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Lady Quan Yin (Kwan Yin), Guardian and Protector of the Indigo and Crystal Children

Lady Quan Yin (Kwan Yin)

Quan Yin

Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) is the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, and the Guardian of Mothers and Children. She is the female aspect of Buddha. Legend has it that she was created from the tears of Buddha. Quan Yin has lived on Earth in human form. In one of her lifetimes here, she was the Buddhist saint Miao Shan, a healer known for her miracles.

The following is taken from Gifts I, Gifts, Prayers, Meditations, Mantras and Journeys for Soul Growth by Nasrin Safai.

Quan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy and the Guardian of Mothers and Children. She is the female aspect of Buddha. She wears the image of Buddha as a headdress on her crown chakra. Legend has it that she was created from the tears of Buddha.

Quan Yin has also lived on Earth in human form. In one of her lifetimes here, she was the Buddhist saint Miao Shan, a healer known for her miracles. The purpose of that lifetime, Quan Yin says, was to anchor the energies of light, compassion, strength, divine power, and clarity of focus and intent.

“In every age I come to Earth,” Quan Yin says, “I take on human form. It does not take away from the truth of my essence and my being-ness. It only adds to the truth of my essence that I would take human form. I need to feel the pain of being human so that I can have compassion for Earthly beings.”

Quan Yin has been revered as a saint in the Orient for centuries. “In the Orient, I am the embodiment of what the Blessed Virgin Mary represents in the West,” Quan Yin says. “Mother Mary and Mother Quan Yin are one. We are the same. We are two drops from the same ocean.”

“The Blessed Mother and I not only have very similar energies, but we have also chosen very similar tasks,” she says. “We are both devoted to the children of the Earth. We are both devoted to the mothers of the Earth. We are both devoted to our duties as the feminine aspect of the Earth and the raising of the creative force field on the Earth so that the balance of feminine and masculine can be reached yet again.

“It is my responsibility to bring the creative forces of the universe, which happen to be feminine forces, back to the universe, instill them in their neutral point, imbue them with the light of God and remind all souls, male and female, about our need to return to the creative forces. Until and unless we learn to support, respect and revere the feminine forces, we cannot make headway.

“I have been called in the literature the ‘virgin’ goddess, but this is not exactly accurate because I have taken human form on Earth. In these human forms over the centuries, I have born children, many children. Indeed, some of you readers have been my children in past lifetimes.”

Quan Yin was the Chohan of the Seventh Ray. In the decade of the 1950s, when Earth and humanity were going through great post-war physical and spiritual changes, she passed on the directorship of this violet ray to Saint Germain to prepare for the coming of the next golden age and the souls of the Seventh Ray who hold the light and the wisdom necessary for the dawning of this golden age.

She is devoted to helping the souls whose lineage of light is of the Seventh Ray; these souls are perhaps more familiarly known as Indigo Children. The name arises from the predominant indigo color in the energy field or aura of these highly evolved souls who have been coming to Earth in large numbers since the early 1970s. There have been Indigos here before this, however. Mahatma Gandhi was an Indigo. So was the renowned healer Edgar Cayce.

The mission of the souls of the Seventh Ray is to spread their light on Earth to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness of humanity and to assist Mother Earth to raise her own vibration as a planet. Theirs is a rescue mission to assist all souls to remember that we are united in God and that we are all children of God. For this change to happen, Quan Yin says, we must be shaken up; we must enter into the unknown, into new paradigms and mindsets to allow a new golden age to dawn.

Quan Yin was the first ascended being I ever channeled, and that was in 1989. But I was introduced to her before this when someone else channeled Quan Yin and this gentle ascended master told me then to clear my life of everything that was in the way of my spiritual growth because we had work to do together. She told me that I had walked with her on Earth in different lifetimes. Perhaps this is why I find her energy so similar and easy to channel.

The following is taken from Gifts III, Gifts from the Masters of Light: Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness by Nasrin Safai.

Quan Yin is the Goddess of compassion and mercy.  She has been an Ascended Master, and in the Orient she is loved and revered as a Divine Mother.  Her pictures and statues have traditionally adorned altars in homes, shops and businesses everywhere in the East and more recently in the West as well.  Quan Yin ascended from Earthly realms over 14,000 years ago.  During those years Quan Yin devoted her life to the guardianship of the seventh ray, which is the most important ray active at this present juncture of Earth’s evolution.  For all that time her focus has been the anchoring of the seventh ray on Earth.

Since the mid-1950’s, Quan Yin has transferred her guardianship as the Chohan of the Seventh ray to Ascended Master Lord St. Germain and has fully focused her energy on preparing the ground for the arrival of the seventh ray souls.  These are the souls who are collectively known as the Indigo children.  They are called Indigo souls because their auric field carries the indigo — purple, magenta-blue colors — which are reflective of the seventh ray.  These souls started pouring onto the Earth beginning around 1972, and each decade that followed has brought a greater number and more highly evolved souls to Earth.

In 2002, three decades later, Quan Yin and other Ascended Masters of Light informed us through channeling that practically every soul now being born is an indigo child.  These souls are entering the planet from very bright and highly evolved star systems.  This is why many of the new age literature call these new arrivals (mostly born since 1992) “the star children” or “the crystal children.”  These children are here to complete the evolution of Earth and finalize this circle of birth and death, helping us to enter into the seventh golden age.  That is why they are born on the seventh ray — which is the last ray — to complete this cycle of seven (to read more on rays, see the chapter on Soul Lineage of Light).  As the guardian — chohan — of the seventh ray for 14,000 years, Quan Yin’s focus has been on the Purple Ray and to assist in the return of the Divine Plan according to the original design.  By restoring order on Earth, by transmuting pain and forgetfulness and through focus on pure white light of God unity, we will attain Mastery.  The Purple Ray will transmute all differentiation and bring us back to unity in pure white light of the I AM.  (I am preparing a book on Indigo children to go into print in 2006.  In it, Quan Yin gives constructive suggestions to parents of Indigo children, and to the Indigo souls themselves.  The oldest of these souls are now in their 30’s.  These Indigo adults are to be the leaders of our communities, nations and the world, leading us to God unity and finalizing this cycle of evolution of Earth to attain greater light.

Quan Yin has chosen the two qualities of compassion and mercy as her gift to the world because in her many lifetimes in physical embodiment (before her Ascension), those were the energies with which she worked.  She has had many lifetimes on Earth as healer and teacher, sharing compassion and bestowing mercy upon humanity until she finally ascended.  Since her Ascension she has been directing the rays and energies of mercy to the people of Earth.  She offers her mercy to us.  This mercy she has gained through the thousand years of service and focus on that ray — mercy.  We will receive assistance directly from Quan Yin due to her intercession in our lives — not because of any merits that we have to earn but because of her intercession.  She has already earned it and is willing to bring it into our lives.  Something which would ordinarily take months or years to achieve if we are left on our own accord can be attained through her mercy in a matter of days or weeks.  Her only condition is that we ask for her intercession and request that she would bestow her mercy and compassion upon us in all matters of our lives.

Having her statue or picture somewhere in your house, office, shop, on your work desk or on an altar helps to bring her energy into your life and is a great way to keep remembering to ask her intercession.  Over the years, I have witnessed the amazing changes that happen to people as soon as Quan Yin comes into their lives.  At relevant workshops and lectures, I try to make her pictures and statues available for purchase.  This is for people who find the desire and urge to bring her physical presence into their lives through the symbology of her statue or pictures.  I prayed and struggled for a long time before I found my first statue of her and, that made me even more determined to help find ways to bring her into people’s lives.  One of my greatest desires is that someday soon Quan Yin’s name would be well known, and her image could be found in every household in the East, West, North, South and everywhere in between.  For available items and further information on Quan Yin (Kwan Yin), visit

“It is my responsibility,” Quan Yin says, “To bring the creative forces of the Universe, which happen to be feminine forces, back to the Universe, instill them in their neutral point, imbue them with the light of God and remind all souls, male and female, about our need to return to the creative forces. Until and unless we learn to support, respect and revere the feminine forces, we cannot make headway.”

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