth to everything, it all comes back to love. Part of what you are doing through the process of enlightenment is coming to recognize the divinity and the grace within each one of you. This includes remembering that you are an angel or a Pleiadian or a reptilian or these different kinds of spirit origins.

Then the second part of enlightenment is determining how you want to apply who you are in the world to bring about the most light and love for humanity overall. For some of you, for instance, those of you with reptilian lineage, the best way to bring light and love is to share information or to help determine when information will be most useful or how best to apply information. For those of you with Pleiadian lineage, you best way you can bring light and love into the world is to perform healing or to help empower others to heal themselves. Of course there is a lot more information about those of you that are the human angels. Many of you are here to protect and bless the lives of others. There are actually countless other universal origins for human beings. Then again, most of you have some kind of a mixed lineage.

Will there be a shift in enlightenment that happens where those who have chosen to move away from third dimensional reality will have done so?

There will be a time when all beings that no longer wish to be on an enlightened planet will have passed on and incarnated somewhere else. But there will not be a single moment; there will not be one single event of a shift. The shift is occurring now. It began occurring at the harmonic convergence in the 1980s. It started really slow and just began as a trickle but since about the year 2004 or so, that shift has been occurring much more rapidly where many souls who die and pass away on this planet are choosing to incarnate somewhere else because to fulfill their purpose, they no longer will be served by being on a planet that is moving through enlightenment. They want to continue experience physical reality or duality or those kinds of things.

What you are likely to find is not an obvious shift as it is occurring, but instead a time when you all look back and realize that a shift occurred. It is not a shift that happens in a moment, a day or even a year. It is a shift that occurs over the course of about somewhere between 40 and 60 years, we do not yet know. That is the way the shifting is occurring. What we can tell you is that no one lives on Planet Earth without wanting to at a soul level. As long as your soul wants to live on Planet Earth you can. The instant your soul no longer wants to live here, you will pass away or somehow leave the planet. That has always been true, so it continues to be true. What we want to address in your question is the idea that some beings are choosing to move away from this reality. This has always been true but it is becoming more remarkable or more discernible that this world is changing. To live as a human being in this world five hundred years ago was a very different thing from living in this world now. There is less density available, there is more understanding and that understanding is leading to a limitation on suffering. While there is still much suffering on Planet Earth, the scenarios that led to suffering are becoming less palatable to you as human beings. As societies, you are evolving, as individuals you are evolving. You are moving toward compassion and it is becoming less possible for you to tolerate oppression. As you continue that journey as a whole human family, there are souls who need in order to continue the journey they have begun or in order to explore or experiment with what they want to experience, they need to live in a more third dimensional reality than what this one is becoming. They will incarnate somewhere in a world where duality is more available; where density is more available so they can continue to learn, grow, experiment and create from that third dimensional perspective.

Those of you who remain in human form in this world for the next generations to come, will do so with a greater universal awareness than human beings have been able to achieve for thousands and thousands of years. So that people being born now on Planet Earth come with a larger capacity for understanding their universal selves, they come with a greater capacity for remembering their past lives or remembering if nothing else, that everything is made of love. What you will find is that you will continue to live as human beings, but you will be human beings with a larger universal perspective. What has already begun to occur, and continue to occur, is that together, you are uncovering your gifts, your ability to heal yourselves, your abilities to survive trauma, avoid trauma and protect others from trauma. You are able to see a bigger picture of who you are in the universe. That enables you to live your lives differently. You are still human but more enlightened humans.

From Keepers of the Akashic Records * Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA *

The Akashic Records are an ethereal library, offering infinite information regarding every creation in the Universe. They hold an energetic imprint of a soul's journey from its inception until its return to Source. Every human being has access to their Akashic Records by divine birthright. There is a unique Akashic Record for every period of time, and the Records for the period can be accessed. As we approach each new month, the possibilities and probabilities of the month come into form, and can be understood as a general energy that each of us works with individually. The Akashic Transformations monthly channeling is offered to you by Jen Eramith in order to facilitate your own experiences as you move through the month. This Monthly Message Preview was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, M.A.

Permission is given to copy and redistribute the Message Preview provided that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author, and it is freely distributed. Please include this copyright information and the web address, with your distribution.

Copyright © Akashic Transformations 2005 - 2010 All rights reserved. *

Could it be that elderly lady who returned your wallet you lost yesterday?

Or maybe the taxi driver who complimented that your eyes light up when you smile.

Or could it be the child who showed you the wonder in simple things.

Maybe the poor man who offered to share his lunch with you.

The rich man who showed you that anything is possible, if only you believe.

Possibly the stranger who just happened to come along, when you had lost your way.

Like the friend who touched your heart, when you thought you had none.

~~~Angels come in all sizes and shapes, all ages and skin types and colors.~~

Some with freckles, some with dimples, some with green eyes, some with blue eyes. .

An angel may come disguised as friends, enemies, teachers, students, lovers and fools.

They will not remain for long and they travel light.

They will not ask for compensation and they leave no forwarding address.

They are hard to find unless you know where to look for them,

But when you choose to see, they are everywhere you look.

*****So, open you eyes and count all the Angels you have encountered - for you are truly blessed!*****

Personal Footnote

Who are these angels? Who are the enlightened? Who are these light workers? Warriors of the light? The awakening?

These angels could also be those girls who volunteer at the woman's shelter where I work, or any other number of such places,

like soup kitchens, drop-ins, halfway houses, hostels, ambulance attendants, search and rescue, paramedics, fire department, coast

guard, national guard, Doctors, nurses, even candy-stripers,

Even those on the street such as sex workers, alcoholics, addicts, mental health recipients, derelicts forgotten by society, doing

what they can to watch over one another. Some of us need to deepest depths of despair to find our light, I did, I suffered abuse,

alcoholism and ended up on the street. Even during this period of darkness and despair It wasn't an unusual occurrence for me to

be taking someone home with me when they didn't have anywhere to go. To sleep over, wash their clothes, or just to eat a meal,

when I was barely able to help myself. That is just to mention a few.

I believe I have met a few of those angels in my travels in some of those place I mentioned above. It was those angels who helped

me to find the light of day and eventually the light that shines within.

Back to the Future´s "Earth Angel", studio recorded by Marvin Berry & The Starlighters, who also play it in the movie.
Listen to the last 38 seconds ... it brings some precious memories (for some of us at least) and that small bit added to the tune is what makes of this one - as I see it - the best version ever made of the song.
The tune was originally recorded by The Penguins in 1954. It is the first and original release and it´s the only major hit the group had, reaching the charts at number 08.

There were many songs about angels that came out during the hippy or Flower Children era, Flower power, Peace and Love signs and the birth of the spiritual era.

Those were wonderful years, a bright eyed teen ager full of hope and dreams, little did I know about the troubled years ahead. I trully believe ther was an angel watching over me, I even got to see that angel many years later during my recovery from abuse and alcoholism. It was spirituality and my belief in angels that got me through it.

Earth Angel the artists that made Earth angle sky rocket in the charts.

I was travelling through Spain in the 90-ies. My money was stolen right when I crossed the border from France to Spain, so I slept in a big, big park called the Retiro in Madrid. No-one would recommend that to a young girl, as the park is known to be the shelter for many a criminal, but I didn't know and I trusted and I found friends ... sure, the first night my backbag was stolen too, and before I left Madrid, someone stole my passport as well - during the night. But I decided to continue my way. I still had a train ticket valid for any train within the period of a month and I saw this as a test to whether or not the saying was true that we should not worry so much about everything as God was carying perfectly for the birds in the sky and the lilies on the fields ... so I decided to TRUST in God's Divine plan and continued my journey with only my train ticket, my sleeping bag and mat, and a knife.

I can tell you that this was the most miraculous journey I've ever gone on! I showed up at several places, was rescued from abuse, fed by people I didn't know, given shelter and a ride when necessary. I found places I wouldn't have dreamed of they existed and I met people who I would never have come to know if I had not decided to TRUST. And I gave back LOVE and my story served many as an example that life is more than a rollercoast ride!

I found out that only if we WORRY where we will rest that night, what we will eat and when and how we shall survive without money, we start to fear what the future may hold in store for us. In the flow of eternal trust, we are given everything we need! And we are able to give back what is so much needed in this world: LOVE and TRUST which work miracles in our neighbours and help them to become the Divine Being they actually are!

An angel may come disguised as friends, enemies, teachers, students, lovers and fools.
They will not remain for long and they travel light.
They will not ask for compensation and they leave no forwarding address.
They are hard to find unless you know where to look for them,
But when you choose to see, they are everywhere you look.
So, open you eyes and count all the Angels you have encountered - for you are truly blessed!

Thank you for this wonderful poem, Cindy, I found myself in it :-)

Love and Light and TRUST in the Divine Order to ALL who stumble upon these lines,

Sonja Myriel
You Are A Special Angel
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
June 6. 2010

"You are my special angel, sent from heaven above." Yes, you were placed here at your behest many a millennia and aeons ago, as the clarion calls rang out around the heavens and the trumpets echoed forth through the universes, attracting only those grand souls that were adept and worthy so to choose and be selected by Supreme Creator and of course God Itself. You were elected and selected by those Ones that were seeking only the best and the strongest who could cope and contend with the intricate and testing lifestyles and grand nature of all that was foreseen to be the likely scenarios. This was not a job for those whose intent was pure and surely unquestionable, but their strength of 'worldly-wisdom' or greater expertise, were perhaps a little questionable to the likes of you, dear ones, that were indeed the chosen, handpicked by God!

Your missions have been varied and testing, and your journeys were and are still ones that continually challenge you or bring out the very best in you, even though there are times when you may think or feel that you have failed or lost it perhaps! Not at all, for you are the ones that are facing the flack so to speak and testing the waters and /or building the bridges for others to follow in your wake - once the roadway has been cleared and tested by you most beloved stalwarts of the crystal light brigade! You are the wayshowers, you are those whom you have patiently been waiting for, take another bow dear friends, for you are tested and tried, practiced and near perfected, melded and merged into the prototypes and trail blazers that deserve such credit and acclaim, yes!

Mother Earth, at these now times, is beholding likewise TO YOU during these trying times that she has been engulfed indeed by the greed, shamelessness, and blase carelessness of money besotted peoples whom have another God that animates the quite covert and chilled hearts of laggard souls! There is no recognition for the feelings of beloved Lady Gaia as there is no recognition for the seas and all life therein which are being annihilated, without a care as those dear ones in the mighty oceans are ushered forth uncere-moniously into an early and most ungainly transition into lighter climes where love, light and total utmost respect, with immediate abundance, are indeed rightfully theirs, for experiencing and undertaking such a dire manner to leave this physicality on our behalf. In the ensuing days will all beings, as ever always, have the need to be realigned, justly rewarded and similarly recompensed - as others too are repaid, YES, and reminded of all that has been suffered onto another.

Blessings are abounding as those supportive, loving energies are projected to our beloved home planet, Mother Earth, and she is now readying her mighty self for the playing out of this extremely serious oil spillage and all that is thereby to follow in its wake. So once again, dear friends of the light; allow a period of time each day connecting to your fellow travellers world wide seeing and amassing a golden white crystal fisherman's net of mammoth proportions, pulsing with vibrant and molten crystal light. See it encompassing the entire area that the spillage has reached, perceiving it travelling deep into the mighty ocean and holding it in one place, holding it still. Allowing the molten golden crystal light to form a massive 'net-work' with this mighty crystal net of light. See and feel it becoming moulded into the net, affording no further spreading of the oil or chemicals, pacifying the mammals and fishes of the seas and the birds of the skies and guiding those able to leave the area, fly and swim away to safer climes. Perceive the golden white crystal molten light-net, securing and containing the spillage to that 'one place' only, until such time when the technology of man does finally kick into gear!

As you feel, during these ensuing days or nights, as the energy may take you, apply this simple exercise or one that you are personally more comfortable with and send your thoughts, your energies, your pure love and blessings, to the disaster area as often as you are happy so to do! See that near area being contained, see the seas becoming crystal clear, see the animals and fishes and birds free from the repulsion of crude oil or chemicals, see the success of technicians finally achieving the breakthrough and successfully securing the spillage forthwith! See all and everything is its pristine and immaculate healed condition, and all is God Victoriously made manifest, and so be it. Link in with the groups, link in with the world meditations where set times are indicated for 'when two or three are gathered together in my name.'Link in with the fulfillment and manifestation of an imminent God victorious solution duly personified, yes, in sheer pristine perfection...made truly manifest. Amen

Remember always, that you are a Special Angel sent to planet earth to love and to cherish, to build and co-create, to expand and express, to word and to teach, to listen and to learn, to laugh and be merry, to honour and to serve, to heal and be healed, and to love one another ever and always, in the purest of unconditional, unadulterated pure love. Whom said? God told me so! Who is God..You are! Who am I..I Am that I Am .....Namaste

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal MInd and an ever United Kingdom.

(c) Please copy and share giving due credit to the Source. June 6. 2010 phone 01843 / 866875 *



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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